HP Deskjet does not print black. All is not that

Printer repair

Users often face such a problem when the printer for the production of HP ceases to print black. Many immediately panic. But you should not do this ahead of time. Perhaps, almost any user who has a printer faces such problems. So why does this happen?

Quite often you can find the first option when the problem is caused by damage to the printing head of the device. With such damage, even a new cartridge will not correct the situation. It is quite difficult to diagnose such a problem. What to do if the HP 3525 printer stopped printing black? Maybe it’s time to take the printing device to the service center? Be sure to inform the specialists about their suspicions of a fault of the print head. If this diagnosis is confirmed, you will be offered several options for the development of events to choose from.

The first option provides for the replacement of the broken element. The second option involves the purchase of a new printer. Do not panic ahead of time. After all, damage to the print head is a fairly common problem. And not the fact that your printer stopped printing black for this reason. If first you want to exclude simpler reasons, then postpone the visit to the service center for some time.

Another reason why the printer can stop printing in black is clogging. If suddenly the HP 5525 printer stopped printing in black, and you do not know what to do, but there is no desire to carry the device to the service center, then you can try to check on your own what happened. Try to make a print document printing. Suppose you did not succeed in performing this action, although the settings indicate that there is still black paint in the printer. Try to use a special washing solution for printers.

You need to drip this solution on the print head and wait a bit. When cleaning occurs, repeat the attempt. If this will work, you do not have to rack your head anymore about why the printer does not print black. The problem is found and eliminated. But what to do if the flushing of the print head did not bring results? You can try to find the reason for this behavior in another place. Let’s try to figure out what else can this phenomenon be connected with.

Ways to eliminate the problem why the printer prints in one color is quite simple and can be able to. First of all, cartridges should be cleaned. With frequent gas stations, ink remains can accumulate, as they are not used. To completely remove the remains of ink, you can use the holder for cartridges or special latches, which are used in their transportation. If these actions are ineffective, you can clean the cartridges with hot water.

In the case when the printer prints the wrong colors, the use of the same cartridges and the installation of the corresponding color profiles for them will help. It is important to use cartridges from one kit from one manufacturer, since cartridges for the same printer from different companies can differ significantly in design. In the case of malfunctions with the print head, it will help clean it so that all the air goes through special holes. First of all, it is necessary to test the DUZ, after which, according to the test results, determine the need to clean the head or replace consumables. The same sequence of actions is used when ignoring the printer of one or more colors. If the printer prints the wrong colors, it may also mean that ink has ended in cartridges. Sometimes the printer does not print a certain color, even if ink remains in the cartridge, but their level is lower than the minimum. In this case, you need to re.season the cartridge or replace it with new.

To set the color printing by default parameter, you need to select the desired tab in the driver’s properties and change the color value from black to color.

As a rule, you can independently solve most of the problems in which the printer prints in a different color. Otherwise, you need to contact the service center for more serious diagnostics.

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The printer does not print black paint

Advice! You can accelerate the process using glass liquid instead of water. The head is cleaned in 20 minutes, but it is not known how the details of the cartridge will react to the influence of an aggressive environment.

If the computer does not see the cartridge, and you are sure that you inserted it correctly, then the contact group is most likely polluted. It is quite high quality to clean it with a napkin and the cartridge will work. Nothing helped? So, the head or chip of control was out of order. Only replacing the entire cartridge will help.

The printer does not print with colored ink

Everything that relates to cartridges with black ink is also true for color. But if all the colors stopped printing at the same time, then most likely that the head was out of order.

Advice! Check what is in the printer properties, whether the “printing in shades of gray” is included. In this case, only a black cartridge works forcibly.

Sometimes the problem is solved by reinstalling the printer drivers. This is a recognized hp error that occurs when updating the operating system. All-In-One Printer prints scans in color, but it prints images from the computer only in gray shades. If the PCL6 or 5 driver is installed, replace it with postscript (download on the official website). Reinstall usually solves the problem. Problems with iron or electronics of the printer itself are not excluded. In this case, you need to contact the service center.

HP Deskjet does not print black

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The main thing is to know the starting of the printer HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3525, 5525, 4615, 4625, 6525

It does not print the black color of the printer HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3525, 5525, 4615, 4625, 6525

HP has recently been developing jet printers with simple and understandable. But not every service is taken for the repair of jet printers, since they believe that this is dirty work and unprofitable. But we work just with such a technique, and I want to talk about one defect, which at home is quite difficult to eliminate. The problem of jet printers is that you need to constantly print, otherwise it will dry out, and also if you print a lot, it can also fail and, accordingly, you need intermediate prevention. In particular, in the printer HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3525, 5525, 4615, 4625, 6525 there is another problem: Black color disappears.

