How to use Apple watch 3

Apple Watch. how to use a smartwatch? Instructions for beginners

So, you became the proud owner of an Apple Watch. Congratulations! Now it’s just a small matter. to learn how to use your new “smart” gadget. This may seem like a daunting task at first, and it’s not for nothing that Apple is considered one of the world’s leading creators of advanced electronics technology. To make the process of mastering iWatch quick, efficient and easy, the specialists of our service center “X-Repair” have developed a simple and understandable instruction manual for the high-tech accessory with clear pictures.

Applications for solving everyday tasks:

  • Productive “. A more convenient analogue of standard “reminders”. With the help of this to-do planner, you will develop good habits, be able to analyze your progress and will definitely not forget about important things.
  • Shazam. Heard a cool song, but don’t know the artist? The application will quickly track the track and determine its name, as well as who is performing it. You no longer need to reach your phone, it is much faster to identify the audio track using the iWatch screen.
  • “Elk”. A smart and useful currency conversion application with a user-friendly interface, which will definitely come in handy for those who travel frequently. In it you can select the currency you need at the moment, or “Elk” will determine it by itself by geolocation.
  • “Yandex translator”. 95 languages ​​available. To talk to a foreigner in his native language, you need to say the phrase out loud, and the accessory will prompt his translation.

What is Preview on Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch Preview is a list of the most used apps and features. Each owner creates one or more lists for himself. With their help, you can quickly check the charge level, make the sound louder or quieter, control music, etc. Those applications that are used most often are at the top of the list (unnecessary or little-used ones can be removed by pressing “-” and then “Remove”). Thanks to the “Preview” you can quickly access the information you need without wasting time opening the application.
To quickly open the list directly from the watch face, swipe up on the screen. If you need to open another Preview, swipe right or left.

To quickly access the necessary information, create several active Previews at once.

15 Best Tips & Tricks for Apple Watch Series 3

Learning to use Apple Watch

The creators tried to make the watch as thoughtful and functional as possible. Despite the fact that Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3 only have two physical controls (the wheel and side button), they can be used to control a huge number of options. Let’s consider the main ones in more detail.

Digital Crown Button (Wheel)

Externally, the Digital Crown is very similar to the winding wheel in a conventional mechanical watch, but only at first glance. In fact, it is a basic management tool that performs various functions. By tapping or turning it, you can access the Home menu, turn on Siri, view photos, and much more.

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Apple Watch. Complete Beginners Guide

With a single click on the Digital Crown, you can:

  • turn on the display;
  • go to the “Home” menu;
  • activate Siri (long press);
  • view contacts;
  • switch between home screen and watch face;
  • return to home screen.

If you double-click on the wheel, you can switch from the watch and open the last used application (program). To return the dial, double click on the Digital Crown again.

Triple-click access to Accessibility for VoiceOver, X-Large Watch Face, Zoom, and more.

Rotate wrist function

This function turns on or off the smart watch screen. As conceived by the developers, the display should respond to the movement of the wearer’s wrist. each time it lights up when the hand is raised for 15 seconds and turns off when it is lowered or there is no contact with the watch after a few seconds. But this is not always the case. The watch can mistake any of your movements for a command to turn the screen on or off, so you have to practice a little to get used to the gadget and learn how to use this function.

If the screen backlighting is not enough for the standard 15 seconds, go to the general menu on the phone, select the appropriate application and change the backlight time from 15 to 70 seconds.

Side key

The button is multifunctional. It can be used to turn off, reboot the watch, switch to power saving mode, etc. Depending on the number of clicks, it performs different tasks.

