How to view charging on Airpods on iPhone

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Can Airpods 1 and 2 be charged wirelessly

Yes, you can charge the 1st or 2nd generation headphones wirelessly.

The first generation has been produced since 2016, complete with a case with a Lightning cable. Apple updated them to Gen 2 in 2019, giving the buyer a choice of two cases: Wireless Charging and Standard Lightning.

At the same time, wireless charging cases went on sale, which are perfect for the first generation. You don’t have to spend money on buying new headphones. They don’t sound much better.

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If you are thinking about upgrading to the Pro version, I recommend reading the comparison between Airpods Pro and the second generation. The article will help you decide which is better to choose.

What cases are charged without a wire

Apple Introduces Wireless Charging with 2nd Gen Airpods Launched in March 2019.

They are sold with one of two case types to choose from:

  • Supports Wireless Qi and Lighting Cable.
  • Supports Lighting Cable Only.

Along with the second generation of headphones, cases for charging “over the air” are on sale. They are suitable for 1st and 2nd generation.

Released in October 2019, the Pro version supports wireless chargers and the Lighting cable.

Here are the cases that can be charged “over the air”:

  • Airpods Qi-compatible case, pictured above.
  • All Airpods Pro Cases.

How to charge Airpods with wireless charging

The Airpods Pro and Gen 2 Wireless Charging Case can be charged on any Qi mats or cradles. There are rumors of incompatibility with some Mophie brand memory devices, but we have not been able to reliably verify this yet.

The cases have a status LED:

How to charge your Airpods case wirelessly:

  • Place the case on the charger with the indicator facing up (or facing you if using a stand). Its lid must be closed. Please note that you can charge the case without or with the headphones.
  • The status indicator will turn on for 8 seconds and show the current charge level: green. the battery is 100% charged, yellow. less than one cycle left (a fully charged case is enough for several charging cycles of the headphones).
  • After that, the indicator will turn off, and the case will continue to charge.

To see if the case is charging (yellow indicator) or is already fully charged (green indicator), press it while it is on the wireless mat (stand). After tapping twice on the case, the LED indicator will light up continuously for 8 seconds.

If Airpods won’t charge over the air

If you put the Airpods case on the charger and nothing happens, there are a few things to check:

  • Whether the case is in the center of a rug or stand. This is the most common problem, as some chargers may not work if the case is placed incorrectly. You can find the right place by moving the case on the rug or delivery.
  • Does it need to be charged exactly. Sometimes it will feel like you need to charge the case, however, it holds a charge well even after two days of inactivity.
  • Is the wireless charger connected to the network? This known issue is that the cable is not plugged into the wall outlet or charger enclosure. Check the connection and place the case back on the mat (stand).
  • Is there a protective cover on the case? Remove it, place the case on the charging mat. Some cases may interfere with charging the case.

If you are having problems with wireless charging, make sure the case is centered on the charger. Also check the cable connection of the rug (stand), remove the cover from the case if available.

In case of over-the-air power problems, you can always use the Lightning cable.

How to charge Airpods Pro 2nd & 1st generation with cord and wireless charging

Today we’ll show you how to charge your Airpods Pro 2nd and 1st gen using wireless charging or the Lighting cable. We will also answer frequently asked questions about Apple headphone batteries.

Headphone charging time

To charge Airpods in the case, you need to put them inside and close the lid.

How long Airpods charge depends on the model and the state of their batteries:

  • Pro version. 5 minutes of charging in the case adds about an hour of use.
  • 2nd generation. 15 minutes of charging in a case adds about 2.5 hours of work.

It turns out that until the state of the headphones is 100%, you need to wait 20-30 minutes. In this case, the case is charged by air to 100% for at least an hour.

If charging the headphones to 100% takes more than half an hour (sometimes up to 2 hours), this is a sign of dying batteries.

Remember that wired charging is always faster than wireless charging, especially when using an iPhone or iPad charger.

It is impossible to charge Airpods Pro faster using the 18-watt charger from the iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max. At the same time, its use will not damage the headphones, since it uses technology that prevents “overcharging”.

