How to use viber on your phone

How to synchronize Viber?

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In order to use Vyber on your computer, laptop or tablet, you must:

That is, without installing the messenger on your smartphone and syncing, you will not be able to use Vyber on a PC.

All processes between Viber on your phone and computer are automated, all correspondence, call history is automatically displayed on different devices. In the case of failures (Viber does not synchronize contacts, messages), errors in the data exchange you may need to force synchronization.

How to use Viber on your phone or computer

When you connect to the network for the first time, the program will immediately check your contact list and automatically copy it to your own address book. It will also determine which of your friends or acquaintances are already registered and using vyber. If you manually added a contact in the PC version, when using a smartphone will automatically synchronize your contact list and you can call your new friends.

Chat in Viber

How to use Viber on your computer?

A user who wants to use the messenger “to the fullest” must necessarily download and install Viber on his computer. The process is not time-consuming and in general no more complicated than installing the program on a smartphone or tablet.

viber, your, phone

  • Unlike the mobile version of the program, the user of the “stationary” Viber can adjust the quality of communication. To do this, click on the “Change audio and video settings” button.

That’s all; the other features of Viber installed on your computer are no less interesting, but are used less often. Before proceeding to them, it is worth mastering the basic features of the program. carefully and without hurrying, following the given tips and instructions.

Configuring the messenger

To fully use the messenger, the user needs to configure his account. To do this, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of your desktop and enter the settings of the program. A dialog box will appear with four tabs: “Account”, “Viber Out”, “Audio and Video”, “Privacy”, “Notifications”.

Click the Account tab. If you want Viber to launch at every system boot, check (1). Change the working window background (2) according to your taste, choose the program language (3) and enable or disable photo and video autoloading (4).

The application’s main settings are in the “Account” tab

The Viber Out tab is for managing payments. Here you can top up your account balance, view information about current rates, calls and payments.

At the “Viber Out” tab, you can also view the call costs for calls to each country

The “Audio and video” tab is used for testing and adjustment of sound and image.

In “Audio and video” tab you can perform separate adjustment of each item

The next tab is used to manage your privacy. Here you can clear all the verified contacts (1), agree or refuse to collect data of analytics (2), to receive more information on privacy policy (3), or deactivate messenger on your computer (4).

The “Privacy” tab also allows you to work with applications on other connected devices

Using the last tab you can manage the notifications and sounds.

Manage alerts and sounds on all devices from the “Notifications” tab

How to use the messenger

If you have decided to install Viber, then read in detail how to use it. Here are the instructions for Android.

Download and install

To start using Viber, you must first download it. To quickly and safely download the app to Android, follow these rules:

  • Go to Play Market on your phone.
  • At the top, put the cursor in the search bar and write “Viber“.
  • In the search result presented, choose the first offer of the store, messenger Viber.
  • Click “Install”.
  • Press “Accept” (give your permission to make changes to the system files) and the download begins.

Downloading the program will take only a few seconds, after which the standard icon will appear in your phone, among all the applications on the main screen. You do not need to install the messenger additionally. All that remains is to launch it, authorize and configure it. If you are using Play Market for the first time, then you must enter it with your Google account credentials (username and password). If you do not have Google-email then you must register in it and indicate it in settings of your phone.


After the application is installed, you must register in it to start working. As happens this procedure:

  • Start the application.
  • Click “Continue” in the welcome window.
  • Then you must enter your country and mobile number.
  • Then SMS-code will come to your phone, you must enter it in the appropriate field and press “Continue.

This is the end of the authorization, you go to the main menu of Viber, now the application and its account is assigned to your phone number. Before you start communicating, finish setting up the application and fill in your personal data. enter your name and add a photo. You can do all this through the “” section at the bottom of the screen.

