Huawei Sound column reset to factory settings. Possible solutions to the problem with sound

How to reset wireless headphones (TWS) to factory and synchronize Bluetooth together?

In the process of writing reviews for wireless stereo headset and receiving feedback from readers, I revealed one pressing issue that interests so many users. precisely, even two, arising from one of the other. how to reset to factory settings and re.synchronize wireless (TWS Bluetooth) headphones? I will try to make the most detailed and universal instructions for Xiaomi, Redmi Airdots, Honor Earbuds, Huawei Freebuds, JBL, Samsung Galaxu Buds, AirPods, Realme, Qity Ailypods and others.

To begin with, it is worth saying that many models of headphones have the mode of operation separately. That is, when you do not use two modules at the same time at the same time, but one at a time. The function of mono on headphones for feeding sound only one ear can be activated forcibly. But the loss of communication between them sometimes happens and spontaneously.

At the moment when you get one of the headphones from the case and it does not find a pair, then in some cases automatic canine.

That is, they cease to see each other, do not mate and connect to the phone only by individually. either the “right ear” does not work, or the left. over, if you get the second headphone now, then in the list of devices available for Bluetooth connection on the screen of your smartphone you will see two devices with the same name.

Sometimes it happens that after the name of the model, the letter “r” or “l” is also indicated, denoting the left or right. I note that this happens both on smartphones on Android and on the iPhone.

ОБЗОР портативной колонки HUAWEI Sound Joy

Accordingly, you can connect either one headphone or another, but not together. So what’s now?

I immediately note that this problem is in no way related to the situation where the headphones are constantly interrupted or the sound in them lags behind the video. This error has a different reason and is corrected in another way.

How to drop wireless TWS headphones to factory settings?

So, first of all, you need to reset TWS headphones to factory. So that they forgot that they once worked in solitary mode. In general, this is the first action that I recommend to do in the event of any questions. If you remember, the reset helped us correct the error when the headphones do not turn off in the case or if they quickly discharge.

    To do this, remove the headphones from the phone button “Forget the device”

You can also pay attention to the light indication. As a rule, at this moment light bulbs flash. red and blue or red white or only one color depending on the model.

“Hard Reset” through the Rekaway menu

This method can help if the system refused to start. This is necessary:

  • enter the recovery menu (on most devices this can be done by clamping the inclusion and volume increase key);
  • Select in the menu item “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”;
  • agree with the choice.

After the discharge, your Huawei device will offer to reload.

“Hard Reset”. method of three buttons

This is the most radical way to perform “Hard Reset”. To fulfill it is necessary:

  • Close the power button and both volume buttons;
  • After the logo appears with the name of the device model, you need to release the inclusion key (the volume key cannot be released);
  • wait until the device starts the reboot again and release the volume buttons.

If you want to get a completely working system, place the “Dload” folder with firmware on the memory card and install it in the device before performing one of the methods. Then, when rebooting, the firmware automatic installation will begin and you will receive a device that is really restored to the factory state.

How to include noise reduction on Honor headphones?

The first block displays the current level of charge of batteries of the right and left headphones, as well as the cover.

But most of all users are interested in how to include noise reduction mode on Honor Earbuds 2 Lite. This function is placed in the second block. By default, the central icon is active. a standard regime without additional options. It is the most economical, and it should be used if the headphones are already quite discharged or if you want to stretch the time of their work as much as possible without recharging.

The noise reduction mode is turned on the left icon. when using it, all external sounds are cut off for complete immersion in the music in headphones

There is also the so.called “sound permeability” mode. It works in such a way that, on the contrary, it activates the microphone and broadcasts all surrounding sounds into speakers. In order for you to create the effect of presence without taking away headphones from your ears. You can even talk with another person and at the same time listen to tracks.

You can also switch between these three modes by holding the sensor on the right or left headphone. At the same time, their priority can be changed in the program. this will be discussed below.

Music management and gesture setting up on Honor Earbuds 2 Lite. how to switch the track?

Like any modern TWS headphones Honor Earbuds 2 Lite can switch tracks, accept incoming calls and call a voice assistant on the phone, to which they are connected via Bluetooth. At the same time, you can independently configure gestures on the right and left module that will perform this or that action.

