Huawei P Smart Does Not Turn On

Problem: cannot connect via bluetooth or connection is lost

A common nuisance on Android. The options for solving it are the same as on other devices.

Potential solutions:

  • Make sure your smartphone is updated to the latest software version.
  • In the settings, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. Click on “Clock” and on the option “Conduct to turn off notifications at the bottom of the screen”, also make sure that the option “Visibility” is turned on so that your device can find and connect to it.
  • If you are trying to transfer data to another smartphone, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on this smartphone as well. Also check that it supports the type of file being sent.
  • If you are trying to connect the Huawei P9 to peripherals such as headphones, cars or speakers, check to see if they are connected to another smartphone, whether they have a sufficient battery level and are close enough to establish a connection.
  • Reboot your smartphone and connected device.
  • Clear the application cache by opening Smartphone manager System optimizations. Here you will be given the necessary instructions that will allow you to manually clear the files and set the settings. When everything is ready, click on the “Finish” button.
  • Delete cache section. Turn off your smartphone, then press and hold the power button and volume down until the Huawei logo appears. Use the volume down key to navigate and select the “Erase cache partition” command, press the power button to select. When the partition is deleted, select system reboot.
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Potential solutions:

  • Reboot your smartphone.
  • Make sure to enter the correct Google Account username and password. Changing the password of the account leads to the fact that on a new device it is impossible to enter it for some time.
  • Try deleting and re-adding the account. To do this, open Settings Accounts
  • Open Settings Applications (broken Google apps) Clear Cache / Erase Data.
  • Reset to factory defaults. First you need to back up important data, for this, open Settings Backup Inner memory Further and select the files to copy. After copying open Settings Advanced settings Backup and reset Reset. You can format flash memory. After that, click on the button “Reset settings”. You can also click on the “Erase internal memory” button, and the backup copies will be deleted. When the reset process is completed, the smartphone will reboot. Recover Data By Opening Section Recovery from internal memory Further. Select a backup and click on the button “Start recovery”.
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Problem: Android Pay does not work

When trying to use this payment system, some users receive the message “unsupported card” on the NFC reading screen or the device does not recognize the smartphone at all.

Problem: error messages when using the camera application

For some users, when working with the camera, a message appears stating that the camera is recording audio and “ interactor can’t open at the moment”.

Potential solutions:

  • Open Settings Google Search Vote Google OK Detection Delete voice model Ok. This will disable the feature that makes it possible to start a search on Google from any application or on web pages with the phrase OK Google.
  • Delete the cache section as described above.

Problem: application notifications not received

Some owners of Huawei P9 do not receive notifications from programs like WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook if the application itself is closed. Leaving them open will increase battery consumption.

Huawei P Smart Does Not Turn On

Potential solutions:

  • Open Power manager Protected applications Notification Apps and activate the switch.
  • Open Settings Notification and Status Panels Notification manager Notification Apps and enable the option “Priority screen“.
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Problem: the smartphone stops responding to user actions

For some users, the smartphone turns into a brick and they can not return it to life. A similar problem occurs on different models of Android smartphones. The exact source of the problem is difficult to establish.