HP deskjet printer. HP DeskJet 2755e review

This bargain multifunction printer delivers good prints with no frills

Tom’s Guide Verdict

The HP DeskJet 2755e delivers high image quality and middle-of-the-road performance, and is a good fit if you don’t mind basic software and are willing to sign up for an ink subscription plan to keep ink costs reasonable.


  • High image quality
  • Low printing costs with ink subscription
  • 4-by-6-inch photo printing speed is roughly average
  • Fax sending mobile (send only) – using HP Smart app


  • – Ink costs are high without a subscription
  • – Scanning auto crop feature is unreliable
  • – Slower than average printing and copying
  • – Borderless photo printing not supported
  • – Included software is frustrating

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The small, lightweight HP DeskJet 2755e (85) offers an attractive set of basic features for an attractive price. It’s a multifunction printer that also copies and scans, and you can use a mobile device for faxing if you have an HP Plus account. Built for modest print duty, its input tray holds 60 sheets and the output tray can hold 25 sheets.

deskjet, printer, 2755e, review

This DeskJet offers Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity. It also has a USB port, but it’s very much oriented to online use and Cloud storage; it requires an Internet connection for some features. As such, the 2755e may not be the best fit for someone who’s periodically offline. on that later.

The DeskJet 2755e uses two ink cartridges: pigment black and dye-based tri-color. If by chance you only plan to print text documents, the printer supports single-cartridge mode, whereby after setup with the starter cartridges, you can remove the color cartridge.

If you sign up for the HP Plus program, free of charge, you get six months of free ink. This program locks you into using HP’s ink cartridges, which are outfitted with a chip to ensure compliance. It also offers updated photo scanning, fax capability from a mobile device, and G Suite connectivity, according to the company. We did not, however, test this program.

HP DeskJet 2755e review: Design

The DeskJet 2755e measures roughly 16.7 x 12 x 6 inches. You’ll need extra vertical clearance to raise the scanner lid and raise the input paper tray support, as well as to swing outward the output tray’s support. It’s compact enough to easily transport—especially considering it weighs just 7.5 pounds.

The single paper input tray is at the back. It’s vertically aligned, and you lift up a support to hold the paper in place. The output tray slides out from the bottom of the unit at the front. To better support finished prints, you swing outward a catch from inside the output tray.

To the left of the scanner glass on the top panel are a few function buttons and a tiny LCD screen that measures 0.5 x 1.25 inches. Standalone operation is limited to making copies, for which there are dedicated buttons for color and grayscale copying. The screen displays only the number of prints or copies, Wi-Fi status, ink levels, and a few other icons. You don’t use the screen to navigate settings menus.

For settings and other functions, you will want to use your PC or mobile device. For example, enlarging or reducing copy size must be done with the HP Smart app.

This basic printer doesn’t have a duplexer for making two-sided prints, an automatic document feeder for copying multi-page documents, nor an automatic paper sensor, which some higher-end models offer.

HP DeskJet 2755e review: Print Speed

The DeskJet 2755e printed slower than the category average in our tests. It printed a five-page text document in 39.3 seconds, or 7.6 pages per minute (ppm). By comparison, the average is 8.8 ppm. Similarly, the DeskJet trailed the field average at printing our six-page PDF of mixed text and color graphics. The HP reproduced the document in 3 minutes and 2 seconds, or 2 ppm. The category average is 2.7 ppm.

The 2755e was comparatively slower at making 8-by-10-inch photo prints, taking 7 minutes and 8 seconds to do so, at highest resolution. The category average was a much quicker 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

The DeskJet performed better at making 4-by-6-inch photo prints at default settings. The 2755e made the print in 1 minute and 44 seconds, slightly faster than the average of 1 minute and 48 seconds.

HP DeskJet 2755e review: Copy and scan speed

The DeskJet 2755e copied color documents at slightly slower than average speed, and was less impressive at making black-and-white copies. It produced color copies in 32.4 seconds, on average, compared to the average of 28.1 seconds for competing models. Making black-and-white copies in 25.1 seconds, the DeskJet trailed significantly the category average of 16.1 seconds.

