How to Update Lg Smart TV Webos TV

As with all multi-function devices, LG TV firmware must be updated periodically. Smart TV technology turns an ordinary television receiver into a kind of analogue of a computer or smartphone, through which the user can access the Internet. Since technological progress never stands still, manufacturers are constantly working to eliminate identified errors in older versions of software, improve the interface, and expand functionality. Over time, the firmware becomes more obsolete, and the TV may not work correctly.

In addition to the release of updates, you may need to flash the LG TV due to some malfunctions, for example, if the channel setting fails after each device shutdown. This may indicate that the firmware has flown.

You can flash the tuner yourself in automatic mode or from a flash drive (a little longer, but, in general, is not as difficult as it might seem). If there is uncertainty in their capabilities, it is better to immediately call a specialist. It should be understood that haste and non-compliance with the sequence of the entire procedure can lead to damage to the device, and repair will cost much more and will take more time.

How to Update Lg Smart TV Webos TV

Where to get the files you need

Before updating the firmware of LG TVs, you must accurately determine the model of your device. You can see this information on the back of the TV, in its technical passport or search the menu through the remote control. Then, in the same menu, you should find out which version of the firmware is currently installed. You can clarify whether there is a newer on the official website of l-ji.

Update files host many network resources. However, it is not recommended to download them from unverified resources, since there is a high risk of damaging the system with viruses or errors.

Before flashing the TV, not automatically, but via USB, manually, you need to do the following:

We go from a laptop or computer to the official website of LG;

We find the search bar at the top of the monitor and drive the model name of our TV into it from the keyboard, press the Enter button;

We look at the results of the search, go to the support tab and select the section with programs;

We select the file of the necessary update, which will be called Software File Version (version number in the format xx.xx.xx);

Click on the link to download the selected file.

Further actions are even simpler, and require only a little time and focus on the process. If everything is done in strict sequence, there will be no problems.

Installing a new version using hands

To flash LG Smart TV from a flash drive, the sequence of steps requires:

Download the update file in archive format to the computer and unzip it (as a result, we get the.epk file, which cannot be renamed;

If during unzipping the file is not one, but several, this means that the user previously missed some updates and now must install them strictly in sequence from the younger version to the older one (if you break the sequence, the tuner will not work correctly);

Format the USB drive, open it, create a folder with the name LG_DTV and copy the downloaded and unpacked.epk file for Smart TV to it (nothing more should be written on this USB flash drive);

Disconnect the drive from your computer and insert it into the tuner for the TV (if the USB port is directly on the TV, then we connect the drive there);

Further actions are no longer carried out by hand, but automatically, the necessary information for updating is read directly from the flash drive.

LG TV update and its process will be displayed on the TV screen regardless of whether there is a connected tuner or the drive is inserted directly into the TV port. Upon completion of the process, a corresponding notification will appear. You can check the status of the new firmware in the menu through the same remote control.

Automation and important rules

As you can see from everything said above, you do not need to do anything super complicated to reflash your LG Smart TV. download, copy, paste the flash drive into the tuner and wait. However, there is an easier way to change the current version if there is stable support for accessing the Internet from the TV. automatic.

To do this, you do not need to have a TV or laptop on hand, you do not need removable drives, it is enough to have an Internet cable with a good data transfer rate or Wi-Fi, to which the TV is connected, and a remote control. It is important to remember some rules that must not be violated:

After starting the update to its full completion, it is strictly forbidden to turn off the TV and remove the flash drive, if used;

You can not disconnect the TV from the power supply until a window appears on the screen to complete the firmware process;

Updating the current version is necessary only from a smaller to a larger one in order to avoid technical malfunctions.

Automatic firmware update is carried out by special firmware. From the remote control you need to enter the menu, select the SETTINGS section, then the Support tab. In the window that opens, you need to click on the software update, where it will immediately display its current version. Click update check, if any, click Update.

It is worth recalling once again that you cannot turn off the TV during the update process, but you can watch TV channels. Downloading and installing the new version takes some time, because the average file weight is about 500 MB. Upon completion of the automatic process, the TV itself will reboot (turn off and then turn on immediately).