Huawei P Smart Z How to Insert a Sim

Every year, mobile technologies are being improved, smartphones are increasing, and details are becoming smaller. Manufacturers strive for minimalism of parts and maximalism of displays. The changes affected the SIM cards, which have undergone changes since its inception. Today we will tell you how to correctly trim a SIM card, adapting it to a new device. But first, let’s study the existing types of SIM cards.

Types of SIM Cards

Have you ever wondered why SIM cards are sold embedded in a large plastic base. We’ll tell you a secret. once it was a SIM card! Yes, it’s so big and uncomfortable, but the phones at that time were not quite small either. Then it was considered an achievement that the phone can work without wires, and few people were interested in the size of the card, thanks to which you can make calls.

Huawei P Smart Z How to Insert a Sim

SIM card sizes

Time was running out, the devices were changing, big SIM cards were replaced by mini-SIM cards, which we used to consider ordinary today. Further less. Mini-sims are becoming less common, and micro-sims have been used in new devices. And, it would seem, much less? But Apple decided to reduce the cards for its devices. and nano-sim appeared.

Sim adapter

If today you decide to purchase a new SIM card, then opening the package, you will find a card with several notches. It is worth choosing the required size of the SIM card. and push it in the right place. and you have a card suitable for your device in your hands. And if you want to rearrange it to another device, just save the remaining parts. and use them as an adapter.

SIM card cropping

But what if you have an old-style card (mini-sim)? Then the usual pruning can come to your aid. But the question arises, how to crop a SIM card? There are several ways to transform a card into a new format:

  1. contact the salon of communication. As a rule, they have special devices. SIM card cutters. For a fee or without it (this is how lucky) they will help you solve this issue. and adapt the SIM to your device.
  2. crop the card yourself.

We cut the SIM card with our own hands

Consider the second method in more detail and talk about how to trim a SIM card at home. To accomplish this task, you must have at hand a pencil, a ruler and sharp scissors. For subsequent size adjustment, sandpaper may also be needed, since trimming small parts is not very convenient.

First you need to decide on the size of the card that you want to receive on the output. If you need to crop a SIM card under a micro sim, then its dimensions should be 1.51.2 cm, if under a nano-sim, then you should have a rectangle with sides of 1.23 cm and 0.88 cm. After you decided on the size, it is worth drawing the contours of the future SIM on your source map. And only after that, carefully, without touching the chip, cut the card.

Trim under Nano Sim

If the first fitting failed, and the sim card was slightly larger than necessary, continue trimming. If you remove just a few millimeters, it is better to use sandpaper. The most important thing is not to touch the contacts when processing, since if they are damaged, the card will simply stop working. Cutting under Nano Sim is much more difficult than under Micro Sim, since the plastic around the chip remains much smaller, and therefore it’s much easier to touch an important part. Therefore, be careful and do everything without haste.
When cropping is completed, you can safely insert your SIM card into the device. and use it.

If you need to install a smaller card in a device designed for a larger SIM size, you can use a special adapter.

We hope you find our tips useful. And congratulations on your new smartphone!