To change the options for managing music, it is necessary to go from the main screen in the “gestures” menu in the application

Two gestures are available for programming. double touch and retention

Double touch

For the first, you can assign the following functions for each of the headphones:

  • Reproduction or pause
  • Switching to the next track
  • Transition to the previous composition
  • Calling a voice assistant
  • Without action


Holding is a delay in a finger on a touch sensor for 2-3 seconds. This gesture performs the same functions on both wireless headphones and is responsible for switching sound modes between standard, noise reduction and sound permeability. With ticks it can be noted which of them will be included in this gesture.

Instructions for switching the control mode of the volume buttons on the Huawei smartphone.

Run the phone setting application from the working screen.

We go on the main page of the telephone settings in the “Sounds” section.

In the “Sounds” section, you need to enter the subsection “Function by default volume button”.

In the window that opens, only two positions of the volume buttons mode are present:. the volume of multimedia;. the volume of the melody of the call.

Now the position “The volume of multimedia” is active, which allows you to press the volume buttons to adjust the sound when listening to music, without removing the phone from your and without unlocking it.

To switch the default mode, when adjusting the volume of the incoming call, you need to click on the circle in the line “The volume of the call melody”.

HUAWEI Sound, EMUI 11 vs JBL Xtreme 2

How to turn off vibration on the Huawei and Honor keyboard

Consider. for each puff there is its own settings. For example, in GBOARD parameters may differ from others, but the setting to deactivation of the option under consideration is available everywhere. If you use the SwiftKey input tool on Honor, then for deactivation, read the instructions:

The presented instruction is suitable for the entire line of Honor models, including Lite versions. Similarly, you can activate the function on all types of keyboards, including ones downloaded from the official Google Play market.

The sound is turned off or played in the dynamics mode after connecting headphones to the phone | Huawei support for the user, which is going to restore the operability of the phone, get the battery from the case, which supplies voltage to the motherboard even in the off state. If you do not remove the battery in time, the risk of short circuit increases.

The owner of the old Honor phone has rarely arise problems with extracting the battery, but most modern models with a non.removable battery require contacting the service. And before the gadget will be delivered to specialists, it must be turned off immediately.

Change the volume in the settings menu

Try to independently eliminate the malfunctions, you can by restoring system factory settings. It is enough to click on the “Settings” icon located on the menu, select the “Volume” option (the name is different based on the current version of the operating system).

Having completed the check of the volume and settings control, check whether the loudspeaker is functioning. Nothing has changed? We continue to check.

How to restart Huawei Freebuds 3 (reset to factory settings)

The smartphone does not “see” the headphones, either they do not connect, or do not play, or only one plays. The new Huawei Freebuds 3, as, indeed, with any other Truewireless downts, such problems also sometimes happen.

At the same time, if Freebuds 3 did not beat, did not drop and did not bathe for a long time, then in the vast majority of cases this kind of trouble occur due to a software failure. Simply put, the headphones were bent.

Consequently, the problem can be eliminated in the standard and most effective way, namely, through the so.called “hard rebooting” of headphones, t.e. forced reset of their software to factory settings.

How to restart Huawei Freebuds 3

Actually, Freebuds 3, as well as the new Freebuds 3I (this model, by the way, was presented just the other day and you can see it at itch.Co.UA), the reloading procedure is exactly the same as that of the previous Freebuds 2. So when you need to reset freebuds3 to factory settings, this is done, we remind, as follows:

  • Both Freebuds3. both left and right. we invest in a charging case, we do not close the case cover;
  • On the back of the case, click and for 10 seconds we T.n. functional button;
  • The LED indicator will begin to blink in turn red, green and white, and then go out. this will mean that the reloading procedure is completed;
  • Now open the Bluetooth smartphone settings and delete the current pair with Freebuds3;
  • After that, we connect the headphones to the smartphone again (create a new pair, the usual procedure).

Well, in conclusion, we note that the same is the same, the current Huawei TWS, including the Huawei Freebuds 3, Huawei Freebuds 2, Huawei Freebuds Lite and Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro. The method is effective for eliminating any failures in the software work.

one. Turn off the headphones

To reset Bluetooth headphones, turn off them. In all points, we will consider 2 types of logic separately: how to throw off the headphones of inserts/vacuum (with a case, TWS) and full.sized/overhead wireless ones with a headline or wire between headphones.

