How to Update Samsung J7 Phone

Has smartphone crashes and freezes become commonplace? From such troubles is difficult insure yourself, therefore, it is better to know in advance how to set up the phone and restore its former performance. If we are talking about a Samsung smartphone based on Android, then the most reliable option will be flashing. And you can do it yourself.

How to Update Samsung J7 Phone

So, how to reflash a Samsung smartphone, and what programs to use?

Why do I need to reflash a smartphone

Failures in the smartphone often occur due to the fault of the owner. The reason may beinstallation of unverified applications, substandard programs or random changing important system files. Each such error is reflected in the performance of the device.

Most often, only flashing can help a smartphone. This is a change in the software installed on the smartphone. Flashing allows you to get rid of errors, expand the functionality of the device and make it more convenient. In service centers, this service is not cheap, but you can do without unnecessary expenses and independently return the phone to life.

What you need for flashing Samsung

Before you start flashing, you need fully charge your smartphone (or at least 80%) so that the battery does not run out at the most crucial moment. Be sure to save important information. to any medium that is convenient for you, since when updating the software all old files will be deleted. In addition, you will need:

  • USB cable and PC or laptop;
  • Good internet connection;
  • Special utilities for flashing.

Most often, Samsung Galaxy firmware is performed using the Odin or KIES utilities. They must be downloaded to a computer in advance, and the version of the operating system should be no lower than Windows XP.

How to reflash phone with KIES

KIES is a program developed by Samsung to synchronize phone and PC data. Also, with its help, you can install and update the OS. Thanks to this, KIES is great for firmware for Samsung smartphones.

How to use the service:

  • Download KIES on PC;
  • Connect the device to the computer via USB and wait for the drivers to load onto the smartphone;
  • Launch KIES and start the update by pressing the appropriate button.

The firmware of the smartphone will begin, during which the device will reboot several times. You can only disconnect the USB cable after the process has completed successfully. A notification will be displayed on the PC screen.

How to reflash a smartphone through Odin

It is very convenient to flash Android using the special Odin program. This utility is specifically designed for Samsung smartphones. As in the case of KIES, the first thing you need to do is install it on your computer and download the file with the firmware.

  1. Enter the smartphone into boot mode. To do this, hold down the home button, turn off and decrease the volume at the same time. The device will turn off. Then a window will be displayed asking you to press the volume up button. do it;
  2. Connect the smartphone to a PC or laptop via a USB cable;
  3. Turn on Odin and click “PDA” in the window that opens;
  4. A window will be displayed in which you will need to enter the path to the file with the firmware;
  5. Start the process by pressing the “Start” button.

It will take only a few minutes for the flashing, after which the smartphone will reboot and be ready to work.

How to reflash a smartphone without a computer

You can do without third-party programs and perform a flashing using the built-in menu for updating the system in your smartphone. To do this, you must:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu;
  • Select “About the device” and find the “Software Update” section;
  • Click the “Update” button and wait until the necessary updates are downloaded to the smartphone.

After agreeing to install new software, the flashing process will begin. It may take from several minutes to an hour. During this time, the device cannot be used, turned off, or rebooted.

What can not be done during flashing

When reflashing the smartphone, you can not:

  • Use the device: answer calls, receive messages or go online;
  • Disconnect the smartphone or computer itself.
  • Disconnect the battery or USB cable.

Any of these actions can seriously harm the phone, or even completely deprive it of working capacity. Therefore, it’s better not to risk it.

So, now you know the basic ways of flashing a Samsung smartphone. With their help, you can independently bring your favorite device back to life.