How To Update iPhone 5 To iOS 12

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That’s all you need to know in order to update to the new iOS. Enjoy your new iOS! The release of a new version of iOS brings exciting new features, new emoji, and bug fixes! We will continue to publish new tips and interesting tricks, so subscribe to updates in order to stay updated.

If you have any questions about updating your iPhone or iPad, feel free to leave them in the comments to the article. And if you failed to update for any reason, with the articles:

How to back up (backup) iPhone via iCloud?

If you are unable to back up your data through iTunes, use the iCloud method. Possible reasons for choosing a backup via iCloid.

  • Your USB cable is broken or your old iPhone is not recognized by the computer.
  • You do not have access to the computer at the moment.
  • Do you prefer to back up your data without using a computer.

Make sure your smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Go to “Settings”: On iOS 10.3 or later, click on “Your Account” “iCloud”. On iOS 8 and up, click on “iCloud” “Backup”. On iOS 7 or earlier, click on “iCloud” “Storage Backup”.

Turn on “iCloud Backup”.

Click “Start backup”.

Backing up on an old iPhone can take a long time, it depends on the amount of data on your phone and the speed of the Internet connection.

Make sure the backup is complete by clicking “Settings” iCloud “Storage” “Manage storage”.

How To Update iPhone 5 To iOS 12

As you can see, it’s enough to SIMply back up your data via iCloud, without using a computer. No matter what iPhone you are using. If you are planning to purchase a new iPhone, we strongly recommend that you back up your old iPhone data.

Now let’s learn how to update iPhone in two ways: on the device and through iTunes.!

How to update iPhone via computer using iTunes?

Did you know that Apple frequently updates iOS, adds new features, and adds new tools? To make sure your iPhone or iPad has the latest version of iOS. You need to connect to your computer and download the update using iTunes. But don’t worry: the process is pretty straightforward.

Here is a guide that explains how to update to the latest iOS on your iPhone and iPad via iTunes. Follow the instructions below:

Apple is shipping its iPhone and iPad software updates via iTunes. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the most recent version of the program installed on your computer.

Download and install the latest iTunes to your computer.

Open iTunes and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer using a USB cable.

Go to the device tab and select “Browse”.

Click on “Check for Updates” select “Update” select “Agree” to confirm.

Enter your passcode for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Note: After restarting the device, a new iOS will start. You can start using it after completing the startup settings.

If you do not have these steps or you do not understand something, watch the video instruction. It will show and tell you how to update your iPhone and iPad to the latest version of iOS, through any computer (Mac) or any other PC using iTunes.

How to update iOS on iPhone and iPad to the latest version?

In this article, we will guide you on how to update your iPhone (5, 6, 7, 8, X, SE) and iPad to the latest version of iOS. To access many new features completely free of charge.

We have great news, Apple has released iOS 11 (12, 13, 14)! As you know, the new OS has many new features. According to Apple, it will make your iPhone better than the last one, your iPad more efficient than ever, and your iPhone and iPad will become the most powerful and efficient in the company’s history. If you haven’t updated to the latest iOS yet, keep reading, we’ll show you how to update your iPhone and iPad as SIMply as possible.

So, before we talk about how to update iPhone and iPad, please note that this operation can lead to damage to your device, as well as data loss. Therefore, before starting the update, we recommend that you make a backup (backup) of your iPhone or iPad. The update also requires free space, so you must leave some empty space in your phone’s memory. You can update iOS on iPhone / iPad / iPod directly or using iTunes.

How to update iOS on iPhone directly in the device?

After the release of a new version of iOS, you will receive a notification on the screen of your phone. Before starting the download, you will need to check that your device has at least 4 GB of disk space. If you are running out of space, update via iTunes.

After that, you need to check the speed of your internet connection. Maybe the Wi-Fi connection is poor or not connected. Also make sure your device is charged so it doesn’t turn off halfway through the installation process.

