How to Update Iphone 6s Through iTunes

Sooner or later, every user of an iPad or other Apple product will need to update the firmware. Even the greenest owner of iPad will eventually realize that in order to use new versions of applications / games, it is necessary to update the OS to the version that is currently the most relevant.

Otherwise, if the operating system is already very outdated, then when you install some new applications / games, it will swear at the incompatibility of the system and naturally you will not be able to use this software. But the “ancient” versions of applications, as we know, the App Store does not consider it necessary to store old firmware for users.

In general, you can upgrade iOS to the current version in several ways, but the method involving the use of the computer on which iTunes is installed is considered the simplest and most effective. Apple devices can also be updated using Wi-Fi without the need for iTunes, but this method only works on firmware 5 and above. If the iTunes program is already installed on your computer, then you can update iOS: through a computer with access to high-speed Internet; via a computer with limited internet access.

Suppose you have internet on your computer. Therefore, further we will tell you how to update the operating system in Apple products using a computer and the pre-installed Aityuns program. Our iPad model is MC770RSY, and the firmware is iOS 7.1.2.

How to Update Iphone 6s Through iTunes

Note that you can apply the update instructions regardless of whether your device is “white” or not. For example, in the case of the iPhone, without being convinced of this, you can get a “player” that is not able to catch the network. With iPods and iPads, such troubles do not exist due to the lack of the ability to make calls.

IPad Update Process Through iTunes

We connect the iPad to the computer through the cord and run the iTunes program. Note that our device has on board music,s, programs and other recordings; the loss of this information does not bother us at all, but even vice versa. it will give us the opportunity to see what “will remain alive” after updating the firmware. If the loss of information is critical for you, then you will have to make a backup copy.

To start the update process through Aityuns, open this application, go to the “Devices” section, select the connected device there and click the “Update” button. If your version of Aityuns differs from the one shown in the picture, then you need to enable the sidebar located on the left. After clicking on the “Update” button, you will be asked to update your iPad to the most current version (in our case, this is 8.3).

After clicking on the button, a message may pop up saying that the device has acquired software that can be transferred to your iTunes library (through the application, you can copy everything to the updated firmware).

In the next step, iTunes will warn you that all information and settings from the device will be deleted. We agree with this, click the “Update” button. Now the “iPad Software Update” window will appear, where you can familiarize yourself with all the innovations and improvements. Recall that we are updating to version 8.3, so there will be much more opportunities in new firmware versions.

Here we just click the “Next” button, familiarize ourselves with the license and accept its terms. After that, the process of downloading the firmware from the Apple server will occur. You can go and make yourself a cup of coffee for now, or even cook for a meal, because the process is “creeping” not very hastily.

If during the firmware download you get an error in iTunes, which says about a problem in downloading the software, then most likely the Apple server is very busy or you have an unstable Internet connection. The update will take about an hour in time, after which you can see on the “Overview” tab that “iPad software has been updated.” That’s all, you have information on how to update iOS on iPad.

Now you have to configure your device as you did after purchasing it (setting up Internet services, geolocation, sending diagnostic data, etc.). When upgrading from version 7.1.2 to 8.3, we got such new applications as separate and Music, Reminders, Kiosk, Maps, Clock. But the most “tasty” is hidden in the device Settings.

Perhaps this is all. Finally, we note that after updating the firmware using a computer, cable, and iTunes, we erased all music,, and applications. But now all the captured photos, contacts and notes remained in place, as if nothing had happened. For those who are too lazy to read, you can watch the (update without iTunes):

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