How to Update LG Smart TV

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How to update the web browser on your LG Smart TV

How to Update LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV is a multifunctional TV from LG, which is a whole multimedia complex. Thanks to the in-system webOS platform, LG Smart TV provides its users with a range of unique possibilities. However, it is worth noting that most of them are based on interaction with the Internet connection in general and with the built-in web browser in particular.

How to update web browser via LG Smart TV menu

The user has two options for updating the browser: automatically and manually (using third-party media). In this case, both options are carried out exclusively through the main menu of LG Smart TV.

It is also worth noting that the web browser update file is included in one general update package for LG Smart TV. Therefore, when you update your online browser, you will automatically update the rest of your TV’s toolbox as well. Consider both update methods.

If you are thinking about which browser to use after all, built-in or downloaded, I can share my own experience. In any case, the browser will not be immune from errors and crashes. Speaking about the distinctive features, the built-in web browser integrates better with all LG Smart TV tools, but it is more likely to suffer from the problem of insufficient memory. The downloaded browser is easier to update, since there is no need to update the entire firmware of the TV, but for its correct operation you will have to additionally install accompanying extensions, for example, Adobe Flash Player.

Automatic option to update the web browser via the Internet

The method is relevant only if your LG TV is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or using an Ethernet cable:

    Press the SETTINGS button on the remote control. The main settings menu appears on the TV screen.

The SETTINGS button may be located in different places (depending on the TV / remote control model)

Confirmation of actions is carried out by the “OK” button on the TV remote control

After clicking the “Check” button, not only an automatic search for a new firmware version will start, but also its download

During the update, the TV is able to turn off / turn on several times

When you try to start an updated web browser, it either does not react in any way, or it gives an error of the type Critical Programming Error.

The error is always in English, even if the TV interface is in Russian

This failure occurs if the software was updated manually using removable media. The reason is that the LG built-in system cannot recognize the new version of the web browser. Therefore, the user needs to initialize manually, i.e. synchronize the equipment with the LG servers:

    In the TV menu (SETTINGS button) go to the “Support” options and select the “Initialization” item.

After completing the process, your TV will automatically restart

Need to update web browser on LG Smart TV

Since most of the functionality of LG Smart TV is tied to the work of the built-in in-system browser, it must be regularly updated. This is especially true when LG, together with other suppliers of additional software, releases new versions of certain components / tools for its TVs. This “instrumental” update usually introduces a number of changes to applications and system settings that may become incompatible with the current version of the browser. And in this case, the user may face a number of technical problems:

  • long browser loading. The waiting time for launch, response and loading of pages / tabs / applications may increase;
  • blocking the IP addresses of a number of online resources. Due to a failure in the database of the “blacklist of malicious sites”, individual sites may stop loading;
  • violation of the browser-based Adobe Flash Player. For this reason, media files may no longer be displayed: pictures, videos, etc.;
  • other problems that may depend on the specific TV model.

One of the problems of an untimely browser update can be a malfunction of the Adobe Flash Player, due to which only a white screen will appear when trying to play a video

The web browser cannot connect to the internet

This crash occurs as a result of the TV being unable to import the old web browser settings into its updated version. The only way out of this situation is to reset browser settings to the “default” mode:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Go to the “Settings” / “General” menu and select “Reset settings”.

In this case, if you try to open one of the bookmark pages, it will open in offline mode

Resolving problems after software update

After updating the software from the official LG supplier, the TV may experience serious errors and malfunctions, even if they never occurred before the update. They can manifest themselves in completely different ways, and the reasons for their occurrence are usually the incorrect installation of a new firmware version or its subsequent automatic configuration. Let’s look at the most common problems and solutions related to the LG Smart TV web browser.

Option to manually update the web browser using removable media

The relevance of the proposed update method is appropriate, provided that the TV does not have an Internet connection. In this case, you can use a USB flash drive or removable HDD as a “boot disk”, having previously downloaded the installation package with LG Smart TV firmware onto the media. You will need to carry out a number of simple steps:

    Turn on the TV, open its main settings menu and find out the exact name of its model and the version of the current software firmware in the “Product / Service Information” tab.

The name of the TV model and the version of the current software firmware can also be located in the “General” / “TV information” tab (depending on the TV model)

You can also find your TV model using the “Category Search”

You can also find the model number on the technical sticker located on the back of the TV.

