How To Use Ipad

How to start iBooks.

Option 1. Launch from the desktop. To launch the standard book reader application on your device, find the iBooks icon on one of the desktops and then launch the application by tapping it.

Option 2. Search and launch via the search bar.
– Step 1. If iOs is lower than 7, then Press the Home button so many times until the search bar appears. If iOs 7 and above, then slide your finger across the desktop from the middle of the screen down.
– Step 2. Enter the word ibooks in the search bar. Click on the icon of the found program.

– To change the keyboard layout from Russian to English, click on the globe icon at the bottom left under the letters. To return to the Russian layout, you need to press the globe again.

How to view collections.

Collections. These are different sets of books. Something like different bookcases. One collection. One wardrobe. There are three pre-installed collections: Books, Purchased and Pdf. But you can create your own collections.

To view the available sets of books, you need to click the Collections button at the top left of the screen and select the name of the desired book from the list that appears.

How to view books in the same collection.

Option 1. As a list.
To view the titles of books and their authors in the form of a list, you need to click the button, which shows three lines.

Option 2. In the form of books on bookshelves.
To view the titles of books and their authors in the form of books on bookshelves, you need to press the button, which shows four squares.

How to search for a book.

The book will be searched for all collections at once. So it doesn’t matter which collection you are in now.
Swipe down from the top of the screen. A search bar should appear where you can type the title of the book or author. Click on the found book.

How to open a book.

Note. If another book is open. Click on the Library button in the upper left corner. The current book will close and the collection in which this book is located will open.

How to adjust the size of letters.

Click on the button with two letters A in the upper right corner of the open book.
– Step 1. To enlarge the letters of the text. Press the capital A as many times as necessary. You will immediately see the resized text on the screen.
To reduce the letters of the text. Press the small letter A as many times as necessary.
– Step 2. To continue reading, touch the page of text.

How to change the appearance of letters.

The font is responsible for drawing the outline of letters and signs. It affects the readability of the text.
– Step 1. Click on the button with two letters A in the upper right corner of the open book.
– Step 2. Click the Font button.
– Step 3. Choose any of the fonts you like.
– Step 4. To continue reading, touch the page of text.

How to customize the background of a book.

How to customize the look of the book.

How to adjust the brightness of a book.

How to search by text.

To continue reading without going through the search, touch the page of text.

How to go to table of contents, bookmarks or quotes.

Table of contents. Books by chapter with page number.
Bookmarks. Marked pages.
Notes. Text fragments or single words highlighted with color or underlining.

To continue reading from the same place, click the Go to text button in the upper left corner of the book.

How to read footnotes / links / notes.

As you read the text, you may come across footnotes in square brackets or words highlighted in dark blue. If you click on them, then the page of notes at the end of the book will open with the desired text of the explanations. To return to the original text, press Back to Page in the lower left corner of the book.

How to create and delete bookmarks, quotes, notes.

– To create a bookmark, click the striped ribbon icon in the upper right corner of the book. A red ribbon will be placed on the corner of the page.
– To remove a bookmark, click on the red ribbon.
– To navigate through the bookmarks, see paragraph 12.

– Place your finger at the beginning of the quote and then drag it to the end. By default, the quote is highlighted in yellow.
– Tap the highlighted area quickly and release your finger. In the pop-up menu that appears with several buttons, select a set of colored circles to change the color, or a white circle with a red stripe to deselect.
– To navigate through quotes, see paragraph 12.

Own comments (notes) are written to a word, phrase or fragment of the selected text. In the text, they will look like a small yellow square in the margins of the book, by clicking on which you can see them in full size.
– Place your finger at the beginning of the commented phrase and immediately drag it until it ends. By default, the quote is highlighted in yellow.
– Tap the highlighted area quickly and release your finger. From the multi-button pop-up menu that appears, select the yellow striped rectangle.
– A note box will appear. After writing your note, click on the hide keyboard button.
– To delete a note, you can either clear the Notes field, or delete the quote to which the comment is attached.
– List of notes are displayed in anchor to quotes (see paragraph 12).

How to use iTunes

Itunes this word is familiar to everyone who buys an iPad. But Aityuns aityunsu strife has an iTunes program on a computer to manage our media library and synchronize it with the iPad, and there is a standard iTunes application that comes with the iPad operating system.

