How to update Safari on iPad. How to find out the Safari version for iPhone?

What is Safari in iPhone? Safari setting on iPhone, iPad

Most iPhone users use the standard Safari browser. Let’s talk about what it is generally of what it consists of and how to configure it.

Safari is a standard gadget browser. working with the iOS system. It differs from other topics. that in it you can view the web. pages in full.size format without scaling to the size of the screen. That is, any place on the page can be made more with standard iPhone gestures.

Besides. The mode of working with several tabs is supported here. which allows you to open and view several sites at once. Therefore, this browser was recognized as the best for use on a smartphone.

Safari is made on the Webkit engine. What is good. And bad. Of the shortcomings, the lack of the ability to work with Java. applets is distinguished. file download and Adobe Flash. but this is easily corrected with plugins.

general information

Generally. The browser itself came to the mobile system from Mac OS and took root there excellently. To comfortably use all web. resources, most users prefer to use iPad. since his screen has much more.

Safari has many opportunities. But we will talk about the most basic.

The browser can work as horizontally. and vertically. It is more convenient to view the pages in a horizontal position. In this mode, the text on the screen is more readable and at the same time to increase the text with gestures no longer has to. If you use the iOS version above 4. 0. then you can easily prohibit the screen rotation. The Browser Interais is simple and understandable. Therefore, it is not difficult to use it. you just need to know the main elements.

Why Safari constantly updates pages

Often you can see that the page has already begun to load, half of the content was displayed, and then the inscription “This web page was rebooted from above due to the error”. It is amazing that once Safari begins to reboot the page that you use every day. In most cases, after the message that appears, the page continues to restart and further, so you can’t sleep for a regular failure in work. First you need to check that the malfunction applies only to Safari.

Safari is constantly rebooting? That’s why this is happening

  • Open another site in Safari.
  • Try to open a page in another browser. so you will understand that the reason is not in the site itself.
  • Close the rest of the tabs in Safari, if any, and start the page again.

If one of the ways helped you, then the problem lies in the page itself, which is poorly optimized for smartphones. But there are other reasons for the constant reloading Safari.

What to do if Safari constantly updates pages

This problem arises quite often and minimally depends on the model of your iPhone (with the exception of very old ones), so it can happen both on the iPhone XR and on the iPhone 13 Pro and even the iPad. What can be done?

Pay attention to these nuances in Safari

  • Disconnect energy saving. Some pages are too “heavy”, but in addition to not adapted to mobile browsers. In the charge saving mode, the smartphone cannot quickly load them due to the limited capacity of the processor.
  • Very often the problem occurs with a low charge of the battery: usually pages are constantly rebooted when the iPhone has less than 10% of the battery. Just charge it.
  • Clean the history of visits or data data at once or for each site separately: for this you need to go into the settings. “Safari”, and then select the desired option. Suitable if only one site is constantly rebooted.

In addition, pay attention to the fact that in iOS 15 in the Safari settings there is a “auto.saving offline” item: in this mode, the pages from the reading list are preserved in open form, so they can be read without the Internet. Disconnect this item: according to personal observations, it also often provokes a constant reloading of pages.

Safari browser elements

Address bar

Site addresses, for example, ya are introduced in this, and so on. The address is entered through the QWERTY keyboard, which appears when touched on the address line.

If you choose a search, and inbide the right phrase, then you will be highlighted by the results of the search in the Google service. If you don’t like Google, then you can change it for another search engine in the settings.


The site itself opens here. Any text or picture can be copy. To do this, make a prolonged press on the element you need. In addition, if necessary, you can always return to the beginning of the page. To do this, click on the line of the state at the top of the screen.

Back and forth

These buttons allow you to return to the pages viewed earlier.

Click on the icon with the appropriate sign and save the site you viewed in bookmarks. Here you can also create an icon or by mail.

Magazine of bookmarks

All bookmarks are preserved here. They can be divided into separate folders or edited by clicking the “Change” button.


