Htc m8 not working sim

HTC One M8 is a nice-looking smartphone with unique features and functions that help it stand out from the crowd. But as we know, there are no ideal devices: like all smartphones, the HTC One M8 has its own problems and malfunctions.

In this article, we will list the most common HTC One M8 smartphone problems and their solutions.

Problem: Notification indicator does not work

Some users of HTC One M8 notice that the light indicator does not work for their new smartphone: ideally, it should blink when new notifications appear, for example, when receiving new text messages or e-mails. For most users, it works with a low battery level and during charging, lighting up in orange or green (albeit dim), but when new notifications appear, it refuses to work.

Possible solutions:

  • First of all, go to the menu [Settings Display and gestures Notification Indicator] and make sure the indicator is on for the notifications you need.
  • There is a possibility that the indicator problem is associated with some application. You can verify this by restarting the phone in safe mode.
  • If the problem is with the application, then you will need to determine which one: go to the menu [Settings Applications], to the tab with all applications. The culprit can be any application related to sending / receiving messages. You can try to turn off your applications one by one or reset to factory settings, and then selectively reinstall the necessary applications. After disconnecting / reinstalling, do not forget to check if the notification indicator has worked.
  • If all else fails, then you can try exchanging the device with the seller.

Problem: low volume during a call

Several owners of the One M8 encountered a problem with low volume while talking on the phone. It may seem to you that the other party is talking very quietly or even hung up. This problem occurs even if you increase the volume to maximum.


  • Try changing the position of the speaker: HTC has directional speakers and the sound comes only from its left side. Try to take the phone away from your ear a bit and move it until you get a sufficiently loud, clear sound.
  • You can also go to the [Settings Calls] and enable the Hearing Aids mode.
  • You can try using a Bluetooth headset.

Possible solutions:

  • Make sure nothing covers the speaker grill. Try blowing compressed air into it.
  • If all else fails, try returning the phone to the seller.

Problem: Boot in Safe Mode

Some owners of HTC One M8 noticed that the phone itself boots into safe mode (a message about this you will see in the lower left corner of the screen).

Possible solutions:

  • Most likely, a simple reboot will be enough to exit safe mode. Press and hold the power key, and then select Restart. After that, the phone should boot into normal mode.
  • If the phone boots into safe mode again, try resetting it to the factory settings. First, save all the necessary data from your phone (music, photos,s, etc.), then go to the [Settings] menu Backup and reset Reset phone settings] and select “Delete all data”, then press “OK”.

WiFi problem: the phone does not connect to the network / constantly disconnects / very low data transfer rate

While using the HTC One M8, some people encountered problems with the Wi-Fi network: the smartphone either refused to connect to the network, or the connection was disconnected and was not automatically restored, or the data transfer speed was very low.


  • Try turning on and off the phone’s offline mode, and then restart the phone.
  • Reboot HTC One M8 and the router. The connection may be restored for a while, but the problem may occur again.

Possible solutions:

  • Delete the existing connection and reconfigure it.
  • Install the Wi-Fi Analyzer app and check if the channel you are on is overloaded. If there are more free channels, then you can switch them on the router (see the instructions for the router).
  • Make sure your router has updated firmware.
  • Check the settings of the router, and in particular the Mac address. Change the settings if necessary.

Problem: missing “Energy Saving Mode”

One of the main features of the new smartphone announced by HTC was the Energy Saving Mode. The mode sends the phone almost to sleep, allowing you to perform only the most energy-efficient tasks and prolonging the life of the phone with a battery charge of only 5% up to 15 hours. On some HTC One M8 this mode is not available (mainly for residents of the United States), and the reason for this is earlier versions of the software, which still do not have a maximum power saving mode.

Decision: Users who are left without the maximum power saving mode are left to wait for the software update. You can check the available updates in the [Settings Software Updates Check now]. 1.54.401.5. the first version with support for this power saving mode.

Problem: “There is no SIM card”

A significant number of HTC One M8 owners report that a message periodically appears on the screen of their smartphone that a SIM card has not been detected. Usually this error appears randomly and has nothing to do with user actions.