Using chat rooms

How to start chatting with your friends? To write a free message to one of the users, namely to the person from your phonebook, follow these steps:

  • At the bottom of the home screen, go to the “Calls” tab.
  • Drop down a little bit and you’ll see “Contacts” and select “Viber” on the side.
  • Click on the person from the list you want to start a conversation with.
  • The user’s card appears on the screen, and under it are the two functions “Free call” and “Free message”.
  • Select the “Free message”, a text field will open in front of you, put the cursor in the bottom line and when the keyboard appears, type.
  • On the side there is a lilac button with an arrow that says “send.
  • After sending, the message will appear on the correspondence screen.

You can quickly open a chat with any user in another way. You have launched the application and you are in the “Chats” section. A purple messaging icon will be active at the bottom, click on it, and go to your contact list to select the person you want to chat with, then a form opens for you to type your message.

Group chats

In addition to private chats, Viber has a feature to create group chats. The meaning of them is the simultaneous correspondence of several people in one chat room. If you want to create a chat with multiple participants, you do this as follows:

  • Open Viber.
  • Started the application on the home page.
  • At the bottom right you will see an active icon in the form of a message, it means to start a chat.
  • Click on it and go to the list of users, and above the contacts will be available functions and one of them is “New group”.
  • Press it, and an empty group opens.
  • Before inviting members to a group, first form the group. At the top of the panel on the right, click on the three vertical dots, select “Information” and come up with a name for the group, and add a screen saver, depending on the topic of discussion.
  • Now you invite users. On the top of the panel, there will be an icon on the right in the form of a person with a cross icon to add members. Click on it, and from the list of contacts select the necessary people. They will automatically receive an invitation to join the group.

Group chats become useful for discussing interesting topics: an upcoming event, a common hobby, a work process or for the purpose of advertising some goods or services.

Calls and video calls

How to make free calls on Vyber? Two types of functions are available in the application. audio and video calls. In both cases, you can communicate with another user without restriction. To make a call on Vyber you need to:

  • In the application, start a chat with the desired contact.
  • When the text form for messages opens, at the top, near the user’s name, on the right side of the panel, you will see two icons: one with a trumpet is a standard audio call, and the other with a video camera is a video call.
  • Click on the one you want.
  • During the call, the screen will highlight the available functions and one of them is “Add Participant”, with its help you can invite a third person to the conversation.

Sending media files

Vyber is often used not only to call or write a message, but also to send a file for free and fast. It can be a photo, a picture, a video, or a document. To send a media file to another user, you create a chat, you’ll see icons below the line for entering a text message:

  • The first one with the animal’s face is to send a smiley face;
  • The second one with a picture is to send a photo, video or picture from your phone’s gallery;
  • The third with the camera. take a photo now and send it;
  • The fourth one with the word Gif is for sending animated stickers.

How to save a photo on your phone

If you are sent a photo and you want to save it on your phone, Viber allows you to do this:

  • Log in to the chat from which you want to save the photo.
  • Find the photo you want in the chat.
  • Click on it to open it in full screen.
  • On the side at the top there will be three vertical dots, click on them, choose “Save.

How to use Viber on your phone.

The Viber app, available for most different platforms. And, of course, available for Android and iOS. The installation for the different platforms does not differ in principle. First, you need to install the Viber app on your phone from the app store.

After installation, you will need to confirm your phone number.

Enter your name and put a photo (photo is optional).

Once installed, open the app and click the contacts tab. The program will automatically check which of your contacts has installed Viber, and next to that contact, the application icon will be displayed.

And then, all you have to do is press the call button or send a message.

In addition to calls, in the app you can create a chat, a group, in which you can invite your chatmates.

Signing up for Viber

After you start Viber for the first time, you will need to do the simplest registration.

Then enter your phone number and click “Continue”.

An SMS message with a code will be sent to your device and you must enter it in the box.

But instead of a text message you will probably receive a call. All you need to do is reply and the app will be automatically activated, no codes are required, after that you will be prompted to add your photo and enter your name.

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