Photo scanning was a little pokey. Capturing an 8-by-10-inch photo in 1 minute and 36 seconds, it lagged behind the category average of 1 minute and 8 seconds. By comparison, the Canon MG3620 (60) made the same photo scan in just 39.4 seconds.

Scanning documents at 300 dpi in black-and-white to PDF format, the HP DeskJet completed a letter-size scan in 19.4 seconds, on average. This was significantly slower than the average of 11.8 seconds, and less than half the speed of the Canon MG3620, which made a black-and-white scan in just 8.9 seconds, on average.

HP DeskJet 2755e review: Print quality

Documents printed with attractive text that looked adequately dark. Letterforms were a little heavy, with some minor errant ink splatter around the edges. By comparison, the HP’s text was darker and slightly sharper around the edges than that printed by the Canon MG3620.

The DeskJet also printed attractive graphics. Colors looked natural, transitions were smooth, and no banding was visible. Text in our PDF text document, however, looked a little too heavy and blurry around the edges. For long-term reading, the sharper-looking text documents would be preferable. To ensure software was not the culprit, we printed the PDF both from its native Adobe Acrobat software, as well as from HP Smart, and got the same result.

On a couple occasions while making copies, the 2755e pulled 10 or 12 pieces of paper through the unit all at once. While this happened only twice, it does suggest that paper feed problems could occur in the future.

The DeskJet 2755e makes attractive photo prints. The inkjet produced natural-looking colors, smooth transitions, and reproduced fine details well. Across a range of subjects, the DeskJet produced high-quality prints. To note, the DeskJet tends to hype red and yellow hues, creating a warmer look than may be in the original image.

One important caveat about photo prints: Borderless photo printing is not supported. Whether printing from HP Smart on Windows 10, Windows Photos, or from an iPhone 7 using the HP Smart app, there is no option for making borderless photo prints. All photos printed with a border around them.

Similar to its photo prints, documents were reproduced faithfully. Copies of magazine pages were true to the original, reproducing text that looked quite sharp and color graphics that retained the fine details of the original. Colors looked accurate, and when converted to grayscale, the graphics retained the smooth transitions of the original image.

HP DeskJet 2755e Scanning, Scan To Windows 10 Laptop.

The HP DeskJet made attractive scans, accurately reproducing colors and capturing fine detail in most areas. Shadow areas, however, came out a little darker than in the original and lost some detail.

Scanning photos was not flawless, however, due to the unreliable auto crop feature, which I’ll cover in the software section below.

HP DeskJet 2755e review: Ink cost and yield

This DeskJet uses two ink cartridges, a pigment-based black ink cartridge and a dye-based tri-color cartridge. Standard and XL cartridges are available. The starter cartridges will not last long, so be prepared to order more ink very quickly if you don’t plan to sign up for an ink subscription plan.

Using standard cartridges, costs per page are an estimated 8 cents (text) and 25 cents (color). Average costs per page for competing models are slightly lower, at 7.8 cents and 21.2 cents, respectively.

Using the XL cartridges will save you money — but the savings is not dramatic. At 10 cents (text) and 22.5 cents (color) per page using XL cartridges, the 2755e lags behind the averages of 6.2 cents (text) and 15.7 cents (color) per page for models that offer high-capacity ink cartridges. However, some of these models offer cartridges of a much higher capacity than this HP’s cartridges.

By comparison, using its XXL cartridges with page yields of 600 pages each, the Canon MG3620 delivers costs per page of 6.7 cents for text and 13.3 cents for color.

If it sounds like these ink costs will become burdensome, you might consider an ink subscription plan. Our article, What Is HP Instant Ink?, should give you a good primer for how this works. But, if you’d rather have an algorithm do the thinking for you, you’re in good luck. The HP Smart software quickly suggested an HP Instant Ink plan for me after just a few days of printing.