By clicking “Details” you can see all the changes for the firmware version

The folder must be created only after formatting the USB stick or removable HDD

You can unpack the file using the WinZip utility (or another similar one)

The automatic update from the media will start immediately after you confirm the start of the process

The main way is from a flash drive

The main universal method for updating TVs from LG is installation from a USB flash drive. Those. download the firmware, upload it to a USB flash drive, update the TV set. And now the same thing, but for full dummies.

Step 2. Download the firmware

The main recommendation here is to download the firmware only from the official website (well, or at least from someone you fully trust at your own peril and risk). If anything goes wrong. we can get a brick instead of a TV.

  • We go to the official site. GO
  • Enter the name of the model or do a manual search by category:
  • Go below and see the latest firmware. Load the newest one:

The file is large (in my case 680 MB), so the download may take some time. While the software is downloading, you can proceed to preparing the flash drive in the next step.

Step 6. do a factory reset

After flashing it is highly recommended to do a factory reset. We visit on our TV the available places from the following list:

Everything! The TV can continue to be used.

How to Update Software on LG TV: 2 Methods from Botan

Hello! Recently, we have a fierce aggravation on our site. for some reason, many are straightforward and eager to update their TVs. I don’t even know why. the LG TV itself, and somehow, since its inception, I didn’t even think about updating it at home. But people need help. so here you will see very detailed instructions on how to update your LG TV. Step by step and with pictures, everything as you like.

Step 5. Stitching

Everything is very simple here:

  • We insert the flash drive into the TV.
  • It will be automatically detected, and the TV in a separate window will offer to update the firmware. we agree.
  • After the update, the TV will restart or turn off. Almost done!

Step 1. Find out your TV model and firmware version

Your section may differ slightly, but the ways are indicated. Just search. In my case:

If you do not see the flash drive

As I already wrote, the USB stick sees the TV automatically. Those. if you prepared everything correctly. The main situations when it does not offer an update:

  • USB flash drive not in FAT No LG_DTV folder. The file is not unzipped.
  • This software version is already installed. Those. if you want to rearrange it, roll the old version, and update it from above with the current one.
  • The firmware is not from this TV model.
  • You have brought a TV that was not sold in the Russian Federation. you need to look for updates for your country, and not according to the proposed link.
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Step 3. Preparing the USB stick

We take the most common USB flash drive into which our file fits. If it has already been formatted in FAT32 format, and you are sure of this, you can safely skip this step and move on.

Otherwise, go to “My Computer” (or whatever you have), find your flash drive among the disks, right-click on it and select “Format”. Then we leave everything as in the picture below:

Most importantly, pay attention to the installed FAT32, everything else can be left as it is.

Or maybe it is not necessary?

Why do you need to update? If it’s not difficult, write in the comments. Usually, instead of updating, it is wiser to simply reset to factory settings through the menu. Once, the YouTube application just stopped working for me. after launching a black screen without anything. I thought YouTube had hammered into my old box, but no. the updates arrived automatically, but something was crookedly installed. So I had to reset it to factory settings. And it helped!

Another case. if your TV is connected to the Internet, then updates to it may well come automatically. And if there are updates, then why is it needed. Or install a previous version?

How to update software on LG Smart TV via USB stick and Internet

“How do I update my LG Smart TV?”. a question that interests gadget owners. Manufacturers are constantly improving technology and providing users with new software. Firmware for LG models helps to eliminate crashes and ensure a comfortable use of the device. It is possible to install the new version at home. You do not need to call the master at home and pay for the services provided. However, if you are not confident in your own abilities, use the step-by-step instructions. Our guide has been adapted for both experienced and novice users. Follow the detailed instructions and download the firmware to your TV. The main challenge is to find the right software. Otherwise, the model will not work correctly.

How to update your LG Smart TV over the Internet?

If the LG Smart TV device is connected to the Internet (WI-FI), you can update the firmware using the remote control. Take the device in hand and follow these steps:

  • start the menu by clicking on the “Settings” button;
  • click on the line “Parameters”, select “Support” / “Software update”;
  • find the line “Available updates”;
  • the current version for download will appear on the screen;
  • click on “Update”;
  • keep in mind that downloading takes from a couple of minutes to several hours, the file size is 500 mb ;;
  • after downloading the file, we carry out the installation.

It is not advisable to use the device during this process. When finished, restart your TV.