So, the black color was gone when printing. It would be logical to replace the cartridge, but if it is complete, but still there is no print? So the problem is a little different. There are several reasons for the disappearance of black. Due to the cartridge, the printing head has dried up, the problem in the ink pump, which is most often.

If you are always printing and downtime, but suddenly the black color disappeared, and the cartridge is complete, it would mean that in the container where the ink accumulates everything overflowed and thickening. For an unknown reason, the manufacturer did not provide a container for black inks a little more, because in most cases it is printed in black and white format. And one more point, in the black cartridge, pigmented ink, which means that they are thicker and dry faster. Since the container is overflowed immediately, the pumping system is clogged, and ink no longer enter the head to the head. Then the question arises: why do color cartridges print? And everything is simple. The fact is that colored ink is water, and absorbing sponge absorbs everything. The only thing you can do is cleaning the print heads from the service menu, and it will not work to clean or rinse at home, since you need to disassemble, wash and dry the printer and only then collect, lubricate and check how it prints. And it takes a lot of time. But in our service, it is possible to solve such a problem in one day.

Causes of print problems

Owners of HP Deskjet 5525 printers often contact service centers with a typical malfunction-the absence of black and white printing, and the rest of the colors are preserved. Replacing the cartridge, cleaning the print head do not solve the problem. According to manufacturers, the main function of printers of this model is color printing. To provide high quality, use special ink. Black ink is based on pigment, color. water.soluble dyes. Pigmented compositions provide high clarity of the print, preservation of color saturation. They are characterized by a disadvantage. quick drying.

  • malfunction of the print head or ink pump;
  • lack of ink;
  • air traffic jam;
  • Air suction at the compounding point of the snot with the print head caused by the displacement or deformation of the sealant;
  • poor.quality refueling.

The reason not related to the technical condition. the printer does not determine the cartridge, issues an error message. Many problems can be avoided if you regularly remove dust and dirt, control the amount of ink.

Ways to eliminate the problem

If you are confident in your knowledge and skills, try to find the cause yourself and eliminate it yourself. Do the following:

  • The most common reason for the disappearance of black is a fuel pump malfunction. Disassemble the device, clean the tubes, collect.
  • Rinse the print head with a solution designed to care for the printer. Apply a few drops of the solution, wait, print the page for checking.
  • Rinse the cartridges, remove the remains of ink.
  • Make sure that the shelf life of the ink has not ended.

To avoid printing problems, use original cartridges and consumables, purchase quality paper, control the level of ink. If you could not restore print quality, contact the service center. Mister-Print is repairing printers and All-In-One Printer all brands of models. We accept applications around the clock by phone or on the site. The arrival of the master in St. Petersburg is free, the cost of calling the region is from 500

  • diagnosis, repair, prevention of all types of office equipment;
  • restoration and refueling of cartridges for jet and laser printers;
  • installation of a continuous supply system of ink;
  • Re.flashing cartridges.

The master will arrive within an hour after the application, will conduct free diagnostics, repair of the printer HP Deskjet 5525. You can familiarize yourself with the in the price list, they are available to organizations and private individuals. To carry out a complex repair, take the printer to the service center. We use modern equipment, original spare parts in the work. During the repair, the master will take up the prevention of equipment, consult how to avoid problems with the print of the printer in the future.

Poor.quality refueling

Sometimes, as practice has shown, printers refuse to print even after the paint of the corresponding color was “gained” in them. In our case, black. The reason for this may be a lot of problems. But often this is nothing more than a poorly conducted process. What are it about?

You or you were not fully inserted by the cartridge into the equipment or the existing. In this case, everything is corrected extremely quickly and easy. Insert the cartridge in the printer. To a light click. If the “flood” was produced into already inserted equipment, you will have to take adhesive tape and tightly stick it to the “injection” place. So you can correct the situation with the printer’s refusal to print black.

After completing the actions, try to check the operation of the equipment. Often you will no longer be disturbed for some time. But this does not always happen. Your HP 3525 printer does not print black? What to do. do not know? Then it is advisable to check some more quite interesting options for the development of events. And only then make a conclusion about the breakdown of the printer in general.


If printing equipment is not used very often, but suddenly it refused to work, try cleaning the nozzles inside. After all, very often the cause of such behavior is nothing more than drying the paint on these details. In this case, your HP printer does not print black.

You should not be scared. Cleaning Sopel passes with alcohol and cotton pads. Wipe them and then let them dry. Only then proceed to testing the printer. Users say that on most printed equipment nozzles have to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, it will soon refuse to work.