Just follow the steps below to download and install the iOS update on your iPhone:

Connect your iPhone or iPad to a power source to prevent power drain while installing the update.

Connect your device to Wi-Fi, otherwise you will have to download via mobile network.

On iPhone / iPad / iPod touch, go to “Settings” and click “General”.

Click on “Software Update” to check for available updates, then select download and install to install the update.

Enter the password Agree to the terms of use Click on “Confirm”.

Click on “Install” to start the update process. Now wait for iOS to install.

Note: Some of the steps may take an iPhone time, so you should wait until they are completed.

If something doesn’t work out for you, watch the video instruction. It will show and tell you how to update to the latest version of iOS on iPhone and iPad, through the device itself.

How to back up (backup) iPhone via iTunes?

Backing up iPhone via iTunes is suitable for those who have a computer (Mac or PC). Also keeps your smartphone’s USB cable close at hand. If you are one of those users, follow the steps below to save your data. Using this method, you can back up data (backup) on iPhone X, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, SE.

Method One: Connect iPhone to your computer via USB cable, then launch iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically. Click the “Devices” button in the middle of the screen, click “Create a copy now” in the “Manual” column.

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Method two: Connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable. Launch iTunes. Click “File”. “Devices”. “Back Up”.

Method three: Connect your old iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Launch iTunes. Click “File”. Select “Devices” Click “Sync XXXX (your iPhone name)”.

Note: When you sync your iPhone with your computer, iTunes will back up your phone automatically, so you just need to click “Sync”.

Bonus Tip: How to Easily Transfer Data to iOS?

Once you’ve updated to the latest iOS version, you can skip to this part. If we’re talking about managing and transferring iOS data, the first thing that comes to mind is iTunes. However, using iTunes has some disadvantages, you cannot directly transfer data to a computer, save purchased items, sync without data leakage, etc. Therefore, in this part, we recommend you iTunes alternative. Anytrans, which will help Apple users edit and transfer iOS data more efficiently.

Anytrans is compatible with Mac and PC and supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod models. It supports all kinds of iOS data transfer, including photos, music, videos, memos, calendar, contacts, apps, reminders, messages, etc. What’s more, you can use AnyTrans to transfer data in multiple directions, such as from computer to iTunes, from iCloud to computer, and even between two iCloud accounts and two Apple devices.

How to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 12?

The iOS 12 firmware for the iPhone has not yet been officially released. Its presentation was held in early June, where all the functionality of the new operating system for iPhones was presented, as well as the date of the official release of the firmware. Therefore, to fully update your iPhone, you will have to wait until the second half of September. Now, the operating system is undergoing closed beta testing. Only developers selected for testing have updated their smartphones. Therefore, only the owners of the selected accounts can get access to the new firmware.

But, in general, it will be possible to update your firmware to iOS 12 with the release of public beta versions, although the developer has not yet indicated any information about public testing of the new operating system.

It will be possible to update your iPhone to iOS 12 in September 2018. To do this, you can use the official iTunes utility or update your smartphone via the Internet.

How to upgrade iPhone to iOS 12

Upgrading your iPhone to iOS 12 is a must. The main reason is that the new operating system will be the most stable and fastest in the past few years. The manufacturer promises a speed increase of 40% when launching applications, the camera application will work 70% faster and the keyboard will work 50% faster. Especially, according to the developers, the speed of older devices will increase. A tangible increase will be on the iPhone 5s and iPad mini 2.

Optimization and stability are not the only advantages of iOS 12. The appearance of the menu, notifications and various applications has also been improved. A lot of small but useful functions have appeared, such as an improved “do not disturb” mode, control of spending time in games and Face-time for up to 32 people at the same time.

Update iPhone Firmware via iTunes

The classic update method is through iTunes. When new firmware is released, the utility itself often offers to download an update for the iPhone in order to install it later.

Launch iTunes.

In the top menu in updates, select check for updates.

Download iPhone updates and install it when your smartphone is connected to your computer.