Charge via Lightning cable

To charge Airpods via the cord, connect the included Lightning cable to the case. You can use Lightning-USB-C or Lightning-USB. Connect the other end of the cable to a charger or computer port.

The charge level of the case is displayed on the indicator with the lid open and the headphones removed from it: green. the battery is fully charged, yellow. less than one cycle left.

If the case won’t charge with the Lightning cable, see our article Why the Airpods case won’t charge.

How long does the Airpods charge last?

Battery life will vary depending on the environment and how you use the headphones. It is affected by volume settings, ambient temperature and other factors.

The official Apple documentation indicates how much the Airpods Pro holds:

  • Up to 5 hours of listening to music.
  • Up to 3.5 hours talk time.

A fully charged case lasts several charging cycles for the earbuds. more than 24 hours of audio listening and up to 18 hours of talking.

Airpods 2 hold a little less charge:

  • Up to 5 hours of listening to music.
  • Up to 3 hours talk time.

Apple tests the battery life of headphones on the iPhone XS Max at 50% volume.

Fork chamfer

The metal tips are flawless and thoroughly polished. And this also applies to those chargers that have been used for a long time. Fake copies have small scratches all over the surface. On some fakes, the chamfer may be absent altogether.

Bottom sticker

The magnet sticks to fakes

Another good way to check if a charge is genuine is to use a magnet. It must be brought to the USB input. If the magnet sticks, then you have a fake. These devices are manufactured using diamagnets that do not react to magnets. The fake is sure to stick to it.

You can find the original iPhone charger here

Charging weight

You can find the original iPhone charger here

The weight of the really original device is 27 grams, the Chinese copy weighs about 20 grams or less, that is, it is much lighter. Of course, not everyone has a scale with them, so for comparison you need to take the device in your palm and compare.

How to distinguish the original charger by packaging

You can find the original iPhone charger here

The country of manufacture can be checked by the barcode on the box.

First, you should carefully examine the box from the device. Especially if there are two identical devices in front of you with minor differences.

The letters SE on the charge

The letters SE on the charger are in outline font inside the plug. The rest of the inscriptions should also not go beyond it.

Differences in the charging plug

The original fork is slightly concave inward. at an angle of 45 degrees. This is for the convenience of users. Thus, the plug is well fixed in the socket, it does not fall out. Fake charger has pins parallel to each other.

Seam gluing the box

You can find the original iPhone charger here

If you look at two identical charges, you will immediately notice how the packaging is glued. The original has the seam on the left and the copy has the seam on the right.

How to see the charge of Airpods in iPhone

Using the iPhone in conjunction with Airpods, you often have to deal with the need to view the charge of the latter in order not to allow them to turn off at the most inopportune moment. Here’s how to do it.

Connection window

If the earbuds are in the case, to view the charge, just bring it closer to the iPhone and open it. You will see the necessary information about the health of your Airpods battery and case. If the charge level of one of the earbuds is less, the displayed value will be rounded off to the nearest figure.

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In order to see the charging status of each earphone separately, remove any of them. you will see information separately about the left and right, as well as about the case.

If you remove both Airpods from the case, but do not insert them into your ears, the charge of each of them will be shown on the iPhone screen.

This option for solving our problem is simple, convenient and sufficiently informative, but absolutely not suitable for those cases when the headphones are used in tandem with an iPhone or any other Apple device, that is, they are in the ears.

Special widget

IOS has a convenient screen with widgets, one of which is “Batteries”, which displays information about the charge level of the iPhone and connected wireless accessories, including Airpods.

    From the first of the “home” screens, swipe from left to right.

By default, the widget we need is absent in this section, and therefore first you need to add it.

Scroll down the list of available items and tap “Change” there.

Find Batteries among the widgets

and tap on the plus sign located to the left of this name.

It will be added to the end of the list, which is not always convenient. If desired, it can be moved to any convenient place, it is enough to “grab” the element on the right and pull in the desired direction.

To confirm the changes made, be sure to click “Finish”.