The browser allows you to watch up to eight pages at the same time, and you can move between them using the “page” key. You can close unnecessary pages by pressing the red button on the top of the left.

Update on Android

On Android, the main source of application updates is Play Market. This applies even to pre.installed programs like Google Chrome. In the settings of the observer itself, you can only look at the version of the application.

To download updates, do the following:

You can go the other way: run the Play Market, find Google Chrome and click “Update”. If there are no updates, then there will be no such button. Other web browsers for Android are also updated: Yandex-browser, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and T.D.

If the device does not have a Play market or for some reason you do not want or cannot use it, there is another way to get the latest version of the browser-install it from the APK file. But first it is necessary to conduct a little preparation:

To solve the second problem on Android and below open the “Safety” section in “Settings” and about.

On Android 8.0 and above will have to perform a little more actions:

    Open the section “Applications and notifications” in “Android settings”.

After that, it remains to throw an APK file with the latest version of the browser in the memory of the phone and start its installation.

Features of update on Samsung devices

Samsung’s smartphones and tablets have a set of built-in applications, including the Samsung Internet Browser web-browser. For him, updates are also produced that are loaded from the Samsung application. Galaxy Apps Applications store.

The browser renewal procedure on Samsung devices:

  • Launch Galaxy Apps.
  • Expand the settings of the store.
  • Go to the list of “My applications”.
  • Find Samsung Internet Browser and click “Update”. If there are no updates, then the list will be empty.

By the way, since 2021, Samsung Internet Browser is available for any Android devices. You can now install and update it through Play Market.

Safari alternative for mobile devices and tablets

Here are a few alternatives that you can consider for your mobile phone or tablet besides Safari browser:

Safari browser is most compatible with all devices with iOS. If you have just purchased a new iPhone or iPad and want to download the Safari application, do not worry! It is already available on your device. All you need to do is update it to the latest version.

The same thing happened with my friend, who was looking for the download of the Safari application to her new iPad, instead I helped her update it. I told her that all IOS devices already have a Safari browser.

Tell me if you have problems with the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.

Finally, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone, which you should try.

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Update Safari without renewal OS

From time to time, Apple issues a separate update for his browser, which is not related to renewal of the OS. For example, at about the same time last year, Safari 14 was supposed to leave MacOS Big Sur. The list of functions was supplemented by 4K HDR video support, a translator and improved train protection.

Despite the fact that the MacOS Big Sur was not yet released, Apple went about and released a new version of the browser assembly for users MacOS Catalina and Mojave. As a result, users could gain access to most of these new functions without updating their OS.

So, how could you check whether giants from Cupertino released a separate update for their browser? And if there is such an update, then how to install it on PC?

Here are the steps to update the Safari browser without renewing OS:

Safari load will begin, and the installation of the update will automatically end.

That’s all. Mac will now set the last update for your Safari browser without renewing OS, and you can use all the new advantages that it can offer.

Note. It is not recommended to postpone the updates of the operating system, since this is due to safety and error correction. Especially the exposure of the current OS.

Bottom line: update Safari without macos

We are completing the Safari update guide without updating the OS on the computer.

As you could notice, this is still exclusively in the hands of Apple, because both when (and, more importantly, if) they plan to apply this approach to the release of a separate browser update, and not as part of the system update. Something is available in the App Store application for simplicity loading.

Since the update of this browser is associated with many difficulties, many users prefer to choose an alternative path and install an alternative Safari browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This gives them full control over the browser without the need to interact with the OS. What do you think about the same?

Related: How to update the Safari browser on MacBook and computer?

You are ready to switch to another web browser? Or Safari will still be your choice due to its decent performance and convenient support for several devices in the Apple ecosystem?

Finally, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone, which you should try.

If you have any thought of how to update Safari without updating MacOS ?, Feel free to look below. Field for Комментарии и мнения владельцев. If you find this article useful, consider the opportunity to share it with your network.