This operating system update will retain all the data that was on the iPhone. But, it requires a connection to a computer, although it is less demanding on the stability of the Internet connection.

Update iPhone firmware over the Internet

A stable Wi-Fi connection is required to update the firmware via the Internet without using a computer.

Often, when a new firmware is released, the iPhone itself reports this. If there is no notification or you could not update at the time of its release, then go to the settings.

Select the update item and click on “check for updates”.

Among the updates, there should also be a notification about the release of a new firmware. Click on it and follow the instructions on the screen.

Updating via the Internet is very convenient. You don’t need to install iTunes on your computer, connect your smartphone and download the update package. Everything is done entirely over the Internet. You just need to put your smartphone on charge and start the update.

On the other hand, a network failure or loss of a data package can lead to the fact that the smartphone SIMply freezes at one moment of the update and it will be impossible to restart it. The problem is that during the update, critical errors are possible, in which it is impossible to enter the recovery mode and you have to carry the smartphone to the service center.

How to fix iPhone update errors using Tenorshare ReiBoot

Tenorshare ReiBoot is a utility designed to put iPhone into recovery mode. After that, the device can be restored from a backup via iTunes or Tenorshare iCareFone. Reiboot utility allows you to fix almost any operating system error and works with any iPhone model. Also, the utility can be used to fix iPhone freezes, critical application errors, cyclic loading, constant loading screen, and to solve more than 50 other iOS problems.

Connect iPhone to computer while powered on.

Run the ReiBoot utility.

Click on “Solve All iOS Freezes”.

Thus, you can solve the problem of iPhone freezing in the boot screen, on the Apple logo, just on the work screen, or a complete lack of response to user actions. Also, the utility allows you to take your smartphone out of recovery mode and DFU. The utility will be especially useful for users of iOS 11 and iOS 10, who, although they have innovations, are distinguished by poor optimization and many bugs.

If you want to quickly restore your iOS system, ReiBoot is recommended. The utility allows you to put your smartphone into recovery mode literally in one click or in one click to solve the problem of freezing the iOS operating system.

There is a version of Tenorshare utility for both Windows and MAC. The utility is in Russian.

Officially, the new iOS 12 will be released only in the second half of September 2018. It is currently only available to developers in beta. But, choosing the correct installation method and knowing exactly how to solve possible problems is already necessary.

You can update your iPhone at the time the firmware is released using iTunes or directly via the Internet. But, using the official update methods, an error may occur, which is best fixed with the iCareFone app, which also allows you to update your iPhone to the latest released firmware.

In general, to work with the iPhone, you can use a wide list of utilities from Tenorshare, which are designed to SIMplify transferring files to your smartphone, updating it and other operations.

Update 2019-07-25 / Update for Problems and Solutions with iOS 12

How to update iOS firmware on iPhone 5 yourself?

If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone 5S, you would certainly like to update the operating system to the latest version in order to have the same features as the owners of the iPhone 6S and above. The latest version of iOS 10 has high-tech capabilities, so in this article we will tell you how to update your iPhone 5S.

The tenth version of the system has proven its advantages in practice, now it’s your turn to find out about how iOS 10 works on the iPhone 5S, whether there is any incompatibility or slowdown in work, and to answer the main question:

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Iphone 5 slows down on iOS 10

  • We check the memory on the device. If you have hammered it to the eyeballs, we will rather release it and see how the device will come to life.
  • Disable all unnecessary. We remove the iOS effects that can only load your processor. Go to Settings. General. Universal Access. Reduce Motion.

Immediately in Universal Access, go to Increase Contrast and activate Decrease Transparency.

  • Sometimes we restart the phone. This will help you clear the RAM and thus refresh your phone a little.
  • Now you should think about a new device, because soon you will get tired of it all. Especially this will not please active users of instant messengers, because first of all, these programs start to lag.

