How to use the smartphone redmi 8

Touch Assistant

If you prefer to perform minimum actions while working with smartphone, then it is worth to try a useful function called “Touch Assistant”. It’s located in “Advanced Settings”. The Xiaomi phone owner can select actions such as “Home”, “Menu”, “Lock”, “Snapshot”, “Back”. Controls can be done by tapping or sliding. The assistant can automatically hide for favorite programs, not be visible in full screen mode, hide after 3 seconds of inactivity.

tricks for Xiaomi owners and MIUI newbies

Today we present you a few options and tricks of the MIUI system in Xiaomi smartphones that anyone can easily master and use. Many of the tricks you may be familiar with. If not, take a look at.

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Today we present you a few MIUI options and tricks in Xiaomi smartphones that anyone can easily master and use. Many of the tricks you may be familiar with. If not, it is advisable to pay attention and thus facilitate the process of using the “Chinese friend”. You can discuss these smartphone tips in our Telegram channel, where we constantly publish similar tips.

How to charge your smartphone properly?

The first important rule, the violation of which has the most dire consequences. use the original charger and cables. Modern devices, even from the average price segment, have long supported fast charging, but the parameters of chargers vary. The wrong one can damage the battery. This will both affect the rapid degradation of its capacity, and could lead to some more serious problems. Including explosions and fires. Remember the story of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or Mi 4c. It happens not only to them when used improperly.

Perhaps this is why Asus does not like non-original chargers, and its smartphones warn of this.

If you decide to use a non-original charger, it is necessary to use it responsibly. We previously told you how to check them (and more here).

We’re also advised not to bring smartphones to 0%. It is better to stick to the 10%-90% range. As soon as the proposals are triggered to go into a super economical modes of operation and energy conservation, the device is better to feed from an external battery or from the network. That said, Xiaomi says that once every couple of months the smartphone can be discharged to 0%, as it will be useful for calibrating the electronics, which track the level of charge, displaying this data to the user.

You should not leave your smartphone all night connected to the mains. Modern devices have special controllers that do not allow them to charge when the battery has reached 100%, but they say that some unnecessary load remains. In short, it’s better to be too much than not enough.

In addition, Xiaomi does not recommend using the smartphone while charging. Although it goes against what marketers of different companies tell us. Many people now say that you can charge the device, and not only use it, but even play games. The technology today is so good that your smartphone is fine. However, this can only be true for expensive flagship models, where vendors are really carefully thought out charging technology and cooling devices. In cheaper models, in order to get an affordable price, this has to be sacrificed.

And overheating the device leads not only to problems with the battery, which can indeed wear out faster. But even for Xiaomi devices in the past there was a problem with the screen turning yellow from overheating. We have suffered from this smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4, and also suffered in a similar way model Redmi 4 Prime. But again, not only Xiaomi devices are prone to this, but also other vendors. So take care of your smartphone

The last advice, which gives Xiaomi. beware of charging from the USB-connector PC, because it is a lower current, the charging process takes a long time, which leads to overheating the smartphone.

strange statement in our opinion, because a lot of modern devices tested by us when charging from a laptop or PC remains cool, heating up just in the process from the network or from verbanks with fast-charging technology. In addition, there is an opinion that using a charger with higher power just leads to faster battery wear and tear than gentle charging with less power. However, our own experience does not confirm it. If you use original accessories, then the battery does not lose capacity noticeably even after 1 year or 2 years of using the device with fast chargers.

Apps for recording and listening to phone calls

Xiaomi smartphones equipped with Android OS allow you to use any third-party programs from Google Play without any problems. The owner of the phone can find the application that best meets his needs in terms of design and functionality and allows you to set your own settings.

There are some disadvantages of third party applications. First of all, they do not guarantee the smooth operation of the software. Secondly, their launching leads to higher power consumption. the battery runs down faster.

Automatic Call Recorder

To record conversations on the Redmi Note 8 from Xiaomi, you can use the free program Automatic Call Recorder, which can easily be reconfigured to your needs. It is reliable and secure and causes almost no operating system errors. Minus. constantly popping up ads. To remove it you will need to buy a paid version.