Find the added widget in the sidebar. It displays detailed information about the charge level of the iPhone and connected accessories.

    If the Airpods are in the case and connected to the iPhone, only the headphone charge will be shown, in a generalized form.

If the case has just been opened, you will see its charge.

When both accessories are in your ears, the overall battery status is displayed and, if recently connected, the cover.

To see the indicators separately for each earphone, one of them must be placed in a case. Immediately after this, the charge of the latter will be shown.

Thus, in order to view the charge of Airpods on the iPhone, it is enough to turn to the “Batteries” widget. This is the easiest and most convenient way to get the information we are interested in. The same information will be shown there if you open the case with the wireless accessories placed in it, but first you have to close the larger and same informative connection window, which was discussed in the previous part of the article.

“Command centre

You can also find out the charge level of Apple branded headphones in the “Control Center”, caused by swiping up from the bottom border of the display. After opening it, tap on the playback device control located in the upper right corner of the mini-player. Information display is carried out practically on the same principle as in previous cases. if an earpiece or headphones are used, only their charge will be shown, and in order to see the state of the case, you need to place one of the accessories in it.

Charge status indicator

Before proceeding with the consideration of the options for solving the voiced problem, let us pay some attention to the peculiarities of the operation of the LED status indicator. Knowing how he “behaves” in certain conditions, you can get a general idea of ​​the charge level of both the headphones and their case.

On the left is a case with the possibility of wireless charging, on the right is a regular one. On the first, the status indicator of interest to us is located on the front side of the case, on the second. between the headphone compartments.

So, if Airpods are inside the case, and its lid is open, the LED will display the status of the headphone battery as follows:

  • Green color. the battery is fully charged;
  • Yellow. less than one cycle left.
  • In order to find out what state the case is in, you need to remove the Airpods from it and then focus on the above. the green indicator means a full charge, yellow means less than one cycle, but already for the case, and this, as you know, is enough for that to charge the earbuds several times.

    If the battery charge of Airpods decreases to 10% during their use, the earpiece will emit a single beep. With the remainder of 1-2%, the signal will be double, and almost immediately followed by the disconnection of the accessory. We recommend that you avoid such situations and charge both the headphones and the case for them in a timely manner.

    Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the indirect signs that allow us to see the charge level of the Airpodsi of their case, let’s move on to considering more informative options.

    Calling Siri

    Another way to view the charge level of Airpods on iPhone is to use the voice assistant built into iOS. It works both when the headphones are in the case, and when they are used (both or at least one).

    Ask her “How much charge does Airpods have?” You will immediately receive the information you need.

      If both earbuds are in your ears, only their total charge is displayed.

    If one earbud is in the case and the other in the ear, you will see the battery status for each of the elements.

    If the case is open and both Airpods are in it, their total charge and separately of the case will be shown. With a closed case, this also works, but only if the accessory has recently been connected to the smartphone.

    How Do You Check The Battery Life On The Apple Airpods With An iPhone

    Having received the necessary information, you can close the voice assistant control window.

    This method of viewing the charge level of a wireless accessory is as informative as those discussed above, and requires observing the same nuances.

    Now you know how to view the charge of Airpods on iPhone. The best solution is to use the “Batteries” widget, which always displays the necessary information if the connection is active. But if, for example, you do not want to take your smartphone in your hands, it will not be difficult to ask Siri for help, especially since you can assign a command to one of the headphones to call it. double tap.

    How to check iPhone battery health?

    At the moment, a modern smartphone is primarily judged by two criteria: the camera and how long the battery lasts. The first moment improves from year to year, but with batteries it is problematic, especially on the iPhone.

    Indeed, literally after a couple of years of use, the operating time of the device is reduced very significantly and you already need to think that you need to do something about this. This is especially felt by people who live in countries with cold winters.

    Therefore, let’s figure out exactly when to change and how to check the condition of your iPhone battery. With some updates to the operating system, it is much easier than it used to be.


    Checking with built-in iOS functions

    On March 29, 2018, the long-awaited iOS 11.3 update was released. Along with it came a feature that was associated with the scandal over the slowdown of old iPhones.