Software selection

First, determine the model of the device, go to the search for software to update Smart TV. There are many services on the Internet that provide firmware. However, we strongly do not recommend downloading files from extraneous resources. Most of them contain viruses that negatively affect TV performance. Some of them can completely disable the device. Better to download the version from the official LG website. So you can be sure that the software does not harm and is suitable for the TV model. Follow the algorithm:

  • launch the official website through your computer browser;
  • find the search box, enter the name and model of the TV, click “Enter”;
  • select “Support”, the “Programs” tab;
  • click on the update to download (the Software File file, then the numbers corresponding to the version are written);
  • to complete the procedure, click on “Download”, proceed to installation.

Follow the instructions carefully and follow step by step.

Updating software from a flash drive

You can update the software on your LG Smart TV using a USB flash drive. First, download the file to external media. Then follow the steps detailed below.

  • Unzip the archived document and run as epk.
  • Install the versions one by one (from the smallest to the latest released) if you have not updated the device for a long time.
  • Connect an empty USB stick to your computer, make a separate folder and sign it LG_DTV.
  • Send the unzipped file to a folder on USB.
  • Insert the USB stick into the device or receiver.

Installation occurs automatically, the displays will show information about the new update.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Finally, the following text “Upgrading Completed” will appear on the screen.

Pay attention to the basic rules for a secure update. Do not take the receiver out of the TV until the procedure is complete. Use a new or formatted USB flash drive, it should contain extraneous files. Do not turn off the device until the software takes effect. Never unplug the power cord from the power supply system. Otherwise, all parameters and settings will go wrong. Update periodically, even if the TV works without significant problems. Follow the website for up-to-date data.

Does TV freeze or not work at all after updating software? In this case, initialize the applications. This method will help solve the problem. Go to the device menu, click on the “Support. Click on “Initialize the program” and confirm the operation “Ok”. After reboot, the crash will disappear.

How to update the software on LG TV via the Internet

Updating the firmware of your LG TV via the Internet is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to solve most of the problems with system problems on your TV. In order to start the procedure, you need a minimum:

Good internet connection;

The confidence that the electricity will not be turned off at the most inopportune moment;

And also, some free time to control the procedure.

By the way, it doesn’t even matter how the Internet is connected. The main thing is that the connection is not interrupted when the procedure for finding and installing updates takes place, otherwise an attempt to update the firmware may bring disastrous results for your TV.

Best of all, of course, if you use a Wi-Fi network. The further procedure is the same when trying to flash a Philips TV, as well as for flashing any other device, including from LG. So, here is a list of the next steps:

You should definitely find the main menu. To go to it, you need to find the “Settings” button on the remote control. But it will only be available if the user has a regular control panel;

If there is no button mentioned above, you can use the “Input” key. It will also open a menu from where you need to go to the device’s firmware without using any extraneous means;

If the set with the TV came with the “Remote magic”, then you can use the hexagonal icon to go to the Smart menu;

Having figured out how to enter the menu, you need to start updating the software by selecting a sub-item called “General”, and going to the item “General information about the TV”;

The list contains the line “Check for updates”, and it is this line that you need to click;

If there is new software for your device, then it will definitely appear on the monitor, and if the firmware is not outdated, then the system will not need updates, which will be reported;

If there are updates, then to download them, you just need to click on “Ok”. And in order for the programs to be updated automatically, check the box next to “Allow automatic updates”.

How to update the firmware on an LG TV

Why do I need to update the firmware on my TV? First of all, this manipulation will noticeably improve his work, which is already a significant reason to find time and make such a necessary procedure. On devices such as LG Smart TV, uninterrupted operation is very important, because the equipment is not cheap, and it would be very disappointing if it stops working solely because the user could not properly take care of the system, and therefore it crashed.

In addition, flashing sometimes adds many interesting functions that allow you to work better on the Internet, watch movies online, and do a lot of other manipulations.

As with most modern TVs, there are two ways on LG TVs to help with flashing:

LG TV software update via Internet;

Updating the firmware using a USB stick.

Each option, as expected, has its own disadvantages and advantages.

Firmware firmware on Philips TVs

Consider how to install updates on Philips TV, given that they are the second most popular devices after LG, so users will be interested to hear about this procedure. Here the instruction is much less.