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How to update the Safari browser on iPad to iOS 11

Find out how to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the latest version of iOS. the bez of wires or using iTunes.

How To Fix SAFARI Slow Browsing On iPhone iPad & iPod [New 2022]

You can update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the latest version of iOS via wireless network. If you do not see the update on your device, you can update manually through iTunes.

Update the device

If there is a message about the availability of update, click installed now. You can also perform the following actions:

  • Connect the device to electricity and connection to the Internet with Wi-Fi Internet.
  • Touch the settings general software update.
  • Click download and install. When there is a message about the need to temporarily delete programs, since iOS requires more free space for updating, click the button to continue or cancel. After updating the IOS OS will re.set remote. If you click cancellation, find out what to do next.
  • To start the update, click. Or you can click later and today install or recall later. If you click today, just connect the iOS device to power before you go to sleep. Your device will be automatically updated at night.
  • If proposed, enter the password. If you do not know your password, what to do.

If you saw a mistake or you need more space when a wireless update

If you see an error message when trying to update the device in wireless mode, what to do. If you need more space for updating on a wireless network, you can update using iTunes or manually remove the contents from the device. If you use iTunes or update on a wireless network, you will have the same amount of free space on your device after updating.

Some iOS software updates are not available without wires. VPN or proxy connection can prevent your device from contact with iOS operating system update servers.

Automatic update

With iOS 12, you can update the iOS device automatically. To enable automatic update, go to the settings General update automatic update. The iOS device will automatically update to the latest version of iOS. Some updates may need to be installed manually.

Update the device using iTunes

If you cannot install a wireless update on the iOS device, you can manually update it through iTunes on a computer that you trust. If your computer using the modem on the iOS device that you update, connect the computer to another Wi-Fi or Ethernet network before updating.

update, safari, ipad, find, version
  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  • Connect the device to the computer.
  • Open iTunes and select your device.
  • Press the review button, then click the Check Update button.
  • Click the download and update button.
  • If proposed, enter the password. If you do not know your password, what to do.

If you see error messages in the iTunes program or you need more space to update

Update to the latest IOS version, software provides the latest functions, safety renewal and error correction. Not all functions are available on all devices and in all regions. The battery and system performance may depend on many factors, including the state of the network and individual use; actual results may differ.

Check the version of Safari Mac and iOS

The Safari browser has a long story and is based on the Webkit engine. This is the default browser on Apple devices, which was originally released by Apple Inc 17 years ago. If you have a very good experience using Safari to view web pages on the Internet, you really do not need to know the information about the version.

But if you are working on testing or other official work, you may need a cross.check of the Safari version and the details of the change of changes.

Today I want to tell you how to find a version of Apple Safari that you use. Let’s start with our full leadership.

Check the current version of the Safari browser on Mac

This is not a very difficult task, you can easily find out if you have a current version of Safari. In addition, you can update the Safari browser if the version number is outdated or not updated recently.

Here are the steps to find the current version of Safari on Mac:

The first number located in front of the number written under the bracket is your current version of the Safari browser. The number is written in brackets. this is a version of the Webkit / Safari assembly.

Check the current version of the Safari browser on iOS

If you do not know; Safari is part of the iOS operating system, and its version coincides with the version of your iOS. You can find the iOS version installed on your iPhone:

Here are the steps to check the current version of the Safari browser on iPhone / iPad:

update, safari, ipad, find, version

For example, if your device is running iOS 14.2, then your version of Safari. 14.

If you press the “Software Update” in the “General Settings” section, your Safari browser will be updated to the latest version with the iOS or iPados operating system.

Bottom line: Safari browser version

Please note that the Safari version is officially designed only for the desktop version. IOS version for iPhone and iPad coincides with the Safari version.

However, if you are working on any official project, you need to double-check the Safari version on your MacBook and IMAC device.

