How to upload video to instagram from iPhone

How To Upload Videos To Instagram Reels! Instagram Reels Tutorial

Ways to upload videos from your phone or tablet to Instagram

Initially, Instagram service offered a service for sharing photos, but after gaining great popularity, the developers have worked to improve it, and the network has the ability to post videos.

First you need a suitable device and a network account. You can upload videos through your computer, but it’s quite complicated, and you’ll need special programs to work. The video file taken on the phone initially meets the required parameters. In addition, the less its weight, the less difficulty. Clip length options are limited to 15 and 30 seconds, so many users wonder if it’s possible to upload longer videos.

Importing through applications

Another way to add videos to Instagram from your phone is considered to be importing from editors. For example, the popular VSCO app now has the ability to apply filters to video footage.

Once editing is complete, the user can click “Share” and select Instagram. The file will be transferred to the social network, where the owner of the page can already add a description and trim unnecessary moments.

The list of video editing apps includes:

  • Filmr. A simple editor for those who are just learning how to add pictures and filters to a video sequence;
  • HUJI cam. For fans of the effect of film cameras, on top is the date, which can be changed in the settings. Free analogue: KUJI Cam.;
  • Quick by GoPro. Fast and versatile editor, allowing you to change the video of any quality and size.

Instructions on how to place them using Quick:

The app allows you to add videos to Stories. You can do this both with the standard “Send file” and through a special function.

In order to add several videos to the Instagram story you need to mark the necessary number of items in the settings of media-files selection. For example, you need to publish three when you place files from Gallery, pull the curtain and check.

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How to upload a video in IGTV from the phone.

It’s pretty simple. Enter the required profile in the application. Click on the plus sign “add” in the right corner of the screen.

Write a description (optional) and title of the video. Allowed to add hashtags and links to third-party sites. All changes can be saved as a draft or published immediately.

Once published, it will be displayed in the feed, then you can add to the story or share in a message.

Thus, uploading a video through the Instagram app is simple. Now let’s figure out how to upload a long movie from a PC.

How to download videos from YouTube

You can upload videos from any device. If you rely on beautiful processing, transitions and color correction, it is better to create a clip from a cell phone. If technical features are important, such as correct aspect ratio, detailed framing, and adherence to the format, then the ways with uploading via PC are okay.

On iOS

You don’t need to download special applications from App Marketa to upload videos from YouTube. It is enough to use Safari and conduct the operation through Downloads and Utilities, which can be downloaded through the browser.

1.1 Select the video you like and click “Share”.

1.2 You will be presented with various methods, of which the first is “Copy Link”. The address will be automatically saved to the clipboard.

Open the YBmate website.Com. And paste your link into the appropriate field.

After the video is processed you will be presented with a list of available formats and qualities.

Choose the best one and press “Download”.

You can track the download speed in this window.

Once the video is uploaded, click on its image. A panel will open where you can rotate or crop your video, and save it to a photo film.

Select “Save video”, then it will appear in the main gallery, where you can trim, edit and prepare it for uploading to Instagram.


Downloading video on Android follows the same instructions as on iOS.

  • Find the video you like and copy its link to the clipboard;
  • Open savefrom.Net. And paste the link into the appropriate field;
  • Wait for the video to be processed, then choose the best quality and access the download;
  • Open the video in Downloads and add it to gelera;
  • Unlike the iPhone, the gallery of mobile devices on the Android OS does not have the ability to instantly correct the clips, so you will need to download additional software to convert them, such as InstaVideo.

Important! Instavideo is a basic application that helps to convert video. With the adjustable settings, you can choose a suitable format, adjust the sound, edit the colors, adjust the optimal video duration and bitrate.

A desktop computer can download and edit video much faster and easier than a mobile device. So:

Find a video you like and click “Share.

This will open a menu where you should select “Copy”. The link will be automatically highlighted and copied to the clipboard.

Next, open the savefrom website in a new tab.Net. And paste your link in the special field. Wait for the video to be processed, then choose the optimal quality and click “Download.

Once the video has been uploaded to your PC you will need to adjust the duration. Do it with any built-in editor.

In the final step, add a video to Instagram in a convenient format for you.

How to upload IGTV to Instagram

Before you start uploading a video clip, you need to create a channel to broadcast it.

To add a file that can be viewed on the instagram page, you just need to do a few simple steps:

  • Click the TV icon on the screen in the upper right corner;
  • Using the “” icon, select the desired tracks or photos that we want to upload and click “FURTHER”;
  • Choose a cover art, for the video, in the tab from the bottom line;
  • Enter a name to be assigned to the video;
  • To add to IGTV, click the “Add to series” link;
  • Video is available in several resolutions. 6:19, only preview, and 16:9 for saved video (broadcast will be full screen on the phone);
  • To save all the settings you’ve made, press “Publish”.

Standard requirements for the video file

Not every video is skipped and published by the social network. When uploading, these requirements are observed:

  • Clips lasting up to 15 seconds are suitable for storis. Too long files are cut into several parts. Stories up to a minute can be posted on the feed. Time limits for IGTV are higher. You can post videos up to an hour long here. These are the limits set by the developers. I tried to upload larger clips, but the service rejected or cropped them.
  • Problems occur when uploading videos of over 30 MB. I use free programs to compress video. But the picture and sound quality will deteriorate.
  • “Instagram supports only 1 format of clips, so the uploaded file must have the extension MP4.
  • Keep your feed with square clips, publish your storis with rectangular clips. You can upload any kind of files, the system trims them to fit the shape. If this option does not suit you, I recommend to process the content in special applications. I consider Inshot to be the best option. It can be used to give you the shape you want without cropping.

Add the video to IGTV

This method is suitable for publishing videos up to 15 minutes from a mobile device. And up to 60 minutes if you’re uploading video from a PC.

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Before publishing to IGTV, it is recommended to create a special channel:

  • Go to Instagram and authenticate.
  • Go to “My Page” by clicking on the IGTV icon.
  • A “” icon will appear at the top of the page that opens. By selecting the function, the user will be able to create a channel.

A feature will become available to quickly upload videos to Instagram and

What is IGTV?

We made a very detailed instruction on IGTV here in this article! If you want to figure out YouTube by Instagram, be sure to read it 🙂

IGTV is a full-fledged video-hosting from Instagram, it has all possible functions to work with

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  • Publish/delete files;
  • Upload the cover art of the video separately;
  • Change the name of the video, description;
  • Save files to your favorites;
  • Keep track of statistics: views, Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and likes.

Instructions for uploading from a cell phone:

Possible problems

I talked about how to add videos to Instagram using the capabilities of the social network, and now I will describe the problems that may arise when uploading content. Difficulties arise if the quality of the Internet connection is poor or if the file is uploaded in an unsupported format. If the version of the app is outdated, you need to update it.

Sometimes the service “Instagram” automatically compresses the video, which has a bad effect on its quality. Some clips are deleted due to copyright infringement by placing someone else’s content in the clips.

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