Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 Brakes

Good budget phone, not a lot of wealth

I bought myself a new phone, the model chose Huawei Y6. It’s clear that the first thing I liked was the appearance, and of course, plus the work parameters. The picture is dense, natural. The sound is extensive, without wheezing, even at highs. The phone’s performance is 5. The battery is quite capacious, but the phone’s charging itself is very slow, which is disappointing in this model. There are no comments on the assembly. The first impression is positive, the phone is not bad at such a cost.

I completely agree with your description but do not agree about charging, it charges me from 0 to 100% for 1h05m. Which in my opinion is quite normal.

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The screen is large, high-quality, bright in this huave, but in other respects, I tell you, the budget employee is immediately felt. It is equipped with a normal amount of additional memory, but the built-in and operational is not enough. If you take it exclusively for communicating on the Internet and so on, then it’s normal, but games with such begin to lag, yes, and the processor overheats greatly. It has a good sound, normal interaction with external devices, such as a PC or TV.

Two speakers are built into the smartphone Huawei Y6, 2018 and the sound they produce is very high quality. The microphone allows you to hear the interlocutor in absolutely any conditions: whether on a noisy street or in a room full of people. The EMUI shell is very intelligently thought out here: it does not take up much internal memory, and flexible color settings and application work are provided.

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I bought it a couple of months ago and already managed to understand how well this panoramic image is obtained from this huwei. especially and do not have to aim, the camera immediately catches and focuses. For a very long time I can communicate on it, play, take pictures, the Internet does not turn off. The battery holds up to two days. Communication keeps excellent everywhere, almost a complete network. Wireless connection works great. A convenient screen, sensitive, but does not allow extra taps. He is just perfect.

My new Huawei Y6 smartphone works without any problems. The processor in it is 4-core, copes with all tasks with a bang. And it doesn’t hang at all, but I hardly let it out of my hands. I’m sitting on the Internet, or just playing. Outwardly, it is very beautiful and comfortable, does not slip. The 13 megapixel camera allows you to take good quality photos, especially since it is equipped with an LED flash, it helps a lot in the evening.

Huawei Y6 is stable and reliable. I have been using it for a long time, there were no freezes and glitches. Programs open easily even after updates. The music sounds nice, deep and clear on the headphones, what is without them. With the addition of volume, wheezing does not appear. The cameras are good, especially the main one. You can shoot pretty high-quality even in the dark. It is not blurry, with good audibility. The case is durable. Several times accidentally dropped the phone, but there was not a scratch on it. The purchase was successful, I am satisfied.

Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 Brakes

Huawei Y6 impressed me with a huge screen with HD resolution (1440 x 720), the picture is so real and juicy, now I am flipping throughs only on it, my tablet is now always dusting at home. It performs its functions on “Hooray”, very high-speed, heavy games pulls effortlessly, than very happy. Selfies are very cool. I recommend to selfies!

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Parents gave me the impression. I do not recommend. Good Huawei Y6 only in design: it’s quite a beautiful, sturdy case, even the screen is nice. And that’s all! The work is absolutely buggy: it resets applications, it often hangs, a double screen. continuous brakes, right up to hovering. The camera opens for a long time, the sensor reacts tightly, sometimes it terribly slows down.

It seems that they are talking about different phones. For some, everything is great; for others, everything is bad. Where is the truth?

I am glad that there is a face unlock in such a budget smartphone as Huawei Y6 2018. The shell is excellent, it works, although a couple of extra applications are installed. The screen is 9:18, the color rendering is wonderful, the picture is just a sight for sore eyes. A weak charger is upsetting, it charges for a long time, but the autonomy of the device itself is normal. Face unlocking is fast, it almost always works. There is a flash on the front of the phone for a selfie in low light. Build quality, the phone does not crack, there is no backlash or creaking.

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I left an incomprehensible impression after working with the Huawei Y6 (2018) phone, since the model does not shine too with special parameters.

The screen resolution in the Huawei Y6 (2018) phone seemed to me not quite good, somehow it seemed better on the Internet. Although the lid itself is plastic, it seems like an expensive metallic is, which is why it looks cool. Sometimes the screen freezes a couple of times, but it was only a couple of times, so I will not focus on this. Otherwise, it seems, everything works flawlessly, the battery did not seem weak to me. I was glad that it has shockproof glass, so I did not bother with the purchase of glass.

During the three months of operation of the Guavea Wai 6, I did not encounter any serious problem. My main tasks. telephony, sms “googling” web pages and skype, it handles them great. The model is comfortable, the body steadily endures bumps and drops. The screen is powerful, it shows cool images. The device itself is cheap, but this is offset by a good battery life, which endures up to 48 hours of violent activity. Budget price was reflected only in the power of the processor. it is weak, working in several applications is not very comfortable, because smart starts “painful to think”.