Htc Desire X Phone How to Open the Cover

Smartphone Reviews and New Years

Apple’s products today are perhaps one of the most recognizable in the world. And the iPhone has long ceased to be just a smartphone with an apple logo on the back. He is a sign of taste and status and an indispensable attribute of a successful person. But, being a fragile thing, like most equipment, the iPhone is often damaged when used actively.

Scratches, chips and scuffs spoil the appearance of the device, undermining the authority of its owner. Sometimes replacing the back cover becomes a necessary measure, but what if there is no time to visit the service center? This manipulation can be done at home, following simple instructions.

How to remove the back cover of iPhone 4 by yourself?

To get started, prepare a workplace that is spacious and comfortable enough. Put a sheet of white paper on the table, it will help you if you drop a screw or other small part. Make sure that the table surface is clean and dry, exposure to moisture and aggressive substances can adversely affect the performance of the machine. You will need a miniature screwdriver and the device itself.

Dismantling at the expense of “three”

First of all, turn off your iPhone 4, be sure to verify this, otherwise you will significantly harm the device. Set the silent mode lever to silent so that the red bar is visible.

Htc Desire X Phone How to Open the Cover

Carefully unscrew the two small screws on the bottom of the device, they are located on both sides of the charging connector. Try not to damage the slot, otherwise you may have difficulty installing it after replacing the panel. Put them on a piece of paper so that they are not lost.

Take the smartphone with both hands, placing it face down. With two thumbs at the same time, lightly press the back cover and push it up to the stop until you hear a characteristic click. Usually this manipulation does not require the application of force.

If you did everything right, the cover will easily come off the case. Now you know how to open the back cover of iPhone 4, this technique is also suitable for iPhone 4S. Now you have the opportunity to replace the back cover, clean the inside of the device from dust, or make any necessary manipulations. The smartphone is assembled in the same way, in the reverse order, when installing, make sure that the miniature screws that secure the cover are screwed in correctly. And of course, be careful that your iPhone 4 lasts for years.