How To Urgently Turn Off Samsung

How to enable developer mode on samsung android

Hello! Today I will show you how to enable developer mode on an Android Samsung Galaxy phone. You can open developer options and settings on samsung galaxy smartphone very simply and quickly. See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Go!)

On the main screen of the phone, find the Settings button and click on it.

How To Urgently Turn Off Samsung

In Settings, at the bottom of the screen, click on the Phone Details tab.

Next, find the Software Details tab here and click on it.

You need to find the Build number parameter here and click on it more than 5 times. When pressed, notifications of the type will appear: Steps before enabling developer options: 3.

Press (usually 5 times) until the notification appears: Developer Mode is on. All is ready.

Return to the settings page. The Developer Options tab will appear at the bottom. Click on it.

All is ready. Here you can take advantage of additional functions:

  • Disable developer mode;
  • Create a bug report;
  • Create backup password;
  • Enable active mode so as not to turn off the screen when charging;
  • Bluetooth tracking log;
  • Running services, viewing and managing;
  • SRGB color mode;
  • Webview Chrome service;
  • Enable system auto-update;
  • Demo mode;
  • Show quick tiles of parameters;
  • USB debugging;
  • Revoke USB debugging authorization;
  • Include bug reports;
  • Location simulation;
  • View attribute control;
  • Select the application to be debugged;
  • Log buffer size;
  • Authorize wireless devices;
  • Detailed Wi-Fi log;
  • Fast switching from Wi-Fi to mobile networks when the signal is weak;
  • Allow Wi-Fi roaming search;
  • Hardware acceleration in modem mode;
  • USB MTP configuration;
  • Audio codec for transmission via Bluetooth;
  • Transmission sampling rate;
  • Audio coding depth;
  • Audio channel mode;
  • LDAC audio codec for Bluetooth;
  • Show touches;
  • Show pointer location;
  • Show screen updates;
  • Window animation scale;
  • Animator duration scale;
  • Emulate additional displays;
  • Forced GPU processing;
  • GPU overshoot debugging;
  • Enable 4x MSAA;
  • Disable hardware overlay;
  • Visualization tool;
  • Strict regime;
  • GPU processing profile;
  • Do not save transactions;
  • Background processes;
  • Show all ANR;
  • Resetting the ShortcutManager API Call Limit.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

With Viber

Have you used Viber on your smartphone? Great, this messenger will help you restore your entire phone book. To do this, you need to install the Viber program on your computer, if it was already installed, then great, you do not need to do anything. How to install Viber on a PC is described in detail in this article.

If the Android screen is completely broken and there is no image, then you have to do this:

  • Charge your Android smartphone
  • Turn it on
  • Bring Android to the monitor with the back side (screen to you, camera to PC) to enter your account

In the Contacts tab, you will see all your contacts that you had on Android.

Connect USB keyboard and mouse
to Android via OTG adapter

Android screen showing image but sensor not working? Then the following solution will help you, with which you can control Android to access your data and try to pull them all.

Almost all modern Android smartphones support connecting an external USB keyboard and mouse. This can be done through a special adapter from USB to MicroUSB or from USB to USB Type C.

After connecting, press the power button to light up the screen on it and you can control Android with an external keyboard and mouse.

Screencast to PC or Smart TV

Starting with Android 5, it became possible to broadcast an image to a Windows 10 computer or Smart TV.

You just need to get to this function, you can try it using an MTP connection and a screenshot using the mouse and keyboards as described above, or using ADB.

Troubleshooting instructions

The material will be presented from simple to complex, which means that at certain stages you will need additional knowledge, you will be given additional information. Articles to be studied!

How to enable debugging if it is disabled

To begin with, this function must be enabled as enable USB debugging, but as a rule it is disabled by default, you can try to enable it using the method indicated above MTP connection and screenshot, and then do as indicated in:

Now you can go to the choice of programs for managing Android.

Scripting with ADB

If your Android has USB debugging, then Android can be unlocked using scripts using the shell input tap and shell input swipe commands.

Bypass blocking using Google service

To Bypass Screen Lock in Samsung Android Phone, please do as follows.

  1. Visit on another smartphone or computer.
  2. Sign in to your Google account that is used on the locked device.
  3. Select the device you want to unlock.
  4. Click on the Block button.
  5. Enter password. There is no need to do any recovery messages. Again, select Block.
  6. Now you can enter a new password and the phone will be unlocked.
  7. Go to the settings screen and turn off the temporary password lock.

