Huawei P20 Pro Is There Moisture Proof

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Sometimes it’s quite difficult to figure out a new model of a smartphone, because it is available in several versions, the appearance of which can be very similar, but the set of possibilities differs significantly. There will also be a tangible difference in cost. Huawei just recently showed a new flagship line. Her most powerful representative was already in our editorial office, and this time we get acquainted with the P20 model with the Lite index.

The lineup

At the end of March 2018, the flagship P20 line was introduced in Paris. The youngest model. Lite. was shown a week earlier in China, where it was called Nova 3e. The “lightweight” version looks similar to the standard P20 and P20 Pro, but differs in performance and cameras. But a large display with a notch is a common feature of the entire line.

Naturally, the price is also very different. While Lite costs a little over 300, the standard version will cost more than twice as much. This is not to mention the Pro, whose price tag has completely stepped over the mark of 1000 and is fighting for a place among the best of the best.

Options and first impressions

There is nothing new in the box with the P20 Lite. a charger with an appropriate cable, a clip for removing the SIM card tray, a headset and documentation. Not the most cautious users should immediately recommend a case to keep the device in its original form. And the rest of the basic set will be enough.

At first glance it’s hard to tell which version of the device is in front of us. For those who did not go into details, there is a simple marker. a fingerprint scanner at the back, and not under the display, where the Lite version just has a logo. Nevertheless, even a relatively inexpensive Lite looks very cool against most devices in its price range. Appearance should already be a part of sales success. It’s not a fact that absolutely everyone will like it, but it will definitely pay attention to itself.

Appearance and usability

All devices in the P20 line look very similar. Lite is assembled from glass in front and back, and metal is the cornerstone of it. The body color is available in three options: Klein Blue, Sakura Pink and Midnight Black. over, under the glass there is a refraction of light, which, depending on the angle, will show pleasant (almost neon) rays. It looks pretty nice and stands out against the background of conventional smartphones, where almost all manufacturers have a more restrained approach to design. The solution is definitely bold and interesting.

The smartphone itself I would not call large, as for such a diagonal screen. Its dimensions are 148.6 × 71.2 × 7.4 mm, and it weighs about 145 grams. It is quite convenient to use, but still have to intercept. In fairness, it is worth noting that this will be the case with all such gadgets. The main thing is not to let it out of your hands, because glass is not the most tenacious coating option, and not every drop will survive. Let the smartphone itself be well assembled and feel confident, it is surely very sensitive to falls. Also with fingerprints with which it is easily covered. In general, the cover will not be superfluous, but a nice design will ruin it.

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The arrangement of all work items is completely normal. The buttons and the fingerprint scanner are exactly where the user expects it. Separately, it is worth noting the speakers on the back of the camera, which not in the best way help balance on a flat surface, but they are felt under the fingers, which helps not to cover the lenses when shooting. And it’s nice that the case still has a standard headphone jack.

But the most distinctive for the device is the cutout on top of the display. Despite the blue color of the case, a different cutout size and other rather noticeable differences, I was still asked several times if it was an iPhone X. I don’t see anything bad in borrowing the design, but as practice shows, very nice ideas in the external design just cross out the popular cutout of the display. He turned a beautiful smartphone into a banal clone of iPhone’a, in any case it might seem so from the outside. And if we ignore this, then there are absolutely no complaints about the appearance and ergonomics.


This year, Huawei smartphones went about trends and the P20 Lite display in the same system. There is a neckline, and rounded corners, and a new aspect ratio. All this immediately catches the eye. But the framework is still noticeable, especially from below and above. there is no big problem, except that the logic of the appearance of the “bang” is not entirely clear.

So, under the protective glass, a 5.8-inch screen with a resolution of FHD (2280 × 1080) was smarted, and the aspect ratio is 19: 9. The system adjusts the applications to fit the screen, but warns that there may be unforeseen problems (in this case, you can use the standard display, but there will be a small black bar below). Interestingly, thanks to a slightly unusual aspect ratio, and games on the screen are stretched without falling under the cutout. It’s a good decision. And the rest of the time, the cutout slightly interferes with notifications when several of them are assembled, thereby making it more likely to turn to the “curtain” of notifications. You can also hide the cutout in the settings, on the sides of which there will simply be a black color, but notifications, time and other icons will remain there.

As for colors, here we have a good IPS. Without direct comparison, it will be difficult to notice a slight deviation towards warm colors, and in the settings there is an item that allows you to adjust the color temperature in a way that is comfortable for the user himself. I had no desire to somehow change something, because initially the picture was well tuned. Also in the settings there is an important Eye Comfort item (the same “night mode”), but you cannot force it to turn on depending on the sunset or sunrise (either manually or by a specified time).

