How to update the BIOS on your Asus laptop

How to Update Your Asus Laptop BIOS: One day you will need this knowledge

In some cases (for example, when performing a hardware upgrade of a laptop. the user installs a new SSD drive, replaces the discrete graphics card for a more powerful) without the implementation of the process of updating the BIOS can not do. Because often the new hardware is not correctly perceived by the laptop’s microsystem. In the latter cases, no full-fledged functioning of the new components in the operating system is out of the question. However, to know how to update BIOS in a laptop Asus, more than useful and in other cases. read in which, and apply recommendations in practice.

Update BIOS from within the operating system

The easiest and safest way is to

  • Go to the official Asus website;
  • You need to enter your laptop model;
  • Go to the Drivers and Utilities menu;
  • Then you need to choose your operating system Windows 7, 8 or 10;
  • Save BIOS firmware to your computer.

Then we will need a specialized Windows BIOS Flash Utility, with the help of which we open the firmware and click Flash. Updating will only take a couple of minutes, after that restart your laptop.

Using this update method will not affect your notebook’s warranty and will not lead to malfunction.

Despite all the advantages of this upgrade method, there are some disadvantages. The method is unlikely to work on too old models of laptops, also experimental or beta versions may be missing. For this reason this update method may not suit all Asus notebook users.

How to update the BIOS on an HP laptop

The manufacturer Hewlett-Packard took care of its customers. the update is implemented in the system without restarts and complex manipulations. It is enough to follow the instructions:

  • First, you should go to the official drivers search page:
  • Then you need to go to the page of the specific model by typing the code (on the back cover of the case) or the exact name in the search line.
  • On the next page you specify the version of the OS installed on the selected device.
  • In the suggested list of downloads you need to choose the BIOS and get the latest BIOS update package.
  • Package update in this case looks like the usual installation file, which you can run, but with a number of conditions: the laptop must be in the charging state (work through a battery can be accidentally interrupted), any programs, anti-virus software, firewalls, etc.д. should be deactivated.
  • Next, run the file, follow the instructions and reboot the laptop to continue working with the new BIOS.

Downloading the BIOS from the Asus site

Before downloading BIOS must find out his current version on the PC to download a newer update (which has a larger number than the current version).

Type “msinfo32” and hit Enter.

Check the PC BIOS version (version 2003 in the example).

Go to:, type the name of your motherboard model in the search box and click on its name in the list.

Click on “Drivers and Utilities” and select the OS version.

Choose the category “BIOS” and click on its new available version (in this case it is version 2104). Click on “Global” for the download.

How to Update Notebook BIOS in Windows? | ASUS SUPPORT

Note! Find the file downloaded to your PC by clicking “Settings” and selecting “Downloads” in your browser.

Extract the downloaded file from the archive by double-clicking it and dragging it from the archive window to any suitable folder.

What you need to do before upgrading

Security measures when modifying BIOS/UEFI:

  • It is important to protect your PC from being cut off during the BIOS update process, t.к. This may cause it to fail. It is highly undesirable to carry out an update when repairing on the local power line or during a thunderstorm.
  • When updating BIOS preferably connect the PC to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to avoid surges or blackouts. While updating the laptop BIOS you should fully charge its battery and connect the laptop to a 220V power source.

Connecting PC to uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to avoid a power surge

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USB-Flash drive with BIOS file must be connected to the USB ports located on the motherboard PC

How to Update BIOS in a Asus Notebook

Not a smart way to update your Asus device BIOS to the latest version.