HP DeskJet 2755e review: Setup and software

Just as the DeskJet 21755e is online-centric, so is the setup. Printed materials are minimal, and there is no CD-ROM for installing software. You are directed to go online to 123.HP.com to download the HP Smart software. Overall, setup was easy, but I did have a couple hiccups. At first, my Windows 10 PC could not find the printer over USB, and I was directed to turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to complete that task.

Installing the two ink cartridges is simple. You fold down the flap on the front panel to reveal the ink cartridge bay. The cartridges snap into their slot without too much force.

When plugging in the USB cable, my Windows 10 PC found the printer. However, when opening the HP Smart software, it could not find the printer and directed me to turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to complete setup. When this was unsuccessful, I used my iPhone with Bluetooth to get the printer on my network.

The HP Plus program, which is included in the printer purchase, offers six months of free ink. This program locks you into using HP’s ink cartridges, which are outfitted with a chip to ensure compliance. It also offers updated photo scanning, mobile fax capability from a mobile device, and G Suite connectivity.

Oddly, although both the printer’s LCD and the HP Smart software show estimated levels of each ink, neither reliably displayed a warning that ink is about to run out during my testing. So in my experience, you kind of have to guess, though an HP representative claims this may have been a malfunction as the printer is designed to send low ink warnings via both the display and phone app. However, even though the level indicators showed some ink remaining for my test print job, I ended up with an unattractive photo printed with only yellow ink.

As mentioned earlier, using HP Smart’s scanning software on a PC was frustrating due to the unreliable auto crop feature. On multiple occasions, auto crop cut off some — or most — of the image. Scanning a colorful magazine cover, HP Smart mistakenly cropped out a significant amount of the image. Even when selecting 5-by-7-inch as the original size of my photograph, HP Smart still performed an auto crop that included only a small fraction of white space in the bottom corner. In a collage containing two photos, HP Smart selected only one of them, cutting out more than half the total image. In addition, the software doesn’t have a built-in crop for 8-by-10-inch photos. But as I found out with 5-by-7-inch prints, it didn’t matter. The workaround here is to select all and not crop — but this means you will have to crop out the extra white space yourself. If you do much scanning, that is going to get tedious.

If you simply scan using default settings, HP Smart will likely work well for you. However, if you like to use shortcuts for different file types or resolutions, you’ll likely find HP Smart too simple. You can’t save shortcuts with various resolution or file type settings in HP Smart, nor can you set up shortcuts for saving scanned documents to a folder on your PC — only for saving scanned files to online destinations, such as Google Drive. That means you must set the resolution and file type (PDF, JPG, etc.) every time you scan and save to your PC, which can get tedious.

After performing a scan, HP Smart does not reset for a new scan, which also grew tedious. I had to repeatedly close the saved file popup window, and then backspace from the scan preview in order to perform a new scan.

HP Smart’s on-screen explanations touted advanced features, such as multiple-item scanning. Unfortunately, this explanation didn’t point me to where I would enable this feature. And so, when trying to scan multiple photos, HP Smart only cropped one photo — and did so poorly, leaving out much of the sky of my grayscale landscape shot.

Here’s another oddity: If you want to print with HP Smart, you need to open the application and then open a document or photo from there. In other words, from Windows Explorer, right-clicking on a file to see the open with list of applications will not show HP Smart in the list. That function is not supported.

HP Smart is also an iOS app, which I tried on an iPhone 7. Using the camera scan function, I took a photo of a photographic print. I had loaded 4-by-6-inch photo paper in the printer. But the iOS app said it was retrieving paper size info. Swiping upward to check the settings, the app showed it was set to letter-size, but it offered no other paper sizes. One guess is that because the 2755e does not have a paper sensor, this information was not communicated (and I needed to change the setting, perhaps using my PC)because I did not see a way to add 4-by-6-inch photo paper on the iPhone to my list of choices. Per an HP representative, the iOS app, consistent with AirPrint, only allows the user to select from the paper size loaded in the printer (which had been loaded). Clearly, this didn’t work as promised.

