Huawei P8 Lite Doesn’T See Wifi

If Android does not connect to WiFi, then most often the user sees the message “Obtaining an IP address” or the notification “Authentication error”. Another common connection error. Android writes “Saved, WPA / WPA2 protection”, but does not go online.

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Possible reasons for the failure

If Android cannot connect to Wi-Fi. for example, instead of the active Wi-Fi icon, you see a gray button and an exclamation mark icon. then the reason for this may be:

  1. Wrong Wi-Fi password.
  2. Setting an unsupported security type or wireless standard in the settings of the router.
  3. Problems with Android firmware.

First of all, you need to understand the operation of which device has problems. If only your phone is not connected to the point, then the reason should be sought in its settings and firmware. If no devices find the wireless network, check the settings of the router.

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Receive IP Address Message

If, when trying to make a connection, a message appears with the text “Obtaining an IP address”, but the connection is not established, the reason for this may be the disconnection of the DHCP server in the settings of the router or a problem with Android. A simple reboot of the router can help.

If the DHCP server fails, restarting the device will fix it. When saving the error:

  1. Open your router settings.
  2. Make sure the DHCP server is turned on.

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Depending on the model of the router, the order of enabling / disabling DHCP may vary, so you need to look for instructions for your device.

Authentication failed

If authentication during the connection fails, then most likely the cause of the problem is the incorrect Wi-Fi password. To fix the error:

  1. Forget the wireless dot on your phone / tablet.
  2. Reboot the router.

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If rebooting the equipment and re-discovering the access point did not help, go to the web interface of the router. You will find the interface address and login information on the device case.

  1. Change the password using only latin letters and numbers.
  2. Ensure that WPA2-PSK is selected for network authentication.
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If the phone does not support the WPA2-PSK standard, then select another mode. WPA, WPA2. It is clear that you cannot do this in the subway or in the shopping center, so all that remains is to put up with it. But at home or at the hotel you can access the router and check the parameters of the wireless network.

Saved, WPAWPA2 Protection

If the connection is made without a password, then there can be no authentication error. Nevertheless, there is another situation. the network is saved, but there is no Internet access. Rebooting the router usually helps, but sometimes you have to go deep into the settings.

  1. Verify that the Wi-Fi password is entered correctly.
  2. Go to the router interface. Set the correct region (the one you are in).
  3. Select a channel from 1 to 10 instead of Auto.
  • Try a different router mode. If it is “N” or “B”, set to “Auto” or “B / G / N mixed”.
  • Change the encryption type and password.
  • Experiment with the channel width. First try setting “Auto”, then “20 MHz” and so on.
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    Huawei P8 Lite Doesn't See Wifi

    Also, see the number of devices allowed. If it is “0”, then there are no restrictions.

    Network Discovery Issues

    If Android does not see the Wi-Fi network, then usually changing the region and channel also helps. If Russia is selected in the settings, the router automatically connects to channels from 1 to 13. However, some devices do not support channels greater than 10. this is an error. To fix it:

    1. Put the US region. it has only 10 channels.
    2. Manually change the channel to one of rows 1-10.

    If this does not help, then make sure that other devices see the network. Perhaps the cause of the problem should be sought in the work of the Wi-Fi module on Android.