How to update the registrar Fuja zoom Smart. Update the radar detector ShO-Me

Update the database on the radar detector

Radar detectors help drivers find the location of the detachment or traffic police officer by determining the signal from his radar, and also warn about traffic control chambers.

This reduces the risks of obtaining a fine for speeding, an unpacked belt, not on headlights and other violations. But, like any modern equipment, they must be periodically updated. We will figure out how to update the radar detector of the ShO-Me, Neoline, Silverstone, Supra and Fujida series.

What is required to update

Radar-detectors are equipped with two types of defining police cameras: a radio module reading a certain type of signal, GPSBAZ data, which required to update in a timely manner. Also, the renewal of the radar detector gives:

  • Adding or removing cameras in Europe, CIS countries.
  • Making changes to high.speed modes on different tracks, areas.
  • Elimination of errors that the manufacturer in the software.
  • Increasing performance, reducing the amount of interference.
  • Updating the base of false works in a number of detectors from Fujida and Neoline.

Manufacturers try to equip new equipment with good software, which excludes most of the errors. But it also needs to be updated in a timely manner. To update the radars, you will need:

The sequence of update is common, but the subtleties depend on the specific model.

Fujida Zoom Smart S Wi-Fi. with GPS informant and Wi-Fi reviews

The quality of the video is good. compact, the method of installation on the way by the way suits holds perfectly. I bought it not for myself as a gift the company liked it is already the second registrar of this company. It is very convenient that without the battery and the temperature range for my region is acceptable.

Advantages: quality of shooting, installation on glass 2 options, support of a large volume card

Disadvantages: you cannot turn off the signals when turning on, weak software, inconvenience when updating

Advantages: lightweight, mount on the magnet

Comment: bought a gift, opened to see completeness, everything is fine. I hope the traitor will be happy.

Комбо-устройство SHO-ME Combo Smart. обновление базы камер

Advantages: Updated camera base.

Comment: It is better to take an expensive version where there is everything

Advantages: there are everything you need: good resolution (several modes), GPS, polarization anti.muffle filter. Sony matrix.

Disadvantages: somewhat big, (expected to be less). Sometimes GPS turns on with a significant delay. There is no battery.

Comment: I bought it by promotion, with a significant discount. The registrar selected with this set of functions. resolution, GPS, matrix. Rest. Nice bonus. In particular, a memory card for 16 GB, a magnetic fast-set mount, a USB cartrider. The main purpose.- Record.- performs remarkably, even against the sun. License plates are read badly, though it depends on many factors, but in all ways it is better than some ful-out-de-shi registrars.There is an option. Reading and voice acting signs of speed restriction. The idea is interesting, but the implementation is not very, sometimes at the cad it suddenly reports that the speed restriction. 60. It turns out that such a sign is drawn on a leading truck)) and if you go slowly (in traffic, for example) and one similar sign ahead, then 4-5 times can warn. But if somewhere outside the city, in an unfamiliar area, it may be useful, and in a month I turned off this recognition.It is very useful that in the adapter in a cigarette lighter there is a USB carcase for charging, for example, a smartphone-telephone and you do not need to occupy another nest or fence tees.Magnetic mount. also a pretty comfortable thing.Radarov bases are updated on the site weekly, can be downloaded to a memory card from a PC/laptop or updated via Wi-Fi from a smartphone. PO for managing the registrar loaded/installed, but somehow not impressed. counted on more convenient setting, but alas. There are practically no settings: you can watch online or records, updated, but set up only with buttons on the registrar itself.It’s generally good! I recommend! Only the price (for now) is not very humane.

Fujida Zoom Smart S Wi-Fi. with GPS informant and Wi-Fi reviews

Advantages: quickly catches GPS, high quality shooting, a large capture angle.

Disadvantages: very strong vibration when using suction cups. Power is supplied through the fastening of the registrar, which makes it impossible to use the device without fastening. Writes a video with TS extension.

Comment: good helping driver to the driver.

Advantages: good quality shooting. Quick connection with satellites. The base of the cameras. Wi-Fi

Disadvantages: I did not like that it is not clear where the downloaded file on the phone is saved. I had to look for it for a long time to transfer it to a computer. There are no more Комментарии и мнения владельцев yet.

