How to Update Meizu M3s System

With this guide, you will learn how to flash Meizu. The firmware will install the international version of the operating system on your Meizu smartphone. International firmware no longer has Chinese applications, and Google Playstore can be installed with one click. Many languages ​​are also preinstalled. If you need to delete all data before flashing, see: how to make Meizu reset to factory settings?

Note. The instruction is carried out at your own peril and risk. We are not responsible for any loss.

STEP 1: Download the multilingual firmware on Meizu smartphone

When you try to install an international ROM on Meizu, you will see “Firmware corrupt.” In fact, this means that your device has a Chinese identifier and you need to go here (Anyone with non-Chinese firmware go here

(How to flash Meizu? We go to the site depending on your phone firmware.)

On the site, we select our model of the Meizu smartphone, find the latest firmware version and download it. After the next steps of this guide, you can install the international firmware.


1) Please do not update your phone with unofficial firmware.

2) Before updating, make sure that the battery has a charge of at least 20%.

3) Selecting “Clear data” will delete all personal data (such as notes, e-mail and contacts); while there will be photos, music ands on the SD card. etc. (Only if you remove it from the phone).

4) Already open system resolution (ROOT), the user must select “Clear data” to clear the phone data to update the firmware, otherwise it may cause an abnormal system or application error;

5) After updating the firmware, if the system reboots or the power of the application closes, try restarting the phone or re-upgrading (Settings- Telephone- Storage- Factory settings for resetting the phone) Update method: Method 1. Full blinks.

Flyme OS package by phone (this part applies to all Meizu phones.)

Download the necessary files in preparation for installing the firmware.

STEP 2: Install firmware on Meizu phone

Selecting “Clear data” deletes all personal data (such as notes, e-mail and contacts). Whereas on the SD card photos, games and applications will remain untouched. etc. (if it will not be in the device). An already available system resolution (ROOT), the user must select “Clear data”. In order to delete the phone data, the firmware will be updated after that, otherwise it may cause an abnormal error in the system or application.

1) Copy the firmware “” to the phone, open “Documents” and click on “” to update the firmware.

How to Update Meizu M3s System

(How to flash Meizu? Press Wipe app data and your phone will flash itself.)

1.1) If you download from the phone, create a folder on the internal memory and extract the archive there.

2) System update, please do not turn off the phone.

3) The system will automatically reboot after the update.

4) After switching on, check “Settings- About ”to make sure that the correct firmware version is installed.

Method 2: Update the zip file in Recovery Mode

How to flash meizu, step-by-step instructions from recovery mode.

1) Copy the firmware “” to the root directory of the SD card.

2) After turning off the phone, first press the “Volume Up” button and holding it, then press the “Power On” button, it will enter the recovery page. Select “System Upgrade” and click “Start”. Wait a few minutes for the process to complete.

How to flash Meizu? Click Clear data if you need to delete all data on the phone.)

After the download is complete, the phone will reboot within 3-5 minutes. Successful system changes completed. After logging in, click the “Settings” icon on the desktop, and then click “About Phone”. To view the current version number if the version number of the firmware matches the successful update.

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