Huawei Honor 7 Quickly Discharges

Why is the Honor and Huawei phone running out of charge quickly? The question is very relevant for all owners of phones, since a sudden low percentage of the battery is a disaster and a problem. Usually, a new technique holds a good charge, and the equipment is being released with a battery capacity more and more. But due to some problems and breakdowns, the battery wears out. Therefore, the time of use of the gadget away from the outlet is rapidly reduced. This is inconvenient, because modern man rarely sits in one place. Often we have to move to school, to work, to study, on travel or business trips. It is important to stay in touch.

Why does the battery on a Honor and Huawei smartphone run out quickly

There are a number of reasons why your modern gadget does not hold the battery level well:

  • included programs that create an animated effect on the desktop, and consume additional energy;
  • there are viruses whose purpose is to destroy the battery;
  • natural wear;
  • violation of operating rules;
  • the sensor is broken;
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFS and other wireless modules are included around the clock;
  • You are using an insufficiently powerful memory.

Backlight brightness

Everyone knows the belief that if the screen glows more brightly, then it consumes more energy. This is true, however, the amount is so small that it will not be possible to notice the costs earlier than after 2-3 years. In order not to overdo it with the expense, set the auto brightness on your device. This is a badge with the letter “A” on the curtain. By clicking on it, automatic environmental monitoring is activated. If you are where it is dark, the display will be dimmer. And vice versa. with bright radiation, its contrast will increase. It is convenient for vision, and will save you from overspending.

Unoptimized applications

Programs that you have not optimized “draw” the energy of the battery. Developers usually invest powerful parameters in their software, and they consume power even when working in the background. In the special “Battery” settings section, there is a list that displays the level of charge used for each application. If the program uses too much, delete it or pause it.


Negative software causes overuse of energy in thirty percent of cases. To prevent this from happening, periodically clean your storage from unknown and suspicious components. Another option to help your gadget is to automate the cleaning process. To do this, install an antivirus. The most relevant today are Kaspersky and Doctor Web. Upload them to Google Play.

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Unstable firmware version

All large companies carefully check their firmware before offering them to the user. But even there, inaccuracies and errors happen that affect everyday productivity. If you updated your shell, and noticed that the percentage of charge began to go away faster, be sure to leave your message to the developers. This can be done by opening the settings section, and scrolling to the end.

Problems with the power controller

Problems with the power controller, which is responsible for the battery rating, are rare. Most often this is due to the fact that you are using a non-original and poor quality charger. The cause of the problem will also be a frequent change of memory. When the controller goes astray, it shows you 100% charge even when in reality this indicator is half as much. To solve this problem, you will have to repair or change this part.

Many wireless modules activated

Wireless modules also affect the operation of the smartphone. If you turn them on as needed, then this is not so noticeably reflected in performance. The list of modules whose operation discharges the gadget:

In order not to accelerate the phenomenon of natural wear and tear, follow a few simple rules:

  • if you do not use the module, turn it off;
  • when connecting to power, disconnect all communication sensors;
  • When recharging, it is recommended to activate the flight mode.

The charge is not displayed correctly

Due to internal malfunctions and incorrect calibration of the power sensors, the charge starts to display incorrectly. That is, at first you have 73%, and after 5-7 minutes the level drops to 20%. If you begin to notice this, you should contact the service center.

Battery wear

Battery wear is a natural occurrence for any gadget. With proper operation, wear begins to appear closer to 4-5 years of active use of the device. If the rules were violated, then minor damage pop up much earlier. after 1-2 years. Then the battery will need to be replaced.


Another reason why the battery on a Huawei and Honor smartphone quickly runs out is the imbalance between incoming and outgoing power. It happens when you use a too weak memory for the phone. For example, most modern gadgets are designed for 2 Amperes, and you bought for 1 Ampere. Then the device will slowly charge and quickly discharge.

If you have any questions or have complaints. let us know

Triggered sensors

As already mentioned, running sensors on the Internet and transmitting information consume more power. If you are not going to use them now, then disconnect.

Background data exchange on the Internet

If you started to download a file and blocked the phone, then in the background the download process continues. This affects two metrics. traffic and performance. If you download some kind of voluminous file, the phone even overheats.

Home screen widgets

Widgets located on the desktop. weather, clocks, calendar, notes, player and others. They do not affect your battery if they do not appear when the screen is locked. If you set the command to display widgets in the settings even when the screen is locked, the device will land faster.

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What should I do if my Huawei and Honor phones run out quickly?

Quick discharge creates a number of negative phenomena:

  • the battery wears out quickly;
  • phone performance lasts for less time;
  • overheating occurs;
  • will have to overpay for repair or replacement of parts.

In order not to create discomfort for yourself, follow simple rules.