So, I tried the scan function in the iOS app. (For both the copy and the scan functions, you are taking a picture of your document). I loaded 4-by-6 paper in the printer — but then I got a print of only part of the image, as if the 2755e was still printing onto letter-size paper. The app offered no setting whereby I could reduce the size of the image on the paper — it defaulted to full page.

Using the camera scan iOS function on a text doc produced passable results. What was laser-sharp text in the original came out demonstrably lighter and fuzzier around the edges, with plenty of noticeable ink splatter. I wouldn’t use this feature if the printer is within reach for traditional scanning and copying.

Using the app’s copy function, you use an object size icon at the lower right of the screen. You must select this before taking your picture. I found out the hard way, making a letter-size print of a 4-by-6-inch photo, because the copy function default is to copy a letter-size original. For text documents, the copy quality was worse than with the scan function. Text was blurry and the background printed gray, even though I’d taken the picture by a window in bright sunlight, with no reflections from direct light hitting the page.

On the plus side, the HP Smart app offers a helpful zoom magnifier to help you adjust the crop box, which is a nice touch.

Compared to the PC software’s bad auto cropping, the iOS app did a better job of cropping dark photos on a white background and text documents on a dark desk. One photo scan of a magazine page was poorly cropped, however.

deskjet, printer, 2755e, review

Both the PC software and the iOS app generate repeated sales pitches for the Instant Ink program. This subscription program will likely save you money, so is definitely worth the consideration. In the meantime, however, the solicitations get old. In one case, an Instant Ink sales pitch froze the iOS app and I had to close it.

Neither the HP Smart PC software nor the iOS app offered a low-ink warning. Both apps offer a graphical display showing estimated ink levels, but did not indicate with an exclamation point in a yellow triangle, for example, that a critical level had been reached. As a result, I printed pages that only had yellow ink on a graphic, and absolutely no text on the rest of the page.

HP DeskJet 2755e review: Bottom line

This HP DeskJet offers high image quality and respectable performance for a low price. It’s a good budget choice — as long as you sign up for an ink subscription plan.

The lack of borderless photo printing is disappointing, as is the inaccuracy of the auto crop feature when scanning with HP Smart. The software is too limited for sophisticated users, but users with more basic needs will definitely enjoy the high image quality of this bargain DeskJet.

HP DeskJet 2755e Review

The HP DeskJet 2755e offers quality printing at reasonable speeds. Its performance rivals some of the top, more expensive models in our review of the best home printers. Unfortunately, it lacks an automatic duplex printing feature, and even with a low up-front cost, its long-term operational cost using manufacturer-recommended inks is quite high compared to its peers. We think this printer offers an exceptional initial value and is even better if you use an alternative printer ink source. Additionally, it’s easy to set up, easy to use, and offers a good balance of performance across the board, regardless of the price.

Compare to Similar Products

Our Analysis and Test Results

The HP DeskJet 2755e is a great option for those seeking good value and performance. While we were generally pleased with the performance of the HP DeskJet 2755e, it falls short of some of the better-performing models we tested, but not by much. It cannot duplicate perfect photos the way a few other models can, nor can it compete in terms of printing speed, mostly due to no automatic duplex printing ability. It also has a somewhat high operating cost based on manufacturer-recommended inks.

However — what it does, it does well. You won’t find this level of performance in any other printer at this price point.

Performance Comparison

Text Quality

In our first text quality test, where we measured black-and-white print quality, our team found the HP DeskJet 2755e prints consistently great quality black-and-white text. Also worth mentioning, we’ve never experienced a botched print job during our testing.

For our second sub-metric, we tested prints with various fonts, text sizes, and gray scales. This model produced mostly sharp and crisp black-and-white quality prints with good text resolution. Unfortunately, grays appeared slightly fainter than prints from other printers. The smallest fonts we printed lost a little bit of clarity, making this a fairly average performer concerning text resolution.

