How to Update Lg K8 Software

How to Update Lg K8 Software

Often, when choosing a new mobile device, the consumer pays attention not only to the technical parameters, but also to the software component. From time to time, the developers of the manufacturer release fresh versions of firmware that can bring new functionality, improved hardware performance, or a new version of the operating system. Today we will write down how to flash LG smartphones and tablets using official methods.

Smartphone update “over the air”

The easiest and fastest way to update LG is the so-called “over the air” update method, referred to as FOTA in the case of LG smartphones. Typically, alerts about the availability of a new update come when the Internet connection is turned on after the device automatically conducts the appropriate analysis. Upon receipt of such an alert, all you need to do is expand the notification curtain and click on the corresponding message. You can also perform the check yourself by following the path Settings. About phone. Software update (in some Update Center. Software Update). Check for update. If an update is available, a corresponding window will appear on the screen where you need to click on “Install Now” (Install Now). It is worth paying your attention to the fact that the smartphone’s battery charge should not be lower than 50%, but better and completely charged.

Update via LG Mobile Support Tool

It happens that a developer for some unknown reason did not release the next update “over the air”, but the company’s website has it. The above program is just for such cases. She appeared a long time ago and does not offer as many features as more recent brothers. However, the “old woman” is still functional and often comes to the aid of owners of smartphones from LG. We connect the device to a computer with the Mobile Support Tool installed, after which the program will recognize your device and start checking for available software updates. If the update is available, then click on the button “Start update”. Confirmation requests may appear, to which we reply “Next”, “Proceed”, “Begin” and so on, while carefully reading the displayed text on the monitor screen. At the end of the installation, a corresponding inscription about the end of the process and the “Exit” or “Finish” button will appear. After that, we can disconnect the mobile device from the PC and use it.

Update via LG PC Suite

PC Suite, or PC Sync as it is also called, has a richer set of interaction with smartphones from a South Korean company than the Support Tool and also allows you to update the software of your LG mobile device. We connect the device to the PC and click the “Connect” button in the upper left corner of the program window. After the device is determined, information about the phone will be displayed including information about the installed software. You can check for the latest software version by clicking on the “Check for Updates” button or click on the “Mobile Device” tab, and then click on “Updating Mobile Device Software”. The update installation process does not require any professional skills, therefore we carefully read what is written and make the necessary choice of action.

Update via LG Bridge

Like the previous proprietary software for synchronizing smartphone data with a computer, Bridge offers almost the same set of functionalities, but the distinctive feature is the presence of the LG AirDrive application (for remote access to phone files) and a more intuitive and simple interface. This program was released last year and for the most part is intended for the previous flagship device G4, however, according to information from the manufacturer, the utility can be used in conjunction with all mobile devices in 2015 and older. To install the update, you need to connect the smartphone to a personal computer, in the program go to the “Software Update” tab and click on the “Software Update” button. Next, follow the prompts from the developers.