Comment: The quality of shooting is pretty good. In the evening and with snow from heaven, the road situation is read perfectly. A clear analysis of numbers in such an environment did not expect. I liked the quick connection with the satellites. The base of the cameras also works well. Again, in the evening and in the conditions of snowfall, without problems recognizes signs of speed limit. The sound writes cleanly. The price would be even less. And so far satisfied with the acquisition. Applied video, in the original on the computer it looks better.

Advantages: compactness, supercondenser, rapid inclusion, discharge of signs.

Disadvantages: the buttons are not very convenient

Comment: CPL filter really works. At first he was skeptical, did not believe. The registrar itself is light, the fastening is cool, the food wire is long. The kit has everything you need to install. The shooting is of high quality, there are 1080p at 60 f/s, which is very cool.

Advantages: recording quality day and night-wdr/HDR CPL filter. Magnetic mount, 360 rotation “.Wi-Fi-LOVE PRODUCATION AND BASS CAMERS.Management from a smartphone.Voice alerts about signs, chambers, speed and every hour of the time of day. Large memory card capacity.Instructions in Russian, it is convenient to enter the menu without taking off the registrar from the glass.

Disadvantages: limited number.

Comment: I bought Auto-Dron in the online store.Good people with high service and a large assortment of goods.I advise you to check.

Advantages: good image, good sound. It is very convenient that there is an anti.radar, which quickly determines the signs. Convenient mount, though it came with an broken piece, but it does not affect anything, so I left it. There is also a button that allows you to quickly save the last entry in the case of an accident. In general, I am still satisfied

Comment: I liked it, I do not use it for long, let’s see in work how it will be next

Advantages: the advantages of all who described him belong to him by right. I will not repeat them, they can also be read under the goods. I read them in the same way before buying. Removes relatively well, it would not still be good to shoot for 10-12t.R. One of the criteria I liked was a turn that I have never used and quickly on the magnet, which will come in handy only to those who remove it when it leaves the car. The rest is not enough for the street, you don’t take it on the street, it’s convenient to pull out the only flash drive if you remove it from the mount because the connector below and if the flash drive falls, I have a car in the garage in the car for a long time and there is no point in shooting it, but I am important on the street the car itself and the minor troubles that I can look at in which case, not the registrar, so I leave it on the street and naturally turned on.

Disadvantages: Sometimes a problem with a cyclic record on the card (may hang on one frame or constantly restart), I understood this after all the freezes returned to normal when removing the memory card, and its insertion into place with subsequent formatting. Who has not caught this topic can say that the registrar lives his own life. The card by the way is the branded which comes with the registrar itself. This malfunction can manifest itself either a day 2 times or not for weeks not to disturb. Since I leave the registrar on when I get out of the car always before starting the movement I observe the indication of the recording (with a red point that flashes) if it blinks everything well, if there is no recording, then the record is not carried out. Also, if there are any errors, including with a record, then (for a short time when you turn it on) a message will be released on a full screen that the recording is not accompanied with a sound signal, so if you turn on and turn off, then do not miss this moment.

Comment: otherwise there are no problems, does not bask, does not fall, it takes off well, the sound is heard convenient. You can live.

Fujida Zoom Smart S Wi-Fi. with GPS informant and Wi-Fi reviews

Comment: at first glance everything is fine, has not yet been installed, later I will complement the review.

Advantages: Price ratio.quality. Good quality video, rich equipment.Warranty 2 years.The base of the cameras.Two types of mounts.So far only positive emotions

Comment: I bought a card for 64GB, there were no problems, although they write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев that the registrar is demanding on them. A pleasant addition is points from the store and a 1000r coupon in a box with a registrar.

Advantages: Functionality and price suitable pleasing! Everything suits me !

Advantages: video quality. The angle of view. Reads signs.

Comment: Great registrar. Warns about the camera on the route. Base update. After about 2 weeks. I took it for 7200.

