How to use instagram on your phone

Overview of Instagram on Android devices

Instagram is a social networking site where users can share their photos and short videos. Today, one in two teenagers has this mega-popular app on their phone. Many stars use it, such as Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and others. And not knowing how to use Instagram on Android means inevitably falling behind current fashion trends.

The principle of the program is quite simple. You download the app from Google Play, do a simple registration, take photos, and upload them to the web. Instagram is optimized as much as possible so that even a person who has minimal ability to shoot and work with technology, can easily figure out how to use Instagram for Android.

How to use Instagram on a PC

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In this article, you’ll learn how to access your Instagram account on a Windows computer. This can be done using the Instagram website or Instagram app for Windows 10, or the free Android emulator BlueStacks. Note that you cannot upload photos and videos to the Instagram website.

  • If you’re not already signed in to Instagram, click “Sign In” at the bottom right of the page, then enter your username (or phone number or email address) and password.

Browse your feed. Scroll the feed to see the posts of the users you are subscribed to. You can also search for specific users or tags by typing a search term into the “Search” text box at the top of the page.

Mark the publication as “Like.”. Double-click or click on the “♡” icon below the post.

Add a comment to the publication. Click the “Add Comment” text box below the publication Комментарии и мнения владельцев (or click the speech cloud icon directly below the publication), enter your comment and press ↵ Enter.

View your activity. Click on “Activity” at the top right of the page to show recent “Likes,” Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and followers.

To recap

We have considered 38 tricks of working with Instagram and the peculiarities of working with them. Let’s recap all the tricks voiced in this article.

Instagram service is a free program designed to upload photos and share them with the world. This service is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. while in December 2010 there were about 5 million users, at the moment the number of registered users is more than 50 million worldwide. Instagram is one of the fastest, most fashionable and convenient means to process any photos.

In order to use the service you need to create an account and upload photos. Registration in Instagram, will take very little time. Let’s take an in-depth look at how to fully use this service for your needs.

Why and for what purpose Instagram is needed?

Let’s define what instagram is for and its features available to the average user right after logging into the app.

Tools for use in instagram:

  • News Feed. It shows the publications (photos) of users you are subscribed to.
  • Direct. What is direct? It is the ability to correspond between users in this application and send photos if necessary. It will be described in more detail below.
  • Search. Every social network has a search engine, it is not a novelty in this network. In order to improve the quality of search, it is important to give the right description of the account, choose the right nickname, and publish the appropriate description. Search works both by hashtags and by usernames and geo-tags.
  • You can take a photo through instagram and immediately post that photo by entering a description, hashtags, using filters and adding the location of the photo. To do this, you will need to click on the bottom button of the application (the plus sign in the square), and then click on the round button (lens) above the word “PHOTO”. Details about how the most important button works will be described in the bottom section of the article.
  • Filters. You use filters when choosing a photo before posting it to your instagram. This is the app’s standard set of filters.
  • Labels. You can tag users or friends after a publication, both in the photo and below the publication description or in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the publication
  • You can also share your posts to other social networks, but to do so, you need to subscribe to that social network. You can enable automatic posting to other networks, or enable manual settings.
  • Edit Profile is an important profile button for customizing your profile and making it more visible online. Allows you to set a photo, profile description and contact details.

These chips provide insights into Instagram’s necessity for its use.

What else you need to know to use your Instagram account?

When you see a post from your followers in your newsfeed, you can do the following with that photo:

  • Send a complaint to
  • Turn on post notifications (enabling this feature will send you a notification when people you’re subscribed to post)
  • Copy link
  • Share in (the ability to share a post in social networks and messengers)
  • Unsubscribe
  • Hide

If you click on a heart in someone’s post, it will immediately turn red after you’ve liked it, indicating your support for the picture.

There is a comment icon next to the heart, followed by the icon for sending messages to the person who made the post.

In the corner to the right is a flip-down checkbox that you can click to save this post in your bookmarks.

If there is more than one dot under a photo, the publication consists of several photos. By swiping your finger you can see them all. Now you can upload up to 10 photos in one post.

At the very top, next to your profile photo, there are pictures in circles. These are the published stories of the people you’ve subscribed to.

If you make a post in your story, you’ll also have a circle on your avatar. Clicking on the circle will take you through this story.

Now you understand what Instagram is for and how to use it on your phone?

instagram, your, phone

Starting to use Instagram Direct

Direct on Instagram enhances your use of Instagram as a social network by improving communication between members.

The airplane-like icon in the upper right corner is direct, where you can see the messages you’ve received and send your replies. When you receive messages, there’s a number indicating how many messages you’ve received.

When you enter direct, you will see three sections:

If you get nasty messages, you can block such a user in the direct mail or limit access to not disturb you over nothing.

Through direct, you can communicate with your audience, to send a short video or photos, and you can even communicate via video communication.

How to use the most important button on Instagram on your phone?

What is the purpose of this button on instagram? We are now talking about one of the most important buttons. upload publications or plus Yes, this is what this button looks like.

Clicking on it, we get to the section which gives the opportunity to take a photo and publish it. In this section, you can also take a video, or you can choose a photo from the Gallery.