    So if you have already installed iOS 11.3, then we do the following:

    • open Settings and scroll down until we find the Battery;
    • select the item Battery status;
    • we see the Maximum capacity field and if you have at least 60%, then you can relax for now, but already think about replacing in the near future.

    Settings. Battery. Battery status. Maximum capacity

    You’ve probably seen the second “Peak Performance” field as well. So, when everything is really bad with your battery, the phone will send you a notification that an understatement of performance is turned on.

    This, in fact, will be the bell for replacing the battery. Thus, Apple killed all the applications that did the status check function, but they may still come in handy. Read on.

    The most interesting news about Apple technology and not only.

    How to check iPhone battery status?

    If you went to this material, then for sure your iPhone does not hold a charge for long and you charge it at least twice a day. Or, it often turns off in the cold at the most inconvenient moment, even when the charge level is about 40%.

    To understand how bad everything is and whether it is worth worrying about a replacement, you just need to carry out one of the actions, which I will now list.

    We check with the help of third-party programs (if iOS is lower than iOS 11.3 version)

    Not everyone wants to upgrade from iOS 10 to their old iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 for this feature. We all know how it works and it is better to stay on an older version of the operating system.

    Sooner or later, you may still need to check the battery status, and in this case, we do the following:

    • install ourselves an application like Battery Life (or something similar);
    • we open it and the state of your battery is written to you.

    If everything is fine, it will simply say “Excellent” and the button will be green. Yellow, still not so bad and red. when to change.

    It weighs a little and is free. If you buy a paid version, it will also show the number of charging cycles. But it’s up to you to decide.

    View charge level via iPhone

    There are two ways to find out the charge level of Airpods through the iPhone.

    • The easiest one is to simply open the lid of the case and bring it to the iPhone. A window will appear on the smartphone screen with the charging level of the case and the headphones themselves. Two important points:
    • This method only works if they are in a case. If they are in your ears now, use other options.
    • The smartphone must either be on the home screen or locked. This window will not appear if you have an application open at the moment.
    • Another option is to use the Batteries widget. With it, you can see how charged your Airpods are, even if they are outside the case. But to see the remaining percentage of the cover, you must put at least one earphone inside.
      To open the widget, you need to do the following:
    • If your iPhone is locked, swipe down from the top to open the notification shade.
    • Swipe right to see the Today screen and battery widget.
    • If this widget is not available, scroll down the menu and click “Edit”. In the settings window that opens, add it.

    Ask Siri

    Let’s figure out how to check the charge of Airpods using Siri. You don’t even need an iPhone to do this. The voice assistant can tell you about the level of remaining energy. To activate it, double-tap your ear (if you have a first generation device), or say “Hey Siri” (if you have Airpods 2 or Pro).

    How to Check Apple Airpods Battery Life Out Of The Case For The iPhone And Android

    After activation, ask the question “What kind of charging does Airpods have?” The assistant will tell you the remaining percentage.

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    Using Siri is not always convenient, sometimes you need to be quiet. Nevertheless, you have such an opportunity.

    Learn with a case study

    How to check charging on Airpods using the case? It has a light indicator that can show the state of charge. To find it out, place the earbuds inside and open the lid. The indicator light can be lit in two colors:

    • Green color. Lights up when they are fully charged.
    • Yellow. Means they are still charging.

    In order for the indicator to show data about the case itself, and not about the headphones, you need to pull them out. The indicator will light up in three colors:

    • Green color. Means the case has enough energy to fully charge the earbuds at least once or more.
    • Yellow. It speaks of a low level of energy, which is not enough to fully charge the earbuds even once.
    • Red color. Speaks about almost complete discharge (less than 10%).

    This is just a rough way to determine how charged the Airpods are. But it lets you know when it’s time to recharge your devices. For more accurate data, it is better to look at the percentage on the iPhone.

    How to check the charge level of Airpods on iPhone and other Apple technology

    Air Pods are completely wireless earbuds, and they are charged from the case. The question arises. how to view the charge of Airpods in iPhone? You can find out the charge level in several ways. In different situations, this or that option will be more convenient, let’s deal with each of them.