Disadvantages: there was a problem of writing on a memory card when filling it out

Comment: Great DVR, holds well on glass, I recommend

Advantages: very light, good quality camera. the menu is clear, quickly defines everything and the cameras and the cameras

Disadvantages: no independent battery. Works only from the network and if it immediately turns off from the outlet

Advantages: good registrar, convenient menu and buttons. For such a price!

Comment: Wi-Fi connection is a little frozen.

Advantages: timely notifies the cells, even if the speed is not exceeded, asks to reduce speed, it is very convenient to update through the application on the phone by Wi-Fi

Comment: For little money, a good thing, let’s say “anti.radar”

Lack of Micro SD memory card

Advantages: He sees signs well and notifies, the base of the cameras is accurate

Advantages: acceptable price, good quality of shooting.

Disadvantages: fastening does not fix the position of the registrar very well

Advantages: many useful functions

Disadvantages: all the time asks for updates

Comment: took her husband as a gift. Appreciated, liked it. It works so far well, without complaints

Advantages: shooting quality. Large screen. Magnetic mount.

Distributor with excellent quality GPS information information on tracking cameras, frequent database updates via Wi-Fi, which is very convenient. The equipment is excellent. Various CPL filter mounts. The settings of the device were very pleased.

Comment: I was very pleased with the purchase, the order arrived very quickly

Advantages: compact size, wide viewing angle. The quality of the night shooting

Disadvantages: During the use of claims, no complaints were revealed

Comment: I bought as a gift. The gifted is satisfied 🙂

Comment: I use this company 2 years. The first registrar is more expensive, with a radar detector. There were no problems. In the company 7 pcs, for 1.5 years have not been with any.

Advantages: the holder of the suction cup holds well the registrar.

Comment: registrar norms, but not keep in mind all memory cards are suitable. I went through many cards until I inserted the card of their own company Fujida 16. I gave errors with others and was constantly restarted.

Advantages: Great registrar.Great detector.

Comment: Simple in the mortgage. The application is convenient everything writes one hundred needs to be done. The video is very good.

Advantages: Simple in Settling Installation, Sloking Available Available Inte Wee

update, registrar, zoom, smart

Comment: I use about a month. I did not notice problems in my work. Comfortable in using. The screen is quite large, and the survey too. I can safely recommend.

Advantages: a good matrix from Sony, polarick in the kit, in general, the quality of shooting is good. Availability of choosing a fastening method.

Disadvantages: software, continuous trouble, lack of flash drive in the kit, lack of case

Comment: bought a branded card from Fujida.Through the off the application was updated and it seems that everything is fine, but the next day the registrar did not work and 3 minutes.As already written, I encountered constant problems of cyclic rebooting and memory failure. This mistake here is the most common and vanguy, which is associated with the firmware.I tried to format the card, run it without a card, in vain, it will work with a random number of seconds and go to the rebut. It can also calmly sleep when connecting via Wi-Fi, this is right out of the box. Upon trying to stream play for playing, the picture on the phone hangs tightly hanging. In general, the application has a rather poor functionality. The media is standard. Options with a radar detector and signs of signs did not even have time to try out. GPS seemed to be connected, if you believe the voice notification, but also could not replace it, since it turned off right away))) the registrar itself is quite normally assembled, it is felt a little flimsy, but in general the norms. Magnetic fastening is done well.Sammari. Your money is not worth it, since there is no reliability (software part), the appendix application, firmware of the goddessed bottom. Does not fulfill its function. Definitely return. I do not recommend purchasing. P.S. I tried different flash drives, from 16 GB, to 128. At 128, this is how it can not find it normally (high.class flash drives and precisely workers are formatted through the registrar)

Advantages: convenient magnetic mount, lack of lithium-ion battery

Disadvantages: Lack of a corporate case

Advantages: I bought a second friend for a birthday.

Advantages: relatively inexpensive

Disadvantages: have not yet been identified. But perhaps this is its size and micro USB. It is strange that they still use this connector

Comment: I am still satisfied with the outwardly. I did not like the micro.USB micro.micro and dimensional adapter in a cigarette lighter

Advantages: good quality product

Comment: Good device for your money

Advantages: the database of cameras can easily be updated through the built-in Wi-Fi. Magnetic mount holds well.