Those who have learned how to use the App Store, I think, can easily master iTunes, which on the iPad is exactly about this iTunes we will now talk about, in the second part, I will talk about the desktop version of iTunes. But for beginners, I consider it necessary to tell you everything I know about this program, how to use it and what it is.

Instructions How to use iTunes on iPad.

Well, firstly, you need to have an iTunes login and password before using it. I have already written how to register it without a credit card. When you first log into iTunes, you need to log in to do this, click the Sign in button and enter your registration data.

At the bottom we see switching to three sections: Podcasts, iTunes U, Downloads.

Itunes U section in iTunes on iPad

Podcasts section in iTunes on iPad

The Podcasts section contains podcasts: audio and. I wrote about podcasts in a separate article Podcasts on iPad. But for those who are lazy to follow the link, I will say that these are audio or files that need to be listened to or watched. Podcasts are usually thematic, that is, for example, they can be about Japanese painting, about the iPad, or about theatrical performances. It all depends on the imagination of the podcast authors.

Podcasts are cataloged and we can watch them by category both in the selections and in the chart.

We can download podcasts. They are all free. In the American iTunes, you can download albums, films and TV series. Here they are usually paid. Russia has not yet matured to such a format for the distribution of media products. Therefore, we are glad that at least podcasts are free.

Downloads section in iTunes on iPad

In this section of iTunes, we see downloads. You can pause the download, but you cannot cancel it, which is not good.

After downloading the media, you can watch and listen to it in the iPod and.

An interesting flaw was drawn only during download, if the connection was interrupted, then the program said that it could not play this file and simply removed itself from the downloads. I think this is a glitch.

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If you sync with a computer, the data downloaded from iTunes to iPad will be in your desktop iTunes: I’ll tell you how to use iTunes on a PC next time.

Hello. I have a problem: when I go to iTunes, it first loads, the outlines of ads and sections appear, but as soon as everything is loaded, the image disappears, and instead a white screen (everything worked before). The same situation with the AppStore = (Please tell me what you can do.

The same problem as Sergei. I will be glad if they help

The same problem as Sergei. I will be glad if they help

Same problem as Sergei

Same problem.

Finally answered everyone, the truth is that I could not dig up much on the Internet (

According to the problem, it is possible that you have a rather bad Internet channel. That’s exactly how it was when wi-fi was not stable
The second thing that I dug up on the internet (everywhere only indirect answers) maybe you all have version 3.2.2 and it happens there. The decision to upgrade the OS

How To Use Ipad

Hello ! I want to download music to my iPhone 3 g, but it writes your iPhone is tied to another computer, if you start synchronizing then all files and music will be erased. How to be how to sync music?

If you downloaded the music, then authorize iTunes on your computer using the account id and password.
If the music is not yours, then look towards third-party utilities: DiskAid, TuneAid for Windows and iRip for Mac OS

I had the same problem in my ipad, it disappeared by itself!

I recently upgraded my ipad and downloaded a lot of applications. If I now download the application myself from the ipada itself, they will all be deleted?

Something does not work in iTunes 10, I transferred the files, packed them into three playlists # 1, # 1, # 3, drag them onto the iphone4 inscription in turn, but on the phone only playlist # 3 is not there. And I tried to synchronize, there in the list all three playlists mark the checkboxes all three I press to synchronize and all one playlist is only number 3 in the phone. What can I do wrong?

With the iphone connected, look at the iPhone Name tab. Music. There is a check mark “Selected playlists, artists”? If yes, then see the playlist lists below. Putting checkmarks in front of the desired playlists.

Everything that you wrote is true. I made 4 playlists and all four are checked. BUT only # 4 is copied to the iPhone after pressing the sync button And also: before, I could directly drag the playlist into the iPhone and it was copied, but now it does not work. This is in this version of the aytyuns or something else?

I download programs, they are in itunes, but they are not copied in the iphone, they write that they were not found, tell me what to do

Too little information on your jail? Or are you officially downloading? What mistake

First, I want to say thank you for your site, work and efficiency in tracking all updates. Everything seemed to go well with me until then, now I updated the firmware on ios5 and there was a problem, I can see 19 of my programs in itunes, some are paid, some are not, only half of them are copied, I don’t understand why I looked for some checkboxes to put for in order to synchronize EVERYTHING, but I find nothing, maybe the reason is something else?

Thank you very much for your attention, I found how to do it))) sorry)))

Oops, I already wanted to answer) in general, it is best of course, if you solve the problem at least briefly describe how it was solved, this can help someone in the future

I have a question here, I downloaded aytyuns, connected the ipad, and in aytyuns there are tabs “ipad”not to see what to do?

