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Airpods. like a radio nanny

Open iPhone settings, go to Control Center and go to items.

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Add hearing function. Now, with the Airpods connected, simply unfold the bottom curtain up and launch this function.

Then you can be in another room or anywhere in general and hear everything that is happening around the phone. This is a pretty interesting life hack.

How to control Airpods. instruction

Let’s take a look at the basic controls and features of Airpods. Unfortunately, there are no mechanical keys on the earbuds themselves. Therefore, the main control takes place by touching / pressing the sensor on the earbud and using the Siri voice.

  • To pause playback and, conversely, start it. tap the sensor once
  • Skip to next song. double tap
  • Go to previous track. triple tap
  • Other commands are given through Siri, for example, tell her to turn down to turn down the volume

Also, in the settings of Bluetooth headphones, you can change the action to double tap, if you want to set another action, and you are not particularly interested in voice control.

How do I answer a call? Just tap the sensor once to receive a call, to end it, tap twice quickly.

Interesting! You can also find Airpods using the Find iPhone option. Just open it in your phone settings and see the last location of your headset.


Everything is simple here, charging comes from the case, just put the earbuds in it. The case itself is charged using a special cable included. Charging in 15 minutes. earbuds can work up to three hours.

Also, in order to better understand the topic of charging wireless Bluetooth headphones, I recommend reading the article. how to charge Airpods.

How to clean Airpods. care

How to set up Airpods

To get to the settings menu, you need to open the case and put it next to the smartphone. Go to the settings section and open the Bluetooth section.

Here you can change the current Airpods name by simply clicking on it and entering a new one. So, you can rename Airpods, this is badly needed.

Change the action on double tap, for example, move to the next track.

Set up the earbud detection function in the user’s ear, for example, so that the music does not pause when you take out one.

Additionally, here is the headset microphone setting. So, for example, a microphone can only be used with one earbud.

Cleaning the cover

Use a bamboo or microfiber cloth. They clean well and absorb moisture with dirt. Don’t use wet wipes.

The Lightning connector can be cleaned with the same tissue, cotton swabs, or a stiff brush if the dirt does not go away.

It is better not to stick anything into the charging ports for cleaning, be careful, clean with the same cotton swabs. The main thing is that there is nothing left in them, otherwise the charging will not go.

Airpods: how to use and manage. instructions

Airpods are some of the most popular quality wireless earbuds out there right now. The second revision of this model has already appeared, and soon there will be a third.

As with other devices, in order to control them, you need to know certain nuances that will help to significantly increase their service life. In this material you will find instructions for Airpods.

You already know how to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password. Today we will look at how to properly use Airpods wireless headphones, keep their appearance and increase the service life.

Airpods are wireless headphones developed by Apple. They are the flagship, both in terms of build quality and sound. They work on TWS technology, i.e. two separate earbuds that are charged from the rechargeable case.

They have a number of features that competitors simply do not have, such as a high-quality control system and, in general, user interaction. All this will be written below.

What does the indicator on the case mean?

By the light of the indicator on the case, you can understand what state the Airpods are in at the moment. Better to remember what the indicator means.

Blinking white. earbuds ready to connect.

Lights up green, full. charging the earbuds from the case.

Lights up green, empty. ready for charging, there is enough charge for one time for sure.

Blinking green. This happens when the earbuds are inserted and removed from the case.

Lights up orange, full. case and earbuds are charging from the mains.

Lights up orange, empty. not enough charge even for one earbud charge.

Blinking orange. shows a connection error, you need to reboot with the button on the case.

No indication at all. the charge is completely out.

Is there life with Airpods wireless earbuds? Early operating experience

When Apple began work on Airpods, the company set itself the task of removing annoying wires from the user by taking a confident step into the wireless future. Finally, Apple expands its product range with its first in-house wired headset.

The futuristic gadget fell into the hands of the journalist of the thematic edition Rene Rithi. Like any techie, Rene spent 10 days with Airpods before writing a review of the device. And he has a story to tell about this accessory infused with Apple magic.

Airpods: operation

You take one Airpods in your hand and its charge status is immediately displayed in the Control Center. Take both. you get information about the pair. We install one earphone in the auricle and Airpods start playing in mono mode. Insert the second. the sound smoothly switches to stereo. They figure it all out without prompting.