    Through other Apple devices

    You can also check the charge level of Airpods on any other Apple device your device is paired with, be it a laptop, watch, etc. It’s simple on an iPad or iPod — you can also use the Batteries widget. Other devices have their own characteristics.

    Via MacBook and iMac

    On a MacOS computer, the remaining percentage can be seen in the bluetooth settings. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Open the case, insert the headphones inside, and pair with your computer.
    • Go to Bluetooth settings in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Hover the cursor over the corresponding line.

    In the window that opens, you will see how much charge is left for all devices.

    Via Apple Watch

    You can also view the charge on Airpods through your watch. To do this, you need to do the following:

    • Go to home screen with watch face.
    • Swipe up to open the control panel.
    • Select battery icon.

    You will see the percentage of the charge of the headphones and the case, even if they are connected to a smartphone and not directly to the watch.

    How to check Airpods charging on Apple Watch

    If the wristwatch and headset are synchronized with the smartphone via the same iCloud, you can view how much the earbuds are charged through the screen of the wearable accessory. To do this, open the “Control Center” on Apple Watch and click on the charge percentage to view the remaining energy in Airpods.

    Attention! This method works even if the earbuds are playing music on the phone. Checking is available only on Apple Watch with watchOS 5.0 and higher.

    How to check the charge level of your Airpods

    To check the remaining power supply of Airpods wireless headphones, headset owners are offered to use Apple devices or watch charging on a branded case. We will tell you how to do it and what you need for this.

    How to check Airpods charging using Siri

    When both earbuds are in your ears, you can check the remaining charge using the Siri voice assistant. To activate it:

    • tap the Airpods headphone twice;
    • say “Hey Siri” on Airpods Pro and 2nd generation earplugs.

    When the assistant is active, ask the question: “How much charge does Airpods have left?” Siri will announce the percentage of remaining energy.

    How to check Airpods charging on Mac

    To drain your headset battery on Mac:

    • Open the lid of the case completely or remove the headphones from the case.
    • Turn on Bluetooth on your computer.
    • After syncing with headphones, hover over the item with “AirDots”.
    • The screen will display information about the remaining charge of the “ears”.

    How to check Airpods charging on iPhone

    The easiest way to see the charge level of your Airpods:

    • Open the case with headphones.
    • Bring the case directly to the iPhone.
    • After a few seconds, a tab will appear where you can see the percentage of charge of the earbuds and case.

    Note! In the same way, they check the power of the headset and case. next to the charging status, the lightning icon will be highlighted.

    An alternative way to check the charge of Airpods on an iPhone 7 or other model is to use the “Batteries” widget, aka “Battery”. It displays the charge of all devices connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

    To view the charge through the widget, there must be one insert in the case.

    How to check the charging of Airpods with a case

    The charge of the case is checked by one of the above methods or by checking the glow of the “Status Indicator” on the case. In a regular case, it sits between the headphone compartments. In its counterpart, with support for wireless charging, a color indicator is displayed on the front side to make it easier to look at the incoming power.

    If the case and headphones are fully charged, the light will turn green. When the power supply is sufficient for less than one charge cycle, the indicator will turn yellow. A green glow also appears when the case is fully charged from the power cord.

    How to check charging Airpods on Android

    Due to the connection to a third-party OS, you will need to install the AirBattery app to check the remaining charge on the headphones. This is unofficial software, which causes compatibility problems with some smartphone models and Android versions.

    Hidden settings

    In addition to the main ones, Airpods Pro has non-obvious, hidden settings, with which you can more accurately determine the speed of pressing on the touch controls and the delay between them, as well as activate the noise canceling function for one earphone. To access these features, do the following:

    • Open “Settings” and go to the section “Accessibility”.
    • In the “Physical and Motor” block, find “Airpods”.
  • Define the available options:
  • Pressing speed (“Press Speed”). There are three options available. default, slow and even slower.
  • Duration of pressing and holding (“Press and hold Duration”). There are also three options available. default, short and even shorter.
  • Noise Cancellation with One AirPod. When this switch is activated, the noise canceling function, when enabled, will work even when there is only one earbud in the ear.
  • As you can see, the Airpods Pro settings are somewhat wider than those of the first and second generation models, which is dictated by their functionality. Playback control is carried out by single (“Start / Pause”), double (“Next track”) and triple (“Previous track”) touching the sensor. Any other actions can be performed by contacting Siri.