Possible solutions:

  • Find the SIM card slot, open it with a paper clip or pin and remove the SIM card from there. Re-insert the SIM card into the slot and see if this solves the problem.
  • Try to clean the SIM card and its contacts with medical alcohol applied to a microfiber cloth. Clean the SIM card carefully to avoid damage; Before reinserting the card into the slot, be sure to dry it.
  • If you suspect that the card does not fit tightly into the slot, you can slightly increase its thickness using electrical tape, leaving only the contacts open. This can slightly increase the thickness of the SIM card to prevent movement inside the slot.
  • If this happens with different SIM cards, then you should contact the seller for a replacement device.

Problem: keyboard language constantly switches

Some people have problems with the HTC keyboard, in particular, during the process of typing messages, some users notice that they are typing in completely different languages, and the problem here is not in the software, but in the clumsy movements and inconvenient location of the keyboard itself. But in any case, it is annoying and inconvenient to users.


Try changing the keyboard: you can put SwiftKey or a free version from Google.


If you do not want to abandon the default keyboard and just want to fix the problem with unnecessary languages, then open the application for sending messages, display the keyboard on the screen and press the gear button to open the keyboard settings menu. Press “Select Keyboard” and uncheck the boxes next to languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat you don’t use.

Problem: the phone suddenly turns off

In some cases, the HTC One M8 crashes and shuts down: this problem also happens randomly, and users do not notice any patterns of its appearance. the phone just suddenly reboots.

Htc m8 not working sim

Possible solutions:

  • The first solution that comes to mind is resetting the factory settings. Go to the [Settings Backup and reset Phone reset Delete all data OK]. Do not forget to save all the necessary data in advance from your phone!
  • If you think that the problem is caused by some application or program, go to the [Settings Nutrition Using]. This menu will show which program consumes a large amount of resources and causes the phone to turn off.

Problem: camera application “crashes” in portrait mode

Not taking into account complaints about the quality of images of HTC One M8. unfortunately, we can’t do anything with it anymore. some users mentioned a camera malfunction when shooting in portrait orientation. At the same time, most of them did not have problems in landscape orientation, but its change led to the fact that the camera application “fell”.


As it turned out, this problem is directly related to the LastPass application. a popular password manager. and its latest update. The good news is that you don’t have to uninstall the application or use another photo application. LastPass and the camera of your smartphone can live in harmony, you just need to do a few simple steps:

  • Log in to LastPass
  • Go to Options Application associations
  • Select a camera and check the box “Do not show the fill window”

In all cases, this solved the problem with the camera.

Problem: Bluetooth does not connect

Bluetooth is one of those problems that appears on almost all phones, especially when it comes to trying to connect the phone to the car. As we understand it, HTC One M8 was no exception to the rule. it also has a number of problems connecting Bluetooth devices. There are various solutions to the problems that arise, and below we list the most effective ones.

Possible solutions:

  • Make sure all devices have the latest firmware installed.
  • Go to the [Settings Bluetooth] and delete the previous connections of your HTC One M8 with other devices. After that, try connecting again.
  • Avoid special characters in device names. Make sure you don’t give your device some crazy name by going to the [Settings] menu Bluetooth] and by checking “Device Name”.

Problem: the phone always shows that it is roaming

Many users have noticed that their HTC One M8 always shows that it is roaming. This can be a serious problem for those who do not want to receive a tidy bill, despite the fact that they called all the time from their home region. But don’t worry, the company already knows about this problem and HTC promises that users will not be charged for roaming services.


The problem should be solved in the near future with the release of updated software. To check the latest firmware updates for HTC One M8, go to the [Settings] menu Software Update Check now].

Problem: Dead or Stuck Pixels

Despite the fairly high-quality screen of the HTC One M8, some users complain about dead (pixels that do not light up) and stuck pixels (those that are constantly on). This can prettyly spoil the impression of using a smartphone.

Possible solutions:

  • You can try to fix the situation using the Dead Pixel Detect and Fix application. there is a chance that it will help.
  • If your phone is still under warranty, then contact your dealer for a replacement device.

Problem: HTC TV application does not connect to the TV

HTC One M8 may be useful to you outside the home, but also to perform a number of functions while you are in your favorite home chair. The IR blaster in the device allows you to use the phone as a remote control from the TV, although some users have problems with the implementation of this function: after trying to establish a connection with the TV, the message “Unable to receive data” appears on the phone.

Possible solutions:

  • Carefully read the installation instructions to make sure that you did everything right. Try to connect several times.
  • Go to the [Settings Applications] and find the HTC TV application. Delete the application data and try setting up the connection again.
  • Make sure that the application is updated: as it turned out, the old version of the application had more problems than the new one.