By installing Automatic Call Recorder, you can record calls automatically, saving them to Dropbox and Google Drive. To record the sound coming from the line and the microphone at the same time, you must select Voice Communications.


A great program that opens up a lot of possibilities for the user. There is an opportunity to set the quality of the recording, its format (there is a choice of MP3 and WAV). Also sets the storage location, the recordings are sent either to the internal memory of the smartphone or to the cloud storage.

Another important plus of CallU. the user can add text to the recordings and even put a password, so no one can listen to them, even if the phone falls into the wrong hands. Minus. no voice recorder. You can download the application for free.

It’s a great app for recording, simple and easy to use. Features a comfortable interface that even an inexperienced user can figure out. The app takes up very little memory and hardly strains the battery. The user can enable automatic recording of conversations on a permanent basis.

ACR program is desirable to download on devices with Android version 6 or higher, which means it can be installed on the Redmi Note 8 Pro. Minus. no voice recorder and no fresh updates, the last one was more than 3 years ago. The undeniable advantage of the program are extremely flexible settings. The application can be downloaded free of charge. All records are stored in ROM or in the cloud.

Instructions: Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 8 Global 4/64Gb Black

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Steps to activate the easy mode

In this case, the light mode does not require any complicated process and is basically available to any level of knowledge of the technology. What we need to do to activate it is to enter the device settings and scroll through the settings until we get to the so-called “special features” that appear in MIUI 12.

The next thing we have to do when we find the different MIUI tools is to touch the light mode. If in our case it does not appear, we will use one of the Xiaomi phones that does not have all the tools we have seen before. Once inside, just click “Activate Light Mode” and after a few seconds, in which you have to process the change, we can enjoy this mode.

To disable this option, we will need to do the same thing by repeating the process Settings Special Features Lightweight mode. But we also have the option to remove the lightweight mode in a quicker way, because in the settings with the lightweight mode activated, the top bubble will appear where we only need to click it to disable this mode.

Steps to complete the setup of the new Xiaomi

Although for many this may be something “annoying” and only delays the moment to start using the terminal, taking pictures or playing games on your Xiaomi cell phone, the truth is that the initial configuration of the smartphone is something key for any user. For this reason, we invite you to take your smartphone, press the power button for a few seconds and follow the whole process that we are going to explain to you at the same pace on your new terminal.

Add Wi-Fi connection and Google account

The first thing our smartphone will ask us is. is language, and once selected, we’ll go completely through the steps of the process. The first and most important. put the password of the Wi-Fi network that we are going to connect to. Once the smartphone establishes a connection with the WI-FI router, it’s time to add our Google account, for now we will only do it with the main account, but later we can add other alternatives. This point is key, because linking a Google account to a mobile we add extra security by which the phone is tied to the account.

Copy the data and apps from your old cell phone

Now that the phone is connected to the network and with our account it was able to identify the apps we installed on our old cell phone, we can move on to setting up data and apps. By simply clicking on the next screen on the device, the corresponding preference data will be added from the previous terminal. If we came from a Xiaomi cell phone, configuration data can be imported into the new Xiaomi, from Do Not Disturb mode to sound settings, but if it is from another manufacturer, only the basic settings will be imported.

As for the applications, a configuration screen will appear where we can copy all the applications we had, or mark them one by one. Our recommendation. Select the basic ones to complete the process quickly, and the rest, it’s time to set them manually and gradually configure.

SIM card time

The next thing that will appear on the screen. is a message asking us to insert the SIM card with the spike that comes in the box of the phone. After placing, a marker will appear to enter the secret PIN code, if we have not previously removed it. It will then contact our operator to let him know that we are launching a cell phone, and then send the APN auto-configuration wizard.

In some cases they are installed without any action, and in other cases, when the cell phone is available, we will see an SMS from the operator with an installation button to be pressed. If you want, we can skip this process and insert the SIM card when everything else is completed.