    Why the iPhone 5S battery runs out with iOS 10

    Some users complain that after downloading the new iOS 10 firmware on the iPhone 5S, the battery began to run out very quickly: during normal use, there is not enough charge until the evening! And accordingly, many regret that they updated the version of the operating system.

    Undoubtedly, the new version of the OS weighs more, so it takes up a decent place in memory, plus updated applications on the iPhone take a lot of charge. There can be many reasons. What to do? In this case, we advise you to remove some unnecessary or rarely used applications. It will also effectively reduce the brightness of the screen manually.

    Well, if all applications are necessary, then we advise you to use the power saving mode on the iPhone more often. Also turn off unnecessarily the geolocation mode, which consumes a lot of energy. And if the 5S battery has been plowed for a decent amount of time, then it may be worth changing it, because the battery’s effective operating time is designed for a certain number of cycles.

    Is it possible to upgrade iPhone 5 to iOS 10?

    If you are a happy owner of an iPhone 5, then I can only please you. After all, iOS is available for installation on this device, despite its age. Today it is the oldest device in the Apple line. Chances are that the next iOS will no longer be available and Apple will stop supporting it.

    After all, as the experience with 4S has shown, you need to stop in time. The company showed that they can update old devices, but the work of the latest OS on the old man is just awful.

    How to upgrade iPhone 5 to iOS 10?

    To update your smartphone, you need to do all the same steps as usual. The way you update your iPhone 5 hasn’t changed, there are options to update your gadget:

    In both cases, do not forget to make a backup first, because if something goes wrong, or you want to roll back, it will come in handy.

    Since the phone is quite old, the whole update process will take a long time. Expect to spend a couple of hours or more.

    Rollback from iOS 10 to iPhone 5

    No wonder everyone always says that you need to make a backup before installing a new operating system on your iPhone. IOS 10 is no exception, and if you don’t have a backup, you don’t even have to read any further. After all, now there is no way to roll back and your iPhone 5 remains so forever.

    Of course Apple gives its users the option to roll back. But these are just the first weeks after the release, which have long passed.

    For the lucky ones who have a backup, I suggest watching the following video:

    Why iPhone 5S slows down with iOS 10

    In principle, the iPhone 5S is fine with the updated iOS 10 firmware, but some users complain that after downloading the OS update, the 5S smartphone began to freeze. With what it can be connected? Lags can appear in some cases. For example, if the iPhone‘s memory is overloaded and it is difficult for him to lug a more powerful operating system with a bunch of databases. The way out is this. Unload iPhone memory by deleting unnecessary files, garbage, cache, as well as transfer some photos and videos, documents to a computer or iCloud cloud storage, thus making it easier for a device with a heavier version of the system.

    If after cleaning the iPhone, the lags are not over, then update your smartphone to factory settings by downloading all the data from it to your computer or USB flash drive. And after resetting, return the data to iPhone.

    Should I install the update on 5S?

    Our answer is unequivocal: of course, yes! By releasing the iPhone 5, the manufacturer provided for the possibility of operating system updates, practically without limiting the users of the fives in the ability to have access to the latest technologies. Therefore, you can and should install a system update on the 5S. This explains the high consumer demand for this model to date. Other models of iPhones cannot boast of the ability to constantly update the operating system. So, owners of fives, this article is just for you!

    Upgrading iPhone 5s to iOS 12

    On September 17, 2018 at 20:00 Moscow time, iOS 12 was released. A new version of the mobile operating system for Apple devices.

    To be honest, I did not expect that my iPhone 5s would ever run on something fresh iOS 10. After the release of the eleventh version of the system, the Internet exploded with a flurry of indignation: iOS 11 managed to slow down and drain the battery even on fresh models of iPhones and iPads, and already “oldies” and did lead to a deplorable state. When it seems that you can use it, but it’s very sad.

    In general, I did not dare to update from “ten” to “eleventh”. Regularly deleted the iOS 11 installation files from memory, which the iPhone rocked at night in order to happily notify its owner in the morning that it was ready to install a new system right now, and thought to stay on iOS 10 like that until the current iPhone was replaced with a more recent model.

