Hp Pavilion G6 How to Enter the BIOS

To install Windows 10 or another operating system on a new (clean without OS) laptop, you need to change the boot priority in the BIOS to an external device, such as a boot disk or USB flash drive. To do this, you need to go into BIOS. But first, let’s figure out what BIOS is.

Hp Pavilion G6 How to Enter the BIOS

Why do I need BIOS

It is a system of basic settings for a stationary computer, which are displayed through a special menu. The settings themselves are saved in a special chip located on the motherboard, which can be recognized by the BIOS signature. When you turn on the computer, BIOS performs testing and the availability of the main components (installed equipment) and supports their proper operation. If there are any problems when turning on the equipment or if you need to reinstall Windows or if you need to diagnose a specific device, the BIOS program is designed for this and much more. Also, using BIOS, you can put a password to enter the laptop.

To enter the BIOS settings use special keys, in most cases, depending on the model. F2, F11 or Delete.

Using BIOS, the user is given the opportunity to change (enable / disable) the parameters of installed devices, configure the PC, make system diagnostics, set the boot sequence.

How to enter the BIOS settings menu on HP notebooks

To enter the BIOS settings on HP models, you need to restart (turn on) the laptop, and when the first characters appear on the screen, press the Esc key. The menu (Startup Menu) with the following boot options will be displayed on the screen. To enable the BIOS settings window, press F10 on the keyboard.

Note that HP laptop models use different BIOS versions, and if you cannot get into the settings in the above way, then instead of Esc, press one of the following keys. F2, F11 or Delete.

The main menu (Main) provides a brief description of the parameters of the HP laptop. a series and model of the processor, its frequency and volume. Here you can set the date and time in case of problems with the battery on the motherboard.

To protect your computer, you can set a password in the Security window so that no one can enter your laptop. The password entry window appears even before the operating system boots.

To change the system configuration, go to the System Configuration window. Here you can choose a language. To change the boot order, go to the Boot Options menu. First of all, turn on the devices from which you need to boot the system. Then, in the Boot Order, use the F5 or F6 keys to set the order in which the devices will be loaded.

After the changes, go to the Exit tab. Select Exit and Save Changes and confirm.

Another way to change the boot order from installation drives. After turning on the HP laptop, press the Esc key and select F9 (Boot Device Options) from the menu that appears.