As soon as you take out one earbud, the iPhone will automatically pause. For further playback, you can press Play on the iOS device, or you can. use the Airpods to ask the Siri voice assistant to do this. Yes, with one earbud in your ear, you will hear mono until you insert the other.

During operation, Airpods are constantly connected to the iPhone and have access to Siri. It is enough to knock on the earphone casing twice and the voice assistant will become active.

Airpods don’t have any controls: no volume keys, no pause keys. Music is controlled via Siri. Turn to the voice assistant and ask: “make the music louder”, “put on the next track”, “stop playback”, etc.

At first, it seems that in order for Siri to understand you, you need to speak clearly and with correct articulation. It’s a delusion. Airpods have a directional microphone with excellent sensitivity.

And it doesn’t matter at all whether you are on a noisy street, walk past a highway or a construction site, or move in a noisy metro carriage. Noise canceling system makes voice intelligible without your efforts.

Likewise, you can answer phone calls. Tap the Airpods twice to answer. The same action is required to complete the call. I was personally convinced that the interlocutors hear me perfectly in whatever environment I am. Sounds great!

I do not consider myself a music lover, but I can safely say that Airpods sound is not worse than wired EarPods. During use, only a couple of times Airpods momentarily lost connection with the iPhone, at the moment when I moved the smartphone from one to another. I tried them even for podcast and video shooting.

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Airpods headphones: pairing

Almost every Apple product is filled with some of its own “company magic.” In the case of Airpods, this is how this headset works.

To pair Airpods with an iPhone, just bring the headphones to your smartphone and open the Control Center (swipe up from the bottom). They called up the menu, chose the headphones and clicked Connect. That’s it, pairing is over!

But the most amazing thing is that all of your other devices using the same iCloud account now automatically recognize Airpods. Almost everything: Apple Watch, other iPhone, iPad, Mac. The only exception is Apple TV, a gadget that Apple markets exclusively as a device for the home. However, you can connect to Apple TV using the usual Bluetooth connection. No problem with Airpods.

The W1 chip is responsible for all this “magic”. Each earpiece, as it were, feels the presence of its partner: the left one understands that the right one is nearby and vice versa. And this is possible thanks to the vaunted W1 chip and built-in accelerometer.

W1 has taken its rightful place among those owned by the company. Apple has A-series processors, M-series coprocessors, installed in Apple Watch S-series smart watches. Interestingly, each chip is designed for a specific category of devices.

There are still 22 letters in the English alphabet and Apple definitely has a place to roam.

Airpods case

The headset comes with a small case-box and its design immediately takes us back to the time of the classic iPod in white. The iPod, which had a hand in the young and ambitious Jony Ive.

The feeling when opening the top lid is somewhat reminiscent of a vintage lighter. The cover is held in place by a magnet. Apple has calculated as accurately as possible the effort that needs to be made to open it comfortably.

With the Airpods themselves, the picture is exactly the same. Each earphone has a magnet and when they are installed in the case, they seem to slide inside on their own. To remove, you need to make a little effort. The magnet solution saves you the hassle of finding headphones in your bag. they won’t fall out and slip away.

As soon as you open the cover of the case, an LED on the case lights up, which indicates the current state of charge of the battery. Green. the earbuds and case are charged, orange. it’s time to recharge. And for recharging at the end of the Apple has provided a Lightning port. The usual iPhone cord will do.

Airpods headphones: ergonomics

The left and right headphones are mirror images of each other. Every twin brother has the same speakers, the same microphones.

The absence of a cord is a definite plus of the Airpods headset. I am skeptical about headphones and a rare specimen lingers with me for several days. But with Airpods, the situation is truly unique. I still use them: driving, walking, dancing and partying. And they are all right.

Airpods have only dropped out twice. The first one was at the moment when I decided to check if they really did fall out and began to swing my head strongly from side to side. The second. while practicing several techniques in jiu-jitsu. Serious headset shake.

But I confess that the Airpods have exceeded my expectations. Especially after meeting the EarPods.

Timid conclusion

Initially, my attitude towards Airpods was somewhat skeptical. I didn’t think I would like them, but I use them to this day, all the time.

It seemed to me that 5 hours of battery life was too little. But the set includes an original case that allows you to extend their working time up to 24 hours. over, if I listen to podcasts or audiobooks, I can safely stay in one earbud, and in the meantime, recharge the other.