Huawei P20 Pro Is There Moisture Proof

In use, the display fully satisfies all the needs. Under the open sun, the picture is still legible, the oleophobic coating is in place, the light sensor works correctly, and the touch layer is accurate. It is extremely rare for me to have random touches that the system sometimes skips when the user drags his thumb across the screen. True, there is not much inconvenience from this, and over time you can get the hang of a little different stretch across the entire display.

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On the bottom of the smartphone is the only speaker. It is quite consistent with the price of the gadget. not the most impressive sound. In order to voice the, or notify of a call / message, it is enough. But for those who like to listen to music from a smartphone, this will definitely not be enough.

On the other hand, for music there is a 3.5 mm Jack, or a wireless connection. We did not have a standard headset. A smartphone easily perceives third-party headphones. In any case, my usual headphones sounded good.

The speaker is rather small and sometimes you had to “search” it with your ear. True, it sounds good and I heard the interlocutor without any problems. Similarly, on the other side there was no disturbance about the quality of voice transmission.

Fingerprint Scanner and Face unlock

Like the older versions, Lite’s got both a fingerprint sensor and face unlock. I repeat, unlike the flagships, here the fingerprint scanner is on the “back”. Its position is correct and the finger goes exactly where it is needed. In most cases, it works very quickly and accurately.

But the company did not stop there. Using the front camera, a smartphone can “recognize” the owner. This method is a bit slower and less accurate, but also convenient. There are conditions under which the gadget is noticeably more difficult to unlock in this way (poor lighting, bright light in the camera, uncomfortable position of the smartphone, etc.), but in this case the fingerprint scanner quickly solves the hitch.

Performance and Software

It is expected that all new Huawei smartphones work with proprietary Kirin processors, and the P20 Lite, of course, is no exception. The eight-core Kirin 659 (4 A53 cores at 2.53 GHz and another 4 A53. 1.7 GHz) with Mali-T830 graphics is responsible for the performance of the younger model. Even in an inexpensive smartphone, the storage capacity was 64 GB (of which about 50 are available), and RAM. 4 GB. If the user only needs one SIM card, then in place of the second one you can install a memory card. Of course, there are Wi-Fi sensors with support for AC, Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC.

For most everyday tasks, this power reserve is enough, but running a demanding game you won’t get the best graphics settings, and the heating will feel good. I don’t think that users will choose such a device as a gaming one, therefore there will be no problem. over, for the time spent with the smartphone, he never made any mistakes, and the work was mostly smooth and pleasant.

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So far, Android 8.0 with the EMUI 8.0 shell is available for this model. The appearance of the system is noticeably changed, with the addition of various options, but experienced users will not be surprised at anything. In general, everything you need is there, but something is slightly lacking. For example, Eye comfort mode cannot be “tied” to sunset and sunrise, and Do not disturb cannot be turned on for a couple of hours, as in standard Android. But these are probably the only two little things that I did not find in the settings. Everything else is there.


P20 Lite got a completely standard 3000 mAh battery. This was enough for 6 hours 19 minutes in the PCMark test, and in real use on average I got 5.5 hours of screen operation. As usual, games and / or navigation can significantly reduce this time. Nevertheless, the result is quite ordinary. Active users will most likely have to charge it at least once a day, and on busy days you will need a power bank or outlet.

Unfortunately, we did not have a complete charger. The smartphone also does not support induction charging. The reference point was the MacBook Pro charging unit, with which the smartphone’s battery fully recovered in two and a half hours.


As it is now fashionable, the P20 Lite received a dual main camera. It consists of a 16-megapixel sensor and an additional 2 MP. The second serves as an auxiliary for identifying objects and blurring the background. For the dark, a flash with one diode is placed under the camera block. The front is a sensor with a resolution of 16 MP.

The images of the main camera, for obvious reasons, can not be compared with the flagship ones. Nevertheless, as for its price, the device can make quite good shots. Alas, it is worth reviewing the result “on the spot”, because sometimes even in good conditions you can get a blurry photo. On the other hand, sometimes you can and without stopping to photograph something very well and without blur. But the bokeh didn’t work out very well, because the camera does not clearly find the edges of objects, and the blur level is too high for the result to look natural.

can be shot at maximum in Full HD. The standard recording problem in this price category of the device will be noticeable shaking and not the fastest adaptation to changing lighting.

For a selfie, a good camera came across in front, which even in difficult conditions can take decent photos. She also has a portrait mode, but you should not rely on him.

The camera application is simple, but for fans there is a “professional” mode in which you can shoot even RAW. In normal mode (in which most users will work) the HDR switch is not enough. But there are no global claims to it. Everything works quite quickly and does not require much time to learn and get used to.