How to use Instagram without VPN on Android. Privatevpn

How to set up your smartphone on Android so that Instagram and Sberbank work on it at the same time?

And at the same time, it would not be necessary to constantly turn on and turn off VPN?

Many are probably faced with the fact that when connecting a VPN on a smartphone, a number of applications such as Sberbank, State Services, Avito and the like cease to work. This is due to recent hacker attacks on these resources. In this connection, when trying to enter these applications from IP foreign countries, their work is blocked.

As a result, to see what is new in the or Inste tape has to turn on the VPN, then it turns out that Sberba does not work and for a long time you are dull why it is. Finally, you think that you need to turn off the VPN. After an hour, you try to run the. it does not work again and so in a circle)

How to solve this problem? Install the ShadowsCks application on your smartphone.

Immediately forced to make a reservation that I did not find a way to implement this method for iPhone and iPad. All ShadowsCks customers I know for these gadgets do not support the method of selecting applications that work through VPN. Therefore, this article is designed for Android users.

If one of the readers knows customers for the iPhone with similar functionality, tell me, please, in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will add this information to the article.

Shadowsocks. This is an Opensors project, the protocol of which was developed in China to facilitate access to some services inaccessible there. There are many similar protocols and technologies now, but we, within the framework of this article, are interested in the following feature.

Namely, the fact that the Shadowsocks application for Android allows you to choose applications that will work through VPN and which do not! And this is not only very convenient, it also can significantly save traffic.

But this application is only a client, and also you need a server with installed Shadowsocks. How to raise this server I described in my last article. Unfortunately, part of the article devoted to payment has lost its relevance, since the Bankoff service was bent safely, burying (or assigning) customer money and mine, including. Otherwise, the article is relevant if you have the opportunity to pay hosting from Digitalocean.

If you can’t deploy the server yourself, then you can use one of the VPN services that provide access from the ShadowsCks protocol.

Next, I will show how to correctly configure the VPN on a smartphone using the access key from PAX VPN. This service is convenient because it does not require registration. It is enough to go to a telegram both and get a free key for 5GB of traffic there.

First we go to the PAX VPN telegram-boot, press the start, you will be offered 5GB of traffic as a gift for free, click get.

The bot will give you the access key, click on it, it copies into the exchange buffer.

How to connect VPN for Instagram on the phone for free

Most users use Instagram on mobile devices, since the version for PC does not have all the necessary functions. Therefore, it makes sense to consider the instructions for connecting a VPN for Instagram precisely on mobile gadgets on different operating systems.

Due to the blocking, residents of some countries can go to Instagram only through VPN

It should be immediately clarified that to unlock the social network, you can safely use free services. But they have many restrictions, they can not always boast of high speed of the Internet connection, and the number of foreign servers is usually limited. One of the best services for Instagram. Planet VPN. This software has both a paid and free version, and the successful location of servers and modern technologies allow you to quickly establish a stable Internet connection.

You need to use VPN for Instagram not only to obtain access to the site, because this technology also allows:

  • Change the IP address of the device so that the user’s actions on the network cannot be tracked.
  • Connect to the server of another country. In other words, after turning on the VPN, traffic first passes through a foreign server and only after that connects to the site. Due to this, the IP address of the device also changes, which means that the lock is removed.
  • Connect through a remote server without losing speed of Internet connection. Paid applications usually have this feature.

On Android

With the installation and connection of VPN for Android devices, everything is as simple as possible: just go to Google Play and download your favorite application.

You can download the VPN application for Android on Google Play

To do this, in the line of search, Google Play introduce the name of the VPN service or simply introduce the word VPN. In the latter case, the user will open a list of all available applications. To choose the right one, just familiarize yourself with the description of the product, view photos and reviews, and then click on the green button “install” next to the application.

The installation takes no more than a minute, after which the inscription “install” changes to “open”. In the future, the principle of using all VPN services is similar: the user simply opens the application, presses the launch button, selects the country’s location and in a few seconds will be able to enjoy access to Instagram.

On the iPhone

In the iPhone, the instruction will be approximately the same. The only difference is that you will have to download the VPN application not with the Google Play Market, but from the official website for the iPhone-AppStore.

VPN application for iPhone downloads with AppStore

Further actions remain the same: the user studies a list of available applications, selects and sets the right. Когда появляется необходимость создать защищенное интернет-соединение, достаточно кликнуть по значку приложения и установить связь с удаленным сервером.