Bypass blocking with Samsung service

All Samsung devices are equipped with Find My Phone. To skip Samsung lock screen pattern, pin, password and fingerprints just follow the instructions below.

  • First of all, create a Samsung account and sign in to it.
  • Click on the My screen lock button.
  • Enter the new pin number.
  • Click the Block button at the bottom.
  • Within minutes, this will change the lock pin or password so you can unlock your device.

Factory Reset to Bypass Samsung Screen Lock

Factory reset is the best option in almost every case if the solutions above don’t work.

The process may vary depending on the type of device. In most devices, you must turn off the device completely to start the process.

Only this method deletes all valuable data on the device after a factory reset.

  • Hold down the power button and volume control at the same time. The bootloader menu will open.
  • Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset option using volume buttons.
  • Confirm by pressing the Power button.
  • Select Reboot system now when the process ends.

Another way to bypass the lock on your smartphone

  1. Take a friend’s phone and call the blocked one.
  2. Accept the call and press the Back button without disconnecting the conversation.
  3. Now you can access the device completely.
  4. Go to the device security settings section and delete the pin code or picture.
  5. The system will ask you for the correct pin code, which you do not know, try different configurations, you might guess.
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In order not to forget your password or PIN code next time, be sure to write them down on paper to ensure your complete safety. Success.

How to disable your android phone screen lock password

Screen lock protects the contents of your smartphone or tablet from falling into the wrong hands.

Samsung Galaxy phones, like all other android devices xiaomi redmi note 4x, Lenovo, huawei, on Huawei honor asus zenfon, firmware miui, zte blade, lg, sony xperia, htc, meizu, lumia, allow you to block yourself with several options, as a rule use a pin code, a password pattern or a fingerprint.

If you decide that you no longer need a phone lock, you can disable it at any time: graphical (pattern lock), pin code, password or fingerprint. Here’s how to do it.

NOTE: this entry applies more to smartphones samsung j1 mini, j3, a3, a5, grand prime, duos, for android 5.1 and android 6.0, but if you have a different one, then the difference will not be significant.

By the way, if you forgot your password or pattern, you can find out how to disable the lock screen here.

Turn on your phone and open settings and go to the section: lock screen and security.

Then, at the top of the screen, click on the line: Screen lock type.

In the tab that opens, click on No.

This is all the lock mode, in your samsung, honor, lenovo, sony xperia, asus zenfone, lji, lumiya and so on will be disabled in the future.

What to do if you have forgotten your PIN code or drawing and do not have access to your phone?

Someone may have changed the lock screen pattern to annoy you?

In order to avoid this kind of conditions, there are proven methods to bypass the screen lock pattern, pin code, password and fingerprints. Here’s how to do it.


I need to change the blocking method. But the phone doesn’t let me do it. How to be?

I have a samsung j3 phone, password is blocked and I can not remove it

How to get rid of the pattern or password on the Samsung, see here.

Maria was not the same problem, I will be removed for a long time you need to choose a good assistant for your Google phone or some other and someday install a good reliable agent who has the right to turn it on and off if everything is well configured, you can turn off any directly by voice voice commands

There are problems in the language settings and speech recording, there are very expressive words to correctly write down so that the voice does not change

Is it possible to open the machine door during washing?

After starting the wash, extraordinary situations may occur that require an urgent opening of the washing machine door. So, for example, a poor examination of the pockets of things for the presence of large and small objects can lead to the fact that a phone, a bank card, etc., are in the drum. In such a situation, you need to immediately stop the car and remove such things. A stuck phone can damage the drum door.

But what about, is it possible to stop the washing machine at all, and will it be possible to open the door? There are several ways to stop the car. The easiest way to disconnect the machine from the network. However, such a sudden disconnection can lead to damage to the electronic board or the controller.

The second method is suitable for those machines for which the Start button has a dual start / pause function. By pressing this button, the washing process will stop, but you will not be able to open the door. To open the door, you still have to de-energize the car.

Another way is that if there is no Pause button on the machine, then you can turn the mode selection knob to its original position, and then the machine will stop. To open the door after that, you need to select the Drain or Spin mode, so that the waste water leaves the machine. You can use an emergency water drain.

It is impossible to open the door of the machine after the start of washing, for this there is a lock on the door. After all, the water that has collected in the drum may spill out when opened. But all this applies to machines with front loading linen. Top-loading washing machines are designed differently. After the start of washing, in most models it is possible to open the lid and add laundry to the drum or get out what has accidentally got there. In this case, the water will not leak out in any way.