Comment: There is no radar-translator. But this is more than my fault, I did not read it myself. Basically, all cameras and mobile ambushes say.

Advantages: Quality Assignment Equipment Signs Signs Camperial Filter

Base of cameras and radars for Fujida radar detectors

The software works only on Windows XP (Z55 Pro and Z77 Pro), Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Firmware-a program for managing the functions of a radar detector, menu, voice, sound messages, the operation of the display, the GPS sensor and other hardware of the radar detector. The program is periodically updated after adding new functions to it.

Universal Updater V4.9 updates 4 files at once (firmware, signature library, voice and camera base). Before that, he checks the available software and uploads only new files.

From the unpacked folder, start the Updater V4 program.9 (clicking 2 times with the left mouse button on the program icon)

Download the XXXXX_FXXXX_VXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_SXXXXX file.Bin on your device (clicking the “Open” and then “load to the device”).

And only then download the firmware file (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.bin) in the device. Then the parameters will remain preserved.

Firmware for the radar detector Silverstone F1 Monaco S from 27.04.2020. (standard voice messages) download

Firmware for the radar detector Silverstone F1 Monaco S from 27.04.2020. (cut voice messages) download

Firmware for the radar detector Silverstone F1 Monaco S from 27.04.2020. (male voice) download

Firmware for the radar detector Silverstone F1 Monaco S from 27.04.2020. (male voice, cut messages) download

Firmware for the radar detector Silverstone F1 Monaco S from 27.04.2020. (voice messages in the Kazakh language) download Opinic messages in Kazakh) download

Silverstone F1 Hybrid UNO A12 S Combot.04.2020. download

Firmware for Combo device Silverstone F1 Hybrid UNO A12 S from 09.01.2019. download

ATTENTION. Update only with connected nutrition 12V.

Silverstone F1 Hybrid S-Bot 27 Combo-Instruction.04.2020. download

Silverstone F1 Hybrid S-Bot Combo Firmation from 24.02.2020. download

In this firmware (SW 0.41L / SW 0.41S) Fixed the problem with the sequence of dates in 2020. L is the full version of the voice acting S-short version of the voice acting a cut voice firmware with a female voice (where all the long phrases were, they reduced attention, the speed of speed froze; Radar arrow arrow; GPS accompaniment is actively GPS, attention, a mobile chamber is possible ahead is possible Mobile camera. and t.e) there are features of update! See the instructions carefully!

In this firmware (RD 2.20) The following changes are made: Improved work on the slope. For work RD 2.20 you need to install SW 0.39 and above.

Firmware for the radar detector Silverstone F1 Sochi Z from 27.04.2020. (standard voice messages) download

Firmware for the radar detector Silverstone F1 Sochi Z from 27.04.2020. (cut voice messages) download

Firmware for the radar detector Silverstone F1 Sochi Z from 27.04.2020. (male voice) download

Firmware for the radar detector Silverstone F1 Sochi Z from 27.04.2020. (male voice, cut messages) download

update, registrar, zoom, smart

Firmware for the radar detector Silverstone F1 Sochi Z from 27.04.2020. (voice messages in Kazakh) download

GPS information

When moving on the area of ​​control of autodoria, the average speed on the site is calculated. In the case when there is no speed exceeding, it will not be distracted by voice tips.

The quality of the shooting corresponds to the models of the premium level. Good detail and readability. Loofing signs of cars, road markings and pedestrians will not be left without attention.

At night, visibility remains. Sharpness is held throughout the area of ​​the frame. Bright light from headlights of oncoming cars is compensated. In addition to the image, data on speed and route of movement are recorded.

Fujida Zoom Smart results

Fujida Zoom Smart will be a good choice when searching for a DVR for operation in a metropolis. He demonstrated high assembly quality, good shooting quality and excellent filling of the base of stationaryly located traffic violations of traffic violations. Wireless update requires less time and more convenient than a common method of connecting to PC.

Use actual promotional codes to buy cheaper!

