How to Update Viber on Iphone 5s

Viber can be used on mobile phones, computers and tablets. To work, you will need an Internet connection and a phone number. We will figure out how to install Viber on your phone for free in Russian on iPhone, how to enter your personal account, what problems may arise during installation.

How to install viber on iPhone

How to Update Viber on Iphone 5s

Viber features on the phone

Download Viber is free. Immediately after installing the messenger on iPhone, the following options become available:

  • free calls all over the world;
  • built-in stickers;
  • sending messages and voice recordings;
  • creation of groups, communities;
  • joining group chats;
  • built-in network games;
  • the ability to connect a landline number using Viber Out.

Viber on iPhone is updated automatically. Use the latest version of the app to access all of the listed features.

Important. Viber for iPhone works over the Internet. If there is no connection, sending and receiving messages becomes impossible.

System Requirements for iPhone

You can install Viber on iPhone 4, 5, 5s and all modern generations. If the iOS operating system is lower than version 8.0, try updating it to the latest build available. When installing on iPhone 7, 8, X there will be no problems. Viber automatically detects the device model, version of the operating system and downloads the desired file.

The new version of Viber works more stable, contains fewer errors and provides more features.

For Viber to work on iPhone, the following requirements must be met:

  • the phone must be connected to the Internet;
  • voice and calls will require a workable camera, speaker and microphone;
  • in the device’s memory should be at least 60-80 megabytes of free space.

Mobile devices from Apple meet the declared specifications, so Viber will work without problems. The quality of communication during a call depends on the speed of the Internet. With a good connection, the quality is transmitted in HD.

How to install Viber on the phone iPhone, instructions

Install Viber on your phone or tablet for free. Downloading requires a few minutes of free time.

How to install Viber for free on a phone on iPhone in Russian:

Download will start automatically. Immediately after installation, the messenger icon will appear on the desktop. To start, tap on this icon.

How to enter your Viber profile

You can enter Viber’s profile on iPhone immediately after installation is complete. To enter you will need to specify a phone number.

Step-by-step instructions on how to enter Viber’s profile via iPhone:

  1. Launch the messenger by clicking on the icon on the desktop.
  2. Press button “Further”. When making it, you can familiarize yourself with the terms of use of the messenger by clicking on the appropriate link.
  3. Type your phone number, select your country of residence, click “Further”.
  4. Wait for the activation of Viber on the iPhone.

After activation, you can change the profile photo, print the name, mail address, select a date of birth.

To go to the chat menu, click on the checkmark in the lower right. You can start chatting with friends immediately after entering your profile.

Important. During the activation of the account, the Internet must be connected.

What problems may arise during installation

It’s not difficult to independently install Viber on iPhone. The application does not take up much space, works in Russian, downloads in a few seconds. If you encounter errors during the installation, follow these steps:

  • check your internet connection;
  • clear the memory of iPhone;
  • reboot the device;
  • check the operating system version and update it.

Most often, problems are associated with a lack of a boarding school or overflowing memory. If you can’t install Viber, you will have to contact support.