Installed software 5, synchronization was lost. I removed ITuns from my computer, installed it again. It still gives an error to the mobile, etc.

Help! I already wrote that after installing OS5, synchronization was lost. So now it still constantly gives the Mobile Backub error and the MD CrashReport Tool error. And he writes that backup is impossible. I’m a full kettle in this business. What to do? Yes, I performed a system restore to 4. And the above errors constantly appear during synchronization. GUARD!

I apologize if I am bored. I understand that I asked my question in the wrong paragraph, if you can throw it where you need to. Because I cannot solve the problem on my own. Thanks in advance.

Another immodest question. How to remember your password or recover your Apple ID. I wrote it down and then lost it. I went through all the options. Help link.

In my opinion, you can restore Apple ID and password to it according to the secret question and answer that were specified during registration

How to download twitter for iphone?

Find by search in AppStore))

What to do if there is no AppStore on the iPhone?

Your iPhone is not a Chinese case?

I have a little problem when I can’t install paid games from iTunes, although the free versions are fine. Please tell me what is the reason (in case of an error, it says that synchronization with aytyuns fails)

Phone: IPhone4s Neverlock if helps

Hello! There is a problem. I can not install ios5 on 4.3.3, in the pop-up window, this text: There was a problem loading software for “Ipad admin”. Connection time limit exceeded Please make sure you have a connection. To the network and check the network settings.

Thanks for your review. And then I was thinking how to watch a movie or music, it turns out to be only podcasts.

Good evening! Tell me, please, just don’t laugh, I’m not an advanced user, but just learning. Can I download programs via the ipad without connecting it to a computer? THOSE. It turns out if the ipad has good Internet, then synchronization with the computer is needed only if photos are uploaded?

Weak. With what is written, and so any student will figure it out
itunes is the most glitchy app I’ve ever seen.
The main problems arise with synchronization. And this is the main action that the device performs in the most important moments, incl. When updating software.
First of all, it is not clear where the program stores the backup. I specified drive d in the settings, where I have 70 gigs free, so this infection saves both there, and on drive c, completely eating up all the free space
further, despite all the preparatory work, as a result, after synchronization, complete chaos is formed in the device, if before all the programs were neatly in daddies, then after everything was scattered on 10 pages
I am also silent about how the internal itunes downloader works? Which loads all purchased applications. It does the entire list and loads three applications per stream onto the hard drive. I take and delete from the list those programs that I definitely don’t need. So, after restarting the program, it still pulls out these programs again and starts loading!
In short, a terrible hassle. But unfortunately I advise everyone to sit down on this needle at once, before you pump applications from the app store into your iPad (directly, not through itunes). Since you still have to update the software

Ps: another significant drawback. When working with other programs, for example, with Nokia’s, when the device is connected to the computer, the device starts charging from the computer. Those. There is no risk that the battery runs out during the update. This is not here, so keep an eye on the charge, some updates are loaded and placed for more than an hour!

Hello! Please tell me what to do. I downloaded paid games and there was no money on the card. But the download went anyway, so I downloaded a bunch of programs. Now I can’t even download free applications, And now I was blocked from accessing aytyuns via iPad and in general in appstor. What is the best way for me to proceed? Maybe you can somehow register in a new way and enter new data?

You put money on the card how much you owe then you can restore access to the programs.

Only it seemed to me that I found a common language with this BIG GLITCH, as he again gave a feint. I carefully re-read everything on the site again, but I did not find any indication that the aytyuns on the computer saves the address of music, books, etc. And when you move something on your computer, aytyuns then does not find it until you drop it again. In any case, this is exactly what happened to me (after putting things in order on my computer, aytyuns gave out that he had not found half of the books, music, etc.) Question: it turns out that without this particular computer, I will not find anything in it at all and accordingly does not sync to ipad. For me this is critical, because a working computer, respectively, sooner or later I will not have it at hand. And it also turns out that if you put music from a removable disk into iTunes, then if there is no disk, the music will not be in the iTunes either? In my gut I sense that this has already been discussed and explained here, but I cannot find it where. I beg you, either answer or poke your nose at the link. Thank you so much!

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I bought an iPad 2, installed iTunes from the official website, but I can’t transfer the music to the day, please help me

Hello. How to transfer music to aytyuns so that the one that is already there would not be deleted?

