How to Withdraw Money Via Phone

How to withdraw money from the MTS phone is a question that often arises among subscribers. The option helps to withdraw cash from the account on your mobile. This is convenient when there is more on the account than usually the user spends on the services provided by the mobile operator. It is also necessary when another subscriber has transferred to the balance, and it is more profitable for the client to have cash or use a bank card. In the same way, it is easy to forward personal funds to another person. So that everyone can use this service without difficulty, the company offers several implementation options.

How to Withdraw Money Via Phone

Transfer from your phone account to the MTS Money card

To withdraw money from the MTS phone in cash, the company has developed a special application that can be used via a PC online or downloaded to a mobile device. It allows you to quickly and easily make familiar bills: utilities, pay a loan and more.

To transfer money, register in the application, indicating the mobile number. Keep in mind that charging to a MTS Bank card takes into account a commission of 0.9%, to another bank. 1.9%. The user can transfer from 10 rubles.

Transfer to another person

Transferring from your balance to the card of another user involves the calculation of the amount on his mobile account. After that, the recipient independently determines how to dispose of them in the future.

USSD team

Withdrawing money is possible using just a smartphone.

  1. Dial 115 #.
  2. Click on “Mobile Phone”, after button “1”. Listen to the proposed operators and select the one whose customer is the person to whom you are sending. If you need to transfer to MTS or Megafon number, the service is free. For Beeline users, the commission is 10.4%, for Tele 2. 10.5%.

If using the USSD-command you send from the personal balance to the bank card, first you need to make a request, indicating the following details: 611№ card number #.

Upon the fact that the system processed the request, an SMS message with confirmation or rejection will be sent to the sender’s number. If at this stage you change your mind about performing an operation, press 0 and the previous actions will be canceled. Thus, from 60 to 15,000 rubles are processed per request. Commission. 4.3%. It should be borne in mind that the daily limit is supposed to be 15,000, and for the month. 40,000 rubles. Cards are accepted only by MasterCard or Visa.

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Select from the contact list the subscriber to whom you want to charge. To withdraw funds, indicate the transfer and the amount.

The system will send a reply SMS with the results of the request processing. Writing SMS messages to users of MTS and Megafon occurs without additional charges. Beeline and Tele2 customers pay a commission of 10.4% and 10.5%, respectively.

Using a service for sending text messages involves receiving money at an ATM or card.

  • Dial the card number and amount, send a message to 6111;
  • After receiving a message that asks for confirmation, enter any number except 0. Since o. Cancel.
  • Expect SMS, which confirms the success of the application. If rejected, the system will report the reason for the failure.

Charging occurs within 5 business days. The size of the commission is similar with the other options, but an additional fee is charged for SMS correspondence.

Through the MTS Money application

To withdraw cash from your MTS phone, download the application and open the “Mobile Phone”. Indicate the number of the subscriber to whom you want to send a certain amount, click “Continue”. Enter the face value and click “Pay”.

The system sends an SMS about the result of the requested service.

This method is convenient in that after registration all customer information is pulled up. No need to waste time re-entering data. You can create templates for subsequent operations.


You can withdraw money from your MTS phone account at the ATM of the company. If this is not nearby, then use the services of a partner. SMP Bank. Thus, you can immediately receive cash from a mobile phone, following the algorithm:

  1. Send SMS to number 3232, indicating RUB and the amount;
  2. Enter any number to confirm, except 0. Which is the cancellation of previous actions;
  3. Expect a message with a verification code;
  4. Then it is sent by the SMS system, confirming the success of the request.

Within 3 days, the user will be able to withdraw cash. But if you do not do this during this time, the code loses its relevance, and the indicated amount is transferred back to the mobile balance.

To work with an ATM, you need to perform the following items: open the main page of the menu and select “Cash from phone account”; Enter the data requested by the system. If necessary, print the receipt.