    Fitting to the ears

    Airpods Pro, unlike their predecessors, are endowed with not only external microphones, but also internal ones. After the headphones are placed in the ear, they take special measurements to determine the tightness of the ear cushions. The latter come in three pairs. sizes S, M, L. This setting is performed when the accessory is connected to the iPhone for the first time, but if necessary, it can be repeated. for this, just use the corresponding menu item.

    Then tap “Continue”, run the check and wait until it is completed. If the attachments you are using fit well to your ears, you will receive a notification and you can then close the window (the “Finish” button in the upper right corner). Otherwise, you will have to select a different size ear pads and repeat the test.

    Airpods Pro

    Airpods Pro headphones differ from their predecessors not only in form factor, design and noise cancellation, but also in slightly redesigned controls. The latter is not directly related to setting, and therefore we will move on to the main topic and first briefly consider the parameters common to all models.

    As with the 1st and 2nd generation Airpods, you can change the name for the Pro model, turn on Auto-Ear Detection, and determine whether the microphone will work automatically or in just one of the earbuds. Also, the accessory can be “Disconnected” from the iPhone and “Forget” if the need arises. We discussed these options in more detail in the previous part of the article.

    Setting up Airpods on iPhone

    Airpods 1st and 2nd generation and Airpods Pro have touch controls and a number of additional features. Full use of both the first and the second is possible only with the correct setting of the headphones, and today we will tell you how to do this on the iPhone.

    Airpods 1st and 2nd generation

    In the context of our topic today, the key difference between the 1st and 2nd generation Apple headphones is the way Siri can be called. On the first, the voice assistant can be activated only by double-tapping one of the headphones, on the second, the command “Hello Siri” is used for this purpose. The rest of the controls and features can be customized by yourself.

    Important! For further instructions, Airpods must either be connected to the iPhone and in your ears (at least one earbud), or they can be in the charging case, but you must definitely open it.

    The first thing you can change is the name of the accessory. If there is such a need, select the appropriate item, set your name and return to the main list of settings.

    The latter option (in fact, the first in the list) allows the system to automatically detect which of the accessories is currently in use and use the built-in microphone. We recommend that you leave it active. The other two options are self-explanatory.
    If necessary, Airpods can be “Disconnected” from iPhone, which will allow them to be connected to another Apple or other compatible device.

    If you have problems with the connection or if you want to stop using the accessory altogether, you should use the “Forget this device” item.

    Important! If Airpods are used not only with the iPhone, but also with other Apple devices, one Apple ID is used on them and the iCloud is logged in, when you select the “Forget this device” option, the headphones will be untied from each of them.

    These were all the first and second generation Airpods settings available.

    Connecting Headphones to iPhone

    If you just bought Airpods and have not yet connected them to the iPhone or do not know how to do this, with a separate article on our website, which describes in detail how to perform this procedure.

    Noise canceling control

    The noise reduction function implemented in Airpods Pro can operate in one of two modes. “Active” or “Transparent”. If you do not need to use both the first and the second, you can turn it off. These options are available in the headphone settings and can be controlled by pressing and holding the sensor on the headphone body. By default, switching occurs between active and transparent modes, but if required, you can add a shutdown to them or replace one with another.

    • Go to Airpods Pro Settings.
    • In the “Press and hold Airpods” section, first select the headset you want to change the settings for (left or right), and then make sure that “Noise control” is activated for it.
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  • Check two or three modes of noise control, the activation of which and switching between them will be carried out by pressing and holding the control. The following options are available:
  • “Noise reduction”. external noises are blocked;
  • “Permeability”. external noise is allowed;
  • “Shutdown”. turn off the two previous modes.
  • Note: If Noise Control is selected for both the left and right earbuds, the changes to the settings, that is, the modes available for switching, will be applied to both of them. You can find out which options for noise cancellation are used in the main section of the accessory settings (see the paragraph current instructions).