Experienced users recommend using universal VPN services like Planet VPN, because their developers initially create a product that is suitable for different operating systems and browsers.

How to install VPN for Instagram

Most users use Instagram from mobile devices, because the version for PC has very limited functionality. This greatly facilitates the VPN installation task for Instagram.

VPN для смартфонов на Android и iOS. Бесплатный и без рекламы | Как зайти в instagram |

At the moment, the choice of VPN services is very extensive, so neither Android users or those who prefer the iPhone will have problems with the search and installation of the desired application.

There is one important nuance in installing a VPN application: do not install a completely free product. As a rule, such software has a low level of security, and the server is not fast so that the connection speed does not suffer during connection to them.

Installation of the selected application will take no more than a few minutes

But even in paid versions of programs there is a free version that will help to test the service in practice and determine whether it is suitable for user requirements. In some cases (we are talking about the latest versions of smartphones), it will not even be required to install a separate application. Modern gadgets provide VPN support. The user only needs to configure it correctly.

How to register on Instagram in 2022 after blocking it

Instagram is one of the largest social networks with a multimillion.dollar audience around the world. In 2022, Instagram suffered terrible losses, officially lost about 60 million users from the fact that the authorities banned the activities of META in the country, and also blocked the services of the company. It turned out that the lock can be bypassed. We will tell you how to register on Instagram in 2022 after official blocking.

The fact of blocking Instagram did not particularly surprise the citizens of the social network and previously blocked during rallies, unrest and military conflicts. But in those cases, the authorities only temporarily limited access to the service, and after a few hours or days they removed restrictions. However, in 2022, the situation was much worse. On March 11, the Prosecutor General’s Office demanded that the Instagram resource block.

instagram, android

The decision was due to the fact that the administration of the service began to openly call users to violent acts in relation to the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces by the way, on March 4 of the same year, the president signed a law that prohibits the distribution of misinforming information about the troops since that time has repeatedly violated this law because he did not delete users’ posts who condemned or ridiculed the troops from the moment of blocking did not change his decision. This means that the social network is blocked to this day.

Circle of locking via VPN

Many users are interested in why bloggers continue their work on Instagram. After all, the social network was blocked, which means that no one can register in it, much less publish posts. It turned out that the ban can be circumvented using VPN technology, which allows you to change the actual user location on the Internet. How to use VPN and will be discussed.

Disclaimer: the author does not call users to action. All instructions below are purely informative in nature. Neither the author nor the site administration is responsible for the consequences of the implementation of the methods specified in the material.

Is it legal

Many people are afraid to use VPN because this technology is associated with illegal activities. Indeed, VPN is often recommended to conceal illegal activities on the Internet, bypassing the locks and purchase of prohibited substances. In fact, there is nothing illegal in the use of technology itself. Let’s say more, large companies use VPN for corporate purposes to provide access to the network to partners from other countries.

This means that the police will not be able to arrest the user for using VPN. But law enforcement agencies can use the fact of hiding a real location in other cases. For example, if the user is suspected of buying prohibited substances via the Internet, then the police will analyze his Internet traffic and may use the fact of using the VPN against the accused.

Perhaps someone will say that the use of technology for viewing prohibited sites is a crime. By no means that is not the case. The authorities do not recommend resorting to such methods, but do not punish those who disobey recommendations. In general, you should not worry about the legality of the actions described below.

The main thing is not to use them to perform actions that are persecuted by the Criminal Code (for example, do not register on Instagram to publish disinforming opposition posts and do not use the function of changing the location to perform Internet crimes).

Which application is used

Well, we figured out legal subtleties, now let’s move on to practical moments. Some phones support tools for connecting to VPN. However, for them it is necessary to know in advance the address of the remote server, which is located in another country and data for connecting to it.

Perhaps experts prefer this method, but it is useless for ordinary users. functionality is usually used to connect to the private network of the company in which the owner of the phone works. In other cases, it is recommended to install a program that will automatically connect to VPN. Here are just some of them:

There are other programs on the network. However, the author checked the above applications on his experience and was satisfied with the result.

Paid or free VPN. which is better

Almost all popular applications in Play Market are offered to change location for paid and free servers. Many users are wondering. is there a difference between them and whether it is worth overpaying for an additional service.