Launch Google services

An important step that we can’t miss as much as we want in the configuration of the new Xiaomi cell phone must accept Google’s terms. This gives us access to company services that range from the ability to create backups for our peace of mind to the ability to collect usage data. Some of this data, if we can reject it by pressing the blue button, and when everything is ready, you just need to click “Yes, I accept”.

Select a search engine and set up Google Assistant

The next thing that will appear on the screen. is a tool that allows you to choose our default search engine, where currently there are four options: Google, Bing, or PrivacyWall. Either way, the process will continue with the wizard configuration menu, which will always be used to search Google.

If we want to use the assistant, we tap the blue button or tap “Later”. In this process, we will have to repeat the phrase “Okay, Google” or “Okay, Google” up to three times.

Xiaomi Cloud, an added benefit

In the next window that appears, we will need to accept Xiaomi’s terms and permission in order to access Xiaomi features. Cloud. This Xiaomi Own Cloud. Where we will be able to access with an existing account or create one if we don’t already have one. Once inside the account, we can activate the option to find the device, which will add an additional option to recover through the Mi Cloud website in case it disappears. If we need more benefits, after we complete the process, we go to “Settings” “My Account” and can back up photos or other items.

Protection and security

Last but not least, the Xiaomi smartphone will ask us to choose our favorite identification system. Anyway, this will also require a picture key, pin code or password, so that if the main one fails we can access the smartphone. It will also be asked after turning off and on the smartphone. If we want, we can skip this step and do it later in the settings, but we do not advise it, otherwise the phone will be unprotected.

Useful tricks when using Xiaomi smartphones

The article “Useful tricks when using WhatsApp”, as they say, went well. it already has over 80,000 views. and I decided to continue to produce similar articles for the section “Hints” for other applications and gadgets.

In today’s article we will talk about various useful tricks when using Xiaomi smartphones. I have been writing reviews of Xiaomi smartphones for several years, for several months I used the Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone as my primary smartphone, I have properly studied the settings of phones from this manufacturer, so I want to talk about some useful settings that you can do with them. All the more that Xiaomi are famous for the fact that they have even the younger models. not cut down and offer virtually the same features as the flagship models.

(What’s interesting, not all manufacturers are so generous: for example, I once bought a budget smartphone Moto E4 Plus to study and was simply amazed at how much the settings of this smartphone were trimmed compared to their mid-priced smartphones.)

Xiaomi has a handy option to turn off the display when you bring the phone to your ear during a conversation. so there are no false positives. The proximity sensor is responsible for this. The option is enabled by default and users don’t even know where to look for it. The funny thing is that sometimes after the next update this option “flies off”, that is turned off. And try to find it in the settings.

You can find it through a search in the “Proximity Sensor” settings or through the Phone app menu. Incoming calls”. There, by the way, are some more useful options.

In the area of quick notifications on the phone you will often receive notifications from applications that you don’t need and only annoy you. To turn them off, you have to go to the “Settings. Applications”, search there for the appropriate application and disable notifications for it.

But there is a much simpler way. In normal Android (that is, for most Android phones) you can move the notification to the left or right. there will be a settings icon that will take you to the app notification settings.

Xiaomi has made it even more convenient. The application must be moved to the left (if the right. it will simply disappear from the screen). there will be two icons: settings and suspend.

Put it off for a while. To disable notifications from a given app for a while.

Settings. Right on the same screen you can disable notifications for this application.

Xiaomi smartphones can show ads at certain times, and it annoys many users. (I note that this is just a business approach: Xiaomi smartphones are very cheap, bring minimal profit and the company earns from them through advertising).)

These ads in the system applications can be disabled completely by standard means.

In the app’s personal data access settings. disable such access in the msa application. By the way, it probably won’t work the first time. The system will write that it was unable to revoke access. The operation just needs to be repeated. then it will work.

“Settings. System applications. Security” turn off “Receive recommendations”.

Cleaning app. Turn “Get Recommendations” off.

