How to view SIM card contacts on iPhone

Transferring contacts

There are three steps to transfer phonebook data from SIM card to iPhone:

  • Turn off iPhone, remove the SIM card slot using the key.
  • Insert the old SIM-card into the mobile device, turn on the device.
  • Go to “Settings”, open the section “Mail, addresses, calendars” and click “Import SIM contacts”.

If you are going to use a different phone number, remove the SIM card you no longer need. Open your contact list and make sure that all the necessary data has moved to the iPhone phone book.

Contacts copied from SIM will look unpresentable on iPhone. The memory of the SIM card does not allow entering long names and surnames, limiting the number of characters. Therefore, all entries on the iPhone will have to be edited manually, rewriting the contact’s name, adding, if necessary, a photo, date of birth and other useful information.

Possible difficulties

The question of how to move contacts from SIM card to iPhone will not cause any difficulties if the old phone used a Nano SIM card. The new iPhone models only support this format, neither a regular SIM nor a Micro-SIM can be inserted into them.

If the old SIM card does not fit in format, then there are two ways to solve the problem:

  • Replace the SIM card with a suitable one at the office of the mobile operator.
  • Cut from old SIM Nano-SIM.

The disadvantage of the first method is clear: if you replace the card, you will not be able to transfer contacts from it to the iPhone. Therefore, the option with cutting off excess plastic looks preferable. You can do this manually. there are quite detailed instructions on the Internet with nested Nano-SIM templates. However, with self-cutting, there is a high probability of damaging the chip, so it is better to contact the same communication salon with this problem: there must be a special apparatus, similar to a stapler, which in one motion will give the SIM card the desired format.

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My phone did not pump out a single name. only numbers. What’s the point in unsigned numbers? You can somehow extract names from the SIM card?

Yes, they can be thrown there via iCloud Drive.

what a crap) 150 numbers without names. iPhone is just unreal g why do I need 150 numbers without names.

The same nonsense. Tell me at least how to remove them in bulk. And then one by one for a very long time.

From a computer, you need to go to your ID there in the contacts section through

The transfer of contacts from the SIM card is very delayed. How to be?

Quickly transfer contacts from SIM card to iPhone

When buying a new smartphone from Apple, the user has a question how to move contacts from SIM to iPhone. The iPhone itself does not write contact information to the SIM card, but other phone models can use the SIM card as storage. a small amount of memory allows you to successfully save up to 250 entries.

Solving problems with receiving messages on iPhone

Enabling sync

To protect yourself from losing important phonebook entries, turn on iCloud contact sync. Sync lets you access numbers on another Apple device or computer by signing in to iCloud storage.

  • Create an Apple ID to access all Apple services, including iCloud storage.
  • Go to “Settings”, open the “iCloud” section and make sure that the “Contacts” switch is in the “On” position.
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To check the synchronization, go to the website from your computer, log in with your Apple ID and check the entries in the Contacts application. the same numbers should be displayed there that are stored on the iPhone.

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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to SIM Card

IOS has a handy feature to import SIM contacts to iPhone. As for the reverse process, this feature is not included in the standard functionality and many iPhone users experience a problem with transferring contacts from iPhone to SIM card. In this guide, we will list the possible ways of such a transfer.

The need to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM-card may arise when changing phone, temporarily switching to another smartphone, and in a number of other cases. However, if copying contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone is extremely easy, then transferring them in the opposite direction is quite problematic. over, without jailbreak, direct transfer of contacts from iPhone to SIM card is impossible. However, you can still get around the problem situation.

First, let’s talk about direct port, which requires an installed jailbreak.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM card (jailbreak)

The SIManager jailbreak tweak is responsible for transferring contacts from iPhone to SIM-card. This already quite old utility allows you to very quickly and easily export all your contacts from iPhone to a SIM card for later import on another device.

SIManager can only be installed on a jailbroken device, so not everyone will be able to use the utility. In the same case, if your iPhone is “jailbroken”, then feel free to add the repository and download the SIManager tweak from there.

Note: SIManager 1.7 is recommended for download, which is the most stable.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to SIM Card without Jailbreak

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly transfer contacts from iPhone to SIM card. Successful completion of this operation requires initially transferring contacts to another smartphone, for example, running Android, and then importing the book to the SIM card. Many, however, will no longer need the last action, since the purpose of transferring contacts to a SIM card for many was to import them to another smartphone. So what should you do.

Note: Previously, the Yandex.Move app was ideal for this process, however, recently it is no longer available in the App Store and Google Play.