Uninstall unnecessary programs

If you have software that you use very rarely, or do not run at all, remove them. Clean the RAM and allow the performance to be higher.

Flight mode

Many people forget about this profile, but it is very useful. After it is turned on, many network and background processes are blocked, so the battery is practically not discharged.

Turn off the transmission of information and GPS

If you don’t go online and don’t need a navigator, turn off these processes. The background eye of different systems is invisible to the human eye, but this does not mean that it does not exist. During blocking, the phone still searches for a network, and connects to the nearest towers. A simple example is riding a train. If you do not turn off mobile data, then after a few stops you will find a warm or even hot device. This is due to the fact that you overcome tens of kilometers, and change the cell of mobile coverage. When leaving one zone, a connection occurs with the next radio module.

Power saving function

The energy-saving function is a very useful thing, which for some reason is neglected by many owners of modern technology. Its essence is simple, and the result of the work is obvious. With the active energy-saving mode, a number of unnecessary background processes are blocked, the screen becomes less bright, and the vibration weakens.

We remove live wallpapers

Live wallpapers drain the phone, and this is not a myth. Animation playback requires a little more energy than displaying a static image. That is why we recommend installing a beautiful photo instead of a clip or GIF. By the way, live wallpapers slow down the operation of the operating system. On devices where RAM exceeds 4 GB, this is not very noticeable. But here on old models, where the RAM is 1-2GB, difficulties will arise.

Turn on the dark background of the screen

A dark background is a special tool that creates blackout. The modern type of display is AMOLED. The peculiarity is that dark colors are its natural state, and pixels do not have to carry out additional load in order to display you a black color. But if you put a white splash screen, then the pixels will have to activate and display the requested parameters. Although not essential, it also harms the battery.

Display off time

Modern smartphones have many hidden features that few people know about. These chips greatly facilitate everyday use. One of them is turning off the display. That is, you set the time, for example, 1 minute. If the screen is unlocked, but you have been inactive for a minute, then it is automatically locked. In the settings, the following time intervals are proposed:

5 seconds is not enough. You will be uncomfortable, because the screen will constantly fade. Optimal. from 30 seconds to five minutes. If you plan to read the book, select 10-30 minutes.

Turn off the vibrating alert

Among several sound profiles, vibration is most often used. this is when the audio component is turned off, but the signal is supplied in the form of vibration. This annoys the special modules that are responsible for its reproduction and strength. If you want to switch the vibration mode to economical, then in the sound profile settings, set the power parameter. “Weak” or “Medium”.

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The smartphone should be cool

Every second owner of the phone was faced with the fact that his device was overheating. This happens during recharging, long conversations, or after using programs that are heavy for the operating system. It is heated by lithium. the main component of the battery. This is harmful, since under the influence of high temperatures it loses its properties. Tip. do not leave the gadget in direct sunlight, artificial light, incandescent lamps.

The battery charge should be between 30%.90%

Surely you noticed that the most quickly discharged the phone in the period from one hundred to ninety percent, and from thirty to zero. This is not just so, because it is the so-called “risk zone”. The normal period of work is 30%.90%. Maintain just that range.

Factory settings

If you began to notice that a lot of unnecessary software has appeared, the advertisement pops up all the time, and at the same time the phone goes down quickly, then the virus has “settled” in you. Often an antivirus helps to eliminate it. But if it has long been on the device, then only resetting to the factory settings will help. This is an extreme solution to the problem, which should be resorted to if other tips did not help. A reset is made according to the instruction, which should be strictly studied before execution:

  • charge the device up to 60% minimum;
  • remove the flash drive;
  • synchronize or copy all information from an external medium to the cloud;
  • open the settings;
  • flipping down;
  • click on the item “Recovery and reset”;
  • agree to the terms;
  • confirm the actions;
  • wait for the operation to complete.

We emphasize that it is forbidden to try to interrupt the reset process. This will cause the phone to stop showing signs of “life.”

We calibrate the battery according to Google’s advice.

First, make sure that there are no bulges or obvious defects on the battery. If there are such problems, then remove it and throw it away. It can no longer be used. If there is no damage, then follow the instructions:

  • discharge the battery until the phone turns off by itself;
  • try turning it on;
  • do this several times until the device starts up;
  • connect the memory;
  • wait until “100%” appears on the screen;
  • reboot.

We use only the original charge

This is a very important point, which is worth considering. Non-original memory most affects your hardware. This is due to the fact that the original power does not match the declared.

Useless recommendations

On the Internet you can find dozens of mythical tips on how to extend the life of your equipment. For example, some advise to make the speaker volume quieter during a conversation, never turn on airplane mode, and never talk while recharging. These are nothing more than myths that practically do not affect work.

Huawei Honor 7 Quickly Discharges