    Like Airpods of the second generation, the Pro series device supports calling the voice assistant with the command “Hey Siri”, but instead, you can use one of the headphones, assigning this action to press and hold the touch sensor.

    Viewing the headphone charge level

    If you do not want to allow the battery of Airpods and the case to be discharged at the most inopportune moment, you need to not only “recharge” it in a timely manner, but also monitor the charge level. On the iPhone, this can be done in several ways, each of which we previously wrote in a separate article.

    Now you know how to set up Airpods on your iPhone, whether it’s the first, second generation, or the noise-canceling Airpods Pro.

    Found a cool charger for iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods. It’s just a bomb

    I don’t know about you, but I’m already TIRED of charging my iPhone, Apple Watch, and even Airpods every day. A power supply for several USB ports saves, but firstly, on the table it looks like a sysadmin’s nightmare, and secondly, every time you connect all this stuff with a cable (and put the Apple Watch correctly so that it does not slip off the charge). Well, in general, it’s never convenient. Considering that I use these devices every day (yes, even Airpods are almost discharged), the problem is very urgent. True, AirPower was never delivered to us, and judging by the appearance of MagSafe, this whole project took a long time. So I started looking for third-party charging stations.

    This is not charging, but space is simple. I forgot about fiddling with wires altogether

    How to choose a wireless charger for your iPhone?

    Over the years, I’ve used a lot of different wireless chargers. Among them were both platforms and stands. With the exception of the Chinese versions for 150 rubles, which we purchased for tests, I liked almost everything. This one is generally my favorite, I advertised it to my colleagues in our chat on Telegram. many were interested. I will leave the link below.

    Wireless charger for iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods

    Directly what you need. 3-in-1 wireless charging, there is a light indicator, it is connected via Type-C (a power adapter with Quick Charge is given as a gift. hello, Apple). But the main thing is that it takes up minimal space on the table: given that I have a small table from IKEA, at which I have been working for the past few months, this is an important plus.

    Alternative to AirPower

    Delivery took a little over two weeks, and in the end, the charge arrived. Surprisingly. just exactly the same as in the photo. Made of pretty high quality (not this cheap Chinese plastic, as in cheap accessories), it looks super and charges iPhone, Apple Watch (everything except Series 1) and any Airpods, including Airpods Pro at the same time.

    The box was slightly wrinkled, but the charger itself is safe and sound

    Charged using Type-C, 2020 in the same yard

    Below is a cooling system so that all this stuff does not overheat (hello, Apple, once again)

    The charging speed is also good. it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the iPhone SE 2. Airpods and Apple Watch are charged as if they were a complete charger, but you don’t need more.

    The charging speed of the watch is the same as that of the native adapter

    What I liked the most is that you can read the notifications without any problems when the iPhone is on charge: I can just glance at the screen, see the alert and either respond later or respond immediately. When the phone is charging on the table using a cable (or horizontal wireless charging), I have to be sure to pick it up to see notifications or try to get Face ID sensors to “catch” my face if I use the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    Photo taken from iPhone SE, there is no Face ID, but notifications are still convenient to read

    From the wishes. I would like to have wireless charging for Airpods. to place the same “pancake” as the iPhone, but less. Then there would be a cannon at all. Alternatively, you can put the earbuds on the iPhone wireless charger if you use a phone but don’t need the earbuds yet.

    Of course, if you do not let go of your smartphone for a minute, then only the wire will help you. But, if the iPhone lies on the table for at least an hour, this will be enough to charge the device well enough. I use my smartphone a lot, but the rest of the time I have it on this charge, and if I need to go somewhere, the charge level is always 90-100 percent. It is very comfortable.

    If you want to watch a movie or a TV series, you can turn the iPhone over and it will continue to charge

    The photos do not really convey everything, you can see an overview of this charging in our TikTok. Topchik!

