How to Use Find an iPhone in Ios 13

Lost your iPhone? I hope luck is on your side and you have activated the Find iPhone feature, otherwise it will be tight. In this article I will show how you can find the location of a lost device, as well as how to set up your smartphone so that in case of loss you do not have to grab your head.

How to Use Find an iPhone in Ios 13

The free application Find iPhone, just like the free function of the same name, can help out in a variety of situations and it is better not to neglect its use. Think for yourself, spending a few minutes setting up your device is better than shedding tears over its box. over, it is really simple.

First you need to set up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

Step 1. Go to the application Settings. iCloud

Step 2. Log in with your Apple ID or register it if you haven’t done it before

Step 3. After successful login, scroll down to the switch Find iPhone and activate it

In case you are using multiple iOS devices, immediately configure them all in a similar way.

I draw your attention to the following: the Find iPhone function will ask for the inclusion of geolocation, which should always be on. Yes, this will certainly affect the battery charge, but if you correctly set the geolocation, you will hardly feel it.

How to find your iPhone using iCloud?

In order to determine the location of the device and begin its tracking in real time, you must do the following:

Step 1. Open in a browser on your computer

Step 2. Log in using your Apple ID

Step 3. After successful login, click on the button Find iPhone

Step 4. If the device is turned on and the presets were done correctly, a map will open with the exact location of your device

For more information, click on the green circle indicating the location of the iPhone. Here you can find out the battery level of the device or take precautions, for example, play sound on it, enable the loss mode or erase all data on this iPhone. The latter function is very convenient, especially if you do not want important sensitive information to fall into the hands of attackers.

How to find your iPhone using the Find iPhone app?

Step 1. Download the free Find iPhone app.

Step 2. Open it and log in using your Apple ID.

Step 3. After the application finishes scanning, a map will open with the exact location of all your devices

Step 4. By clicking on the device you can send alarms, as in the case of the iCloud version

The application has one great feature. by clicking on the button with the car on it, the application will redirect you to the default Maps application, where the optimal route to the location of your iPhone will be built.

The most important thing is to think about setting up the Find iPhone function in advance, because if it is not activated, only law enforcement agencies can help you. Take care of your iPhone.

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