The fact is that on free servers there are restrictions on throughput, because they work more slowly. And besides, the lion’s share of Internet situers uses paid servers, therefore the load on them is higher than on paid. Accordingly, there are no problems with a large number of users and weak “iron” on paid servers. In general, if the user wants to avoid hovering on Instagram, then we recommend paid servers.

Note: if the phone itself for a long time loads sites and applications for a long time, then no VPN can correct the situation. In this case, it is necessary to change the network settings, or buy services from providers with higher bandwidth.

Bypass instructions

Let’s say that the user has already chosen a suitable program and installed it. Now you need to activate VPN. The algorithm of actions:

Ready. After registration, the owner of the account will be able to freely open applications and use the functions of the service.

Protected entrance to Instagram via VPN on a computer

For those who use Instagram mainly on the computer, information about VPN will also be useful.

Unlike mobile devices for which individual applications must be downloaded, it is enough to install a special extension for the browser on the computer. For example, PlanetVPN is perfect for this purpose. a new service with versions for PC and mobile devices, as well as the most popular browsers.

Instagram users on PC can install VPN anticipation for a browser

Installation instructions will be slightly different from mobile devices. It is better for the user to download the extension from the official website or online store of the browser. After loading, the expansion will appear on the top panel of the browser. Further, it is enough for the user to simply click on the expansion, choose the country of the server location and connect to it.

Do not be afraid that when using Planetvpn will suffer the speed of the Internet connection. The company’s servers are powerful and modern, and are located around the world, which provides not only a high connection speed, but also reliable encryption of user data.

In the future, when the VPN will no longer be used, with just one click on the button, you can disconnect from the remote server.

How to enter Instagram via VPN

There are several ways to go to Instagram in with VPN depending on the device.

How to go to Instagram via VPN on a computer

There are 2 ways: install the program or add an extension to the browser. Consider both on the example of selective services. Approximately the same algorithm will be relevant when using other anonymizers.

How to install a VPN on a computer:

  • Follow the link for downloading and upload the installation file to PC;
  • run the file and allow changes on the computer;
  • configure the list of recommendations so as not to install Yandex applications;
  • click “Next” and again “further” to start the installation. by pressing “Next”, you agree with the rules for using the service;
  • The application will be installed on your computer, open the reference page in English in the browser. you can immediately close, because in general terms about the VPN you have already read in this article;
  • ready. the anonymizer immediately installed the connection without additional settings.

By the way, you will not find a social network site in the search, it is hidden on the request of the RKN. So you have to enter a manually in the address line.

Now you can read news again and watch Storis and Reals instead of working

To turn off the VPN, just close the program.

Psiphon, as it turned out, has one inconvenience. you can not find the label of the installed program either on the desktop, or in all programs in the start.up. To start the VPN again, I had to go through the installation process again. But maybe you will have otherwise.

There is a safe application to post on Instagram and other social networks from a computer. SMMPLanner Autoposting Service. Plan the posts in advance so as not to enter the account once again. the posts will come out on time, and you will receive a notification. SMMPlanner works through an official API or its own emulator outside

It is convenient to use the service to maintain several accounts, post on different social networks at the same time, automatically replace content from the site, set up auto.register in telegrams. By link. 2 weeks of access to full functionality for free instead of one standard. Try and conduct accounts without worrying about safety and without unnecessary routine actions.

How to add VPN extension to the browser:

To turn off the VPN, click on the icon again and click “Disconnect from VPN”.

Instagram via VPN: how to go from the phone

To go to Instagram from VPN from the phone, you need to download and install the application. You can find the right service in the App Store or Google Play. depending on what device you have. I will show the process on the example of a free VPN for an android for Instagram, which I use. WindScribe myself. He has good speed, a generous free traffic limit, there is a advertising lock and malicious programs.

How to use Instagram via VPN from the phone:

  • Before installing the application, go to the official service website and register. you can also download the program for PC there.
  • After registration, go to the account settings, find the Account Status → Upgrade. here you can enter a promotional code, which will make it possible to use one or even several tens of GB per month for free, or choose a paid tariff.
instagram, android

I use a promotional code that gives 30 gigs of traffic per month. If it does not work, try PEACE promotional code. By default via VPN, you can load up to 10 GB per month for free.

Use a free limit, select a paid tariff or enter a promotional code

Further VPN on the phone-Android or iPhone-plus or minus are installed the same.

  • Install the application on the phone from Google Play. for android.
  • Open the application on the phone and go to the account. If you have not been registered before, pass the registration.
  • Now you can run Instagram from VPN: for this, click in the service on the power button. the program will automatically find the best server. When the VPN connects, you can go to the social network.