Xiaomi Redmi 8. ЧЕСТНЫЙ ОБЗОР

The “Explorer” app. “Menu. Settings. Info”.

Well, in a similar way in other system applications that you use.

If you have a fingerprint scanner built into the screen, you can customize the unlock animation there. “Settings. Lock & Protect. Fingerprint control. Fingerprint animation.”.

Many Xiaomi smartphones have an always-on screen mode, where the off display shows the date and time. It’s turned on under Settings. Screen. Automatic. turning on the screen.”.

In the same Settings section. Screen”, by the way, there are also these useful options.

Xiaomi has shoved the control mode switch into a very obscure setting called “Borderless Screen”. There instead of on-screen buttons you can turn on gesture control. It’s more convenient, and it frees up space on the screen.

Some smartphone owners. Well, for example, I. Don’t use the lock screen because they don’t want to make unnecessary movements when turning on their phone. There is no option to disable the lock screen in the settings. Nevertheless, it can be done. via a hidden “For Developers” settings item. To turn it on, you have to go to “Settings. About phone” and there 8 times click on “MIUI version”.

After that, the developer mode will be available in “Settings. Advanced Settings”. And there turn on “Skip lock screen”.

Increase sound level (and enable facial recognition)

In some models, which in principle have facial recognition, this option is not available when setting some types of regions. For example, Russia. In order to turn on this option, you need to set a different region. For example, India: “Settings. Advanced settings. Region”. On the comfort of your smartphone will not affect, but at the same time, firstly, face recognition will be available, and, secondly, the maximum volume of Xiaomi smartphone will be significantly increased.

A very convenient option for those who use two different accounts of the same app. (personal page, company page), Whatsapp (personal and work messengers) and so on. When this option is enabled, the smartphone will create a clone app, which can be separately configured.

When you run an application after that, you will be asked which application to run. main or clone.

Xiaomi smartphones have such an interesting feature, as the creation of a second space. read, profiles. What does it mean? This means that the smartphone has two non-overlapping spaces. With your installed applications, multimedia and so on. When you create a second space in relation to the first, it will look like a smartphone that has been reset to factory settings. How you can use this? Well, for example to create a profile to store your secret data. For example, the first space. for everyone, the phone can be given to a colleague at work or a child, but the second. only for yourself. Access to the first and second space is password-protected, you can also specify access by fingerprint.

This creates a second space, and sets access to it. In the “Settings” section. Second Space.”.

In the second and first spaces, the “Transition” icon will appear. To change the space.

“Settings. Buttons and gestures”. Only the Xiaomi Mi 9 has an AI button. Different actions can be hinged on it.

Also useful features. Launch the camera by double-tapping the power button and taking a screenshot with a three-finger gesture. Works great and is an order of magnitude more convenient than Samsung’s Palm Rib Shot, which works very, very crooked.

Well, that’s kind of all the basic features that are not obvious to many users. I hope this will be useful to someone.

The option is relevant for phones with a 48-megapixel touch module. The technology implies compressing the received data up to 16 MP, and the remaining information can be used to improve color reproduction and eliminate digital noise. If you activate the 48 M function, pixel compression is disabled, and the resolution of the resulting photo reaches the stated value. The disadvantage of using this mode is the increased weight of the photo, which reaches 12 megabytes. It is three times greater than the standard photo parameters, which greatly affects the amount of free memory of the device.

The advantage is the excellent detail of the picture. This allows you to crop the image while maintaining clarity and contrast. Among the advanced options are several color filters.

It is activated by default when you open Camera mode. Suitable for any kind of photography, including night scenes. In low light, there is a loss of detail and clarity.

You can use the double optical zoom, flash, 1:1 square shot, timer. When Tilt-Shift is selected, the center of focus is sharp with blurred edges to create a short focal length effect. It is a nice feature to be able to automatically correct a skewed horizon. When you use the intelligent Google Lens system, it recognizes the subject at which the lens is pointed and provides additional information about it from the Google search engine.

If you use HDR (High Dynamic Range), you’ll have access to stylized graphic effects.