The printer HP does not print black

If you have a model: HP5510, HP3070, HP6510, HP3525, HP5525, HP4625 or others working on cartridges 178, 920, 655. That way. As a rule, this happens after a slight downtime of the device (about a month or more). The printer stops printing in black at all either the first sheet prints, and the gaps begin from the middle, and by the end almost nothing is visible. At the same time, the device could work all the time only on original cartridges, without refueling in ink or the use of non.original cartridges. Multiple cleaning of the print head from the driver does not give anything, and sometimes even worsen the result. You removed the printing head, washed it, the liquid freely passes through the duies of the print head, but the printer again prints the first page and begins to break down on the text. You are faced with the error of HP engineers (or with evil intent) in these models. The reason for this problem is thickening black ink in the tubes of the ink pump: cap / pump / diapers. mouth guard. This is a place where the print head is parking for self.care for pumping ink. It is divided into 2 groups (as well as the print head): a platform for colored ink and a platform for black ink. Pump. the pump creating a small pressure in the system tubes. Color ink pumps along their tube when rotating the pump shaft in one direction, and black ink move along another tube when rotating the shaft in the opposite direction. “Dampers”. A special compartment in the right side of the storage of spent ink used for cleaning and maintaining in working condition the most important and capricious device in a jet printer. printing head. The symptoms described above are characteristic of the blocking of the service of the ink pump in the silicone tube for black ink. It should be immediately noted that in the tube for colored (based on water.soluble dye) ink, no problems never arise. The reason for the problem lies in the features of the pigment dye used in black (text) cartridges: 920, 178, 655 and fastening of this tube to the “diaper”. With a simple apparatus and, accordingly, pumps, circumstances may turn out in such a way that on the tip of the tube in contact with the surface of the “diapers” (essentially absorbing material) there will be not an air bubble, but the remains of pigmented black ink from the last pumping. This will cause the blockage of the “pigment” tube with the subsequent thickening and clogging of this tube in the entire pumping system, including the pump itself. This is the peculiarity of pigment ink. a fairly quick thickening to a plasticine mass with subsequent hardening. Clean the silicone tube located throughout the ink pump, including the pump itself, which is strictly undesirable to disassemble, narrow connecting nodes. The matter is not very simple.

If you are faced with a similar situation and do not want to disassemble the printer yourself, find out where the pump and pipe for pigment ink are located, and you are also not at all seduced by the prospect of getting a stream from a mixture of flushing fluid and black ink, which has happened to our specialists more than once At the stage of developing a method of washing the entire system without the need to disassemble the pump. just bring your printer to us. Call the number 8-926-953-74-18, If you can’t get through, just throw the word pump to this number and you will be called back.

Does not print after refueling

Black cartridge for the printer HP Deskjet 2130 is equipped with a special sensor that calculates the number of paper sheets printed on it. Когда это число достигает максимально возможного значения, печать блокируется программно. This can happen after the cartridge refueling, but to its complete exhaustion. The idea is that the algorithm is recorded in the calculation program to calculate the same amount of ink per sheet. But in reality everything is somewhat different. Two different photos may require a different amount of black or different color ink.

All the reasons why the ink cartridge of your printer does not print when filling out, and how to eliminate the problem.

deskjet, does, print, black

There are two options: buy a new original cartridge or drop the printed sheet counter. The first option is not cheap, but for a while radically solves the problem. The second option requires certain actions by the user. In this case, you can save significant funds on the purchase of new supplies.

How to correct the HP 123 cartridge for Deskjet 2130?Check if you did the same.

How to reset the HP 123 cartridge after refueling

If you decide to drop the chip, follow the instructions below:

  • Completely turn off the device power. This can be done using a button on the case.
  • Carefully remove the cartridge from the printer.
  • Place it on the table so that the contacts on its surface are available.

As an alternative, cartridge can have a different location of contacts.

For this option, follow the following actions:

  • Cumble the upper contact on the right side under the number 1 island.
  • Insert the cartridge into the printer, close the lid, let the device start detecting the cartridge. This will not happen, and the LED on the case will blink. This is fine. This procedure will need to be performed after branding each contact.
  • Without removing adhesive tape from the first contact, stuck with tape the second contact (below on the right), insert the “consumable” into the printer and wait for its flash. Remove it.
  • Remove the stickers from the first and second, swap the third with tape (below left) and install the cartridge in place. The device will begin to “swear” that it does not see ink.
  • Remove the cartridge and remove the sticker from contact 3. Now install it back in the device and try to print it.

Describe your results in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. If you can’t do it, we will try to help you individually.

Printer repair

Some users may face a problem when the printer does not print in black, or does not print them at all. Such a malfunction can be easily solved in most cases independently, without the help of specialists.

deskjet, does, print, black

Incorrect selection of cartridges, or cartridges from different sets can work incorrectly in the printer. This is also swinging ink. they can be too quickly thicken or score nozzles.