Now that you have such an application on the phone, you just have to not forget to turn on VPN before you go on Instagram. To turn off the connection, you need to press the on/disable button again.

Now you know how to turn on Instagram via VPN.

Important. If a convenient VPN suddenly stopped working, do not rush to remove it. Some services restore performance in a few days.

Below you will find a list of the most popular services, including programs from examples.

Which VPN is better for Instagram: TOP-9 proven VPN

Here is a list of reliable anonymizers who tested or used me, my colleagues and friends:

    , Platforms: PC, Android, iOS;. extension for the Chrome browser;. extension for the Chrome browser;. Free browser with VPN;. Platforms: PC, Android, iOS (the article has a promotional code);. Platforms: PC, Android, iOS;. Platforms: PC, Android, iOS; Private, Secure, platforms: PC, Android, iOS;. Platforms: PC, Android, iOS.

Also, promotional codes for these and other services can be searched on the Internet.

How to protect Instagram page from hacking

The popularity of the social network Instagram has not only positive, but also negative results. and more users are faced with hacking personal or corporate pages.

We will not focus on the goals of the attackers, but consider what basic actions it is necessary to take to protect against hacking.

Two.factor authentication

The easiest and most reliable way to protect the profile from theft of hackers is to include two.factor authentication (Figure 1).

One of the most reliable ways of protection is two.factor authentication

  • Open an account and press three strips at the top to go into settings.
  • Then they open the “Security” section and go to the “Two.factor authentication” tab.
  • Click on the “Start” button and choose the method of protecting the account. There are two of them: using a special application or through SMS.
  • In the first case, the user will have to additionally download the application, and to confirm by SMS, enter his phone number.

After the two.factor authentication is turned on at the entrance to Instagram from the new device, the user will have to confirm the rights to the profile using an application or code that will come to a smartphone.


Reliable password is another right way to protect your hacking account. It should be immediately clarified that the password should be difficult. This is how the random set of numbers is considered, lowercase and capital letters. Bindings to the name, date of birth, address of residence or other personal data should not be (Figure 2).

A reliable password should be long, and contain numbers, lowercase and capital letters

It is also important that the password is long, at least 12 characters. Periodically, for example, every two to three months it must be changed. But, if the account is used for business goals, password changes are recommended more often, for example, monthly.

It is better to store a password invented on a cloud or rewrite in a notebook. It is important not to use one password for other sites or accounts.

To change the password, you need to go to the settings and open the Safety tab, and then go to the “password” item. The current password is entered the first line, and the second and third. the new. In order for the changes to enter into force, you need to click on a checkmark in the upper right corner of the screen.

Reliable email

Any Instagram account is tied to e.mail. Yahoo and Gmail are considered more reliable, so it is better to create mail for Instagram profile on these sites (Figure 3).

Instagram account must be tied to the email address

This mail cannot be indicated anywhere, and even more so. not published as a means of communication in the profile. If there is a need to contact customers, customers or subscribers by mail, it is better to create a backup electronic box.

If there is a need to change mail, the profile settings will help to do this. To do this, click on the “Edit Profile” button, scroll down down and find a line with e.mail. A new address is entered in it and the checkpoint is pressed to maintain changes.

Binding K

If access to the profile was accidentally lost, enter it and change the password will still work if the account is tied to the page.

Binding to the profile will help go to Instagram account even when password lost

  • Go to the settings and select “Account” item.
  • Next, you need to click on the column “Related accounts”.
  • In the window that opens, the profile data are selected and entered in this social network.

Using VPN

If the Instagram profile is included not only with the help of home Internet, but also through public Wi-Fi networks, it is strongly recommended to use VPN.

Similar services are hidden by the real IP address of the user, so attackers will not have the opportunity to steal passwords or other personal data of the user. One of the best services is Planet FreevPn. He has servers around the world, a free version of use is provided, and reliable encryption methods guarantee complete protection of personal data of users.

How else can I protect Instagram from hacking

Even if the Instagram profile is reliably protected from hacking, it may be necessary to additionally protect your personal data from other users (Figure 5).

The easiest way to hide your data from outsiders is to close the profile on Instagram

Most users prefer to close their accounts from outsiders, and view the photos, storis, the number and names of subscribers can only after confirmation from the profile owner. To close your Instagram account, you will need all a few seconds. To do this, go into settings, therefore, the “Closed Account” function includes in the “Confidentiality of the Account” tab. After this photographs, posts and Storis will be available only to confirmed subscribers.