Download the free My Contacts Backup app on your iPhone

Run the application and click the Backup button After the contacts are processed click on Email

In the “To” field, enter your email address. The letter that you sent to yourself contains a file in vcf format, opening which on another smartphone, you can easily import contacts. After that, these contacts can be saved to the SIM-card using standard functions of smartphones on other mobile operating systems. Here is such a tricky system, although all this takes literally a few minutes.

How to Transfer Contacts from SIM, Gmail or Phone to iPhone and iCloud

New iPhone users often face a number of problems related to the differences in the structure of the iOS interface from other platforms. In particular, many newly minted owners of Apple smartphones experience certain difficulties in synchronizing contacts. Let’s analyze this situation in more detail.

To begin with, many users who bought their first iPhone ask themselves the question: “How to transfer contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone.” It should be clarified here that just transferring contacts to iPhone is not enough. ideally, you need to set up sync with iCloud (don’t be alarmed, it’s very simple) so that your contacts are never lost.

We also strongly recommend that when switching to iPhone, stop using any third-party services (for example, Gmail) to save contacts in favor of iCloud (details).

How to Transfer Contacts from Old Phone to iPhone without Cutting SIM Card

If you have few contacts and do not want to bother with cutting the SIM card, then you can transfer contacts manually using the web version of the iCloud service.

Go to Settings → iCloud and enter your Apple ID account details.

On iOS 10.1 and earlier iOS versions:

Set the Contacts switch to the On position.

Log into from your computer and enter your Apple ID account information.

Click “” at the bottom of the screen and select the “New Contact” option.

Fill in the contact details manually, adding a photo if necessary (it will be displayed in full screen when you call), then click the Done button in the lower right corner and proceed to filling in the next contact, repeating step 6. For convenience and speed of action, you can invite help you dictate contact information from your old phone.

Everything! The contact will automatically “fly” to the iPhone. Check!

Create an Apple ID

Create an Apple ID by following these instructions (if you already have one, check if you remember your password. This can be done on

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How to Transfer Contacts Directly from SIM Card to iPhone

Currently, there are 3 types of physical SIM cards in use:

  • Standard (aka Mini). used from iPhone 2G to iPhone 3Gs,
  • Micro. in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s
  • Nano. iPhone 5 and newer
card, contacts, iphone

If your old phone worked with Standard or Micro SIM cards, then it can be trimmed to Nano format. In this case, it should be borne in mind that the older the SIM card, the larger the chip size and, accordingly, the higher the chance of damaging it along with the contacts stored on it.

Import contacts from SIM card to iPhone

After you cut the SIM card, insert it into the iPhone and go to Settings → Contacts and click on the Import SIM contacts button (for iOS 9 and earlier, the path is slightly different: Settings → Mail, addresses, calendars → Import contacts SIM).

Setting up iCloud sync

After the data from the address book of the SIM card has been saved in the phone, it must be synchronized (exported) with the iCloud cloud. To do this, you need to follow these steps (iPhone must be connected to the Internet):

Open the Settings app and go to iCloud settings;

How To Copy Contacts From SIM To iPhone || iPhone Help

On iOS 10.1 and earlier iOS versions:

Go to the iCloud section, switch the Contacts checkbox to the active position and in the window that appears, click “Combine”;

Wait a couple of minutes and go to from your computer and make sure your contacts are successfully synced (more on this below).

How to properly transfer contacts from old phone (SIM) to iPhone and to iCloud

How to Transfer Contacts from Gmail (Google) to iPhone (iCloud)

In the menu on the right, select Export.

In the window that appears, select the contacts to export or All contacts and specify the vCard format (“vCard (for the” Contacts “application on iOS devices)”).

Click the Export button to start saving contacts from Gmail to your computer in vCard format (file like contacts.vcf).

Log into from your computer and enter your Apple ID account information.

Click on the gear icon in the lower left corner and select the “Import vCard” option.

In the window that appears, specify the file with contacts downloaded in step 3 and click the Select button.

card, contacts, iphone

Everything! The contacts will be automatically added to iCloud and will appear on iPhone in a few seconds. Check!

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Have you decided to replace your old iPhone with an Android smartphone and therefore are now wondering how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android? In this case, to be successful, you can implement several solutions, for example, transfer them using iCloud o Gmail.

Alternatively, you can use third party apps or services, such as a backup from my contacts, which are used to transfer contacts, exporting them to VCF o CSV easily and quickly. In that sense, if you want to know more about how to perform the above procedures, read my tutorial on the subject.

