Huawei P20 Lite Installing SIM Cards Mts

Huawei P20 Lite Installing SIM Cards Mts

Depending on the release time and model of different Huawei smartphones, SIM card slots are located in different places. Sometimes users lose the keys to open the slot, which are bundled with the smart, and are wondering how to insert a SIM card into the Huawei by improvised methods.

Installing a sim card in the side slot

The latest phones from this company have a one-piece case made of glass or metal, as opposed to earlier smartphones equipped with a removable back panel. This design resulted in a change in the location of the connector and the installation method of the SIM card.

For this operation, a special key is supplied with the device, which has a wide head and an elongated thin end.

To insert a SIM card in Huawei there is a special key.

To insert a SIM card into a Huawei phone, follow these steps:

  • turn off the power of the device;
  • place the tip of the key in the hole provided for it and press until the slot opens;
  • pull out the tray;
  • install a SIM card;
  • push the slot back.

Insert a sim card into the slot under the back cover

For older models, the SIM card slot is located under the rear panel. It can be designed for different card formats: standard, reduced MicroSD (the most common option) and the most tiny NanoSD. There are devices (for example, Honor), designed to use two SIM cards at the same time. This mode brings the consumer of cellular services both benefits and costs.

Before the procedure, the smart must be turned off. Next, you need to loosen the panel with your fingers and nails. After removing the panel, you need to find where the slot is located: often it is located next to or below the battery. In the slot, they fix the card with the chip down and assemble the device back.

How to open a SIM card slot

You can get a retractable slot located on the side of the case not only with the key provided in the factory equipment, but also with some improvised items.

Due to the fact that many of them have even thinner and sharper shapes than the working part of the key, you need to perform the operation as carefully as possible so as not to scratch the gadget and damage its parts.

There is a special slot for SIM cards in Huawei.

Using a special key

A key is inserted in the box with the device to open the slot. Its tip is placed in a recess located near the tray, and begin to lightly press. As soon as the tray extends, it must be removed fully with two fingers.

Sewing machine needle

To use this method, it is not necessary to be the owner of a home sewing machine. A thin needle, used for hand darning clothes or sewing buttons, is also suitable. It is better to use a blunt end as less traumatic for the gadget. The method of use is identical: the needle is placed in a special hole and lightly pressed. Then the needle is removed, and the slot is extended with the fingers.

Using a paper clip

Due to their prevalence and design, paper clips are well suited for slot removal. Even a tool from the manufacturer, designed for this purpose, is called a “key-clip”, although its long straight working part is more like a needle. For operation, an item made of thin wire is better.

It is necessary to straighten the section of the paper clip to get a straight cut, insert it into the hole and press.

With the help of rack nails

This kind of fasteners is not found in city apartments as often as paper clips and needles. But, if there are such nails in the house, they can be successfully used to open the SIM card slot. The tip of the long thin leg of the nail is placed in a special hole and pressed.