This is the first generation of Apple’s wireless earbuds. And I am very impressed with their exploitation.

Why you need to buy Airpods: the benefits of bluetooth headphones from Apple?

Absolutely all people with an iPhone use headphones. Apple accessories called Airpods are the guarantor of good sound and a quality headset. The company has revolutionized the world of headphones with the release of the cordless Airpods. It was decided to remove the wire connecting the headphones and allow them to synchronize with each other and with the smartphone using Bluetooth.

The main advantages of Airpods headphones

Many smartphone users cannot understand the reason why Apple Airpods are so popular? If you are one of these people, then pay attention to the 3 listed advantages of these headphones:

  • Style. Like all Apple products, Airpods have an original style, they are made in absolute “minimalism”. They are easy to distinguish from headphones from other companies.
  • Sound. “Why do people need headphones?” For listening to music and communicating with people! To enjoy listening to music, you need to have very high quality headphones with a good speaker that produces sound with enough high and low frequencies. Airpods are just such headphones. Listening to music in them is a pleasure, the same applies to situations when you need to make a phone call using headphones and a headset.
  • Quality. Perhaps the word “quality” is synonymous with the name of the Apple company. Despite the fact that the headphones have their own unique and original style, a good speaker, all their components are made at the highest level. The latest Airpods, as mentioned earlier, have the ability to connect to a smartphone using Bluetooth. Since they are wireless, Apple has come up with a dedicated charging base for the earbuds.
  • Long battery life. Headphones in the mode of listening to music or talking are enough for almost a day, and in standalone mode. even longer. After discharging, you need to charge them using a special base. Approximate charging time is 4 hours.
  • Special applications. There are dedicated apps for Airpods that will add some cool features. For example, a battery charge display and an automatic pause if you pull the earpiece out of your ear.
  • Simple connection. One has only to open the lid of the case and press the button on the case so that it lights up white. Set up Airpods in your device and voila!

And these are not all the advantages of this headphone model from Apple.

Why you should buy yourself Airpods headphones?

  • Forgotten Past. China. Many times we have met the analogs of Airpods on the AliExpress website. It was clear that they were trying to fake them in every possible way, so they look faded and tasteless to this day.
  • Magic. The headphones look amazing. Not everyone is used to this yet. And it seems that the cable from Airpods was just cut off.
  • Good performance. Work over five hours in use.
  • Fast charging of the device. Only fifteen minutes, and you can use the headphones for more than three hours.

Touch commands

You can set the action to double-tap the left and right earbuds:

  • Go to “Settings”. “Bluetooth”, expand the functions of “Airpods”.
  • Select for which headset the action is set.
  • Choose the action you want.

From the proposed options, you can configure:

  • Activation
  • Pause music to pause.
  • Switching a track to the next or the one that came before.

How to set up Airpods: instruction in Russian

Hello everyone! Airpods are the wireless earbuds in the world of wireless sound comfort. If you become the owner of a pair of such headphones, here are some tips on how to use Airpods (Air Pods). I advise you to read this manual to the end, as it tells a lot of small nuances that 90% of the owners of this headset do not know about.

NOTE! The instructions are suitable for all types of iPhone: 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6S, SE, 7, 8, 10, XS, 11, 11PRO. Also all Plus models.

Connecting to iPhone

  • Minimize all tasks to go to the Home screen.
  • Open the case with the headphones inside.
  • The Airpods icon will appear on the iPhone screen, click “Connect”.
  • Done. Synchronization was performed not only with the current gadget, but also with the rest of Apple equipment, which is tied to your AppleID. I also advise you to familiarize yourself with the headphone indication.


With the help of an indication on the case, Airpods provide basic information about their condition:

  • No indication. the device is discharged to zero and needs to be charged.
  • Orange with plugs connected. the case and its contents are charging from the mains.
  • Orange without Airpods inside. the charge is not enough to fully charge the sound-reproducing Apple gadget.
  • Blinking orange. a headphone pairing error has occurred, reconnection is required by holding the button on the back of the case.
  • Green when the case is full. charge is in progress.
  • Green when the case is empty. enough battery capacity for one charge.
  • Flashing green. occurs when installing or removing the contents of the case.
  • Blinking white. Standby mode for pairing wireless headphones with a smartphone.
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Find Airpods on the map

If you suddenly lost your headset, you can find it through the Find iPhone application following easy instructions:

Apple AirPod User Guide and Tutorial!