TWS (liners/vacuum, with case)

  • We take out the headphones from the case and clamp on both buttons \ sensors for 5-10 seconds. The indication should change and \ or sound a sound signal.
  • If there is a button on the case responsible for the pairing headphones, then you do not need to turn off the headphones separately, we just put it in the case.
  • Rare models without a special conjugation button on the case also do not need to be turned off, but simply put in the case and open the lid.

The button responsible for the pairing headphones is usually responsible for resetting the settings. If on the case the button turns on the charge indicator, it does not drop the headphones.

Full.size and overhead wireless headphones

  • Turn off as usual: hold the power button for 3-5 seconds. Sometimes it is combined with the Bluetooop button.
  • There are models-exclusion that do not need to be turned off before dropping the settings of headphones. This most often applies to models with a separate Bluetooth button (for conjugation).

️ 2. Turn on the headphones and hold the buttons until the indication change

Before resetting TWS headphones settings, they need to be turned off in a non.standard way (out of the 1st point), and not just put it in the case. All overhead and full.size wireless ones, the reset of headphones will not work out of the state, because it is associated with the retention of the power button. we will simply turn off the headphones and everything.

TWS. inserts or vacuum

  • Hold both buttons \ sensor before turning on and continue to hold. It takes an average of 10-20 seconds. Indication should be replaced and \ or sound notification sound. The indication is most often unusual: a different color, flashing is not the same as in working mode.
  • Sometimes you need to hold only one button \ sensor. on the leading headphone.
  • If you have a model with a button on the case, hold it before changing the indication on the case.
  • Exception: hold both touch panels \ buttons on headphones in the case. Specifically this applies to Sennheiser Momentum TW2. There you also need to hold 60 seconds. And only after that will there be a reset of headphone settings.

Overhead and full.size wireless headphones

  • Hold the power button until you turn it on and continue further until a special indication \ notification. Most often also 10-20 seconds.
  • If there is a dedicated conjugation button (Bluetooth), you may need to hold it. From the included or turned off state of 10-20 seconds, also before a special indication.
  • You rarely need to hold 2 buttons, power and Bluetooth (others).

This item eats wireless headphones to factory settings. After it, headphones go into accessibility mode. Or turn off.

General principles of Hard Reset

Due to the variety of wireless models, it is advisable to immediately contact the instructions, or pay attention to the governing bodies. Here are the general principles of reset to factory parameters:

  • First of all, make sure the power is turned off. Then go to the following options.
  • If there is only a power button, then you usually need to press it and hold it for almost 10 seconds to lose the settings.
  • If there is a volume control along with a power button, simultaneously press and hold power and volume /- for up to 10 seconds.
  • In the presence of call buttons, volume adjustment along with power. perform a combination of power and call or call and volume, pressing them up to 10 seconds.
  • If there is a reproduction / pause control, do the same.

Method. Hard Reset

This is already a more radical method and is used mainly when the smartphone refuses to start or constantly reboots. The sequence of actions is this:

  • Turn off the smartphone by holding for 5-10 seconds the power / lock key.
  • Clamp and hold the power button at the same time volume enlargement. If you have an old smartphone with a central mechanical button, then it will also need to be clamped and hold.
  • The phone will go to recovery mode. The menu in this mode is turned over the volume buttons, and the choice is confirmed by the power button. We are interested in the Wipe Data / Factory Reset item. Choose it and confirm by pressing Yes.
  • Upon completion of the process, the smartphone will return to recovery mode again. To get out of it, click Reboot System.

After rebooting, your Huawei (Honor) will return to the factory settings.

Method. Service Code

As well, as in the second method, all data will be completely deleted. Open the application phone and dial the combination: 2767 3855 #

Open the application phone and dial the code: # # # as a result, ProjectMenu will open, where we are interested in paragraph 5. Restore Factory.

For this method to work. you need to first leave the Google account.

It is also worth considering that depending on the version of EMUI, the discharge process may vary slightly. First of all, this applies to the first method, so do not disdain to use the search for settings.

In most cases, you can easily find the function you need using a search line.