  • Holding the side button turns off the Smartwatch or puts it into power saving mode. With its help, all functions of the gadget are disabled except for showing the time. To return to normal mode, you need to restart the watch. To restart or turn off Apple Watch, just press and hold the button for a couple of seconds.
  • By pressing the key once, you will be taken to the Friends Menu (to configure it, you need to go to My Watch ⇒ Friends in the iPhone application, and then add a friend from the Contacts list). Here you select the person you want to contact. If your friend also has an Apple Watch, you can communicate with him using the Digital Touch function.
  • A double-tap gives you the option to pay for purchases by unlocking your Apple Pay cards. To make a payment, bring the watch display to the contactless reader and hold it at a distance of a few centimeters until you feel a slight ripple.
    Transactions are only possible in countries where Apple Pay is available.
  • With the side button and Digital Crown, you can take screenshots that will be sent directly to the Photos app or Photo Stream on iCloud. To do this, press the wheel, then the side button, then release both buttons.

Personalization settings

This model of Smart-watch allows you to easily switch and observe what is happening in your applications by pressing the “Digital Crown” button, which is located on the side. This action allows you to see the Dock menu and the last open applications.

It should also be noted that the data of the applications you need can be displayed in the panel next to the clock. To do this, simply touch the data you want to display. By moving your finger from one edge of the screen to the other, you can change the look of the clock.

Functions designed for sports

In the menu, you can choose one of more than ten types of workouts. A similar application was implemented in the first version of the Smart-watch; you can find out more about the Active Calories fitness application at the link indicated. Below are some of them:

  • run;
  • running (hall);
  • ergometer;
  • stepper;
  • walking;
  • walking (hall);
  • bike;
  • exercise bike;
  • ellipsoid;
  • other (volleyball).
  • pressure measurement;
  • heart rate monitor;
  • pedometer;
  • heart rate analysis;
  • determination of body temperature.
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Record breaks between workouts, as well as pause with the same touch.

With Apple’s new OC Watch OS 3, you can measure your heart rate right from your watch. To do this, open the corresponding application and wait while it measures the readings.

How to use Apple Watch 2: instructions, settings, guide

This article is a quick guide to working with Apple Watch Series 2. It will help you understand both the basic functions and technical characteristics of the iWatch 2, as well as brand new ones. This became especially relevant after the official presentation of the new gadget. For completeness, we advise you to study the material about Apple Watch Series 1 vs Series 2, available at the specified link.

Moisture protection activation

Apple Watch Series 2 is a sports watch, so it may well get wet during:

  • running in the rain;
  • swimming in water;
  • taking a shower;
  • other.

In order to avoid deterioration of the watch due to moisture ingress, a new design has been developed. Water trapped in the speakers of the device is pushed out by vibration. To do this, you need to scroll the bezel around the dial.

iWatch can be put into water-resistant mode by swiping your finger from the bottom of the display to the top on the home tab. Read more in the article, Is it possible to swim with Apple Watch Series 2 in water, at the link provided.

Using Siri

The instructions for using Siri on Apple Watch Series 2 are straightforward. To call this program:

  • say “Hey Siri”;
  • raise your hand.

Waterproof or waterproof Smartwatch

Communication functions

In the Messages app, handwriting or making calls using your smartwatch is now possible. In addition, you can call:

  • reject by covering the device with your hand;
  • answer it.
Apple, watch

A new function for SOS has been introduced: long holding the button makes a call to a predetermined emergency number.

Apple, watch

Conclusions on how to use Apple Watch Series 2

Thus, the article covered the main nuances and benefits that can help everyone in deciding how to use Apple Watch Series 2 using basic instructions, guides and key settings.

Gestures and hand rotation on Apple Watch

Force Touch allows you to use gestures to control your device. This state-of-the-art technology determines how hard you touch the screen. The latest watch models can respond to gestures. Their number is not so large yet, but manufacturers promise to expand this range.

At the moment, there are gestures such as turning the hand with the palm down or patting. rejecting an incoming call. Raising or lowering the hand with the palm facing downward can increase or decrease the volume.

Note! With a wave of your hand to the side, you can easily turn the pages of an e-book.