The first thing to do is open the Smart TV menu;

Further, in the menu you need to find “Settings”;

In the “Settings” there is a sub-item “Update software”;

If there is a new firmware version, then you can press confirmation, which will start a search for new programs. Only “Internet” should be selected as source;

When they are found, all that remains is to download the desired package to the Phillips TV, and wait about an hour for it to load. Only then can you start installing.

Updating LG TV from a USB flash drive

If there are problems with Internet access on the TV, the method with a flash drive is the most profitable, since you will not need to worry if the connection is interrupted or some other unforeseen situation occurs. The whole point of this method is to go to the official website of LG and download the software package.

Amazingly, firmware alone can create a miracle, and make a previously not very well-working Smart TV a full-fledged device. Problems with the Internet may even disappear, of course, if the TV “did not see” the presence of a connection, although it was.

So how do you update the software on your TV if the internet isn’t working? Download it on your computer.

Log into the LG official website. As a rule, there is the latest firmware for each TV model;

Download the version that suits you;

Format the USB flash drive on the LG TV, otherwise the device will not see it;

Open the firmware file and copy it to the USB flash drive;

Connect this flash drive to your TV and install updates.

But before all this, you should clarify the LG model, and be sure to see what version of the firmware is on it at the moment. All this information can be obtained by going to the “General” section of the menu and select “TV Information”. It contains information about the TV model and software version. If the software is outdated, be sure to update it.

How to reboot LG Smart TV and reset to factory settings

often, flashing is new options that simplify surfing the Internet or open up new functions and possibilities. Sometimes, when installing changes, the Internet connection disappears, a software failure occurs, the Smart Hub platform may not work correctly or be blocked. To restore functionality, you will need to restart the TV.

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The easiest working method to reboot your TV is to unplug it normally. It is necessary to unplug the power cord from the outlet, wait a few minutes, then plug it back in. Please note that at the time of the power outage, the TV must be working. After disconnecting from the network, an automatic reboot occurs.

How to Update LG Smart TV for Smooth Performance?

Updating LG Smart TV will improve the uninterrupted operation of equipment, eliminate the possibility of software failures, and also add new functions for surfing the Internet, watching channels online. With the help of the instructions, you will learn how to carry out this manipulation.

Updating from a USB stick

In the absence of a permanent connection to the Internet, the device is improved by downloading a new version from the manufacturer’s website. First, find out the TV code and the installed firmware version. How to do this, see the beginning of the article. For further actions, you need to use a PC or laptop.

  • Go to the web browser at in the search bar, enter the code to detect the device and proposed updates.
  • Find what you need and download.
  • Create a folder named “LG_DTV” on the USB stick. Unpack the downloaded archive.
  • Plug the USB stick into one of the USB ports on your LG Smart TV.
  • Turn on the TV, go to the “Support” menu, “Software update” click “Update now”.
  • Some models will recognize the webOS update on the drive on their own. A message will appear on the screen prompting you to install the update.
  • Confirm the actions by clicking on the “Start” button, wait until the updates are fully installed.

The system will display a confirmation message about successful installation. For the changes to take effect, you need to restart the TV system.

Firmware update on LG Smart TV

There are several good reasons to modify your device’s firmware.

  • Optimization of software work. Some TVs with more functionality come with older firmware versions. Emerging failures and errors are eliminated by collecting information, releasing a corrected firmware of a new version.
  • Software response speed, channel switching speed, loading pages and movies, turning on programs, eliminating video player braking.
  • New features and capabilities of Smart TV.
  • Eliminate Smart TV problems. If the Smart TV programs are not working properly. a black screen at startup, applications do not turn on, channels are interrupted and not resumed. One of the options to get rid of the problem is to update the installed platform and programs.

Factory Reset Procedure

Using the “Factory Reset” function, you can return the settings of the TV receiver to the original default values. This is done to fix any problems with the installed update. For devices with webOS, the algorithm for restarting the settings depends on the year of the TV and the version of the operating system.

  • Enter the “Settings” menu by pressing the Settings key on the remote control or by using the gear icon on the screen. Select “Advanced settings”, sub-item “General” or “General”, go to the bottom line “Reset settings” or “Reset to Initial Settings”.
  • Enter “Settings”, after “All settings” or the key with three vertical dots, select “General”. further “Reset settings”.

Then, by clicking on “OK”, confirm the reset of Smart TV to factory settings. The system will reboot to factory settings. In the process, it is absolutely impossible to disconnect the device from the power supply.

