How to Use Nfc On The Phone

Wireless Fidelity, also known as Wi-Fi, is far from the only wireless technology that modern mobile devices support. To transfer data over short distances, in particular, to exchange files between phones, Bluetooth is usually used today. A specification of wireless networks that allows you to establish communication between devices on a physical level. However, there are other technologies that are less popular in everyday life, but are rapidly gaining popularity, such as, for example, NFC, which will be discussed in this article.

What is NFC and what is this technology for?

How to Use Nfc On The Phone

Details about the application of Near Field Communication in different areas will be discussed below, we will also learn what NFC is in a smartphone, and now let me say a few words about how it works. Data exchange between devices supporting the technology is carried out using NFC modules, which are electromagnetic coils. Being conjugated, the coils alternately generate an electromagnetic field, under the influence of which a current arises in them, which is then converted into a transmitting signal.

However, one should not assume that the exchange is always carried out directly. If you start using NFC to transfer files from smartphone to smartphone, they will be transferred via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, NFC will only serve to identify devices. It should also distinguish between active and passive modes of operation of NFC. Active is the mode in which the electromagnetic field is generated by both devices, passive. Only when the field is created by one of the devices. An example of the second mode is writing or reading data from NFC or RFID tags.

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How to find out if there is NFC in your phone

Near Field Communication technology is supported by many different types of devices, including mobile phones. NFC in the phone is such a hardware component that is responsible for pairing with other NFC devices. It is usually located on the inside of the back cover, but if the battery is non-removable, its location is often marked with a logo on the case itself.

There are several ways to check if your smartphone supports NFC technology. Some mobile phone manufacturers, such as Sony, label their products with a corresponding NFC logo or sticker, others, such as Samsung, label “Near Field Communication” on the battery. You can also look for a mention of NFC in the documentation that came with your phone.

There are sites dedicated to sabzh that provide information on which phones have NFC, for example, on the page There is a table with several hundred NFC-enabled devices. Finally, the most correct thing is to open the settings, go to the “Wireless Networks” section, select “” and see if there are NFC and Android Beam items there.

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What can I do with NFC?

So, what is NFC more or less clear, we now turn to examples of its specific use. The scope of this wireless technology is quite extensive. So, NFC is used:

How to use NFC in the phone? After making sure that the NFC function is available on the device, you must first activate it, for which you need to check the NFC option “Allow data exchange when combining a tablet (phone) with another device” in the settings. In this case, the Android Beam option should be automatically activated. If this does not happen, turn it on manually by clicking on it and selecting “Yes”.

Consider the simplest example of using a function. To transfer data. By turning on NFC and unlocking both devices, open the content you want to transfer on the phone, and then bring the devices back with the covers (you can remove them up to 10 cm). After the devices detect each other, the notification “Click to transfer data” will appear on the screen of the sending gadget. Tap on the display and wait for the transfer to complete, which you will be notified by a beep.

Similarly, through NFC, you can exchange links to web pages, applications on Google Play, ands from YouTube.

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There are also third-party applications that support the technology and work with bank cards. Such are Qiwi and Wallet from the developer CardsMobile. Among banking applications, Alfa-Touch from Alfa-Bank can be noted, in Ukraine. Privat24 from Privat-Bank.

To work with NFC tags, you will also need appropriate applications. So, the Yandex.Metro application can be used to obtain information about the number of remaining trips on the Metro card, and AnyTAG NFC Launcher or NFC Actions can be used to program your own tags and manage various functions and devices with their help.

NFC tag scanning is performed as follows. After activating the NFC on the phone and opening the scanner application, place the gadget above the tag at a distance of 1-10 cm. The phone will scan the tag and offer to open its contents.


Now you know in general terms what NFC means and where this technology is applied. In the post-Soviet countries, Near Field Communication, however, has not yet become widespread due to the relatively small number of communication devices supporting it. Nevertheless, the NFC function is very promising and in the very near future will surely turn out to be one of the most popular.