Controlling Phone Functions Using Smart Watch

The smartwatch can take over some of the functions of the iPhone. Able to make calls and receive incoming calls from the phone.

Apple Watch can show notifications and SMS messages on the screen. You can answer with a ready-made template or enter messages by voice. Built-in assistant has a high level of voice recognition.

The smartwatch is capable of playing music from the iPhone. You can download jogging music. They are used to view photos and control the smartphone camera.

Installing an application for pairing a smartphone and Apple Watch: instructions

Instructions for creating a watch pair with Apple:

  • Turn on the smartwatch by holding the side button for a long time. When your device’s battery is 60% charged, that’s enough. First, choose the language. After they move on to pairing with an iPhone.
  • Launch the Watch application on the smartphone and click on the corresponding button “Pair with.”.
  • Then the camera of the phone is pointed at the screen of the watch at the “Galaxy” It’s like scanning a QR code. The first acquaintance took place.
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Important! Remember to select the active hand in the settings.

How to use Apple Watch. setup guide

Apple’s smartwatches are a great way to make a whole list of tasks easier for yourself. They are multifunctional and can take over some of the responsibilities of a smartphone. For example, listening to audio compositions, answering an incoming call or SMS. This article explains how to use Apple Watch.

Setting the Security Code

For the full functioning of Apple Watch, you need to set a security password. Without it, you won’t be able to pay for purchases through the Pay app or automatically unlock your MacBook.

Once the password has been set, it does not need to be entered constantly. Only in cases:

  • reboot;
  • removing the device from the hand.

There are 2 options for setting the security code: through a smartphone and through the watch itself.

In the first variant, they find the “Clock” in the phone and start it. Enter the code into the open field. You can use the additional function “Long code-password”.

In the second, on the clock, go into the settings and select “Code”. Enter the password and confirm the action.

Device activation

After switching on, an icon with the Latin letter “i” will appear on the smart watch. After clicking it, a code will appear. The numbers must be entered into the phone. Simple activation procedure completed.

Appointment of the device, for what purposes it was developed

The main purpose of the watch is to keep track of time. And iWatch does an excellent job with this task. Through wireless communication, they establish contact with an iPhone or smartphone from another company.

Without a permanent connection to an Apple smartphone, the functionality of the device is limited. Available:

  • time / date;
  • fitness;
  • music;
  • a photo;
  • sleep tracking by phases (using the application);
  • swimming pool (if the model is waterproof).

For your information! The modern device is multifunctional, looks stylish on the hand (you can choose the straps for your wardrobe) and, of course, shows the time.

Enabling Apple Pay

Modern models of smart watches are compatible with Apple Pay. contactless payment. To activate, do the following:

  • Open the “Clock” program on the phone and select the appropriate device.
  • Activate Wallet and Apple Pay.

To add a new card, click “Add card”. Authorization is in progress. The system checks all the data and gives access if they are valid.

What Apple Watch Can Do?

How to use your Apple watch?

How to receive calls with Apple watch?

Answering an incoming call using Apple Watch is very easy. just press the green button on the display. In order to reject a call, you need to press the red button, then it will be forwarded to voicemail. 25 May 2015.

Is it possible to talk on the Apple watch?

The world’s best watch is now equipped with a built-in cellular module. Apple Watch Series 3 users can leave their iPhone with them while they go for a run, the pool, or just to warm up. and still stay connected, call and receive messages.

Can I use Apple Watch without an iPhone?

If the watch is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network

When iPhone is turned off or out of range, Apple Watch can receive or receive data over Wi-Fi. If your watch is cellular, you can connect it to a cellular network.

How to pay with Apple watch?

  • To use the default map, double-click the side button
  • Hold your Apple Watch display next to the proximity reader.
  • Wait until you feel a slight throb.

How to make calls with your Apple Watch?

  • Open the Phone app on Apple Watch.
  • Tap Contacts and roll the Digital Crown to scroll.
  • Tap the contact you want to call, then tap the phone button.