Operating Cost

Although the HP DeskJet 2755e itself doesn’t cost nearly as much as the other printers in our test group, it did not earn great marks in our operating cost evaluation based on manufacturer-recommended inks. When it came down to black-and-white printing costs, its price per page was one of the highest in our test group and earned a low score for the sub-metric.

Color printing costs weren’t much better, and it again earned a low score for a fairly high price per page.

Although the HP DeskJet isn’t the best in terms of operation cost — this is due to the manufacturer’s ink prices, which are currently quite high. Luckily, this printer can use just about any other type of ink.

The HP DeskJet ink per 500 pages.

If you find yourself doing a lot of printing, we recommend pairing this printer with a different manufacturer’s ink.

Compatible ink cartridges from other brands or HP’s instant ink program may offer some significant savings over in-store purchases of ink cartridges.

Ease of Use

We tested each home printer in the product lineup for ease of use. We broke the test metric into four sub-metrics most impactful to a potential buyer: Setup and unboxing, Wi-Fi setup, customer service, and interface.

The HP DeskJet 2755e is easy to set up right from the moment you unpackage it. After physically pulling it out of the packaging, you simply download an app, create an HP account, follow prompts to load paper into the printer, and do a test print. Nothing out of the ordinary is required to get started.

We also evaluated the Wi-Fi setup as part of our ease of use sub-metric, and the HP DeskJet 2755e earned one of the highest scores we’ve awarded in the sub-metric for incredibly easy-to-follow instructions. The app walks you through simple and straightforward steps, making it one of the easiest devices to connect via Wi-Fi.

This printer also scored amongst the top models for Customer Service, our third sub-metric of the ease of use testing. Support via the app and the website are both straightforward, and the live support chat provided helpful responses.

HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Color All-in-One Printer Review! ��️

The interface, due to its frequent use and importance, was the last and most heavily weighted sub-metric we tested, and the HP DeskJet 2755e proved to be fairly average. The interface relies heavily on symbols on a small, dimly lit LED screen. The symbols represent the status of various things like Wi-Fi signal strength, ink level, and error codes. Buttons on the interface also use symbols, and while both the buttons and interface are fairly straightforward, the manual is helpful for initially becoming familiar with the symbols.

deskjet, printer, 2755e, review


In our first photo and graphic test, which measured photo quality, the HP DeskJet 2755e produced average-quality photo prints compared to our test group. The colors are accurate, and the clarity is about average. It’s safe to say the resultant photo accurately represents the original file, but it wouldn’t be the printer to choose for printing and framing perfect photos. You will get good consistency while printing various images with this ultra-affordable model.

If your goal is to print crisp business graphics at home, this model won’t leave you disappointed. The HP produced clear graphics and crisp legible text in our second sub-metric, business graphics. The colors were accurate and distinct. Its performance was on par with much more expensive models.

In our resolution sub-metric of our photos and graphics tests, the HP DeskJet 2755e underperformed and proved average at best. A lack of crystal clear clarity and visible pixelation in the large sections of color were the primary reasons for its so-so performance.

For our final sub-metric, we evaluated color quality, and the HP finished in the top half of our test group. It proved it could produce accurate color, especially concerning blue skies, where many other printers struggle to represent cooler blues and instead produce brighter teal colors or over-saturation. Additionally, this model never exhibited prints with discolorations, striping, or ink bleeds.

Printing Speed

Our fourth and final set of tests measured the printing speed of each model. The HP DeskJet 2755e proved to be a capable model with one fairly significant drawback, the lack of an automatic duplex printing ability.

The first sub-metric of the printing speed tests measured the speed of a mixed text and photo duplex print. However, with a manual requirement to reload a page to print on the reverse side, this model did not score very well. While not the fastest, it did print crisp text, accurate colors, and clear and legible graphics.