The settings for iOS and MacOS are exactly the same, and checking the presence of the latest version of the Safari browser is very simple. I want to mention that Safari is available only for PC Mac, so theoretically you cannot find the Safari browser version on your iOS or iPados.

If you find that the Safari browser version on your Mac device is outdated, be sure to update Safari through iTunes or Application store. You can also update the Safari browser without updating the operating system using the software update program.

Finally, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone, which you should try.

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How to find closed tabs

I keep chromium on the tablet only for synchronization of tabs with a smartphone on Android. For all other actions. only Safari.

If you are an iPad user and actively use a multi.window mode when interacting with it, then you probably have repeatedly faced the problem of closing the tabs. Fortunately, it is on the tablet that they most often do not disappear to nowhere. Since iPados allows you to create several separate windows with Safari browser, the opening of new tabs can occur in separate windows. To view all the open windows at Safari on the iPad, you need to do the following:

  • Go to your desktop.
  • In the application library or on one of the screens, find the Safari browser.

It is a pity that the iPhone does not have a multi.window mode in the browser.

After that, all separate browser windows will be displayed on the screen, including those united with other applications in Split View mode. Perhaps the tab was lost in this way. Then it will be very simple to find it. But there is an even simpler way to search for losses. It is also relevant for iPad.

The tabs can be combined by pressing one button.

All tabs open in other windows will immediately move to active at the moment. This search method can be recognized as fastest and most convenient. If you don’t want to look for the desired site with my eyes, then you can use it exactly. The only thing that embarrassed me a little was that on my iPad 7 windows of windows happened to the very noticeable lag. Most likely, a significant volume of power is involved that my tablet today simply does not possess. Users of current iPad Pro and iPad Air should not notice such brakes.

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But it may happen that you just accidentally closed the site you are interested in. Then you will come to the aid of viewing all recently closed tabs. Further actions are relevant for both iPhone and iPad.

On the iPhone, you can also see the previously closed tabs.

This is a very convenient tool that will allow you not to for the necessary information on the network, but simply to restore it. This is especially true in the situation when you killed a large amount of time to search. Losing a valuable result in this case is just a crime. On the other hand, I always advise everyone to save valuable sites at least to bookmarks, and at the maximum. add to the favorites. Then you can close everything without a twinge of conscience and protect the RAM of your device.

iPhone closed all tabs in Safari

If Safari suits everyone, then you should not even try to look for an alternative to him.

Not everyone knows about another function that can notable life. In the latest versions, iOS and iPados Safari learned to automatically close the tabs after a certain inaction time. Perhaps there was some kind of failure or you deliberately activated this opportunity, but the tab could be abused due to auto cover. To check this, do the following:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Safari” section.

If you still need a car cover, then you should choose a different time interval.

After these actions, the tabs will not automatically close. If the previously open sites continue to disappear from the browser, then there is some kind of systemic failure. He has only two solutions:

To restart the iPhone with Touch ID, just click the lock button until the “Turning” slider appears and draw a finger on it. A few minutes after the device is turned off, turn it on again. To reboot the iPhone with Face ID, you need:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Main” section.
  • Sweep into the very bottom and press the “Turning off” button.
  • Run a finger along the slider and wait for the device to turn off the device.
  • In a few minutes, turn on by holding the lock button.

Observe the behavior of the browser several days after these actions. If nothing has changed and the tabs continue to disappear, then there is only one path. resetting the device to factory settings. This will need:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Main” section.

The reset solves most of the problems, but creates a headache with the iPhone settings “How New”.

As soon as the reset is completed, set your gadget as new and transfer all the data you are interested in. The error with the loss of tabs will no longer be repeated.

Hung safari on iPad

recently, I faced the fact that Safari stopped working on my iPad. Not a single page was able to download, not a single button worked. In fact, the browser just died. Instead of a familiar screensaver with bookmarks and frequently visited pages, such a screen was highlighted.