Tell me a link to download I Tunes, pliz)))

Please, tell me what this aytyuns is doing. Why do I connect the phone and see in the program all the tracks that are on the phone, but in the program everything is EMPTY ?? Where is he doing them? And before it was possible to copy to the phone, but now it does not give either tracks from the computer directly, or tracks that I pre-load into the program What am I doing wrong?

Good evening! I have such a problem: I go to aytyuns, put something on download, but he wants to download it to no one. Writes: failed to connect to the iTunes store. What is it and how to deal with it? Thank you in advance)

I have the same problem as Anna, I go to the library, he writes: Can’t connect to iTunes.

I put the same thing on the download, and he says that he cannot connect with aytyunsu. And so for a week already: (please help)

Can you please tell me how to sync music to the iPad? Aytyuns simply does not see it. Why is this happening at all? And is it possible to throw music from a flash drive into the iPad without leaving the music on the computer, otherwise the tunes puts it into inactivity and in general how to download the music. Please tell us in detail, I can’t do anything. Thank you in advance.

And where to download games, applications??

Tell me how to upload songs and movies from a computer to an iPad via aytyuns so that all applications from the tablet do not fly off. And, then already once so burned. Thank you in advance.

I can not download games more than 50MB, a window pops up either via wi fi or iTunes. I don’t have Wi fi. Please tell me what to do. Pliz)))))))))

I have an ipad3, I go to the standard iTunes application there at the bottom there are two iTunes U tabs, and podcasts, both tabs demanded that I download applications (the names correspond to the tabs), I downloaded. But how to enter regular iTunes? When I go to iTunes he writes ” can’t connect to iTunes Store. Tell me what to do.

The same problem as Sofe: ipad3, I go to iTunes shows two iTunes U tabs at the bottom, and podcasts, both tabs demanded that I download applications, I downloaded podcasts, nothing has changed. How to log into regular iTunes? In parallel with the Windows laptop I entered and even synchronized something (I can not understand what)

Why do you need iTunes on iPad (you can’t buy music there anyway)? App Store application is intended for working with applications

I do not know how to use ay tunes

And what about the article? What exactly do you not understand in the program? What are you going to use it for? If only for downloading applications and media content, you can try to master iTools, I personally use it:

The program is now in Russian and is more convenient than iTunes

How to install games larger than 50MB on an iPad?

Via Wi-Fi or iTunes on your computer, and then sync. I understand that you are talking about limiting 3G

Funi when I don’t buy myself this apple.

And be sure to download iTunes on Ipad2 and why?

The iTunes Store app must be part of the operating system and you won’t uninstall it in any way

Sorry) maybe right now it’s not a very relevant question to ask, but firstly, I don’t have such aytyuns design, and secondly, there isn’t a single free song all the songs are for some reason 16 15 rubles, please help

I finally found the heading podcasts, I was offered to download the podcasts application from the AppStore: D I hope I’m doing everything right)

🙁 nothing happens, help me cleanly so that the songs are in the playlist, they can be listened to without the Internet and used in applications like stare

Hurray, well, I still didn’t understand with aytyuns; D but I found a super-duper application mymedia there everything is very clear and everything downloaded quickly, I enjoy the music, thank you too:

Probably I’m very stupid running iTunes on iPAD 4, I don’t see any control panels, just below 5 buttons Music, Movies, Top charts, Genius, Shopping. And I want to download music from my computer. Where to start? What do you need to reap ?

Hello, please tell me. My friend gave me her iPhone 5, erased everything from there, but the body is tied to her Apple ID. Went under her ID. How to change and install and tie my iPhone to my new Apple ID. I created it, but it is not included in it


My itunes does not open at all what to do I don’t know tell me someone

Why update the good old features. I would like to look this enemy in the eye. And where now to look for everything that was before? Is it possible to return everything back? I do not want and will not make any more updates.

Hello! Tell me, when I download something new through iTunnes on the iPhone, the old one is deleted! Please tell me what to do and how to avoid it?

I have a question regarding iTunes. Please tell me, here I have an ipod7 nano, different playlists have been created in itunes, for example, I delete one sheet with music, but in the song section all this music remains hanging, even though it is deleted on the ipod, BUT the program shows that there is no space on the player freed, thus a breakdown occurs and I also have to look for all these songs from the songs in the program and delete them in order to free up space, which is a hemorrhoid that annoys me. Is it possible to do that by deleting the playlist, they are deleted everywhere?

