Huawei Play Market Does Not Work

Many users are faced with such a problem that the Google Play Market ceases to function for unknown reasons, producing errors of various numbers, which ordinary users are unlikely to say anything. And sometimes this problem can occur on one device quite often.

First of all, you need to understand that the service may work due to technical problems associated with the service itself, or because of some problems associated with our mobile device. In this article, we will try to give tips on how to deal with this problem.

The easiest reason you have removed the play market. You can download again, here is the link. We also recommend that you download an alternative market. This is the Nine Store.
Updated 07.14.2018

If your play market has stopped working on April 22 or 23, 2018, this is due to the Telegram blocking.
Google crashes: why services do not work? On the night of April 21-22, thousands of Russian users complained about the inaccessibility of the Google site. On April 16, Roskomnadzor blocked 655,532 IP addresses associated with Amazon and about a million more Google addresses. We hope that the blocking is temporary, but for now you can use our site, see the application and games in the site menu, maybe something like it. Bookmark the site.

That’s what Google himself says about it.

To make the application work, you can try downloading the VPN.

1. Reboot the device

No matter how trite it may sound, but first of all it is necessary to restart the smartphone, because sometimes the system may freeze, and a simple reboot will return it to working condition again.

2. Reconfiguration of the Google Play Store

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1). We go to the “Settings” section;
2). We open the section “Application Manager” (on some devices this column is called simply “Applications”;
3). We find in the list of Google Play and click on Market
4). Here we need to click either “Erase Data” or “Clear Cache”. on different models of devices, this graph may be called one way or another.

If after this the problem has not been resolved, we will look for a way out further.

3. Get rid of application updates.

We also go to the “Settings” section, then to the “Applications”, but we no longer erase the data, and click “Delete updates.” Thus, the Market will return to its original state when the program was only installed on the smartphone.

4. Resetting the Google Play Services settings.

We are doing the same thing as in the second paragraph, but we’re choosing not the Market itself, but “Google Play Services”. Then we clear the data and cache.

5. The Google Accounts program is not activated in the settings

To enable the application, you need to go to the “Settings” section, then to “Applications”, then click on “All”. We find the item “Google Accounts” and activate the program.

6. Disabled “Download Manager”

We go in the settings section in “Applications”, then in “Everything” and find the section “Download Manager” in the list. If the dispatcher is not activated, you must enable it. But if it is turned on, nothing needs to be changed. So the problem is different.

7. Deleting an account from Google and its recovery

To delete an account, go to “Settings”, then find “Account settings and synchronization”, in some devices this column is called “Accounts and synchronization”. Here we delete the account, and then restore it.

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8. Programs that do not allow the Google Play Store service to work

Some applications you install may block the operation of the Market. Therefore, carefully “go through” the list of installed programs, it is likely that some programs do not allow the Market to work fully. These blocking service applications include Freedom.

9. Troubleshoot the hosts file

So, Freedom is actually installed on your device. Then the ninth point will certainly help you understand the current problem. But in this case, root privileges are required. First of all, you will need to disable the Freedom application. You can do this by going to the Stop item. After we turned it off, boldly delete it.

Huawei Play Market does not work

This is not all, then we will need the Root Explorer program. Download it is not difficult. So, the program is with us. Next, go along the path “/ system / etс /” and find the hosts file. You can open it using any text editor. In this file we need to leave only one line: “ localhost”. If it is not, prescribe it yourself. There should not be any other lines.

10. Reset settings. Hard reset

The toughest, but time-tested method. Thus, we delete absolutely all data located on the internal drive. If you have a memory card installed, then you should not worry about it, all data will remain intact.

And so, go to “Settings”, click on the “Restore and Reset” item and select “Reset Settings”. After that, the item “Reset phone settings” will appear in front of us, then click “Erase everything”.

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You should not be afraid for your data, since there is a backup copy of the system. Create a copy to the user is not difficult. It is only necessary in the settings to find the item “Data backup”. As soon as after clearing the data you reboot the mobile device, all the data can be restored from the compiled copy.

11. Lack of internet connection

Perhaps the problem is the lack of internet. Go to any browser and try to open some website, but if you can’t do this, most likely you need to solve the problem with the Internet.

12. Set the correct time. “No connection”

Suppose you see a “No connection” error, but you’ve made sure that the Internet on the device is fully functional. Then you will need to go to the time settings and set the correct time zone and, accordingly, the time itself. In order to avoid more such problems, you need to create synchronization between time and the network. It is very easy to do. We go to the “Settings”, click on the column “Date and time”, and then, next to the two graphs, check the boxes. “Network time zone” and “Network date and time.”

13. Clean the Clean Master system.

Download Ccleaner, run, click clear. Done.

14. Error receiving data from server RH-01

If all these tips did not help you, ask questions in the comments and the PlayMarket-androidS website team will help you.
Perhaps you have one of the problems:
Error play market not enough memory.
Error play market connection is missing.
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