How to Watch Iptv On Lg TV

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Hello. Today we will set up IPTV on LG Smart TV.

LG TVs have a webos operating system, the version of which varies depending on the model of your TV. The version can be found on the Internet. Our goal will be to install a program for viewing IPTV.

First, we’ll decide which configuration method is right for you. Simple. you don’t know what IPTV playlists are, but you want to watch TV and movies over the Internet. Or complex. you want to use your IPTV playlists.

Simple setup. Install ForkPlayer

So, friends, I think you already know how to install applications on your TV, so I’ll skip this stage. For those who do this for the first time, you need to open the menu and go to LG Smart World or my applications, and follow the instructions.

After that, go to the TV settings, Network tab, click on the Advanced Settings item below:

How to Watch Iptv On Lg TV

A window will open. In it, uncheck “Automatically” if it is and change the DNS to: as in the picture

Turn the TV off and on and start the vTuner program. Done!

By launching the ForkPlayer program in vTuner, you can search and watch movies from various online cinemas on the Internet, and by running torrent-tv you can enjoy television.

Complex setup. Install and download playlists via SS IPTV

The difference between this method is that you can download any of your playlist, including that given by the provider or IPTV provider.

Then we click on the Get code button, it is highlighted in yellow for me. We’ll write it down; we will need it later.

Now we have to download our playlist to the TV. To do this, follow this link and enter here the code that we received from the TV:

After that, select the file and load the playlist. Now if you restart the program on TV, you can see our playlist and watch the channels. Setup completed.

Have a nice view! If you have any problems setting up IPTV television on LG SMART TV, then we ask you to describe your problem and ask a question in the comments.

If you have a Samsung TV, then in this case we suggest you familiarize yourself with setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV.

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