Huawei E3372h 153 Modem Update

Full set: firmware, interface and CDROM in one EXE file. Simplifies installation, simplifies needle recovery. You can control the fixation of ttl for ipv4 and ipv6 with scripts that are suitable from other models, all drivers are included. Compatible with control scripts for LTE modem E3372h. Works with almost all wifi routers out of the box. Efuse is absent, the online update is cut out, the local update is saved via the web interface. It works with virtually any SIM card. Maximum stable interface.

NEW Added auto password on telnet, which is not really forgotten and it is equal to the IMSI of your card. To run adb, use the command in telnet adbd , telnet root login and your IMSI password, or remove the SIM card from the modem and log in without a password. Made to ensure that most of you are lazy and do not put a password on telnet, I know for myself))), making access from outside to telnet and adb open from the local network of the operator or even from the Internet, if you have a white IP, it also launches a ftp server without a SIM card for convenience. With a car password, a unique password will be set that only you will know, since it is printed on a SIM card and is available in the interface after authorization and will always be at your fingertips. You can characterize this firmware as M_AT_5.11 plus plus, but there is no need for this so it comes with a unique interface. You can follow further updates of the interface in this branch of the site Web interfaces for installation via ADB, but I think you will not need this because everything works more than wonderful.
Work in IPV6.
Ability to control TTL and hoplimit commit
Ability to control auto modem switching
The maximum interface is webui_install_19.100.02.23.xx.rar and the driver switch is included.
Rust3028 patched kernel with index M
Leave comments on the site on the work of firmware and design, as well as wishes that you would like to see in it again.

E3372h_.exe. for firmware using the standard method. for firmware via the web interface (no need to unpack it).

Firmware must be compatible with hardware modifications E3372h-153 E3372h-210 E3372h-510 E3372h-607

You can download it very soon. loading.

Bookmark the site so that in the future you can check for updates on time.

When switching from firmware on which another interface is installed, you must perform a reset via the interface or at command, or manually through adb to clear the userdata folder with all the old tails that always remain.

The new exclusive E3372h_22.333.01.00.00_WEBUI_19. is available for download from the forum. All settings are now accessible through the interface, there is no need for a constantly running telnet and adb to save RAM. Turning on or off the required additional functions has become as convenient as possible, which even unprepared ones can handle.

Huawei E3372h 153 Modem Update

When you turn on the ad blocker, you either need to set the list to auto-update, that is, by setting the “Load a new list at start” slider to the “Enabled” position. in this case, the list will be loaded into RAM. Or, turn on the additional option “Write the list to flash”. in this case, the list is saved in the modem without the need to download it from the Internet, that is, after downloading it, you can disable this item by setting it to the “Off” position, you can also turn it off and download list from the internet. Or change the address of the list to an alternative one (for example, your own) and load it at the start of the router. TPWS only works in conjunction with a router or laptop that runs DNS crypto and not on all SIM cards, so it’s better not to turn it on in vain, or change it to the operator on which it works instead of buying VPN. It is also worth considering when you turn it on, if your farm creates a heavy load, then the request queue may overflow and tpws crash (manifests itself as a freeze in the Internet) for this it is enough to either restart the router or restart tpws with the telnet command or adb /etc/ 1

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