If the door does not open after a power outage, draining the water from the drum, and even after the end of the wash, then the lock has most likely broken. You can read more about this in the article on why the hatch of the washing machine does not open.

How to open the washing machine while washing

Washing modes in automatic washing machines are programmed algorithms of actions that the machine must perform in a certain period of time. But it happens that the washing process needs to be interrupted or stopped in order to open the drum hatch. How to do it correctly, few know. In addition, in different models of washing machines, stopping can be carried out in different ways.

Ways to open the hatch in different cars

In different models of washing machines, emergency door opening during washing is carried out in different ways. Let’s consider the most common options.

  • Samsung washing machines. In these machines, everything depends on a sensor that determines the residual water level in the tank. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends, when stopping during washing, open the door, drain the water through the drain filter or emergency drain.
  • Washing machines ATLANT. These models have a special emergency door opening. For this, the manufacturers brought out a cable to open the lock, it is located in the same place as the drain filter.
  • Washing machines Electrolux and AEG. These machines have a Pause button that, when pressed, will stop the machine. In this case, if the water temperature in the tank is below 50 0 С, the water is below the level (in front models) and the drum does not rotate, then the lock will be unlocked automatically.
  • LG and Beko washing machines. In these machines, to stop and open the drum door, you need to set the machine to pause mode. Then turn off the power supply and wait for 1 to 3 minutes. Then a click will be heard, notifying of the unlocking of the hatch.
  • Bosch washing machines with bala loading. These are front-facing machines in which the Start button also includes the function of adding laundry. If, after turning on the mode, it becomes necessary to stop the process and open the hatch door, then you need to press this button. And if the message YES appears on the display, you can open the door. With the message No, the hatch cannot be opened.

Thus, forcibly opening the drum door during washing is only necessary in particularly urgent cases. Indeed, in most machines, you will have to disconnect the equipment from the network, and this can affect the performance of the electronic board. Therefore, before pulling out the plug from the outlet, think that a coin dangling inside a drum or repairing a board is worse.

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How to open the washing machine while washing

Each automatic washing machine is programmed with actions that the device must perform during the time selected by the user. But there are situations in which the owner needs to pause or stop washing in order to open the hatch. Few know how to open the washing machine during washing and not harm it. ?

Is it possible to open the door during operation

The washing machine is designed in such a way that during the washing process the door is locked and it becomes impossible to open it. Thus, it prevents water from spilling out of the tank if the hatch is suddenly opened at the wrong time. But sometimes you just need to do it. For example, when you urgently need to add items left in the basket to the drum. Or, conversely, when you need to get something that got into the drum by accident and can ruin the laundry when washing together.

Another common reason why housewives try to open the door of the washing machine, an electronic gadget that ended up in the pocket of clothes that was loaded into the machine.

To prevent the unscheduled completion of the wash from turning into a repair of the room or the failure of the device, several rules must be followed.

Emergency opening of the door during washing differs depending on the model of the device:

  1. Samsung. For this model, there is a residual water level sensor in the tank. Everything depends on him. The instruction manual says that when stopping a working device, it is recommended to drain the water through a special drain.
  2. Atlant. These cars are equipped with a special cable that allows you to open the lock in emergency mode. It is located next to the drain filter.
  3. Electrolux and AEG have a Pause function that allows you to pause the wash. over, if certain conditions are met (water is below the level and its temperature is less than 500C, the drum has stopped rotating), the door will unlock itself.
  4. Algie and Beko also need to be paused to open the hatch. But he himself is not unlocked. To do this, you need to disconnect the machine from the network for 3 minutes.
  5. Bosch. These models have the function of adding laundry. This makes it easier to open the door. If, when you press this button at the time of washing, the message Yes appears on the display, then you can safely add the laundry or remove the excess from the drum. If, instead of a permitting inscription, a prohibiting one is displayed, then the hatch cannot be opened.

Common to all machines is that the board suffers the most when using an emergency shutdown. Therefore, before disconnecting the device from the mains, you should think that a small foreign object in the drum or an expensive repair is worse.

Pause mode

If the machine has not yet collected a large amount of water, then you can easily stop the process. It is enough to pause it. All models have this option.

In order to temporarily stop the operation of the device, you need to press the start or Pause key, if available. But you should not hold it for a long time, otherwise you can completely cancel the operation. After a short time, the door will unlock and you can use it.