  • Open the app.
  • Log in with your own Apple ID.
  • Select the headset from the list of your gadgets.

Additional features

When paired with an iPhone 10 and an older model, you have the ability to manage some settings:

  • Using only one earphone for talking. Configurable in “Settings”. “Bluetooth”. “Airpods“. “Microphone”, the choice between one earphone out of two.
  • Disable ear autodetection. In the Bluetooth section, expand the menu with the name of the headset and switch the slider to the inactive position.
  • Reconfiguring Airpods and iPhone to Baby Monitor. Go to the chain “Settings”. “Control Center”. “Settings of controls”. Add the option “Hearing” and “Live-listening”. Leave the iPhone near the baby, and walk in wireless headphones within a radius of 10-15 meters.

After the first connection of the headset to the smartphone, on the other device, you can select the audio playback source.

The choice between wireless and Airpods will be offered in case both are connected to the device.

How to connect wireless headphones to an iPhone

Step 1 First of all, we need to get into the “Settings” of your phone or tablet. To do this, find an application on the desktop called “Settings” and click on it.

Step 2 Now in the left column you need to find the Bluetooth adapter menu, it is almost at the very top of the list. Go to it.

Step 3 In my case, Bluetooth is disabled. If you also have it disabled, turn it on by clicking on the switch on the right.

Step 4 After you turn on Bluetooth, you will see a list of devices with which your gadget is already familiar. Or you will not have devices in the list if you have never connected wireless headphones and other devices to your phone or tablet.

Step 5 Now take your headphones, make sure they are turned off, find the power button and hold it for up to 10 seconds. This will allow the headphones to enter pairing mode. Then go to the next step.

Step 6 A few seconds after you have activated pairing mode on your headphones, their name should appear in the list of detected devices. As soon as it appeared (in my case, the Momentum M2 IEBT headphones appeared). click on it to start automatic pairing mode.

Step 7 If a progress bar appears to the right of the device you clicked on, it means that the automatic pairing process has started. You need to wait a couple of seconds and the device will be ready to work.

Step 8 That’s it, pairing completed successfully. The status of your headphones should change to “Connected”, which means they are already working with your iPhone or iPad. Enjoy superior sound. Next time you don’t need to go through the pairing procedure again, you can just turn on Bluetooth on your phone, turn on the headphones and they will establish a stable connection automatically within a few seconds.

Now you know exactly how to connect headphones to an iPhone of any model.

How to connect headphones to earlier versions of iOS

Airpods can be used with both older devices and earlier versions of iOS, ie. with almost any device that has a Bluetooth module. What you need to do for this:

  • Place headphones in the case
  • Press and hold the button on the back of the case until the indicator flashes white
  • Find a Bluetooth headset on the device in the settings
  • Confirm pairing

Lightning adapter Choetech HUB-A01

This is an elegant, simple and easy-to-use Lightning adapter for connecting traditional wired headphones to new versions of iPhones. Please note that you can simultaneously connect headphones and charge your iPhone, which cannot be done if you are using a native adapter.

On iPhone or iPad

  • Open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the device screen.
  • Go to the player screen with a swipe from right to left.
  • Click on the icon and select the required device from the list of available.
  • Click the icon in the menu bar and select Airpods or other speakers under Output device.

NOTE. Airpods will only appear in Control Center and Mac Menu when they’re ready to use and within reach.

What do you need

If you have Airpods Pro, you need at least one of the following devices.

If you have Airpods (2nd generation), you need at least one of the following devices.

If you have Airpods (1st generation), you need at least one of the following devices:

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 10 or later
  • Apple Watch with watchOS 3 or later
  • Apple TV with TVOS 11 or later
  • Mac with macOS Sierra or later

You bought a brand new, glossy, cool iPhone and now you want to listen to music, play games or watch movies with it, all this can be done using the built-in speakers, but very quickly you realize that you want to get high-quality sound. and for this you need to connect headphones. How to connect headphones to an iPhone. the answer is below.

How to connect headphones to another iPnone

If you wanted to listen to music on another iPhone, then when you place the case next to this device, instead of the inscription “Connect”, “Not your Airpods” will appear. What to do about it? To connect you need:

  • Place the headphones in the case
  • Open the cover of the case
  • Press and hold the button located on the back of the case until the indicator on it flashes white

Further, as in the previous paragraph. we see the animation, select “Connect” and “Finish”

How to choose a music playback source

Apple Airpods wireless earbuds can connect to iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. In this case, the sound will switch between devices automatically.