How to find the right version

Several firmware options are available for one TV model. To select the firmware you need:

  • know the version of the currently installed firmware;
  • in the offered available updates, select the version with the exact match of the letter designation;
  • the numbers of the new version must not be less than the previous one.

Updating your LG TV over the Internet

The easiest way to update Smart TV on your LG TV is via the Internet. For a stable connection, a cable connection from a router is suitable. All control is performed from the remote control. Actions are performed step by step.

  • Select “Support”, then “Software Update”.
  • Click on the line “Check for updates”.
  • If there is a freshly released firmware version, the device will offer to update.
  • Confirm actions by clicking on “Update”.

The process of downloading the update package modules takes from several seconds to several minutes. Download parameters depend on the installed software, Internet speed. In the future, you will need to reboot the device system.

Preparing to update the firmware

To prepare for the software update, they initially recognize the marking of the TV model and the presence of modifications. If actions are performed via the Internet, there is no need for information. When installing from media, the information is important. Information about the marking, as well as the installed firmware version, can be easily found in the settings.

  • In the settings, find “Support”, then “Product or service information”.
  • In a new window that opens, the marking of the model is indicated. Sub-item “Software version” denotes the marking of the current firmware.

To update from a flash drive, write down the marking, software version or take pictures to save data.

Safety instructions

Updating any device requires care and serious attitude.

  • turn off the TV while installing updates from the power supply;
  • remove the drive from the TV connector before the update is complete;
  • press the buttons on the remote control or perform any actions until the updates are fully installed.

In addition, when downloading a new firmware version only from the official website, you must select the version for the indicated TV marking. Never use third-party resources to download updates. If the equipment has not been updated for a long time, you will have to make changes sequentially several times in order to achieve the functionality of the latest improvements.

It is easy to update the TV firmware by yourself. Remember the safety rules. One wrong action can lead to malfunction of the TV. If you have doubts about the possibility of updating your LG Smart TV on your own, it is best to contact the professionals.

How to update your LG Smart TV: step by step guide

Many owners of modern LG TVs often simply do not understand why, when and how they need to upgrade their TVs. First, the stable operation of all digital devices capable of accessing the Internet depends on software that is updated from time to time. Secondly, it is recommended to update the software every time a new LG Smart TV firmware appears on the manufacturer’s official website. Thirdly, installing updates on a TV is not difficult if the user carefully studies the step-by-step instructions set out in this article.

  • How to find the right firmware version
  • How to update your LG Smart TV
  • Through the Internet
  • From a flash drive
  • How to reboot LG Smart TV and reset to factory settings

How to find the right firmware version

At the moment, there are many resources on the Internet offering “unique” firmware for Smart TVs. However, the consequences of installing a software product from questionable sites can be very dire. from partial to complete breakdown of a digital device.

Therefore, you need to look for new firmware for TV receivers on the official websites of manufacturing companies. For LG TVs, such an Internet site will be a resource located at The user just needs to go to this site to:

  • enter your TV model into the search bar;
  • activate the search button;
  • in the window that opens, click on the line “Support”;
  • go to the item “ON”.

If all these operations were carried out correctly, the screen will display the latest updates for your TV. We select the “latest” version of the binder, and then download and install the optimal Webos update on your TV in two available ways.

Through the Internet

The easiest way to update the old software version on your LG Smart TV is via the Internet. If your TV receiver has a stable connection to the network via a Wi-Fi router or network cable, then feel free to pick up the remote control and proceed as follows:

  • go to the settings menu (the Settings button or the “Gear” icon on the screen);
  • select the button “General” (“Settings”);
  • go to the section “Information about the TV” (“Information about the product / service”);
  • activate the link “Check for updates”.

After that, the TV will independently connect to the official LG website to check for updates. If a new firmware version is not found, the following message will appear on the screen “Updates not found”.

Otherwise, the user will see the following notification “Update found” with a proposal to install this firmware version. If such a message appears on the screen, then we confirm our actions. with the help of the remote control we activate the “Update” button. We are waiting for the end of the process of installing a new shell, which should end with a reboot of the device.

The update process can be made automatic if, after installing the new shell, go to the “Information about the TV” section again and check the box of the “Allow automatic update” button. After that, the TV receiver will independently check and install new firmware, notifying the user about its actions using the inscription on the screen. This alert will alert the owner of the TV that a new version of the software shell will be installed the next time the device is turned on.