Import contacts from SIM card to iPhone

Do you know that you still have contacts saved on your SIM card and want to know how to transfer them to iPhone? It couldn’t be easier: you can do it by following the procedure I am going to show you.

How to import sim contacts on IPHONE 4/4s/5/5s/6/6s/7/7s || Wave Nepal

To get started, tap or in the configuration app located on your device’s home screen (gear icon). Then tap Connections, tap on the wording Import contacts from SIM card and in the menu is called Import contacts from SIM card to account, select the iCloud article to import contacts from SIM card to the iCloud account connected to the device.

Alternatively, if you have connected another cloud storage service in the contacts sync menu (Settings Contacts Default account), you can import contacts by clicking on the corresponding item in the menu. Importing contacts from a SIM card to an account.

At the end of this procedure, all contacts from the SIM card will be imported into the Apple storage service or the one you have chosen. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

If you need to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another, you’ll be glad to know that it couldn’t be easier, as you can use the “standard” features included in iOS, as well as third-party solutions.

card, contacts, iphone

You can, for example, enable iCloud contact sync so you can find all contacts on your old device even on your new iPhone.

However, if you’ve decided not to add an iCloud account to your device, don’t worry. you can also sync contacts through other services like Gmail.

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In this regard, for more information on this, check out my guide on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone.

Other solutions for transferring contacts

If you are looking for other solutions to transfer contacts, I suggest you continue reading this guide as I am going to provide you with other useful information on the most common procedures for transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone, but also iPhone to Android and vice versa.

How to find out if numbers are saved on the iPhone SIM card

How to find out if numbers are stored on your iPhone SIM card

His old expensive phone left him after years of impeccable service, and therefore, despite the initial distrust of technology, I am buying a latest generation mobile phone, more specifically an iPhone. However, after turning on and setting up your Apple mobile phone, you feel that you are not completely satisfied with some of its functions: for example, you cannot find some of the mobile phone numbers that you previously saved on the SIM card.

I understand your regret, but don’t despair. If everything is as I described them, and now you are wondering how to find out if the numbers are stored on the iPhone SIM card, know that I am here to help you and dispel all your doubts about this. However, first of all I must inform you that it is impossible to implement, in particular what you mean: as I will explain in more detail in this guide, in fact the iPhone does not automatically control and does not save SIM contacts. and hence it does not allow you to see the numbers ultimately stored in it. However, this does not mean that you will not succeed in realizing your proposed intent, as you can still import contacts from the SIM card to the iPhone memory (or rather, to one of the cloud services associated with the mobile phone). and thus get your valuable address book

How do you say? Now that you have cleared up this question, do you want to start? In this case, sit back and take a few minutes of free time to carefully read the instructions I’m about to give you. That being said, all I have to do is wish you good reading and good luck with everything.

  • Import contacts from SIM card to iPhone
  • Other solutions for transferring contacts
  • How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone
  • How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android
  • How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

How to move SIM contacts to iphone

Before getting to the gist of this lesson on how to find out if numbers are stored on the iPhone’s SIM card I want to reiterate that, by default, an Apple mobile phone does not store phonebook contacts on the SIM card and does not automatically transfer them to the Contacts app.

The phone numbers have been added to the iPhone phonebook (Communication de iOS app), they are stored locally or, if you connect an iCloud account on the iPhone, they are synchronized online with Apple’s cloud storage service (free up to 5 GB of space, after which for an additional fee, with from € 0 per month) Alternatively, you can also set up another cloud service to sync your address book, such as Gmail.

However, since all of the contacts in the Connectivity app are not in the SIM card, it is impossible to check exactly through the iPhone if the SIM card contains the numbers that need to be imported. to the device or to the cloud. At the time of writing this manual. The only solution you can implement to make sure all SIM Contacts are imported into one of the cloud accounts associated with iOS is to implement the import procedure. from SIM card.

How? Follow the instructions that I will give you in detail in the next chapter of the guide, and you will see: it is really very simple.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

If, on the other hand, you recently bought a new iPhone, you might be wondering how to transfer contacts inside it when switching from an Android mobile phone.

In that case, I suggest you check out my guide on transferring data from Android to iPhone, in which I first gave you all the information you need to use this feature. Switch to iOS, thanks to which you can transfer all the data of your Android device to iPhone.

As for transferring contacts only, the guide I shared with you explains the procedures involved in syncing the same to an account. Google, which can also be customized on the iPhone.