    It was all the more surprising to learn two circumstances.

    First, after WWDC 2018, it became known that the new iOS 12 will support, among other things, the iPhone 5s and the first generation iPad Air, which were released in 2013. Than 5 years of updates from the manufacturer. I wonder if some Android devices can boast something like this?

    Therefore, I decided to take a chance and installed the update immediately after it appeared on the evening of September 17th. And in this article I will briefly describe how the iPhone feels five years ago on the latest operating system of 2018.

    Installing the update

    The iOS 12 distribution weighs 1.8GB and can be downloaded and installed over the air without the need for a PC. Of course, you can install the update through iTunes, but usually there is no need for this.

    Downloading files takes about 10 minutes. The installation itself lasts another 15-20 minutes, during which the iPhone heats up to some wild temperatures.

    Then reboot, offer to enter the unlock password. And we are presented with a twitching and slowing down interface of the new version of the operating system.

    These brakes should not be misleading. You need to reboot the device several times in a row. During reboots, iOS puts things in order in the file system, removes garbage and conducts some other self-service operations.

    You must reboot after installing updates.!

    Various little things

    • Application “Commands” (“Shortcuts”). Apple bought and made the Workflow application free for users to write scripts to automate routine actions. Now “Workflow” has changed its name to “Commands”, has improved integration with Siri and is available for free download in the App Store.
    • Screen time. A new tool that allows you to control the amount of time spent on a smartphone, both in general and with a breakdown by individual applications or their groups. For example, you can control the amount of time spent on social networks every day and set a limit on the use of certain applications.
    • Updated statistics on battery usage. Now not only shows the use of battery charge by various programs, but also builds charts of charge-discharge and screen activity by time of day.
    • A trackpad for everyone. Previously, the iOS on-screen keyboard had a trackpad feature for devices with 3D Touch support (that is, starting with the iPhone 6s and newer). You had to hold down the virtual space bar and swipe across the screen in any direction. This activated the cursor with the ability to move freely around the screen, which was very convenient for working with text. Trackpad is now available to all device owners. Including older iPads and iPhone 5s.
    • New wallpapers. The set of preset wallpapers for the default screen has been almost completely changed. Image sets from iOS 9 and previous systems have been removed and replaced with new images.
    • Lots of cosmetic changes. Almost all system applications received minor changes. The Safari browser has acquired a rounded outline of the address bar, the interface of “Maps” has changed slightly, the interface of the information application “Stocks” has been redesigned, and more details are now displayed in the “Weather” application. In general, the system interface looks more pleasant and fresher.
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    What’s new?

    I upgraded iPhone 5s from iOS 10 to iOS 12 right away, skipping iOS 11. Therefore, it is difficult for me to evaluate what changes were introduced by version 12 of the system, and not 11.

    Updated application “Books”

    The iBooks built-in book reader has been significantly redesigned.

    IOS 10 iBooks app:

    IOS 12 Books app:

    The name of the application has changed. From “iBooks” it was renamed to “Books” (or “Books” in Russian localization).

    The interface has been refreshed and looks more modern. The bookshelf has received a division into two tabs. Directly “Library” with all the books available on the device and the “Reading Now” tab for quick access to recently opened books.

    Also in the “Books” application there was a dark interface that automatically activates at night.

    Updated interface “Music”

    The music player also received minor cosmetic changes.

    IOS 10 Music app:

    IOS 12 Music app:

    The most noticeable change is the new player widget on the lock screen. Now it is designed in dark colors and, in my opinion, looks prettier than the old one.

    Grouping notifications

    Notifications of the same type from the same app are now stacked into stacks of cards, taking up less space:

    Very convenient, especially for those who are constantly receiving notifications from a bunch of different instant messengers on their phone.

    Updated system interface

    The iOS 10 interface looked like this:

    Same screens after updating to iOS 12:

    Most of the innovations came back in iOS 11: in particular, the text names of programs in the lower dock disappeared.