If your Asus device is implemented on a modern motherboard, you can use the instruction How to flash BIOS Asus (Asus EZ Flash 2) (in this case, you do not need to create a bootable flash drive)

  • The first thing to do is to go to Asus’ website.
  • Choose your product (laptop or motherboard), then series and model, then press Enter or the Search button.
  • The site will prompt you to select the operating system, if possible select the one you use, if it is on the list.
  • Go to BIOS section and download the latest version of BIOS.
  • Download BIOS flash utility. AFUDOS. You can do it in the same Asus product page, in the Utility section of the BIOS. Or
  • Open our bootable flash drive, write afudos to it (file afudos.exe) and BIOS itself (example: file p4c800b.rom).
  • Reboot and when you see the first picture on your monitor press F8. Open the quick start menu and choose our flash drive. Or just press F2 for notebooks or Del for desktops, then come to Boot page and put USB flash drive on the first place, usually you have to put Removable Device in 1st Boot Device item, then press F10 and confirm that you want to save changes in configurations.
  • The computer will boot from the flash drive and it will prompt for C:\ on the black screen. (Or another drive letter. does not matter)
  • To start the flashing process write afudos /i p4c800b.rom and press Enter button. Launching BIOS flash
  • Note: Don’t power off or restart the system during BIOS update! This could seriously harm your system.
  • When BIOS update is complete, it will return to DOS. Remove floppy disk and reboot your system to enter BIOS menu. Flashing BIOS is done
  • Go to the BIOS and reset the settings to their original values.

(Rollback BIOS) Back to an older version of BIOS using AFUDOS

Performs the same as a normal flash except for the following changes:

(Rollback BIOS) Revert to an older version of BIOS using WinFlash

UPD: Possible problems and solutions

If DOS gives an error when trying to flash, or the flashing operation simply does not start, try the following steps:

  • Make sure the command is spelled correctly (it contains only one space. after the word afudos) and the correct firmware file name (don’t forget to specify the file extension)
  • If your firmware file name is long. Try renaming it to something shorter (For example: Instead of P5K-EPU-0406.rom change the file name to 0406.rom). Also. If the firmware filename is different than the one in the article, then rename it to afudos.exe. Again, create a firmware command for the already renamed files (in this example it will be afudos /i0406.rom )

If the manufacturer’s web site firmware files have the extension BIN, but not ROM. You need to use another way to flash the firmware using the BUPDATER utility

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How to update BIOS on Asus notebook

How to Update Asus BIOS in a Computer or Laptop

Hi all, today we will consider a utility which will help us to update BIOS Asus on a computer or laptop. The utility is called Asus drivers update utility or Asus update utility. it is absolutely free and easy to use, I think it’s no secret that in most cases the fresh firmware of your bios is the key to a stable work of your hardware. The method described below can be called the lazy method.

Earlier I told you how to update the server motherboard using the utility Afudos. But the utility afudos in the average user can cause rejection because it requires DOS and the command line, it is much nicer to update the BIOS via a GUI interface program from Windows. And so let’s talk in essence. There are at least 3 methods of updating the firmware:

Why do you need to update the BIOS, the most basic is to support new hardware and improve the support of existing equipment, well, and fix bugs.

How to update the BIOS of your Asus laptop even for dummies

If you type in any search engine how to update the BIOS of the motherboard on your Asus laptop: eee pc x101ch, p5b, p8z77 v, p5ld2 se, m2n mx, p5ld2, p5k, x551m, Asus m2n, p5kpl, p8p67, p8h61, p5q, m5a97, x551ma, p5pl2, p8h67, z87, p7p55d, p5k, x200ma, x54h, x55a or whatever, you will be offered several ways.

The first to update the BIOS on an Asus laptop through doc. Second. update via the built-in BIOS tools of the BIOS itself. Third way. flash via flash drive.

Fourth. how to update via the Internet. Fifth. how to update the BIOS on your Asus laptop directly through Windows.

I will describe only the last option. it is the easiest and there is absolutely no complexity. It can be used by any dummie (beginner).

If you choose the first method to update the BIOS version in Asus laptops, there is not a lot of Karusian, and the second may not take advantage of not everyone, especially owners of older models, but the new models and update is not necessary.

There is another through the utility Asus BIOS update, only I have two laptops, for some reason she did not want to install

Also two laptops did not see the flash drive with the image BIOS, so, not to confuse you, here will be described the fifth way of updating. it worked for 5 laptops Asus. I hope it will work for you, too.


To prevent problems with the firmware upgrade you should reinsure and save the current firmware to be able to roll it back in case of a malfunction:

    Download Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit. You should always run the program with administrator privileges.

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