The white screen of death is the first thought when looking at the starting page in Safari.

It is clear that the first thing I got on the Internet to find out what was the matter, but I did not find a single instructions for this case. However, I realized that there are many users who have encountered similar problems. Safari does not open at all, for others, Safari suddenly completes the work. over, the problem concerns both the iPhone and iPad. Therefore, I suggest you make out all the possible decisions of this ailment.

update, safari, ipad, find, version

Safari does not work on iPhone

Let’s immediately make a reservation that if you ate the iPhone in the water or dropped the iPad on the floor from a height of half a meter, and then something went wrong, you obviously not here. It’s time to run to the service center and solve all issues with a specialist. Today we will analyze only software errors.

Advice that helped thousands of apple technology users.

If the iPhone does not open Safari, try to restart the device. In most cases, this solves all issues. I rebooted my iPad several times and everything turned out to be to no avail. Either did not work, and does not work.

How to upgrade & update Safari Browser on Mac | iMac | MacBook

After that, be sure to make sure that the latest version of the operating system is installed on your gadget. You can do this by going into the settings, the main, update on.

If you are afraid to update, read our articles with current versions of updates. Usually they come out an hour after the announcement. From the latest updates. iOS 15.four.1, where they fixed the bug of quick discharge on the iPhone.

What is a Wi-Fi ClaBARI

Secondly, try to switch from Wi-Fi to a cellular network. If you use iPad, try to distribute the Internet from the phone or vice versa, connect to the home point of access. Until that moment, until I encountered an error on the App Store and spoke a couple of hours with a consultant, for some reason I underestimated this aspect.

The fact is that if, opposite your Wi-Fi network, an inscription is displayed by a weak protection, then the data loading in ICLOD does not occur, and therefore, problems may be observed in the work of Safari. This can be checked as follows:

  • Open the settings on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Go to Wi-Fi section.
  • Check if there is an “weak defense” inscription opposite the Wi-Fi network.

Weak protection can make serious adjustments to the work of technology.

For the future, it will be best to call the company that offers you Internet services and ask to solve this issue. Most likely you will either be given detailed instructions on this subject, or they will call the master at home. I repeat, do not neglect such tips.

If you are going to change the settings of the router yourself, be sure to read Apple’s recommendations on this subject. The technical support article clearly tells how to correctly configure the Wi-Fi access point and all the necessary security parameters are painted.

How to disable Safari synchronization

If there is no way to connect to another Wi-Fi network, try turning off Safari synchronization with iCloud. In fact, this setting will replace you with a search for a different access point. For this:

  • Go to the settings for iPhone and iPad.
  • Slide in the name and surname at the beginning of the list, then click ICloud.
  • Disconnect the toggle switch opposite the iCloud, slip off on the iPhone.

Disconnect iCloud synchronization in settings. May I help.

How to clean the safari cache on iPhone

The next step I recommend deleting the Safari cache on the iPhone. This can be done as follows:

  • Open the settings on your iPhone, go to Safari.
  • Stick down and select “Clean the history and data data”.
  • Confirm the action by clicking on the button to clear the story and data.

This is how you can clean all the data in Safari.

Keep in mind that after cleaning the cache, the story of views and all cookies will delete. If you add any things to the basket in online stores or left a food for food, this data will be extended. As for the story, I recommend adding everything you need to bookmarks or to the list for reading. It will be better this way.

I acted in this algorithm and only after the complete cleaning of Safari data I managed to fix the problem with the white screen. If this did not help, I will refer you to the author of the author Appleinsider.RU Ivan Kuznetsov, where it is described in detail how to drop the settings on the iPhone to factory.

If you suddenly faced a similar problem and the above settings do not help you, I ask for mercy in Комментарии и мнения владельцев under fasting or in our telegram chat. Plus, do not forget to subscribe to the news channel in the cart, all the current news comes out there.