From a flash drive

The second way to update your LG Smart TV looks a little more complicated. Indeed, to implement this process, the owner of a TV receiver will need not only a TV receiver and access to the network, but also a personal computer / laptop, as well as a “clean” (no recordings) USB drive with a capacity of one gigabyte or more.

This is not at all difficult to do. We just pick up the remote control and go to the menu:

  • we activate the “Settings”;
  • go to the “General” category;
  • click on the link “TV Information”.

It is at this point that the model number and the version of the firmware currently installed on the Smart TV receiver will be indicated.

It is not necessary to record this data. Just do not turn off the TV so that the digital model number and software version are in front of your eyes.

Then we proceed as follows:

  • We turn on the computer / laptop and go online through any browser.
  • We drive in the search bar the address of the official website of LG.
  • In the top menu of this site, look for the “Support” tab and activate the link “Software Downloads and Manual”.
  • In the search box, select the model of your TV.
  • Go to the very bottom of the window that opens to activate the “Software Updates” button.

This section lists all existing software versions for your TV receiver. In this case, the most “recent” firmware is always at the top of the list that opens. Compare the number of this update with the version of the shell installed on your TV receiver.

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If the numbers match, then there is no need to update the Smart TV software at the moment. If a new firmware is posted on the official website, then we act according to the step-by-step instructions:

  • download the archive of the new firmware from the official website to your computer desktop;
  • create a folder on the desktop with the name “LG_DTV”;
  • unpack the downloaded archive into the created folder;
  • connect the USB flash drive to the computer / laptop and open the “My Computer” tab to format the USB drive using the FAT-32 file system (recommended);
  • at the end of the formation, open the removable disk and drag the folder with the new firmware onto it.

After that, you can proceed to directly update the shell on the TV itself:

  • we remove the USB flash drive from the PC and insert the USB drive into the corresponding socket on the TV receiver, which at this moment it is desirable to turn off;
  • turn on the TV, on the screen of which the following notification “Found a new update” should appear;
  • we confirm the process of installing the new firmware by activating the “Install” button using the remote control;
  • at the end of the installation, the TV will reboot on its own, and after turning it on, a message should appear in the upper right corner of the screen about installing a new firmware.

It is strictly forbidden to disconnect the Smart TV from electricity, remove the USB flash drive from the socket before the end of the process and click the buttons on the remote control during the software update via the USB drive in order to exclude the appearance of a serious system error due to which you will have to reinstall the operating system.

How to update your LG Smart TV. How to reboot LG Smart TV and reset to factory settings

If something went wrong during the software update, the user can try to reboot their LG Smart TV to reset the OS to its original settings.

This function helps the user to correct possible problems with the installed update by returning the TV receiver software to factory settings. In this case, you need to act according to the following scheme:

  • turn off the TV;
  • turn on the device again;
  • using the remote control, go to the settings menu;
  • select the sub-item “General” (“Settings”);
  • we activate the “Reset to Initial Settings” button;
  • we confirm our action using the “OK” button that appears;
  • we are waiting for the completion of the process, at the end of which the TV should restart.

I would like to note that updating modern LG TVs will not cause any difficulties and will be absolutely safe for the TV set if the user:

  • Will download new firmware only from the manufacturer’s official website.
  • TV will not disconnect from power during update installation.
  • The owner of the device will calmly wait for the installation of the new firmware and will not click the buttons on the TV remote during this wait.

We update the firmware on the LG TV (Smart TV) via the Internet, or from a USB flash drive

Hello! If you went to this page, then most likely you are interested in the question of how to update the firmware on your TV. You have come to the address. In this article I will tell and show in screenshots how to update the firmware on an LG TV (Smart TV). I think this guide will work for all LG TVs.

I will show on the example of the LG 32LN575U model. I have updated the firmware on this TV twice already. over, in two different ways: the first time directly, via the Internet. And the second time from a USB flash drive.

To make our instruction clear, we will divide it into three parts:

  • Preparing to update the firmware.
  • Updating the software on your LG TV directly via the Internet.
  • Firmware update on LG (Smart TV) from USB stick.

It seems to me that it will be convenient and understandable. Yes, and I will not be confused # 128578;

Preparing to update the TV firmware

At this stage, we need to learn and understand two things.