You can select source for music playback (for example, Airpods, iPhone built-in speakers, or Apple TV) by following these steps.

Connecting Headphones to iPhone

We take the branded package with Airpods and carefully open it with a stationery knife or scissors, take out the case and place it near the iPhone. Then we perform the following actions:

Apple Airpods wireless headphones review

Remove the Airpods from the case. As soon as we insert into the ears, playback begins. If we want to pause the sound. we take out one earphone, if we stop completely. both.

How to use wireless headphones?

It would seem that difficult: I bought headphones, put them in my ears and listen to music. In fact, everything is much more complicated. In order for the device to live longer, you need to familiarize yourself with the operating rules in advance, learn how to properly connect it to a phone, computer or TV. And also be able to cope with simple problems on your own. How to use Bluetooth headphones: read our article all about the intricacies of wireless technology.

How to use wireless headphones outdoors?

Most often, the headset is used outside the home. When putting on your headphones outdoors, learn a few simple rules:

  • The ears are an audio device that is not intended for use in humid environments (except for waterproof models). Therefore, when putting on the device in the rain or snow, be sure to hide them under a hat or even refuse to walk with music.
  • Batteries in wireless devices are sensitive to temperature changes and drain quickly in extreme heat or freezing weather. When leaving the house at this time, take care of a full battery charge.
  • Some standard models tend to fall out of the ears and get lost. Try to place them in the auricle so that later you do not have to look for the device.

How to use TWS headphones?

  • In-ear headphones are located inside your ear canal, so do not share them with other people to avoid infections. Otherwise, it is worth promptly treating with an antiseptic or changing the linings.
  • If you can listen to music for several hours without any problems, nothing presses, rubs or causes any other discomfort, then the chosen model of headphones is perfect for you. If not, it is best to change it to something more suitable.
  • The pandemic has shown that it is not only the hands that should be treated with antiseptic compounds, but also the surfaces that come into contact with the skin. Therefore, do not forget to wipe the headphones, just make sure that no drops get inside the device.
  • When listening to music frequently in public or open spaces in the city, it is important to have a model that does not suppress sounds completely. This will help you avoid accidents.
  • Headphones must be cleaned of earwax accumulations, otherwise the sound will deteriorate over time.
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How to use wireless headphones correctly?

The advent of Bluetooth technology has significantly improved the convenience of listening to music for us. Now you don’t have to waste time unraveling your headphones, fixing wires or worrying about kinks on them. Your wireless device needs proper pairing and a fully charged battery. Models from different brands, for example, Airpods, AirDots, JBL, i11 or i12, have a number of functions for which a single key is responsible:

  • Switching on / off usually occurs using the same key. If this is inconvenient for you, try to find a model where there are separate buttons for each operation.
  • Choose a gadget with a maximum of two functions per key, otherwise it will be difficult to control.
  • The volume rocker and rewind are usually on the same button, so it is better to look for a model with separate control keys if you are confusing them.
  • As in the case with the on / off button of the device, in the wireless headset one button accepts and ends the call. However, there are models where pressing the button again after completion automatically dials the last number you spoke to, which is not always convenient.

How to use wireless headphones JBL, Xiaomi, Apple, Sony, Samsung

Regardless of the manufacturer and model, all wireless devices generally work according to the same scheme:

  • Headphones need to be charged using the case.
  • Then you need to create a pairing between the right and left ears, if they are not already paired with each other. This is necessary in order for the main headphone to receive the signal, which it will then distribute between the channels.
  • The next step is to create a pairing between the smartphone / tablet / computer and the gadget (they also need to be connected in turn, since each earphone is defined as a separate audio device).
  • If all the steps are done correctly, try to include any musical composition.

Always read the instructions before use, and it will help you quickly master the control of an advanced gadget.

Listening to audio recordings

After successfully connecting the headphones to the smartphone, you can proceed to music playback. It will start automatically when the user inserts the gadget into their ears. When you remove one earbud, the music is paused, and if you take out two accessories at once, the playback will stop. If you insert the headphones back into your ears within 15 seconds, your favorite track will play again.