How to remove duplicates in iTunes?

  1. Open the iTunes app.
  2. Click “File”. “My library”. “Show Duplicates”.
  3. Click “All” to see a list of duplicated tracks, click “Same Album” to display the duplicated songs from a specific album.
  4. Click on the “Name” column in iTunes: this will ensure that duplicate files appear next to each other.
  5. Go through the tracks and remove any duplicates you don’t need. Select the unnecessary file, press “Delete” on the keyboard.

How to sync iTunes with Windows Media Player?

  1. Find which folders the Windows Media Player music is in.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Open the File menu.
  4. Select “Add folder to library”.
  5. Select the folder you want to add.
  6. Repeat for any additional folders.

How do I use iTunes? What is iTunes?

Itunes is used to play, download and organize digital media files, including music, and on personal computers running macOS and Windows operating systems. Content must be purchased through the iTunes Store.

How to make iTunes your default player on Windows?

  1. Select “Start”, enter “Default”, then select “Default Programs”.
  2. Select “Set default programs”.
  3. Select iTunes on the left. If you want iTunes to open any file type it is compatible with, you can click “Set this program as default”.
  4. To associate iTunes with specific formats, click “Select defaults for this program”.
  5. Check the files that iTunes should open.

How to get started with iTunes?

  1. Click Sign in to iTunes Store.
  2. Click Create New Apple ID and follow the instructions to create a new Apple ID. Then you can sign in to your new iTunes account.
  3. From the Account menu, select Sign In.
  4. Enter your Apple ID.
  5. Click Login.
  6. Enter your password.
  7. Click Login.
  8. You can now download music, movies, ringtones and apps from the iTunes Store and AppStore.

How I started using iPad in a completely different way

Over the years, the role of the iPad in Apple’s product line has changed dramatically. Previously, the company offered only one iPad model (by the way, it was much easier to understand Apple tablets then). She now sells several different iPad variants to suit different budgets and use cases. And if earlier many used Apple tablets mainly for consumption of viewing content, toys and social networks, now more and more people say that the iPad has become a good assistant for productive work. What has changed?

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Where the iPad was once a device for entertainment, now you can safely use it in work

Keyboards for iPad

Perhaps the main reason is that Apple’s iPad accessories are much more powerful and better. Many people forget that Apple used to sell the first generation iPad keyboard as a docking station, but it was very limited and not suitable for most tasks: it only worked in portrait orientation, was bulky and only connected to the iPad via the 30-pin connector.

This is what the first iPad keyboard looked like. Olds here?

With the introduction of the Smart Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio, Apple has taken its iPad Pro accessories line to the next level. While none of them were perfect, they helped pave the way for the Magic Keyboard with Trackpad. I have been using the iPad 10.2 for a long time in conjunction with the Smart Keyboard, and often it really could replace my computer. Thank you Apple for expanding the iPad accessories range to cheaper models. This allows you to use Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard even on iPad for 27,000 rubles.

And my colleague Artem Sutyagin uses an iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard for typing, editing, and even editing when needed. Magic Keyboard significantly improves performance in most areas, as evidenced by the many stories of using this keyboard from readers in our Telegram chat.

What is not an ideal workplace?

The bulk of the remote work of our author Igor Filon also happens on the iPad, and here he shared his experience on how to turn the iPad Pro into a full-fledged working tool.

Currently, the iPad line is powerful enough to do just about anything you can put on its shoulders. One of the key features of the iPad for many is native LTE support. Apple has long since ditched a SIM-enabled MacBook, and the LTE iPad Pro can fill that gap.

How iPadOS differs from iOS

My iPad’s shift from content consumption to workflows wasn’t just about hardware and keyboards. Last year, Apple split iPad from iOS and introduced iPadOS 13. One of the biggest and most important changes in iPadOS 13 for me is the redesigned Safari browser. In the past, many websites often displayed iPhone-optimized pages on the tablet, but now the iPad displays any site just like it does on the Mac. Small text and buttons are automatically scaled to be accessible for touch input. Using the Safari for iPad interface from a desktop computer has greatly improved usability, especially when combined with an external keyboard.

Another key feature of iPadOS is the Files app. It allows you to connect external drives, flash drives and other devices, for which people used to jailbreak.