We need to find out the model of our TV. But, if you will be updating the firmware directly via the Internet, then this is not necessary. If you update from a flash drive, then you need to find out the exact model. And best of all, watch it in your TV settings. And at the same time, we will see the current version of our firmware.

Press the SETTINGS button on the remote control.

In the menu, go to the Support tab, and select Info. about product / service.

A window will open in which we will see the TV model (mine is 32LN575U-ZE). and the current firmware version (item Software version)

You can leave these settings open for now, rewrite the model and the current software version on a piece of paper, or take a picture on your phone, as I would # 128578;

Well, you get the idea, you can “kill” the TV if you don’t follow the instructions. During the firmware process, on the TV, there will also be different security instructions. Here are the main ones:

  • Do not turn off the TV while flashing.
  • If you update from a USB flash drive, then make sure that the firmware that you will download from the manufacturer’s sites is for your model.
  • When the firmware is in progress, do not pull the USB flash drive from the TV.
  • And in general, it is better not to press or touch anything.

Updating the software on your LG TV directly via the Internet

This is a very simple and convenient way. The main requirement is that your TV is connected to the Internet. Good, fast and preferably unlimited internet. The TV itself will download the necessary software (software) and install it. I noticed that the firmware takes an average of 500 MB. At least for the 32LN575U model.

If you have already connected the Internet to TV, then you can check if there are any updates.

Press the SETTINGS button on the remote again (screenshot at the beginning of the article) and go to the Support tab. Select the item Software Update.

We see the current software version there. To check (is there a new version). click on the button Check for update.

If there is new software, then a window will appear in which the version will be indicated. In order to start updates, just click on the Update button.

The download process will begin. You can hide it, and continue to watch TV, for example. When the software is fully loaded, the update process will begin. Then it is better not to touch anything, the TV will turn off and on by itself. That’s it, the update process is over. You can go to the settings again and make sure that you have a new software version.

If the TV is connected to the Internet all the time, and the update is turned on, then if there is a new software version, a window will appear prompting you to update the software.

Firmware update on LG (Smart TV) from USB stick

If it is not possible to update directly, then you can do everything from a USB flash drive. The essence of this method is to download the necessary firmware from the LG website, drop it onto a USB flash drive, connect the USB flash drive to the TV and start the update.

We need to know the exact TV model and the current software version installed. How to find out this information, I wrote at the beginning of the article.

Downloading the firmware

We go to the site (I have it in Ukrainian, you may have everything in Russian) In the search bar, enter the model of our TV. In my case, it is 32LN575U. Click on the search button.

In the results, our TV should appear. At the top, go to the “Pidtrimka” (support) tab and click on the red software button.

A list of firmwares will appear. We download the newest one, it is usually at the very top. We look at the date of addition and at the version. Make sure that the firmware on the site is newer than the one already installed on your TV. If it is newer, then click on the link and save the archive to your computer.

After the archive is fully loaded, we proceed to preparing the flash drive.

Preparing a USB drive

I read somewhere that you need a clean flash drive. But I have a 16 GB flash drive and it was about half full of the necessary files. I was too lazy to drop them on the computer and clean the drive, therefore, I flashed the TV from a flash drive, which had other files. Everything worked out. But, if you don’t have anything important on the flash drive, or you have another blank drive, then it’s better to take it.

Connect the USB flash drive to your computer, open it and create a folder called LG_DTV.

Next, open the firmware archive that we downloaded and copy the file that is in the archive to the LG_DTV folder (which we created on the USB flash drive)

That’s all, after the file is completely copied, our flash drive is completely ready.

Launching the update

We disconnect the drive from the computer and connect it to the TV. If everything was done correctly, then a window should immediately appear with information that the drive is connected to which there is software. The current software version and the one on the flash drive will be indicated. Also, read the recommendations.

To start the update, just click the Run button (sorry for the photo quality)

The firmware process will start. We don’t touch anything.

The TV will turn itself off and on. A window like this will appear:

This means that everything has been successfully updated, the versions are the same. You can disconnect the drive from the TV.

Go to the TV menu and go to the Support tab. Select Initialize Application. Confirm execution by selecting Ok.

The TV should restart itself.


I hope I managed to prepare a simple instruction by which everything worked out for you.

The main thing is to do everything according to the instructions. If, for example, you notice that electricity is often lost today (for example, a thunderstorm, or electricians are repairing something). it is better to postpone the software update for another day.