Also on Instagram it is possible to limit access to specific content, for example, to hide the story from a certain circle of users. All these changes can be made in the “Privacy” section and the “History” tab. In the same section, you can get rid of spam or offensive Комментарии и мнения владельцев (Figure 6).

The Instagram settings have all the settings for protection against spam and offensive content

In the “Комментарии и мнения владельцев” tab, you can block the possibility of commenting from a specific user or users, or turn on the function of automatic hiding of offensive Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Even more useful information on how to protect Instagram from hacking can be found in the video.

Disconnect automatic update in PlayMarket (Android)

Applications are updated in two ways:

Manually. each application will have to be updated independently; Automatically. all applications are updated without your participation. This method is chosen initially.

In a previous publication, I told how to avoid Instagram locks in if your Instagram does not load posts, stories or personal messages of the Direct.

Council from the reader

According to the reader after the installation requested English, I do not insist, I’m leaving. I turn on the first VPN and enter through try again. And all the norms. I don’t even turn on VPN, but the speed is true below.

T.e. Technically, Insta reserves in any territories except to go under the Russian language. And after the entrance it is no longer important how you come in with or without VPN.

Instagram, like any social.The network continues to live and updated, as well as filled with new functions and error corrections. Why am I? Auto updating now many recommend disconnecting Yes. You can and should. To make the operating mode controlled. BUT! This will not be long, because at some point the old version of Instagram will not be able to work correctly at the software level with the updates on servers. T.e. This is not the case when you downloaded the program for use and use it until you get tired. This is an online service, it needs to be updated. Literally now I made an Instagram update for the test. Masochist. I faced the problem of the transition to Russian. (slapped like me) I do not transfer to the English version. Without thinking twice, I install VPN. Activate VPN. With a swipe unloaded Instagram from processes. I launched it again. Voila, and Instagram loaded, as it should be in the previous mode. Turned off the VPN. Instagram works. The flight is normal. But slowly. Speed ​​limits our “beloved PKN” with a good VPN, you can not notice these misunderstandings include it and do not notice the slowdown.

How VPN works

To understand the answer to this question, you need to know some concepts and terminology. Connection with VPN, for example, is called “tunnel”. It is created on the basis of a conventional connection to the global network (actually on top of it).

The tunnel is a direct connection between your laptop ∕ PC and a computer-server, in which the data is transmitted in the encrypted form. By the way, both of these devices are called nodes.

In the future, the information comes to external services-sites that you want to open, and your IP address is replaced by server. It looks like this: it looks like this:

How to connect a VPN on a smartphone

If you have Android, go to the Play Market, enter a “VPN” search and download any application from what was found. At the bottom of the post, attached a list of popular applications.

Next, go to the application and connect to a foreign server. The setting will be intuitive.

For iPhone users, the instruction is exactly the same. Only instead of Play Market, go to the App Store and find applications with VPN there.

Usually, such applications are clear and intuitive, and they have instructions. Therefore, the problems with the connection should not arise.

Free work work more slowly, paid faster. Paid are relatively not expensive, approximately like a subscription to Netflix.

7 free VPN services: VPN which I use. Free, worker, for all sites: Android, iPhone, Windows, MacOS, Linux 2️⃣ Hotspot Shield (Android / Apple) 3️⃣ Secure VPN (Android / Apple) 4️⃣ Windscribe (Android / Apple) 5️ ⃣proid / Apple 6. (Android / Apple) 7️⃣ Free VPN (Android)

1️⃣ Expressvpn (Android / Apple) 2️⃣ Cyberghost (Android / Apple) 3️⃣ VPN-SUPER Unlimited Proxy (Android / Apple)

As soon as you connect the VPN, messengers and social. the nets will stop slowing down and no locks will be terrible for you.

Already compiled a list of VPN applications that are now working, you can see them in the article List of VPN workers for Instagram

You can also share in the discussions below your VPN working applications that are now working.

Just sign whether it is free and if paid, how much does it cost and whether there is an opportunity to pay from


One of the few services that can be paid not only with crypto, but also by bank cards MasterCard, Visa. Therefore, we recommend it.

This VPN only works for a fee. First you can connect a trial period, and later extend the period of use. For 5 devices, the subscription will cost 100 per year. This is inexpensive in comparison with other VPN services.


