Huawei P Smart Z Notification Indicator

Understanding the lineup of Huawei smartphones is not so simple. The P series, Mate, various versions of devices with the Lite, Nova prefix, and here also the Smart, were brought up. The devil himself will break his leg. Do they differ, and if so, how? Today we will get to know better with the new product. Present to your attention Huawei P Smart.

A little bit about the positioning of the device. In general, according to the official classification of the manufacturer, image flagships belong to the “P” line. However, although the image cannot be taken away from the smartphone, the model in question is not included in the flagship segment at all. But here we can recall the trick of Huawei, which has repeatedly released simplified models with the prefix “Lite” in this line.

So, Huawei P Smart can be considered, rather, as a modern replacement for the same popular Huawei P8 Lite (2017). In general, this is a typical middling with improved features and some features taken from flagship models. Although, of course, you can consider it a simplified flagship. that’s how you like it more.

Technical specifications Huawei P Smart. review Huawei P Smart

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Huawei P Smart Z Notification Indicator

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Design, materials, ergonomics

The first thing that captivates the Huawei P Smart is the design and feel of the smartphone in the hand. The diagonal of the screen is rather big. as much as 5.65 ″, but thanks to its aspect ratio of 18: 9, an elongated body and minimal frames, the smartphone fits perfectly in the hand and does not feel like a huge shovel.

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On the front panel above the screen in a low field, there is a front camera, a notification indicator, a speaker and light and proximity sensors. Under the screen is the Huawei logo.

On the right side are all the physical controls: volume button and power / lock button. On the left side there is a hybrid slot for two nano-format SIM cards or one SIM card and a memory card.

On the lower edge we see a 3.5 mm headphone jack (it’s cool that it is also on the bottom), a talk microphone, a microUSB port in the middle. this is a decision of the manufacturer that I unfortunately do not understand, well, it’s time to install in mid-budget ones more convenient and faster Type-C. To the right of the charging port is the main speaker. On the top face there is only an additional microphone.

On the back of the top left are slightly protruding dual-camera lenses and a flash. A little lower in the middle is a fingerprint scanner that fits comfortably under the index finger. Below is the company logo.

The main body of the Huawei P Smart case is made of aluminum alloy, does not scratch much and is rubbed off. Due to the dullness of the back, the prints on it are also weakly visible, especially in my test copy of gold color. The upper and lower parts of the case are plastic, painted in the color of the case. Metal and plastic are separated by shiny strips. In general, the smartphone looks very stylish and at the same time modest.

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Let’s just say that the appearance is solid 4 with a plus of 5. At first glance, this device is very much like a flagship device, so fans can emphasize their image with a smartphone, it can be safely recommended.

The assembly of the device is excellent. it does not creak, does not play, despite the prefabricated case design. And even the buttons almost do not hang out, although Huawei smartphones often sin with this.

In the hand, the smartphone also lies well due to its relatively compact size and completely rounded corners, sometimes he certainly wants to slip out of his hand, but in the weeks of using the device I didn’t have any problems with the Huawei P Smart.


Huawei P Smart equipped with a 5.65 ″ IPS-screen with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 and Full HD resolution (2160 × 1080 pixels, pixel density 427 ppi). The display occupies about 76% of the front area, it is covered with a protective 2.5D glass, there is a good oleophobic coating.

The display itself is juicy, the color rendition is close to natural. Viewing angles are maximum. The brightness margin is decent. on a sunny day, it will not be difficult to read information from the screen, but I would like to have a lower brightness. the screen is too bright in the dark. The smartphone has an auto brightness sensor and it works fine.

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Of course, in the settings menu there is a night mode of the screen, it is also turned on by a button in the curtain or according to the schedule, and in addition there is a fine adjustment of the color rendering of the screen.

In general, the display is very high quality and this can be seen immediately, as soon as you pick up the phone. And thanks to the minimal frames around the perimeter, the smartphone feels more premium or something. In general, if you brag about buying a friend, then he will be very surprised to know the price of the device.

Iron and performance

The smartphone is based on the eight-core Kirin 659 chipset (4 × 2.36 GHz and 4 × 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53) and the Mali-T830 MP2 accelerator. A similar platform is also used in Nova 2 and Mate 10 Lite. RAM 3 GB, constant 32 GB. For the device to work correctly, this is more than enough, but if you still need such a small amount of memory, you will have to sacrifice a second SIM card to install microSD (up to 256 GB).