Connection to a smartphone and smart watch based on Apple watch OS 3 or later is performed at the same time. To play music on a third-party device or switch between speakers and headphones, just follow the instructions below.

Setting up Airpods. instruction in Russian, useful tips, video

Apple wireless earbuds deliver superior sound quality. Instructions for setting up in Russian with a description of all the stages will help you figure out how to set up Airpods.

Headphone control

The instructions in Russian explain in detail how to set up Airpods headphones and all the principles of device control. Both generations are compatible with the Siri voice assistant, which is activated with a double tap. The 2nd version provides for automatic activation of Siri after pronouncing the phrase “Hey Siri”.

In addition to turning on the voice assistant, double-tapping the headphone performs the following functions:
– Turn on or pause playing music.
– Switch tracks and return to the previous track.
– Stop playback.

How to charge the earbuds and case

To restore the battery charge of the headphones, just hide them in the case and close the cover. Charging takes place automatically after placing the accessory in the case. Both generations are capable of charging in a wireless or standard case using the Lightning interface.

How to set up Airpods on Android

In addition to iOS devices, Airpods are compatible with other mobile platforms. To connect them to Android, you need to follow the instructions:

–Place the accessory in the case.
– Go to the settings of the gadget running Android.
– Open the section “Bluetooth.
– Open the lid of the case with headphones.
– Press the key on the case and wait for the white indication.
– Wait until the “Pairing” item appears in the “Bluetooth” section.
– Close “Settings”

That said, Android users should take into account that a number of Airpods features are only available for Apple products. First of all, it is the Siri voice assistant. The automatic pause option is also disabled.

How to use headphones

Using headphones from Apple involves connecting the device to a smartphone, smart watch or laptop based on Mac OS.

Using the Siri voice assistant

Airpods 2 users can turn on the voice assistant by saying “Hey Siri,” or by double-tapping the earpiece. Through the accessory, you can ask Siri familiar questions or make phone calls. The assistant also knows how to control music, change the volume and perform other useful tasks.

This is how basic examples of commands for a voice assistant look like:
– Include featured music playlist.
– Raise the volume.
– Open route home.
– Switch song.
– Stop playback.
– Estimate the battery level of your phone.

What is special about Airpods

The main feature of the headphones is interaction with other Apple products. It’s not a secret for anyone that the “Apple ecosystem” is as developed as possible (continuing to work on another gadget, answering a call and SMS from a computer or watch, etc.).

You just need to open the case and the smartphone will automatically recognize the headset, displaying a beautiful animation. Other features worth noting include:

  • comfortable headphone shape;
  • small dimensions of the case;
  • excellent battery life;
  • built-in battery in the case;
  • gesture control;
  • high-quality microphone;
  • convenient interaction with Apple devices.

How to use

Now let’s talk about how to use the headset with maximum convenience and comfort. Consider connection methods and control gestures.

Airpods headphones: how to use, what’s special

Let’s take a closer look at Airpods. Not everyone knows how to use these headphones comfortably.

Connect to device

If you have an iPhone, then setup is as quick and easy as possible. The company has thought of automatic detection.

The connection is as follows:

  • Go to the “home screen” on the iPhone.
  • Open the Airpods case and bring it to your phone.
  • The device displays an animation. To complete the process, click “Connect” → “Finish”.

If you have an Android device, the connection process will not differ from the standard “Android” one. You need to do the following:

  • On the case body, hold down the button until the indicator starts blinking white.
  • On your phone, go to the Bluetooth section and connect to Airpods.

It is worth noting that on Android you will not be able to use a number of functions, including gestures.

Gesture control

As mentioned above, the “Apple ecosystem” has its advantages. Gesture control is one of them. Each of the earbuds supports double tap (quick touch). You can assign the following commands:

  • Siri activation.
  • Play and pause audio content.
  • Skip to the next track.
  • Return to the previous track.
  • Disabling audio content.

To configure, you need to go to the “Bluetooth” section → click on the connected headset → select one of the headphones and configure it.

Since you can only assign one gesture, you have to choose. Most often, users put “Skip to the next track” on one headset, and “Return to the previous track” on the second.

Airpods are considered to be some of the best headphones of 2017. Users have no doubt that they will not become less popular in 2018. Due to the convenient control and excellent interaction, this headset can be recommended to every iPhone owner.