How To Use iPad 2019

How To Use iPad 2019

Many owners of Apple technology often link multiple smartphones and tablets to the same Apple ID account. This is not prohibited by Apple policy, but when using gadgets in such conditions there are some features.

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A pair of smartphones can be configured for both full synchronization and partial data migration between them.

Full sync setup

This method is suitable if both devices are used by one person and you need an identical copy of the data on both devices.

1. When setting up a new smartphone, create a backup of the first and restore it on the second.

So immediately transfer most of the data between the devices and make them almost identical.

2. Along the way Settings. Apple ID Account. Icloud enable data synchronization for all used applications.

After making changes, for example, in notes or sending a letter, the data automatically migrates from one device to another.

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3. On the menu Settings. Itunes Store and App Store enable automatic download for all kinds of content. Along the way Settings. Photo iCloud Photos option can be activated to upload images from both devices to the cloud.

Now when you download a new game, movie or music on one device, all this will load on another.

4. Turn on background data refresh in Settings. General. Content Update for frequently used applications.

So the data between will be loaded in the background and after changing the iPhone you do not have to wait for the information to be updated every time the program starts.

Most of the data between applications and information in the account will migrate from one device to another. Each iPhone will have its own independent backup.

System settings and changes in applications without cloud synchronization will not be transferred from one device to the second. For such synchronization, you should periodically roll up a backup copy from the device with more current data.

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Custom sync setup

When the second smartphone is used by one of the parents, a wife or a child, you can also use one Apple ID for two, but on the second iPhone, only select selective synchronization of content.

1. When setting up a new iPhone, log in to your Apple ID scientific record or log in to iOS settings.

So on two smartphones will be available content and purchases from one account.

2. Disable content sync between smartphones.

To do this, go to Settings. Itunes Store and App Store and turn off all the switches. In addition, turn off photo synchronization along the way Settings. Photos. Photos in iCloud at least on one smartphone.

3. In section Settings. Passwords and Accounts You can specify different entries for sharing mail, calendar, notes, reminders and synchronizing contacts.

It will turn out to store contacts or notes of one user in iCloud, and the second in Gmail.

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4. In the settings sections Messages and Facetime can share the use of Apple messenger.

As an identifier on each iPhone, you can choose your phone number or different e-mail accounts.

Five. Turn off data sync with iCloud (Settings. Apple ID Account. Icloud) for those applications that you will use independently.

6. On one of the devices, you can completely prohibit the use of certain applications or block shopping. To do this, set the appropriate restrictions in the menu Settings. Screen Time. Content and Privacy.

So get a couple of smartphones on one Apple ID account, but with different content.