How to Update Lumia 800 to Windows 10

It’s no secret that progress is inexorably moving forward, and in the case of mobile devices. tablets, smartphones, and even giant steps. Updates for these gadgets come out often enough, and users are happy to accept them, since usability and productivity are improving dramatically.

How to Update Lumia 800 to Windows 10

What is required

  1. your device (lumia 800);
  2. the Internet;
  3. NSU- Nokia Software Updater;
  4. PC.

Instruction manual

You should understand that high rates of development and progress lead to rather rapid obsolescence of devices. Technologies of a new type often cannot work on outdated hardware, and the term “outdated” is applied to gadgets two years ago.

Unfortunately, this is our case, and installing (updating) the Nokia Lumia 800 operating system before Windows Phone 8 is not possible. Microsoft gives you the opportunity to upgrade to version 7.8, which looks almost identical to what you want, but, of course, is not a full functional copy.

1. So, NSU. Nokia Software Updater. This software is provided to you by the developer, and this is the most convenient way to update your favorite software. This product is in full free access, so there will be no problems. download from the Internet and install. The file will be named by type “Nokia_Software_Updater_For_Retail_1.0.3.exe”.

2. After installation, you will be asked to select a language, select “Russian” from the list.

3. The program will detect your device (of course, if you connect it to a computer) and view the software available on it. After which, it will offer you an update to a certain (latest) version from the available one. Also, in the event that your data is affected, it will definitely warn you about it.

It’s important not just to press thoughtlessly “Next, Next, Next”, but to read the message carefully and only then make a decision.

4. After activating the update process, in no case do not disconnect the phone from the PC, give them a couple of minutes to set up in order to avoid force majeure situations. Within a few minutes (depending on the speed of the Internet, the quality of the connection), the program will tell you the good news about a successful update, after which the device will reboot and a new start will be made with the version of Windows 7.8.

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You can use NSU as software to detect updates to different phone programs.

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