-Fujida Zoom Okko Wi-Fi DVR can be bought much cheaper. Cashback sometimes reaches 17%, but they do not like to talk about it. To get it, choose a store, choose a store where the price is below and activate the cashback, then make a purchase in the store as usual, the cashback will come within 10 minutes. Cashback is not points and bonuses, but real money that can be transferred to your card or phone balance. A pleasant discount will not be superfluous! We give us the first cashback 150r on promotional codes: SDX548 Select a store and activate cashback you need: 770 stores with cashback

– 2. Daniil Bogdanov

Pros: Appearance. Wi-Fi.
Minuses: Not rotary. Not on.
Review: Apparently, like all the Chinese technique as a whole, it was not good a couple of times, I had to shoot and connect it again so that I would work. Well, they pay money for the reviews on the phone ?

– one. Alexey Karazha

Pros: I did not see
Minuses: The best way to throw 6000
Review: Bought due to the presence of Wi-Fi function. which, drum fraction. Does not work! The first file went from the registrar to the phone quite fast. But after an hour drive, I decided to check the quality of the video shot. And it began! ! ! At first it did not connect to the phone, then the registrar connected and immediately rebooted! Accordingly, it was necessary to turn on Wi-Fi again! No file is impossible to download! The support service began to mumble something about permission in the phone and the like game. As a result, he reformatted, and all permits were included, but he never earned! ! ! That is, that function does not work because of which many buy it! How the result I passed it and I am not going to contact this brand anymore! It is a pity that there is no zero in the assessments, because he did not deserve one star! Want to spend money, then this is what you need! I do not recommend !! !

– one. Vladimir t.

Review: For a long time I chose a more or less decent registrar without unnecessary bells and whistles, I stopped on this, while again I was delighted that I saved 1000 r. A week later, they still raised a thousand, now it costs 8999 r (and again they told me that in fact it (50%)? In general, I decided not to buy this registrar. For some, this may not be significant, but for such money to buy an ordinary registrar, I think it is not worth it, even if the quality of shooting is a little better than others. I put one star for marketing.

– one. Igor S.

Pros: Filming quality
Minuses: The recording is interrupted. I drove through unevenness or tram tracks are not all notes. Sometimes it is restored sometimes not. And the user is not clear or not. Manufacturers write about bad cards. I acquired an additional. New Kingston High Enduraance MicrosdHC 32 GB [sDCE/32GB] The problem is not solved by the map. Magnetic mount problem. Fastening. Apparently rubbish. Therefore, assessment 1. The registrar does not record the video when you’re sure. what is he writing.
Review: I do not recommend the goods

– one. Anatoliy Anatoliy

Pros: Delivery an hour after registration. Decent packaging.
Minuses: The device is not working. The screen burns, the settings buttons work. But there is no record.
Review: Disappointed.

– one. Dima g.

Pros: Works
Minuses: A crack on the case
Review: The crack for performance did not affect, but I put one star, since it was not pleasant, the box was not opened, there were seals.

Option with the lit sky. New premium registrar Fujida Okko Wi-Fi second option. Ordinary Chinese inexpensive Yi Smart Dash Camera, which is already a couple of years old.

I ask you not to admire the enthusiastic reviews here about the “crystal picture” The manufacturer has a review program for reviews. Draw conclusions.

UPD1: I just stumbled upon a copy of his regist Muben mini. Everything is completely the same, only cheaper and with a normal Sony sensor. over, it is sold in the same stores where this fuel is.

– 3. Igor K.

Pros: Compact size and magnetic mount.
Minuses: Lack of adjustment of the mount on the angle of inclination in two planes, difficulties with watching videos on the phone, the cost is overestimated taking into account the quality of the shot video, the inaccessible ability to connect the registrar to the PC by means of a cable
Review: I bought it on the road, the registrar was delivered at the very last moment, to figure out how all this was once working, I considered that I would somehow figure it out on the road. When there was a need to download the video and present it to the traffic police inspector that everything is very not easy, Wi-Fi works, the application on the phone is launched, the connection to the phone is taking place, but the video is not downloaded, the registrar again asks to connect Wi-Fi. And so many times in a row in half an hour! When I got to the computer, I threw off the video from the card through the cartrider, but the impression of the use of the gadget is spoiled. A USB cartrider in the form of a flash drive was attached with the registrar, for some reason he died after several SD connections of the card. As for the standard fastening to the windshield, this is a real perversion. The device is attached to double.sided tape, no adjustments except changes in the angle in the longitudinal plane of the car are provided. It was not possible to install the camera parallel to the hood, installed at a slight angle. As the guideline developers imagine, a big question. I have never encountered a similar problem before. Perhaps such an installation scheme made it possible to achieve compactness, but, in my opinion, a very controversial solution. Before that, he used the device from MIA for many years, I did not know any problems, now my wife used it. Thus, despite the obvious advantages, the overall impression of the DVR is spoiled. Troika with a stretch.