Specialists in the maintenance of automatic washing machines warn: frequent use of this method provokes a breakdown of the unit. Over time, the programs will start to get confused, and the machine will have to be handed over for repair.

If there is a lot of water in the drum

The hostess may not always find out in time that it is necessary to suspend the wash. Sometimes the drum has time to fill with water, which complicates the process of opening the washer door. But you should not despair, there is a way out of this situation.

How to restart Samsung: methods and prevention of freezes

Almost every modern person of any gender and age has a smartphone or tablet with a touch screen and Internet access. Ease of use, connection anywhere in the world, a large number of functions in one palm-sized device make it irreplaceable. But active work, a long call or Internet session, the game can lead to overheating of the device, as well as to the system slowdown in response to user actions. In the common people. To hang. But the biggest problem is if the phone is frozen and does not respond to you at all. How to restart Samsung Galaxy or any other model? Read about it in the article.

How to restart Samsung (phone)

There are several ways. So, how to restart Samsung if it freezes:

  1. Hold the lock / on / off button for 10-20 seconds. The phone will turn off and restart, its further work should be stable.
  2. If your phone’s battery is pulled out, then you can remove the back panel and take out the battery, wait a couple of seconds and insert it back. It remains to collect and turn on the phone. But often you can’t do this, because both the battery and the phone itself will deteriorate.
  3. If the back cover cannot be removed, then you must simultaneously hold down the lock / on / off and volume down buttons and hold for 5-7 seconds.

How to restart a Samsung tablet

Restarting your tablet will be more difficult than rebooting your phone. But you can try all the same methods as with a smartphone: holding down the buttons at the same time, pulling out the battery, if possible.

If none of the above methods helps, you can wait until the tablet runs out of battery, it turns off by itself, and after charging, you can turn it on without problems, if there are no technical problems. If you do not want to wait or there is an assumption that the gadget is frozen due to problems with the processor, electronics, etc., then you can immediately contact the service center.

Hard reboot, or Hard reset

If the phone freezes and glitches constantly, the question arises of how to reboot the Samsung so that its further work does not fail. In this situation, a hard reboot of the system can help. The smartphone will be restarted in such a way that the system is restored to the factory state, and all files, contacts, messages, etc. Will be deleted. Therefore, you should take care of the safety in advance and dump them on your computer.

To perform a Hard reset, you need to perform the following sequence of steps:

  1. Turn off the phone completely, while the battery must be charged.
  2. Simultaneously press 3 buttons: lock / on / off, volume up and “home” (located on the front of the phone under the screen).
  3. Release only after the inscription with the name of the phone appears.
  4. A blue or black screen will appear. You are in the smartphone Recovery menu.
  5. Here you sequentially need to select the categories Wipe data / factory reset, then Yes delete all user data, the last Reboot system now. Navigation through the menu is carried out with the volume down / up buttons, and the selection of the item is confirmed. By pressing the lock button. Everything, the reboot process is complete.

Preventing phone freezes

To prevent the phone or tablet from freezing or doing it regularly, you need to make sure that the equipment does not overheat. For this, there are special applications that inform the user if the processor temperature exceeds the norm. The most famous utility that monitors the temperature of the processor and applications that overheat the device or take up too much RAM is Clean Master. Thanks to it, you can also control the amount of memory and clean up unnecessary (cache, unnecessary files, etc.). Or type “temperature control” into the Play Market search and select the desired application.

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How to set up automatic restart on Samsung smartphones

Restarting Android can improve the stability of applications and system programs. In the latest firmware, engineers have provided a mode to automatically reboot the device once a week.

To turn it on, open Settings, General and Reset.

Check the box next to the option to automatically restart the gadget.

How to Restart Samsung Phone with Complete Shutdown

The method of restarting with a complete shutdown is used to eliminate software failures that cannot be eliminated by restarting using the technology described above. This approach is also applied when the device overheats too much.

Hold down the Power button and wait 5-7 seconds. In the case of a gadget that is frozen tight, you need to wait longer.

Do not turn on the phone immediately after turning it off. Wait at least 30 seconds. Experienced service center specialists recommend removing the battery from the gadget if it is removable.

To do this, turn the phone upside down and open the back cover. What to do for this on the Samsung Galaxy A5 and J5 Prime smartphones is shown in the figure.

Update your software to the latest version

Update your device to the latest system version. Update apps via Google Market. Perhaps the developers have fixed the freeze or abnormal operation of the program in new releases.