You can also get cash through an ATM with another option. Select the MTS Money category, enter a personal number, PIN code and amount. Get money from an ATM and, if necessary, a check. Up to 5,000 rubles are withdrawn per request, not more than once in 24 hours. And no more than 40,000 rubles per month. A commission of 5.95% is deducted automatically. Limits are constant, it is impossible to liquidate from a change of ATM or in the settings.

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MTS office

Withdrawing money from MTS in cash without commission is only realistic if you come to the customer service office. Specialists will help to understand the features of the request, fill out a special form. You must have a passport and an agreement on the provision of services with you.

After drawing up the application, the request is processed by managers, and the amount is credited to the account within 45 days.

This method ensures quick execution and minimal risks of errors.

Practicing any of the methods, the user can always call the hotline and get advice from specialists. Calls are free. The numbers are indicated on the official website of the operator. The withdrawal options are simple, so the main criterion for the final choice is the personal convenience of the subscription.

It is advantageous to replenish the balance of the mobile from a bank account, because the procedure is quick and no commission is charged. You can transfer money from a Sberbank card to an MTS card through number 900. A person will only need to send an SMS from a phone attached to the card. After this, a money transfer will occur, and you will not even need to go online. We will consider detailed instructions on how to deposit money into an account through number 900.

Prerequisites for making money transfer via number 900

Transfer via SMS of funds from the card is possible if there is a Mobile Bank. This service can be connected to a phone number assigned to a credit card. You can do this through an ATM, the official website of Sberbank, or by visiting a branch of a financial institution. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rates, because the service is not free.

It is also important that there is enough money on the card to transfer to MTS. Otherwise, the procedure will not be completed, and you will have to look for another way to replenish. There will be no commission for transferring money to the phone, so it is beneficial for people to use this method.

The rest will only follow the instructions to transfer funds to the MTS subscriber without any difficulties. In general, the process takes no more than 5 minutes, because it is simple and fast.

By phone number

If the client has already activated the Mobile Bank service, then you can proceed to the transfer of money. Note that there are limits to replenish the cell. You cannot put more than 1,500 rubles per day if this method is used. And it doesn’t matter whether a person transfers money to himself or to a friend.

  1. You must type a text message: TEL (mobile number) (amount). Instead of in parentheses, you need to provide your information. SMS will look something like this: TEL 9101234567 500. The last three digits are the amount of replenishment. The remaining numbers are a mobile number without indicating 7 or 8.
  2. You need to send the text to 900.
  3. You need to wait for a response message. It will have a code that is worth sending a new SMS. But first you need to make sure that all the details were correctly specified.
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As a rule, funds are credited instantly, so if they did not come, then the person indicated something wrong. It is recommended to double-check the number to which the money was sent. If it is wrong, then you have to go to the bank to write a statement on the refund.

Note that if you want to transfer money to your number, then everything is much simpler. You will need to send to the number 900 only the transfer amount. After that, it will be removed from the card and instantly appear on the balance of the cell.

By card number

Each person using the Mobile Bank has the opportunity to transfer funds to a bank card. In general, the procedure is the same as in the previous case. However, another text will have to be indicated: TRANSFER (card) (amount).

If you need to transfer a large amount immediately, then it is recommended to consider other methods. Alternatively, you can transfer funds through an ATM or Sberbank Online. Then the limit will be: 30,000 rubles at a time, 150,000 per day. There are no restrictions only if you send funds to a bank branch.

What difficulties may arise

The procedure is easy and does not require much effort, but still not everyone can make a transfer. The reason is that the person did not take into account any moment, and therefore the operation failed. Perhaps the card does not have enough funds or in a text message some word or number is missing.

It also happens that the client forgets to connect the Mobile Bank, and without it, carrying out procedures via SMS is impossible. That is why you first need to acquire this function, and only then replenish the balance of MTS. If you have questions, it is recommended to contact an employee of Sberbank to make it easier to solve the problem. And you can also consider other options for transferring funds from the card, if this does not suit you.