How to View Samsung Cloud Content

Nowadays, cloud services are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to store information on the Internet and access it anywhere. In this article, we will consider the Mi Cloud service (Mi Cloud). this is the cloud storage of Xiaomi devices. Thanks to this service, you can store your personal information in the cloud, as well as transfer it between xiaomi phones. With Mi Cloud, you save a lot of memory in your phone. Let’s analyze all the functions in order.

Login and main features

To log in to your account in the mi cloud, you must have a xiaomi account (register xiaomi account), additional registration is not necessary. Login to mi cloud is available at, unfortunately, there is no Russian version of the site, only English.

How to View Samsung Cloud Content

Click “Sign in with Mi Account”, enter your id (login) and password from the account. After authorization, you will be taken to the main menu page. In the top middle will be information about connected devices and available memory. How to free or increase it, you can read in this article. Above right is your nickname, just below it. a window through which you can send text messages to all your devices. In the middle are sections that store information from a smartphone.

Contacts. Phonebook, all your contacts are stored there, it is very convenient, even if something happens with the smartphone, all the data in the notebook will remain with you. over, you can import, export and even restore contacts deleted 2 months ago (Restore contacts).

Messages. Through the cloud, you can also view all your messages and even text messages.

In the notes section you can find all of your notes that you can edit or delete.

Recordings. all your voice recorder recordings are stored here (when synchronization is on).

Find device will help you find your device or erase all data from it. You can read about how to find your device in this article.

In addition to visible information, there are many other synchronized data in the cloud, these can be backups of your applications, music, data about wi-fi networks, browser history, call history, black list of contacts.

All cloud settings are made through the phone’s menu: “Settings” “Mi Cloud“. There you can turn off unnecessary synchronization features. In almost every new firmware, more and more data begins to synchronize with the cloud, therefore, it is quite possible that at the time of reading this article there will be more functions. It is worth recalling that it is recommended to enable the smartphone search option, thanks to it, many owners were able to regain the devices stolen from them.

Initially, it will be possible to use only 5GB of free space, with the possibility of free expansion up to 10GB. If you run out of space, we recommend that you read this article.

Contact Sync

To synchronize contacts with my cloud, you need to go to your phone’s settings and enable this feature.

Sometimes the contacts do not want to start synchronizing themselves, for this we need to open the contacts menu and select “Import and Export”, then “In my account”.

Possible sync errors

If mi cloud notifies you of a failed synchronization of contacts or SMS, there may be two reasons:

  • Incorrect device firmware (garbage left from the previous firmware)
  • Xiaomi server glitch (localization and cyrillic problem)

The following actions help many:

  1. Switch the phone language to English
  2. Remove numbers from the blacklist of contacts for a while.

Program for computer

For more convenient data transfer between the computer and the cloud, xiaomi released a program called “mi cloud photo manager”. This program is quite simple to use, it has only two functions:

  • “Upload”. uploads selected photos to the cloud.
  • “Download”. synchronizes photos between the selected folder on the computer and my cloud.

You can download the program from this link. Russian language at the moment this program does not support.

Switch language

Sometimes mi cloud photo manager is installed in Chinese. To change the settings and the language of the program, just click on the triangle in the lower right corner of windows, right-click on the program icon and select the language there.

If the first method did not work, then there is an alternative:

Open the windows command line (winR).

We type regedit there and press enter


We select MicPChelper, on the right side of the program we find the line “locate”, double-click and change its parameter to en_US.

Unlink from mi cloud

Many people have a question: “How to remove a synchronized phone from mi cloud?”, In fact, everything is simple. If you need to disconnect the device from the account, you need to click on the number of connected devices on the top page at the top (for example, 1 connected). In the list of devices that opens, select the desired one and then click on the red “Delete Device” button.

We hope this information helped you. Be sure to comment and share the experience. The article will be supplemented.