    Longreads for you

    Many sites do not use contact forms and are losing potential customers. How do you make such a shape? Let’s talk about a service that not only allows you to create a form without a single line of code, but also arrange it so that users really leave the necessary data.

    I bet you didn’t know that sites can track your clicks, touches and swipes, as well as other manipulations that you perform? Apple knew and decided to give users the option to disable this kind of tracking. True, only in iOS 14.5

    MagSafe will allow battery separation from Smart Battery Case and attach it to iPhone 12 directly just on magnets. This will reduce the cost of the accessory and increase its convenience.

    It looks of course creepy. I wouldn’t put that on my table. Not to mention the fact that Apple devices are connected there.

    Firmware update not arriving on Airpods

    In this case, try putting the headphones on charging (always using a cable), connecting them to the iPhone without taking them out of the charging case (just open the case cover and wait a bit), and also put the iPhone itself on charging. The firmware will be installed automatically within an hour.

    What happens if the device suddenly moves?

    Since the sound field is oriented towards your iPhone or iPad, it moves with your device. And it depends on sudden movements, such as the turns of a car or bus, or the roll of an airplane. But if your head is in a constant position in relation to your device, you should not notice any changes in the sound, no matter how much the conditions around you change.

    How to check the firmware version of Airpods

    You can view the current version by clicking on the “i” next to the headphones in the Bluetooth menu. Spatial audio with visual demonstration is also included here.

    If your Airpods are updated to version 3A283, then you have spatial audio.

    Here you can see the firmware version and enable spatial audio

    What is spatial audio in Airpods and how to enable it

    Back at WWDC, Apple announced a set of updates for the Airpods. Among them, there are some really cool new features, such as notifications for dead headphones and easier switching between devices. Already, by updating the Airpods firmware and installing iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad, you can see how the headphones switch between them on their own. The most interesting feature, however, is spatial audio or “immersive”. What is it, and how can Apple improve the sound in Airpods without updating the headphones themselves? And most importantly, how to activate spatial audio in Airpods Pro?

    Spatial audio will only be available on Airpods Pro

    What format does spatial sound support??

    Spatial audio in Airpods Pro supports 5.1, 7.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos.

    Dolby Atmos support is especially noteworthy because it means surround sound can simulate sound coming from almost all directions, not just in front of you.

    What is spatial audio in Airpods Pro?

    Spatial audio is a feature of Airpods Pro that is designed to deliver what Apple calls “theatrical experiences.” It uses sensors on both iPhone or iPad and Airpods Pro to provide a surround sound experience like you’re sitting in a concert hall or movie theater.

    This is a new Airpods Pro feature that allows the headphones to simulate a movie theater or other multi-channel surround sound environment.

    Technically, this is impressive because in Airpods you only have two sound sources, one in your left ear and one in your right, so it takes some work to simulate more than just left and right stereo sound.

    Normal stereo sound, 5 or 7 channel sound and surround sound

    How to enable spatial audio on Airpods Pro?

    Spatial audio support has already appeared in the Airpods Pro firmware update. The firmware will install automatically. If not, here’s how to do it manually. You will also need an iPhone with iOS 14 or an iPad with iPadOS 14.

    How spatial audio works in Airpods

    Based on the content you view on your device, your Airpods Pro essentially create what is called a sound field. Whether it’s a YouTube video or a video in our Telegram chat. This box is focused on the device your Airpods Pro are connected to and creates a constant, directional sound source.

    Spatial audio uses an accelerometer and gyroscope to determine the head in space and, based on the received data, specifically configures playback. This allows you to simulate being present at a concert, where the intensity and volume of the sound changes depending on your location. After all, if you turn sideways to the stage, one ear will hear the sound better and the other worse. The same will happen with Airpods Pro.

    Spatial sound for maximum volume

    This allows your device and your Airpods to create a more immersive music and video experience. To make the sound appear as if it is coming from multiple speakers around you, Spatial Sound applies directional sound filters and adjusts the frequencies going to each ear to simulate the sound of separate speakers for surround sound.