Our second sub-metric in our speed tests measured the speed at which each printer could print a high-resolution photo. This HP scored very well for the speed; however, it initially produced a lower-quality print. After printing a color alignment page, our team opted to retest the printer. On the second round of printing, it produced a better quality print and took the same amount of time to print as our first test. While the HP DeskJet 2755e can produce high-quality photo prints quickly, it cannot do so as quickly as the top models we tested.

We also measured both the duplex and simplex printing speeds of a 10-page text document for our final two sub-metrics. With no automatic duplex printing, it’s no surprise that the HP DeskJet did not score very well, and our team could only print a maximum of four pages per minute manually feeding the sheets of paper.

When it came to simplex printing speed, this model proved to be on the slower end of models tested and did not earn a great score for a printing speed of only four pages per minute. So if blazing-fast speeds are a critical feature you desire in your next printer, you may need to look elsewhere.

Should You Buy the HP DeskJet 2755e?

If you are looking for an easy-to-use printer on a tight budget and can do without automatic duplex printing, then the HP DeskJet 2755e is a great choice. You will get great printing quality, consistency, and performance that is only bested by significantly more expensive models.

What Other Printers Should You Consider?

For better overall performance that won’t break the bank, you should seriously consider the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4820. While it is more expensive than the HP DeskJet 2755e, it offers better overall performance that rivals some of the top models. It is also faster, and its lifetime operational costs are much lower than the HP.

HP Printers

Connectivity issue. Not a seamless connection or printing wirelessly. Printing is slow even in black and white. Expected a better product from HP. One will g.

  • Output: Color
  • Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct | USB
  • Print Speed Mono A4: 8 ipm | Print Speed Color A4: 6 ipm

Product is not good. It doesn’t print page as it says. Only after printing 10 pages ink got finished. I have to buy a new cartridge. Not a good product. I wo.

deskjet, printer, 2755e, review

Good product but has its warts.

I purchased this product after reading so many positive reviewsabout it on Flipkart. It is a great product if you’re using only Windowsas your primary oper.

  • Output: Color
  • USB | USB
  • Cost per Page (Black): 10 Paise | Cost per Page (Color): 20 Paise

Its really amazing. Speed is brilliant and a lots of powerful features in built. easy to use. Strongly recommend it. Can also be used for home,office and sho.

HP Printers – Built to Provide Optimal Results in a Flawless Manner

Most data stored in a computer gets printed whenever the situation arises. HP printers are made of cutting-edge and trusted technology. When it comes to colour printing, you can be assured of sharp quality prints with natural-looking colours. The various types you can choose from include Inkjet, Ink Tank, and Laser printers. Some of the stunning models include the Smart Tank 530, LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M126nw, 1200a (Part Number.4QD21A#ACJ), LaserJet (Part Number.CE849A#ACJ), and DeskJet Ink Tank GT 5821 (GT Series). You can avail various functions like scanning, faxing, copying and printing across different models. The HP printers price in India is dependent on the distinct features of the various models. The preferred choice of most households is the inkjet variety. You can find these being utilized across a few commercial premises too. One of the most popular variants used in homes is the all-in-one or multifunctional model. You can avail of coloured as well as black and white printouts. These are capable of copying, scanning, and even printing. The Photo inkjet variety is ideal for photographers. This has highly impressive photo-printing capabilities. It offers you different sizes of prints and also gives innovative prints from a smartphone or even a tablet. You can get colour as well as black and white prints from the single-function inkjet variant. This is very simple to use and ideal for homes. Explore the web to get an insight into the wide range of these devices before you decide to buy HP Printers. You can check and compare the various HP Printers (offers) online.