This service has a good rating. Among users have good reviews.

To use this application, follow the instructions:

Download this application. Log in or register.

After entering or registration, select the server.

The United States of America was chosen in the example. In the drop.down list, select the server.

Hotspot Shield VPN

After entering the entrance, click on the button. In the screenshot, the icon is marked with a red arrow.

This VPN can only work for free 7 days, later you have to buy a subscription.

Windscribe VPN

Install the service. You need to either enter or register.

Click on the button indicated by the red arrow. The server will be selected automatically.

Speedify VPN

To continue the use of the service, accept the agreement.

For a free period, click on a cross in the window.

You need to click on the icon in the upper right corner.

Now you can use this application.

Hideme VPN

After setting the service, click on the button.

After that, click on OK in the window that opens.

Psiphon Pro

To use the service, agree with the conditions.

Как заходить в Инстаграм через vpn / блокировка Инстаграм

Snap VPN

To use a trial version, click on a cross in the upper right corner.

Betternet VPN

If you want to connect a paid version, then click on “Continue”.

After issuing a subscription or free tariff, you need to click on “Connect”.

To use the application, provide access to data. Faster Safer Internet

It will be necessary to accept the conditions of confidentiality.

After you need to click on “install the VPN profile”.

How to get around the lock on PC

Instagram is perceived more as an application on the phone, not on a computer. But many users use Instagram and on PC. Previously, a bypass of blocking on the phone using VPN applications was considered. The computer also has the opportunity to install the application. But there are other bypassing of the application blocking that will be considered below.

Extensions Chrome

This browser is one of the popular. For Chrome, there is a selection of Chrome Expanders. These include:


This is a free application. But you can connect a paid tariff. The price will depend on the subscription period. This expansion has more than 200 thousand installations. The average rating is. 4.5 points.

This application has a very simple connection, literally in one click. It is important that the service operates in the background.

Hotspot Shield

This application can be used for free or connect a paid version. The price is 5.99. The paid version is wider.

This extension exists not only for Chrome, but also for Windows, iOS.


The advantage of this extension is free use. When using it will be necessary to watch advertising when connecting or disabled. Due to advertising, the expansion is monetized.

Also do not need to register. You just need to set an extension and choose a server.

Yandex Access

This service can boast of the lack of annoying advertising and free use. The application guarantees anonymity, that is, there will be no data leakage. Yandex Access operates automatically.

In this service, the location cannot be changed, it will be selected automatically.

Hola is one of the most popular services that are free of charge. Using the application, you can go to one site with one location, and to another web resource from another IP address. The advantage of this VPN service is a complete absence of advertising.

Zenmate VPN

This service differs from previously said services by paid. At the beginning, a 7-day trial period is proposed. When using it, you can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this expansion and make a choice. This service is largely similar to other VPN services.

Zenmate VPN offers paid users a large number of servers to choose from. The application gives a guarantee that the possibility of reducing speed is reduced to the minimum level.

Anti.detector browsers

The anti.detector browser is a specially created anonymous browser, with technologies for hiding important parameters, for example IP (Proxy), Browser FingerPrint (browser imprint).


Created by Russian.language programmers based on Firefox browser. This program is a tool for working with many profiles. When registering, one free use day is provided. After using the trial period, you need to connect the subscription. per month.


Created by Chinese programmers, but there is Russian and English. There is a free tariff, 2 profiles are available. But there are also paid tariffs, the cost starts at 10. The amount will depend on the desired number of profiles.

VPN services

You can use the VPN service in the browser in two ways:

An example of a browser with a VPN. Tor. The service is widely known. Tor is convenient for an ordinary user, he has a simple and convenient integration. The most important advantage is that it is free for use. And the IP change occurs in one click.

But Tor also has its drawbacks. The browser may have a low content load speed. To choose a geographical location, it is necessary to install additional software on a computer. And this process is long and dreary.

The main advantage of this service is 10 GB of free traffic per month (after confirming email) and the ability to enter the Internet through dozens of virtual locations around the world. You can increase the use limit using the publication of the recording in you will add 5 GB. And free traffic will increase by 1 GB if the registration of new users will occur at your link.

For registration, the service will only be requested by login and password. If desired, you can indicate your IWIL to access the account if you forget the password. It will come to it notifications about the accrual of new traffic limits.

Free version allows you to use the service on only one device. And in the case of a paid version, the number of devices for using the service will increase.