Use actual promotional codes to buy cheaper!

– 3. Zlyuka

Pros: No
Minuses: After the purchase after a week, a suction cup. It is not subject to repair. Fastening in the service center is not exchanged for new. It is impossible to repair or somewhere to buy new.
Review: Do not throw 7 to this “miracle”.

– 3. Evgeniy

Pros: Convenient screen, rotary mount, decent quality of the picture
Minuses: Very weak guide mounting salads and at the same time very tight. It is extremely difficult to remove the DVR, for example, at night. Small deception. The manual is printed in the address and phone number of the service center in St. Petersburg, but in fact this number belongs to the children’s medical institution. For warranty repair, you need to send the product by mail to Kazan.
Review: Three weeks after the purchase, GPS began to disconnect regularly. The function “Base of cameras” and fixing the scene of an accident became practically useless. On the phone in Kazan, they carry complete nonsense that the athermal windshield is guilty, which, as you know, are equipped with all decent foreign cars. There is no warning about this product phenomenon in the documentation. If not a pity 7000 r. For a couple of weeks. Buy.

– 2. Sergey

Pros: Quality in \ shooting
Minuses: It is not associated with GPS satellites, because of which all functions do not work, except in \ fixation.
Review: Combo device Fujida Zoom Smart, after a week, after buying and installation, stopped contacting satellites. After updating the camera base, the informant pronounces. Communication with satellites is established. After turning off the device and reverse on, it does not find satellites and does not update time, does not show speed and does not warn about the frames-radars. Works only as in \ registrar. He is not worth this money.

– 2. Andrey S.

Pros: The presence of a supercondenser of a backed battery, fastening to glass included on a suction cup and tape.
Minuses: GPS module. Periodically does not see the satellites, as a result does not show and does not write speed and does not see the camera. In general, lives his life, then does not work. Flashed several times does not help.
Review: I do not recommend.

– 2. Oleg Korolev

Pros: It takes off well. You can throw the videos to the phone
Minuses: After two months of work, when trying to establish a connection via Wi-Fi, it was impossible. Only helps update the firmware through the computer. It is impossible to download or watch videos at this moment. I gave it to repairs. Now I will give again. Probably if I repeat I will return
Review: I think there will be a problem with the return. They offer to send a registrar to Kazan. Well, they will be pissed out a couple of days after replacing the. And he will dig up again in a month. And what to send there every time?

– 2. Zakharov Vladimir

Pros: The inforiativity of the screen. Fastenment to glass. Dimensions.
Minuses: Asselo with weak optics. No rooms are visible in the evening and night. “milk”. In the afternoon in the sun does not remove lights, from which part of the numbers is not visible. On my device constant glitch. After 2 days, time is discarded and not set along the belt. Flashing only manual and helps for the same 2 days. Then in a circle. Manufacturing defects. Raw registration, for night shooting I do not recommend. Manual update, through the computer. Why then a program on Android?
Review: My device came across a glucose that is not treated. This is a marriage. I consider it frank lies to the information of those users who write that this artipan has a good night shoot. She simply does not. And do not mislead people. I personally checked my notes from the Region on the laptop. In the evening after 18 hours, when it was still quite light, the region did not see the number of cars. And even at night, all the more. Instead of numbers, white rectangles. The purchase is not far away!

– one. Oksana sh.

Pros: Assembly quality, convenient mount.
Minuses: Worked for 4 months
Review: One day, Wi-Fi flew off, stopped working GPS, constantly turns off and turns on. I contacted Support, offered to update on the official website, but this is not leader, only through Wi-Fi, the archive is not unpacked.

