How To Watch Exchange Rates On The Apple Watch Without Installing Additional Applications

How To Watch Exchange Rates On The Apple Watch Without Installing Additional Applications

Most users find the app “Stocks”On the Apple Watch and iPhone is completely useless, but it allows you to monitor not only the quotes of securities, but also currency rates in real time. By default, the application shows not very useful information for the domestic user, but it is easy to fix.

How to add exchange rates to the Stocks app on Apple Watch

one. Open app Stocks on the iPhone with which the Apple Watch is synchronized.

2. Press the button Edit in the lower right corner.

3. Remove unnecessary indexes by clicking the “-“Or swipe from right to left.

4. To add exchange rates, click the “” button in the upper left corner and enter the required currency pair, for example:

  • US Dollar to Russian Ruble: RUB = X
  • Euro to Russian ruble: EURRUB = X
  • US dollar to Ukrainian hryvnia: UAH = X
  • Euro to Ukrainian hryvnia: EURUAH = X
  • Euro to US Dollar: EURUSD = X

How to set up the display of exchange rates on the Apple Watch

one. Open app Watch on iPhone and go to the tab My watch.

3. On the menu Stock list Select the currency pair you are interested in.

four. Check off the type of information (for example, data on the current value of shares, price changes, percent changes, market capitalization indicators, etc.) that will be displayed in the extensions of the dials.

How to watch exchange rates on Apple Watch

Stock can be viewed in the application Stocks on the Apple Watch.

In addition, you can configure the display of exchange rates directly on the dial, for this:

one. On the Apple Watch, open the dial with support for extensions (in detail).

2. Press with force on the screen and select Tune.

3. Swipe from right to left to go to edit extensions.

four. Select an area to display exchange rates and scroll the Digital Crown on the watch until the extension Stocks.

5. Press the wheel to confirm. All. Now the pair of currencies selected in the menu will be displayed on the dial Stock list in the Watch app on the iPhone.