Browse the Internet to Discover the HP Printers Price in India

The Laser models of HP Printers include the colour and monochrome variants. Some of the other interesting models from this brand include the portable, A3, and large format. The portable variety can be carried with ease and provides high-quality borderless prints. This is Bluetooth enabled and can produce very compact prints directly from your tablet or smartphone. The nifty A3 paper model can furnish you with prints of large-sized documents and presentations flawlessly. The large format is ideal for printouts of large-scale projects more suited to industries or high-end advertising. These varying features make the HP printers price in India vary accordingly. The HP Smart Tank 530 model comes with an automatic document feeder which allows you to print, copy or scan speedily without manual input of paper into the machine. You can monitor the ink tanks and refill whenever required. This has a wireless connectivity which enables you to print images from your mobile with ease. This model assures you of vibrant colourful prints and crisp text across every printout.

Get an Insight into the Innumerable HP Printers Offers Online

You can find the various models of HP Printers in aesthetic designs. Their versatile features make them a popular choice amongst most users and commercial premises. You can spend some time on the internet to get detailed information before you decide to buy HP printers online.

The Best Home Printers

From the beginning of Wirecutter’s existence, we’ve been testing printers, totaling nearly 500 hours of research and trying dozens of models.

The reliable, simple-to-operate HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e, an all-in-one color inkjet, is a good choice for most people who need to print regularly at home. It’s easy to set up and cheap to run, it works with all kinds of devices, and it produces beautiful prints, from tax forms to glossy photos.

The best all-around home printer: Inkjet all-in-one

The best all-in-one inkjet printer

This business-class machine checks all the boxes for a home office or small business: It’s faster, sharper, more durable, and more secure than our other picks.

Buying Options

manufacturer’s warranty w/purchase

At the time of publishing, the price was 230.

Who this is for: Families—particularly those with school-age kids—or anyone who needs a machine that can reliably do it all.

Why we like it: The OfficeJet Pro 9015e isn’t HP’s most powerful inkjet all-in-one, but it is the best one for most people. It is remarkably easy to set up and use, hitting a sweet spot of speed, print quality, and reliability that other printers can’t match. Its running costs are reasonable at 2.4¢ per page for black-and-white pages and 8.8¢ for color, with the option to join HP’s Instant Ink program for set-and-forget refills and cheaper color printing. And its sleek design helps it stand out from stodgy-looking competitors, which is almost enough to make us forgive its tiny touchscreen and flimsy output tray. Ultimately, though, our concerns are small. Printers still suck, but this one is a marked improvement over the dinosaurs of yore.

The 9015e is plenty fast for just about anyone who would use it in a home or home-office setting. HP rates it at up to 22 pages per minute with black-and-white documents and 18 ppm with color. In our testing, it got pretty close: With a text-only Word document, we saw 19.6 ppm single-sided. Switching to PDF documents, we saw the typical drop-off in speed at 15 ppm in monochrome and 11.5 ppm in color. (These figures include the lag time between our hitting the print command on our computer and the first sheet being fed.) Printing two-sided documents slowed things to 12.8 ppm with Word files and 10 ppm with PDFs, which is still just fine. Scanning was similarly brisk at 9.5 ppm, single-sided, from the 35-sheet automatic document feeder. Duplex scanning dipped to 4.5 ppm, though, mostly because the ADF has to pull each sheet through twice to scan both sides.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The OfficeJet Pro 9015e’s biggest shortcoming is probably its single 250-sheet paper tray. Although that’s a standard size for a home printer, it may be less than what some people want for home and home-business purposes. Since there’s only one tray, you need to manually swap out your plain letter paper whenever you need to print on something else—whether it’s legal, labels, glossy photo stock, or résumé paper.

We’re less than enamored with HP’s dinky slide-and-fold output tray, which extends out of the front of the printer. One of the best things about the OfficeJet Pro 8720, our previous pick, was that it had a self-contained output tray behind its huge touchscreen display; the upshot was that your documents were less likely to fall out and end up strewn about your office floor. Not so with the new model.

Speaking of displays, the 9015e has a much smaller one than those on the previous generation of HP printers. It still works fine, but the reduced real estate does make it harder to hit the smallest on-screen buttons, such as the gear icon that takes you to the settings menu. Be prepared for a few frustrating mis-taps.

Dimensions: 19.4 by 16 by 12.8 inches