    The fonts have changed, becoming thinner and more accurate.

    The icons of some applications have changed, the “Files” application has been added (also back in iOS 11).

    Not without jambs

    In the release version of iOS 12, you can find small jambs of layout. For example, this is how fonts are moving out in the updated App Store:

    And this is what the bottom of the tab switching screen looks like in Safari:

    Something SIMilar happened after the release of iOS 10 and was corrected in subsequent minor updates.

    The reason for this is the low resolution of the iPhone 5s / SE screens, which does not fit the typical layout elements. It will almost certainly be corrected in further system updates.

    Will iOS 12 on iPhone 5s?

    In June 2018, a trial version was released for developers and registered users with registration in the Apple system. Rumors about the update of the “five” appeared even before the release, experts from the MacGeneration website found a mention of the gadget in the test program.

    Initially, the information seemed dubious, before that the company had not released new software for old models and, most likely, the check is intended for the iPhone SE, which also has a resolution of 1136×640. Three months after the release of the first version, the question of whether iOS 12 will be on the iPhone 5s can already be answered with a firm yes. This news was confirmed at the WWDC presentation on behalf of Apple’s senior vice president of software development.

    When will the final version be released?

    All fans of American smartphones, waiting for the release of iOS 12 on iPhone 5s, will soon appreciate the new OS on their “oldies”. The appearance of iOS 12 in the public domain is scheduled for September 2018.

    So far, conclusions about the pros and cons of the platform can only be drawn from the analysis of beta versions:

    • Ios 12 beta 1 iPhone 5s immediately received positive reviews. During testing, an improvement in tactile functions was noted, now the fingers spring from the interface. The smartphone works faster, everyone was pleased with the new ability of the gadget to “guess” the wishes of the owner.
    • In iOS 12 beta 2 iPhone 5s, bugs were taken into account, gross bugs were fixed, comparison of the performance of iOS 10 and 12 is clearly in favor of the 2018 OS.
    • Ios 12 beta 3 iPhone 5s turned out to be not as fast as iOS 11.4 at the turn-on stage, but when working with the main applications: messages, email, camera, as well as clients of social networks, it showed impressive results: in 2 out of 3 cases it worked better than the previous software. Therefore, already in June, the majority of owners of the “five” expressed a desire to update the iPhone 5s to iOS 12.

    During the tests, all beta versions confirmed the ideal correlation with the fifth iPhone. There were no serious violations in the work, on the contrary, the speed of information processing in the old model has improved significantly.

    IOS 12 support on iPhone 5s

    Reading time: 3 minutes

    Over the past 5 years, smartphones iPhone 4 and 5 have received an update to a maximum of iOS 9 and 10, so rumors of a new, progressive software for iPhone 5s excited millions of Apple fans. This model continues to be popular in the line, and with iOS 12 it will also get a second wind. The question arises about how functional support for iOS 12 on the iPhone 5s will turn out to be, is it to wait for restrictions or everything is not so bad?

    How to upgrade iPhone 5s to iOS 12

    Instructions on how to update iPhone 5s to iOS 12:

    • First, back up your smartphone via iTunes, otherwise it will be difficult to return to the previous software later if something goes wrong.
    • Follow this link via the Safari browser.
    • When prompted to open the settings, click “Allow”.
    • A window will appear, click “Install”, enter the password.
    • Reboot your smartphone.
    • For the new profile to be reflected in the settings, delete the old one, and then restart the device again.
    • Then go to “Settings” → “General” → “Software Update” and download the desired version of the beta iOS12.

    Before installing iOS 12 on iPhone 5s, remember that in the first days after the release of the new firmware, there will be excitement, the download will take 3-5 hours. To protect iPhone from unexpected shutdown, charge the gadget before it is fully installed. For the same reason, it is recommended to wait 1-1.5 weeks with the update to avoid unpleasant situations.