HTC 10 Hard Reset

In this article we will consider How to Hard Reset on HTC One and similar Android smartphones. This button reset method to the factory settings is useful for those who are faced with the problem of unlocking the phone due to a forgotten password or repeated incorrect input of the graphic key. Also, by making a hard reset, you can eliminate errors in the phone, freezing, application malfunction or possible infection with the Android device virus.

HTC 10 Hard Reset

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1) Before making a hard reset button on HTC One, it is advisable to recharge the battery. After recharging, turn off the smartphone and on the phone off, hold down and hold the button “Volume down” without releasing press and hold the button “Phone off”. We do not release both buttons until three Android appear on the screen of HTC One and after that release both buttons.

2) Next, use the volume down and volume up buttons to select “Restore the original configuration” it could be a point “Factory reset” or “Clear storage” depending on the model and to confirm the reset to the factory settings, press the button “Off” phone.

Now we wait until your smartphone reboots and turns on without a password, pattern, or email request. After Hard Reset on HTC, all information will be deleted, including contacts, files, applications, games, all settings, and will become like new when purchased. We recommend that you create an e-mail in the future and write it together with the password so that you do not make a hard reset in the future and do not lose all the important information, files and contacts that are in the phone’s memory.