In the future, I am confident that Apple will continue to add new features to iPadOS. Yes, many features in iOS and iPadOS are still similar, but last year’s release of the iPadOS platform certainly sets the stage for its separation from iOS in the next few years.

Ipados is the best operating system for tablets

For me personally, the iPad is now incredibly versatile. Not only is it great for consuming content, but it is also a powerful tool for creating content and increasing productivity in any job. Especially if you use it with accessories like Smart Keyboard or Magic Keyboard. Over the past year, iPad has become an important part of my workflow thanks to improvements made to the accessory ecosystem and iPadOS itself. Have you started using iPad differently after iPadOS? What do you want to see in the future? Share your ideas in the comments.

Read also

Did you know that your iPhone always knows where you are? No, we’re not talking about geolocation in applications right now. Many iPhone and iPad users are unaware of the fact that their devices are constantly sending data about their location to Apple, and also save all the information on the devices themselves. It’s one thing if a person has nothing to hide at all, []

Despite the fact that Apple has been very active in developing Mac computers in recent years, offering super-cool updates almost every year, their front cameras seemed to be stuck in the late 2000s. 720p for top models and 480p for basic ones like the MacBook 12” clearly did not contribute to obtaining a high-quality picture. It is clear that there is no point in using []

The practice of beta testing fresh updates from Apple has been around for a very long time. Despite this, all these years the company for some reason allowed all owners of its devices to participate in the program, except for the Apple Watch. For some unknown reason, only developers could test the new watchOS assembly before the official release, and this opportunity was closed for ordinary users. However, at WWDC 2020, []

An overview of multitasking gestures for iPad

Especially for novice users who do not know how to use the iPad, we will tell you about some of the tips for controlling the tablet. Controlling Apple iPad is quite simple, all actions are performed using tapes and gestures on the touch screen. Previously, we went through the iPhone gestures, the same gestures are successfully used in the tablet, but for the iPad, the developers came up with additional multitasking gestures.

Multitasking gestures are now available to all iPad users who have updated their tablet firmware to iOS 5 and above. If you do not know what version of the firmware is in your iPad, then read the post How to find out the firmware version. The developers have not yet begun to include multitasking gestures in the iPhone firmware, apparently, this is due to the small screen size, where it will not be very convenient to use 4 or 5-finger gestures. But on the large iPad display, applying additional gestures is very convenient, but most importantly useful.

Before we look at each multitasking gesture used in the Apple iPad, you can read about multitasking itself on the iPad, as they say, to dive into the topic more fully and delve into the process of gestures.

Switch between running applications
On desktops and laptops running Windows or Mac OS, you can quickly switch between running programs by pressing the AltTab or CommndTab keyboard shortcut.

With the advent of multitasking on the iPad, a similar useful ability to navigate between apps is now on the tablet. To switch from one application to another, touch the screen with 4 fingers, and without lifting it, scroll the screen to the left or right, as shown in the image above. A very convenient feature when working with several running applications at once.

With such a quick transition, you can play your favorite game and chat in IM at the same time. The transition between applications is smooth, we tried to launch 7 different applications and games on the iPad 2 and did not notice any brakes when switching between them.

How to minimize the application
In order to minimize the application in iPad (with iOS 5 and higher) and return to the home screen with icons, you can press the Home button.

But if multitasking gestures are enabled, then to minimize the application, you can touch the screen with 5 fingers and, without lifting, collect them in a heap. This will minimize the application to the tablet memory without the Home button. The minimized application will be stored in a hidden dock of the multitasking bar. Read more about access to Multitasking Bar.

Opening the multitasking panel
We have already talked about the multitasking panel and showed it earlier, for those who have not read, we repeat to launch the multitasking panel, you can press the Home button 2 times

Alternatively, 4 fingers can touch the iPad screen and gesture upward. In this case, the multitasking panel will also open at the bottom of the display. Read more about working with the multitasking panel earlier.

In order for all the gestures we are considering today to work on the iPad, they must be enabled in Settings (Basic Multitasking Gestures). If these gestures are not needed, then you can turn them off.

Having learned about these gestures, novice users like to just sit and minimize applications, scroll through them, and generally play around. This is due to the effects applied when performing gestures, they are performed very efficiently and smoothly, therefore, they introduce the user into a hypnotic and enthusiastic state.

Long-term use of the iPad with multitasking gestures virtually eliminates the need for a Home button, so it’s no surprise if this button disappears in future versions of the tablet.