When you post a photo, we press the “Next” button, then you can use filters and the instagram editor if you want. I remind you that the review takes place on an Android device on a Samsung phone. Therefore, on the iPhone, the interface will be slightly different.

To use Instagram, it’s important to know how to use the app’s filters and post effective photos.

Questions on how to use Instagram

In order to get to your account click on the circle in the lower right corner.

To see the news feed, click on the little house (first on the left).

What are the circles on some pages under the description?

Under the description there are archives, in which you can put some of your stories, if you decide to save them (because the stories themselves, I remind you, are stored for 24 hours). And they can stay in the archive until you replace them.

How many stories can be stored in the instagram archive?

You can save only 100 stories in the archive. After 100 you will be prompted to either delete the previous story or create a new archive.

Pros and cons of mobile and desktop versions

The disadvantage of the desktop version is obvious. there is no opportunity to upload material to the profile. It’s difficult to view photos with small elements, because you can’t zoom in on the picture, unlike the application. Like the web version, the mobile client does not allow direct downloading of someone’s photo. Another problem with the app is the built-in advertising that pops up between posts in the feed.

The positive sides of the site include simple and clear design, the ability to quickly view the feed and the lack of advertising

The mobile app stands out by having a good editor, the functionality of which is almost limitless. As on the site, the interface is simple, so users of all ages can learn it. The fact that all the functions of the social network are available immediately after downloading the application is important. The developers do not ask for money from users for anything at all.

How to use templates

In order to attract subscribers, there are samples of publications. Now there is some monotony in the process of presenting information to end users. Nevertheless the bright images you create will allow you to keep the attention of your visitors. Design tricks used in the creation of templates will make a good service in the promotion of a brand or name.

On the expanses of the Internet, there are many services that provide this kind of material. Some solutions are implemented with the help of special workers. freelancers. In this case, the development of the template is guaranteed to meet the personal needs of the customer.

How to use Instagram on your computer. all the basics

We did some work with the mobile version. Now let’s talk about how to use Instagram on your computer. You can create a new account or enter an already ready account through the official website. It is called Type in the search bar of any browser this address to go to the home page.

If you’ve already created an account on your phone, select “Sign In” and enter your account credentials on the appropriate lines. When registration is required, fill out the form as told in the first instruction. The web version is not particularly different from the mobile registration.

By the way, be sure to include your real e-mail address when you register. It will help you if you have suddenly forgotten your Instagram password and cannot enter your account.

Once you’re on your page, you can scroll through your feed, see your stories, write a comment about posts, and like them. You can use the site search, it’s at the top. You can go to your profile by clicking on the icon with the man. You can edit your information, even change your password. However, you will not find in the web version of the ruler with “” to add new publications, “camera” to create stories and “airplane” for correspondence.

There is a problem how to use Instagram, the functions on your computer are significantly reduced compared to the mobile app. But don’t feel bad. There are several solutions for this:

If you have a new PC with the Windows 10 operating system, download the official Instagram app for the computer;

Install a program to simulate a cell phone, such as BlueStacks (details in the article “View direct in Instagram on your computer and write in it”);

Dig into the encoding of your page, it’s not as hard as it may seem at first glance (look for instructions in our article about adding photos from your computer).

Now you understand how to use Instagram on your computer, and you know that there are some smart tricks to improve the functionality of the web version.

Russians en masse can’t log into Instagram. Instructions on how to “fix” the app

For several days, Russian-speaking Instagram users have faced the fact that they cannot log in to the application because of “eternal” loading of Russian. Editorial staff collected ways that have helped users of Android devices to solve this problem.

A common mistake looks like this. A user opens the Instagram app and sees a message: “Wait a little while. Install Russian”, or: “There was an error. At the moment, it is not possible to set the Russian language for Instagram application. Try again or use Instagram in English (US)”. Nothing happens afterwards. Further operation is not possible.

Why does this problem appear?

As the correspondent of correspondent, the system administrator of one of the companies, as of today it is difficult to say what is the reason for Instagram application blocking. Perpetual update” error is not directly related to the phone model, operating system type or firmware version.

Assumptions about the reasons in the Internet provider, or enabled geolocation are also not confirmed yet: in the same office on the same Wi-Fi one smartphone can give an error, and the other. no. “It may be a combination of any of the above factors”. Your specialist said.

We’ve gathered a few methods to solve the “Russian” Instagram problem for Android phones. They were described by users on the forum of the resource

The most common help is to translate the application into English, or any non-Russian language:

  • turn off the internet on your phone (Wi-Fi and mobile connections);
  • start Instagram;
  • agree with the transition to English;
  • In the settings, forcibly turn on English, if it did not turn on by itself;
  • disable program update;
  • connect to the internet and use the app.

If that doesn’t work, 4da forum users.To recommend downloading any VPN app, turning it on and repeating the steps above.

There is also a recommendation to download an older version of the application, which is not the latest, and install it on your smartphone, not the Instagram application from Google Play.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, whether you faced such a problem Instagram, whether you were able to solve it, whether the recommendations of experts helped you, and if not, how you solved it.