Huawei Sla L22 Screen Replacement

  • Manufacturer: Huawei
  • Huawei Phone Model: Enjoy 7, Nova Lite 2017 (SLA-L02 / SLA-L22), P9 Lite mini, Y6 Pro 2017 (SLA-L03)
  • Quality: copy
  • Black color

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Courier at an address of 50 UAH.

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Cheaper together. Description Display (screen) for Huawei Enjoy 7, Nova Lite 2017 SLA-L22, P9 Lite mini, Y6 Pro 2017 (SLA-L02, SLA-L03) Touchscreen (copy) Black. LCD for Huawei Enjoy 7, Nova Lite 2017 SLA-L22, P9 Lite mini, Y6 Pro 2017 (SLA-L02, SLA-L03) Touchscreen (copy). Exceptional display quality Huawei Enjoy 7, Nova Lite 2017 SLA-L22, P9 Lite mini, Y6 Pro 2017 (SLA-L02, SLA-L03) Touchscreen (copy). Screen safety recommendations for Huawei Enjoy 7, Nova Lite 2017 SLA-L22, P9 Lite mini, Y6 Pro 2017 (SLA-L02, SLA-L03) Touchscreen (copy)

  • silicone covers;
  • faux or natural leather cases;
  • fabric cases;
  • polyurethane cases.

Manufacturer’s warranty on the screen of Huawei Enjoy 7, Nova Lite 2017 SLA-L22, P9 Lite mini, Y6 Pro 2017 (SLA-L02, SLA-L03) Touchscreen (copy)


IN:. What is the difference between the original display purchased at an official service center and its technical copy?

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ABOUT:. Both of them work without failures, but there are differences. The copy most often uses TN film technology (simple and cheap technology), which can not boast of contrast and viewing angles. The original display in many phones uses IPS technology, which means high contrast, color reproduction, reduced power consumption and viewing angles of 178%. Some phone models still use their own developments of companies from AMOLED, Super LCD, Retina.

IN:. What is the cost of a wizard?

ABOUT:. The cost of repairing a mobile phone, including replacement display Huawei Enjoy 7, Nova Lite 2017 SLA-L22, P9 Lite mini, Y6 Pro 2017 (SLA-L02, SLA-L03) Touchscreen (copy) in our AKS.UA service center depends on the following factors: the term of the work, the difficulty of installing the screen in one or another model. It should also be understood that new models of mobile phones often use the Oled and AMOLED display, as a result of which you can either completely replace the entire module (repair cost from 100 to 300 UAH) or separately one of its components. screen or touchscreen, the cost of this type of work is much higher than 200. 500 UAH, but thanks to which you can significantly save on spare parts.

Huawei Sla L22 Screen Replacement

IN:. Can I replace the display myself?

ABOUT:. At home, without special equipment and skills associated with the repair of mobile phones, such a procedure is unlikely to be possible, as a result of which this will lead to damage to the part and even greater costs. Turn to the professionals!

Urgent repair of HUAWEI phones in Kiev

The smartphones of one of the largest Chinese companies in the field of telecommunications are a real combination of quality for a price not comparable to that offered by other manufacturers of analog products. At the same time, in terms of functional characteristics and quality, it is not inferior to the devices of more expensive companies. HUAWEI phone repair is a procedure from which no owner of electronics of a Chinese manufacturer is immune. It is worth noting that the list of frequent breakdowns of this company indicates problems that are found in most modern smartphones. The fact is that leading manufacturers of portable electronics use very similar technologies, which is why HUAWEI repair is not very different from competitive equipment. Of course, a number of certain differences are still present and service center employees should take them into account. Re: Store specialists in Kiev are always ready to provide quality service for portable electronics, regardless of the complexity and type of malfunction.

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How to understand that your phone is defective?

No one can be insured against equipment breakdowns. Often it happens suddenly when the owner could not even imagine the appearance of a similar problem. No matter how expensive and reliable your smartphone is, you still have to repair it at least once. HUAWEI phone repair is necessary for the following reasons:

  • the device fell to the floor and defects appeared in the form of cracks, spots and stripes;
  • the device spontaneously shuts down or reboots;
  • total or partial absence of sound (in a situation when you do not hear the interlocutor or vice versa, as well as when listening to audio and files)
  • appearance of defects on the case;
  • slowness in the system, errors in applications, the presence of system messages;
  • lack of internet connection.

HUAWEI repair process

Part of the above malfunctions can be really eliminated by repairing HUAWEI phones in Kiev. The crack on the protective glass can be fixed in just 20 minutes. just call the hotline number (044) 333-60-78 in advance, indicating the exact model of the smartphone and describing the problem. Some glitches in the software can be resolved on your own, but we highly recommend not doing this if you are not confident in your skills and knowledge. In order to avoid negative consequences, we recommend contacting Re: Store service center specialists. Before starting restoration work, without fail we carry out diagnostics of HUAWEI phones in Kiev. The process of checking the device for malfunctions is carried out immediately after the customer contact. After a few minutes, you will receive an answer about the diagnostic results with a detailed plan for restoring the functionality of the equipment. By agreement of the owner of the device, we proceed to carry out repairs and test the finished result. The call center operator will notify you of the completion of the procedures by message or call.

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Why us

If you need fast, high-quality and inexpensive service of portable electronics in Kiev, then the services of our service center will become a real find for you. Turning to Re: Store, you can be confident in the professionalism and responsibility of our activities. Our team consists of qualified specialists who can “bring life back” to the device even in the most unusual situations. The complexity of breakdowns does not scare us at all, because we use high-quality spare parts and the latest equipment, which eliminates the possibility of an unsuccessful result. All types of services are provided with a quality guarantee. We also repair Huawei smartphones in our service centers in Lviv, Krivoy Rog and Odessa. Contact us, we can identify and eliminate any damage!

Dates: from 40 minutes.

Instruments: microscope, mounting hair dryer, brush, special solution and lint-free cleaning cloths, plastic spatula, meters, ultrasonic bath, screwdrivers, soldering irons.

Materials: spare parts from the manufacturer, analogues.

Warranty: from 1 to 5 months.