How We Connected Apple Tv 4k To The Tv

How We Connected Apple Tv 4k To The Tv

People are angry, they don’t understand why Loewe is better than the brands well-known to everyone, immediately some speculation and stories about LG OLED-matrixes begin. While I exhale and remain silent, later I still tell you about the same wonderful Bild 4 in more detail. In the meantime, let’s talk about the Apple TV 4K.

I am an active user of Apple TV, my family prefix has replaced the TV, it’s also a means of delivering new series, films, we listen to music, watch photos, sometimes even play. Like the PS4 Pro, Apple TV 4K is one of those gadgets where dust does not accumulate. before I turned on the Apple TV maybe once a week, I drive the new version several times a day. Of course, I was waiting for the release of Apple TV 4K. Naturally, everything turned out to be quite difficult. I tell in order.


The touchpad is still the same. do not forget that after entering iCloud and connecting to the same network, you can use the iOS application to enter passwords and other information. Simply put, my wife sometimes tries to enter a name like “Love of Love” in the search, and in the next room I see an Apple TV keyboard pop-up and start typing “The Blair Witch”. All in all, this is good. At the beginning of the work, it is proposed to include autoload of aero-photo-screensavers, screensavers are unrealistically beautiful. The Apple TV comes with an HDMI cable, so be aware that you need a special HDMI cable with 4K support to watch 4K content. These cables exist in darkness, the price range from five dollars to thousands of dollars, it all depends on your desire to get a good picture.

4K and HDR

Well, the first part of Kingsman was apparently prepared as it should, because we were able to see 4K and HDR. True, there is a caveat. apparently, the quality of the picture is VERY dependent on the quality of the network. The faster, the better the picture, the connection sags a little, the pixels immediately pop out. I think there will be no problems with a home access point, but in public places or outside the city it will be problematic to enjoy 4K. For example, the capabilities of the Megaphone modem are enough for the eyes for ordinary tasks, but for Apple TV 4K you need two times faster. Although Speedtest showed a speed of about 44 Mbit / s, but if you look at the wave, you can see the dips. well, and Apple TV 4K needs a stable and high-speed connection. I know all this sounds trite, but in reality the information will probably be useful to owners of Apple TV 4K.

Accordingly, the prefix can work with picture quality depending on the quality of the connection, and you need to know and understand this. As for HDR, Loewe has the ability to adjust the High Dynamic Range levels, for example, you can choose light, dark or dynamic presets; I liked the light. Photos cannot convey the charm of a picture, but in life you just want to roll up a big chair, take popcorn, turn off the light and revisit the same Kingsman one more time, then find out what movies are still in 4K. Very, very, very good picture, smooth, but at the same time, as clear as possible, a lot of details, beautiful colors, for this I must say thanks also to Loewe.


A little boring information about the Apple TV 4K, the console is available in two versions, 32 and 64 GB, supports 2160p, Dolby Vision and HDR10 playback, an A10X Fusion processor is installed, Wi-Fi 802.11ac with MIMO technology is used, simultaneous data transfer in two bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), Bluetooth 5.0. Compared with the past, Apple TV is a clear progress on all fronts, with the USB-C connector removed for service. Memory is needed to install applications, but a movie, as you know, is downloaded for playback in the system and there is no progress bar, and there is no way to download the movie in 4K slices and watch in good quality. There is Internet. you watch movies, there is no Internet. well then play a toy or go cook yourself a sausage and eat it with mustard and peas. That is, the approach as a whole has not changed, but the ability to use 4K movies with HDR has been added. It is very good that the price of films has not changed.

Yes, in addition to movies, you can use other 4K content. for example, TV shows, it is stated that Netflix and Amazon Prime will soon have support. We are waiting for Amediateku and other services.


The owners of the first prefix, the main question for sure is this: dudes, well, so what, change it or not? It’s simple, if you already have the main ingredient, a TV with support for 4K and HDR, if you have a movie library in iTunes and want to use legal content, then you should spend 13490 or 14990 rubles for a new set-top box (the price difference depends on the memory). If there is no normal TV yet, then you should not think about a replacement. If you have a Loewe TV with 4K and HDR, then you should definitely buy it. If another TV with 4K and HDR is the same, the picture is AWESOME.

P.S. Do not forget only about the special HDMI cable and normal Internet! All this is necessary for Apple TV 4K like air!

Thanks to SoundProLab and the Bose staffLoewe in GUM for assistance in organizing all movements