– one. Alexey Surnin

Pros: After a month of use, I did not like anything, nothing works.
Minuses: Does not correspond to its functionality broke down after a week of use.
Review: I purchased this product for a trip to the south. Two weeks of tests when traveling around the city left in general satisfactory impressions. True, the settings (car number, shutdown time) flew once, but in general, the registrar took off well and cheerfully warned about the cameras. But the time has come. Somewhere in 1000 km of path, this device began to periodically overload. over, the further, the more often. On the hot line, they told me that this is because of the “bad” memory card. But pulling out a memory card in general. I got all the same reboot. And in front of me lies a plastic brick that needs to be kept to the service center through resuscitation

Fujida Zoom Smart DVR Test

Despite the dominance of various multifunctional devices in the market, most often domestic drivers need only one specific function, the rest of the devices are perceived only as a pleasant bonus. That is why simple video recorders without navigators, radar detectors and other things, often unnecessary functionality, will always remain in demand. The novelty from the brand Fujida. Zoom Smart recorder. It is just designed to supplement this niche, continuing that has already become popular in the line of DVR.

The device is “hidden” in a brand’s corporate style box: a solid black cardboard and a golden stitching of letters. In the kit you can find a vacuum suction cup on a windshield and a charger in a cigarette lighter.

Externally, the device is made in the form of a classic registrar with two buttons on the top panel, three buttons on each side panels, as well as a three.inch display. The assembly quality is excellent: the registrar does not creak and does not break when trying to put pressure on it. All panels are also very tightly fitted without any gaps. Pleasant black matte plastic Soft-Touch allows the device not to be broken in the sun.

On the front side is a lens with a viewing angle of 170 degrees

The buttons are pressed with a verified effort and do not strive to fall out of the grooves. The keys on the left side are responsible for the operation of the GPS informant with the camera of the cameras, and using the keys on the right, you can choose the optimal video setting settings.

There are no connectors for power wires directly on the device. Energy is brought directly to the mount on the glass. This is very convenient if you are used to cleaning the device for the night to ensure its safety.

Fastening allows you to turn the device 360 ​​degrees in all directions. The power cable included in the kit allows you to safely carry out the installation under the carriage of the car.

Fujida Zoom Smart is also equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which is synchronized with a smartphone. All registrar management processes using the phone are held using the Fujida company application for free in Play Market and App Store. The application consists of the main menu, which is divided into five parts, each of which is responsible for its section Device Management.

Using the entire pair of movements, you can select the necessary video and with one touch to download it in the phone’s memory, which will be very convenient if the record must be attached to the case materials for an accident. Or you can always share interesting videos with friends on social networks. You can also watch “online” picture from the registrar on the screen of a mobile phone.

A separate button in the menu is responsible for checking the relevance of the location of stationary cameras. You can learn about the need for updates instantly using one click. over, when the update appears, the device itself offers to install it on the device. The most interesting thing is that thanks to Wi-Fi-the update module can be made without dismantling the device from the glass of the car.

In addition, through a smartphone you can manage absolutely all the settings of the DVR

The management and equipment of the Zoom Smart menu is absolutely traditional: you can change the quality of the recording, the duration of the recorded rollers, change the exposure and brightness. With other buttons, you can configure the work of the warning from the GPS information with the coordinates of the cameras. You can choose the established speed limit and the time for to withdraw warnings about approaching the “trap”.

Separately, it is worth dwelling on the basis of cameras. Fujida Zoom Smart notifies not only about stationarily placed complexes, but also about the recovery systems for the intersection of a stop strip and a dedicated band for public transport. In addition, the device will warn about Avtodoria, which considers the average speed on the site.

For video shooting in Fujida Zoom Smart, the Ambarella A7LA55 platform processor is responsible for recording video in Full HD resolution at a speed of 30 frames per second. The quality of shooting is a decent level with good detail. License plates of cars, road signs and markings. everything is read without blurring. The rooms can be seen from a distance of about 10 meters.

At night, the quality of shooting does not worsen much. There are no lights from oncoming headlights, and sufficient sharpness is supported over the entire area of ​​the frame. Rooms can be seen at least two buildings in front of the car.