Some models of printers do not work well with cartridges in which a small amount of ink remains. It is in such cases that the black color will not be completely absent, remaining pale and fuzzy on the prints.

Sometimes the printer does not print black because of the confusion of the print head or clogging of ventilation holes in cartridges.

How to fix problems

It is important to carefully select compatible consumables, purchasing them from trusted manufacturers, as well as prevent joint operation of cartridges from different manufacturers.

The problem with the printing head is the most serious and requires its cleaning. To do this, you can use the hardware method by choosing the corresponding command in the printer menu. With a prolonged simple device, you will need a manual cleaning that requires attentiveness and certain skills. Sometimes if the printer does not print in black, littered ventilation holes are to blame. After turning off the cartridge printer, you need to extract and carefully clean them with a pin.

The next common reasons that the printer stopped printing black is: clogging of printing heads; drying out of the paint in snot.

Cleaning the printing heads is carried out in this way: check the level of black ink in the printer settings; if there is a trial printout; when it did not bring the result, it is washed with a special solution by the print head; they give time to act (about 15 minutes); they go into the settings of the printing device and Choose a point of cleaning of the heads; after the process is completed, perform a test printout of any document.If nothing happened the first time, then all actions need to be repeated again. Когда и вторая попытка не принесла требуемого результата, тогда следует заняться соплами. They often dry with rare use of technology. To remove dried paint from the snot, they are wiped with cotton wool moistened in alcohol. Only after drying the test document is printed.When receiving a satisfactory result, you can start working with equipment. It should be borne in mind that the nozzles and printing heads must be periodically cleaned to prevent their collapse or drying of ink.The exact terms of regular inspections are given in the instructions for each model.

Lack of ink or incompatible ink

The simplest reason that the device ceased to print with black ink is a banal absence of paint. The computer may not not be notified due to various failures of the user about what happened. The problem is solved by adding ink: about 2 cubic centimeters of paint in a syringe are injected into the cartridge; if the result is positive, then you can add the same amount of paint and print documents.

When completing the refueling independently, it should be remembered that in a number of models it can only be performed after installing the cartridge in its place in the printer. For the procedure you will need a special syringe.

Also, the equipment used may not be printed in black if the colors used and introduced are not compatible with each other. Therefore, before refueling, you should carefully study the label on a jar of ink. Such information is always indicated there.

It is better to purchase consumables from well.known, trusted manufacturers to be confident in their quality.Replacing the cartridge used by a new, suitable for the model used is an even easier option to eliminate the problem of this kind. But the execution of the dressing with your own hands will cost several times cheaper.The poor.quality refuses that after adding high.quality ink black color, the technique still refuses to print. A poor.quality refueling can be the fault: the cartridge was incorrectly inserted or sealed. Then the malfunction is eliminated simply: the cartridge is taken out and inserted to the click; preliminary or after installation, the hole from the syringe needle is sealed with tape (adhesive tape); then check the performance of the device.

HP Photosmart 6525 6520 Printer Not Printing Black Ink. HP Photosmart Printer Not Printing

Do all manipulations should be carefully so that you can not break anything by chance. HP printer does not print black

Disconnecting control over the level of ink and chip around

For users who are not ready to buy new consumables every time, an urgent problem with control chips. For example, the Epson printer does not print black due to improper reprogramming. In this case, the software gives a signal about the absence of ink, even if the cartridge is not empty. For example, the HP Deskjet 2130 printer does not print if it is refuel.

The new cartridge is equipped with a special chip that controls the level of dye. This is done in order to exclude refueling and stimulate the purchase of the consumable in whole. The level of level control is a program that can be hacking. Makes up the masters or programs that can be downloaded. Also, if the HP printer does not print black, you can purchase a new chip separately.

Important! Khuls should be carried out after re.reference. Any manipulations with the ink control system are the reason for removing the device with a guarantee.

Another way to solve the issue with the chip if the printer HP Deskjet 2130 does not print, for example, is a blocking of part of the contacts.

Similar manipulations are carried out with the right lower contact, after which the tape is removed sequentially and all the contacts are wiped with alcohol. The desired result. the device shows 100% painting.

Problems with drivers

Reinstalling the devices can also solve the problem with the seal.

The procedure for the Windows XP operating system and later versions can be decided independently:

  • The printer is removed from the list of devices;
  • All files for controlling the device from the Program Files folder are deleted;
  • On the official website of the manufacturer, the distribution of the latest version of the driver for the desired model is downloaded.

If the printer is still poorly printed, and there are complaints to the quality of the print, it is better to contact a service center or store under warranty. Important! In order not to encounter a situation when the printer does not print in black, 1-2 times a month should be used to prevent the drying of materials.