I don’t remember Apple ID how to recover

Why do I need this ID?

This is a unique identifier that allows you to make purchases in the branded services of the App Store and iTunes, back up all data to the cloud storage and then transfer them to other devices.

For example, you had an iPhone 6, but you decided to purchase a newer “seven”. In order not to manually move application data, contacts and other important information, you can use the above services by connecting by ID. Very convenient, agree.

Here’s another example that I often come across. If a “crooked” update or malware was installed, and the device malfunctioned, then you can “reset” the settings and restore the data from the backup.

But banal forgetfulness can prevent you.

How to solve a problem?

You can recover Apple ID password on iPhone using one of the following official methods:

  • Using your e-mail, which is associated with the identifier;
  • Answering a series of questions that you indicated during registration;
  • By means of a special check (2 stages), which must be selected in advance in the account settings.

How to recover Apple ID password: all methods

Hello. If you are the owner of the company’s “Apple” gadgets, then you probably will not hurt to read the instructions on how to recover an Apple ID password on an iPhone. I decided to dig a little into this topic, since I receive a lot of letters and messages on social networks asking for help. Well, let’s go!

test questions

If you have lost / forgotten your password, you can delete it and set a new one. To do this, you need to give the correct answers on the page:

  • We go to the site, under the login form we see a link: “Forgot.?”. Click on it:
  • A new window will open where you should enter your ID and “Continue”:
  • Now it remains to choose the option you want and enter your personal data (name, surname and answer three questions).
  • If everything is correct, you will be prompted to enter a new password.
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Alas, some users come up with overly complex questions and then forget how to answer them. In this case, you will have to resort to contacting the technical service. There is a support link on the site at the top. Indicate your country, type of device and follow the step-by-step prompts to get to the desired application form. After filling out and sending the appeal, you will need to wait a little until Apple employees figure out the situation.


Perhaps this is the easiest option to start with. Most importantly: to recover your Apple ID password by Email, you need to have access to the mailbox that was specified when creating your account.

  • We go to https://Appleid.Apple.com/ru/. under the login form we see the link: “Forgot.?”. Click on it:
  • We select the method indicated on the screen, and a window will appear confirming the sending of the desired letter to your mailbox:
  • It remains only to view the “Inbox” and read further instructions on how to fix the problem.

Two-step verification

This method will not work if you have not previously activated this type of check in the settings. I hope that you did this procedure in advance. If not, here’s the instruction:

remember, Apple, recover
  • Follow the link;
  • Enter data for authorization;
  • In the section for editing your account, select the item “Security” and on the right side of the window answer a couple of questions:

How To Find Icloud Email And Unlock Iphone Free Unlock Icloud Activation Lock Without Apple ID

  • A window will open where you just need to click on the “Start” link:

Nothing wrong. It should be so. This measure is aimed at protection against hacking, so you will have to wait three days. After this period, go to the above page again and see a randomly generated code of 14 characters. Be sure to write it down!

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Now I’ll tell you how to use this security key to reset your Apple ID password.

  • Follow the link;
  • We indicate that we have scored.
  • A window will open where you should enter your key and select the model of your gadget (there may be several of them in the list);
  • Get a verification code on your device. It should be indicated in the form that you started filling out above.
  • If everything is done correctly, you will be prompted to enter a new code. Try not to lose it!

That’s all. Now you know how to recover Apple ID if you forgot your password. Maybe I described this topic in a difficult way, but it’s worth trying it yourself to make sure that the problem is simple to solve. Good luck!

Recover iCloud password if there is no access to mail

What if I forgot my iCloud password and can’t access my primary or backup mail? Answer security questions.

How to recover Apple ID password

Apple ID is becoming more and more valuable every year. New iPhones or iPads are linked to the account, apps and content are purchased.

Before the advent of the Apple Touch ID scanner, we remembered our tricky passwords by heart. Now, not everyone can remember the code.

Answers to security questions

Quite a difficult recovery method. Many users, when registering an Apple ID, indicate random questions and give equally random answers. But, if you remember exactly what you indicated during registration, then you can safely answer the questions.

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Go to the Apple ID password recovery page.

Enter the Apple ID login (email, which was indicated during registration) and select the Reset password item.

Choose a recovery method Answer security questions and click Next.

We indicate our date of birth, entered during registration and click the Next button.

We answer security questions, after that Apple ID password reset will become available.

How to recover your password

  • By email.
  • By answering security questions.
  • Through two-step authorization.
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What you can’t do without your Apple ID password

  • you do not download an application from the App Store or content from iTunes (if Touch ID authorization is disabled);
  • you won’t download a Mac app or game from the Mac App Store;
  • you won’t be logged into iCloud;
  • can’t activate iPhone or iPad after restore or reset.

You shouldn’t store your password in an accessible place, for example, in your notes or in a photo on your iPhone. If an attacker gains access to an unlocked phone, it will be unlinked from Apple ID in a minute.

Store passwords in code-locked or Touch ID-locked apps such as 1Password or VKarman.

Through 2-Step Verification

The easiest and most convenient way to recover your password is available only to those who have previously activated this function. Read how to do this here.

Go to the Apple ID password recovery page.

Enter the Apple ID login (email, which was indicated during registration) and select the Reset password item.

Choosing a recovery method Using two-step verification.

Enter the recovery key and select the trusted device to which the confirmation code should be sent.

Enter the confirmation code that will come via SMS or iMessage.

Specify a new password and click the Reset password button.

Thanks to re: Store for the capacious and comprehensive instructions.!

We wish that your memory does not let you down and that you have to reset your password only as a last resort.

By email

The most affordable way to recover your password, suitable if you can check your e-mail.

Go to the Apple ID password recovery page.

Enter the Apple ID login (email, which was indicated during registration) and select the Reset password item.

Choose a recovery method Get a message by e-mail and click Next.

Follow the link and specify a new password.

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