How to reset Samsung Galaxy phone

Modern mobile operating systems are designed to last a long time without rebooting. A restart is required only at the time of critical updates. But sometimes smartphones and tablets on Android crash: the program freezes and does not respond to system requests, the gadget slows down and does not work as expected. In this case, it becomes necessary to restart your Samsung phone. One of the methods described below will help.

Remove the hanging program

Try to determine the reason that led to the freezing of the smartphone. It could be a specific application or a failed system update. Try looking for a solution on the Samsung J5 Prime smartphone user forum.

If problems are related to a separate application, uninstall it through Settings, the Applications item.

How to Force Restart Android on Samsung

The method is suitable if you decide to reset dependent applications on the phone without waiting for the system to free up enough memory for their work.

Hold down the power button and speaker volume down key. If it freezes, you will have to wait 5-7 seconds holding the buttons down.

When the phone asks to restart or shut down, select Restart. The screen will go blank, then a message will appear stating that Android starts loading.

How to Connect Samsung Phone to Computer?


Today, a mobile phone is the most essential tool for the life of a modern person. And Samsung mobile phones and smartphones are at the top of the popularity rating. It is not surprising that many users ask the same question (including on my blog): how to connect a Samsung phone to a computer

Frankly, I have a phone of the same brand (though already quite old by modern standards). In this article, we will look at how to connect a Samsung phone to a PC and what it will give us.

What will give us the connection of the phone to the PC

1. Ability to backup all contacts (from SIM card from phone memory).

For a long time, all my phones (including those for work) were all in one phone. Needless to say, what happens if you drop your phone or it doesn’t turn on just at the right moment? Therefore, backup is the first thing I recommend you do when you connect your phone to your PC.

2. Exchange your phone with a computer files: music, photos, etc.

3. Phone firmware update.

4. Editing any contacts, files, etc.

How to connect Samsung phone to PC

To connect your Samsung phone to your computer you need:
1. USB cable (usually comes with the phone);
2.Samsung Kies program (you can download it on the official website).

Installing Samsung Kies is no different than installing any other software. The only thing is to choose the correct codec (see screenshot below).

Choosing a codec when installing Samsung Kies.

After the installation is complete, you can immediately create a shortcut on the desktop to quickly launch the program and launch it.

Then you can connect your phone to a USB port on your computer. Samsung Kies will automatically start connecting to the phone (takes about 10-30 seconds).

How to back up all contacts from phone to computer?

Once Samsung Kies is launched in Lite mode, just go to the data backup and restore section. Next, click on the button select all items and then on backup

Within a few seconds, all contacts will be copied. See screenshot below.

Program menu

In general, the menu is quite convenient and intuitive. You just need to select, for example, the photo section and you will immediately see all the photos that are on your phone. See screenshot below.

In the program, you can rename files, delete some, copy some to your computer.


By the way, Samsung Kies will automatically check your phone firmware version and check if there is a newer version. If so, she will offer to update it.

To see if there is a new firmware just follow the link (in the menu on the left, at the top) with your phone model. In my case, this is GT-C6712

In general, if the phone works fine and it suits you, I do not recommend performing the firmware. It is quite possible that you will lose some of the data, the phone may start working differently (I don’t know for the better or for the worse). At least make a backup before such updates (see above in the article).

That’s all for today. Hope you can easily connect your Samsung phone to your PC.

Hard reset:

To hard reset Samsung J530F Galaxy J5 2017, follow these instructions:

  1. Fire up your smartphone.
  2. From the on state, press the button Turning on for 2-3 seconds and select Restart on the screen.
  3. As soon as you pressed the restart, immediately simultaneously hold and hold the buttons: Volume up, Home (center), Power on.
  4. The buttons can be released when the splash screen appears.
  5. In about 10 seconds, the phone will enter the recovery menu.
  6. Select Wipe data / factory reset. Control is carried out by the Volume buttons and the Power button to confirm the selection.
  7. Select Yes delete all user data.
  8. Last action reboot system now.
  9. Wait for smartphone loading.

It is important to remember or write down the data (login and password) to log into your google account. After resetting the settings, you will need them to synchronize your data (contacts, applications, etc.) with your phone and to access your phone.

The hard reset method helps to reset the pattern or digital password in case you forget it.

Reset settings using the menu:

  1. At the bottom of the screen, go to Menu.
  2. Find Settings.
  3. Go to Restore and Reset.
  4. Tap on the name Reset settings.
  5. Give your consent to the reset by clicking Reset and Erase All.
  6. Wait for the phone to load.